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Top 20 PHP Chatbot for Website

By Mahmuda Akter Isha Last Updated -- Wednesday, 2024-01-10
Top 20 php chatbot for website

Do you want to increase your business with live chatbot software or looking for a tremendous PHP chatbot for a website? If so, then this article will be the prime need for you. Before purchasing any software, you should understand which one will be better for your business. Moreover, you need to have authentic knowledge about the chatbot software features to understand it easily. In this article, I will explain a comparative analysis of the top 20 PHP chatbot script.

Thus you can quickly evaluate them and choose the right one for your business. Otherwise, it won't be evident to select the best one on your website. 

So, you can get a complete benchmark between the top 20 PHP chatbot software in a nutshell. Before starting the crucial substance, I will explain the PHP live chat software's purpose and how efficiently you can pick the best one for your business success. Now, let's start.

What is a PHP Chatbot?

A PHP chatbot software refers to a computerized system that can automatically talk with visitors via messaging or video chatting. Moreover, the chatbot system can perform chat directly with the users, which helps the customers respond quickly. So, live chat software can be able to create a smooth and accurate conversational platform with the blessing of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

After all, using this chatbot system, you can have better interaction with your customers and enrich the customer experience as well as it also can be able to increase the customer's satisfaction. Thus, this software can boost the support system, which will help you proliferate your business outcome and enhanced productivity.   

How to Choose an Appropriate PHP Chatbot for Website?

Before purchasing any PHP live chat software, you must have to know some criteria to choose the right one. So, you need to ensure that the software you will choose will be able to meet the following chatbot software requirements.

  • Multiple channel support system
  • Customization system
  • Real-time support system
  • Efficient management system
  • Accurate prediction capabilities
  • Online and offline service system
  • Fully secured system
  • Mobile friendly system 
  • Reasonable price 
  • Proactive chat system
  • Integration ability to your existing process
  • Package of a complete solution

List of Top 20 PHP Chatbot for Website

In this segment, I will provide a list of the top 20 PHP chatbot for your website. So, let's take a look at integrating the automated chatting system into your website as soon as possible.  

1. Innue


Photo Courtesy: Codecanyon

If you are looking for a versatile chatbot software open-source platform then Innue will be the perfect solution for your business. You can be able to deploy a PHP chatbot from scratch. This PHP chatbot script is developed by the CodeIgniter framework. Moreover, you can use this software for various practical purposes like customer service or information acquisition. Also, this system has an intelligent interactive agent that can help to perform smooth conversation. As well as, it can be able to create a personalized customer experience. This software is always ready to serve the customer's queries. So, you can get a complete solution from this system, and it can be able to fulfill chatbot software requirements.   

Top Features

  • Multi-language support system 
  • Have a Mobile-friendly display system
  • Effective dashboard system
  • Query customization option
  • Easy to convert visitors into customers and leads
  • Role permission system
  • Centralized controlling system
  • Email collection system through a website
  • Facebook bots chatting system
  • Customer verification system
  • Affordable price and one-time payment system
  • 100% responsive for all devices 
  • Auto bot and manual conversation system
  • Admin can check users activities
  • Dynamic admin panel and more exciting features!

Innue - Chatbot for Website

Innue - Chatbot Setup Tutorial

2. Smart Chat

Smart Chat

Photo Courtesy: Codecanyon

Smart chat is another PHP chatbot script. The developer team has designed by using PHP, MySQL, ajax, and bootstrap in this software. It can be able to manage the conversation with different websites through a single admin panel. Moreover, you can automatically create an email subscription list by using this chatbot system because it has integrated with MailChimp. So, you can include your visitors into your subscriber with this system. This software allows smart communication so that you will be able to keep your global communication form using just a simple API.

Top Features

  • Provides seven built-in languages
  • Manages unlimited operators
  • Have a gravatar integration system
  • Allows online & offline chatting
  • Cross-browser support system
  • Easy to understand online visitor details
  • Provides two chatbox templates and variant color schema
  • Easy to get the visitor's I.P. address 
  • Have a fully responsive backend system
  • It provides detailed reports on the dashboard, and so on.  

3. Connect


Photo Courtesy: Codecanyon

Connect is not only a live chat software but also you can use this for various purposes like live class, meeting, webinar, video, and audio conferences. So, this chatbot can be able to provide a real-time communicating platform. They have developed this software by using the Laravel, VueJS, and Bootstrap CSS framework. If you want to customize this system, then you can do it, but you must have some advanced knowledge about web development. So, that will be very difficult for non-technical users.   

Top Features

  • Users authentication system
  • Centralized configuration system
  • Easy to U.I. configuration
  • Provides variant color schema
  • Multilingual support system
  • Fresh and clean code
  • Fully responsive with all devices
  • Toast and push notifications system
  • Have a personalized users profile
  • It can give an update option and more!

4. PHP Live Chat Pro

PHP Live Chat Pro

Photo Courtesy: Codecanyon

PHP Live Chat Pro is another PHP chatbot script that can be able to provide a real-time chatting platform. You can get full documentation with this software. So, it will help you to understand the working procedure of this system. Most importantly, you can get a flexible price according to your business requirements. Also, no monthly fee is required. It is compatible with any PHP and MySQL-based websites. Using this software, you can easily understand the current visitors of your page. Also, you can set up widget themes and colors according to your choice. As a developer, this system will be better for you because you can get a full translation system with a javascript API widget.        

Top Features

  • Easy to install
  • Language switching option
  • Geolocation system 
  • Multiple operator and support system
  • Desktop notification system
  • Ten built-in sound system
  • Clean & fresh outlook 
  • Translation support system
  • Language customization system
  • Performance setting system, and more!

5. Tricky Chat Pro

Tricky Chat Pro

Photo Courtesy: Codecanyon

Tricky Chat Pro is one type of subscription-based live chat support system that can provide a user-friendly interface. Also, this software has lots of features that can help to make a smooth operation. Without any coding knowledge, you can use this system. The developer team has built this software by using the Laravel framework. Thus, any developer can easily customize this system. You can get Paypal and Stripe integration systems with this software. So, it can provide an easy subscription system for the use of PayPal and credit cards.  

Top Features

  • Multi-language support system
  • Multi-company support system
  • User's I.P. and URL tracking system
  • Easy to profile management system
  • Integrated with PayPal & Stripe
  • Emoji support system
  • SaaS-based system
  • RTL support system
  • File transfer management system
  • Easy to understand chat history and many more! 

6. Live Support Chat

Live Support Chat

Photo Courtesy: Codecanyon

Live Support Chat or Live Chat 3 is mainly a PHP chatbot script. With its simple and beautiful outlook, it can provide a more user-friendly system. This software is always ready to respond to any queries. Moreover, using this software, you can give a group chatting platform, and you can add more than 50 clients in this group. So, you can provide better customer support for your online business to use this software. 

Top Features

  • Optimized for all devices
  • Automated engaging capabilities
  • Multi-language support system
  • Self-hosted system
  • GEO location support system
  • Push notification system
  • Adaptability & flexibility
  • Provides statistical analysis
  • Allows files and image sharing
  • Provides different design packages
  • Variant color schema and many more!  

7. Live Chat for Perfex CRM

Live Chat for Perfex CRM

Photo Courtesy: Codecanyon

Do you need a CRM integrated chatbot software open source solution? If so, then the Live Chat for Perfex CRM will be the right choice for your business. They have developed this system with the CodeIgniter framework. If you want to get this system, you just need to purchase the Perfex CRM software. You can get complete documentation with this system. So, any non-technical person can operate this software smoothly.   

Top Features

  • Effective communication system
  • Clean and fresh code
  • Better technical support
  • Asset management system
  • Integrated with CRM software
  • Hassle-free installation and others!

8. Tricky Chat

Tricky Chat

Photo Courtesy: Codecanyon

Tricky chat is mainly the Laravel based live support chatting platform. In this system, there is no monthly subscription cost. So, you can use it on your business website without any difficulty. It has a department-wise managing system that can help to operate dynamically. This software has lots of rewarding features that will boost up your business operation.   

Top Features

  • Database backup system
  • Customizable widget system
  • RTL support system
  • User I.P. tracking
  • Cross-domain supported
  • Easy to install
  • Multi-language support system
  • One time payment process
  • Allows file transfer and others!

9. VisitorChat


Photo Courtesy: Codecanyon

VisitorChat software can provide a real-time chatting platform. The developer team of ClientEngage has developed this system by the CakePHP framework. It has a clean and simple web-based administration interface that can help to organize your system efficiently. Moreover, this system is compatible with IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome browsers. In this software, you can get notifications when a visitor has a question, as well as you can manage multiple visitors simultaneously through the admin panel.

Top Features

  • Multilingual interface
  • Four variant color schema
  • Provides an unlimited number of administrators
  • Online project management system
  • Task assignment system
  • Easy to customization
  • Allows translation into other languages
  • Easy to integrate and use
  • Easy to extensible 
  • Provides endless chat styles 
  • Fully customize permission over CSS

10. Easy Chat PHP Live Support

Easy Chat PHP Live Support

Photo Courtesy: Codecanyon

If you need a fast, powerful, and professional PHP live support chatting software, you can see Easy Chat PHP Live Support system. To use this software, you don't need any database and high configure support. They have developed this software by using JavaScript J.S., JavaScript JSON, HTML, CSS, and PHP files. Moreover, this system provides a perfect PHP chatbot software for business owners. To communicate with visitors to your website, you need to be signed in to the admin panel. So, you can manage your website's visitors quickly and cost-effectively.   

Top Features

  • All device support system
  • Automatic chat management system
  • Fully responsive system
  • Prompt and free updating system
  • Easy to install
  • Fast and powerful system
  • AJAX-based system
  • The "Live Chat Available" button shows automatically 

11. Live Chat

Live Chat

Photo Courtesy: Codecanyon

Live Chat software is mainly a PHP AJAX-based real-time chatting platform. The developer team of Patchesoft has designed this system by using the CodeIgniter framework. Using this system, you can create a real-time communicating platform between users and operators. Most importantly, it would be best if you had to use the same domain for installing your website and this software. So, it can help to create a secure chatbot system. Also, this software has some incredible features and numerous modules that can enhance your business productivity.    

Top Features

  • Free from SQL injection
  • Smart protection against CSRF attacks
  • Allows HTML filtering to protect against XSS attacks
  • Encrypted password system
  • Online and offline support system
  • Sound alert system
  • Powerful admin panel 
  • Easy to add new operator and admin
  • Easy to understand chat history details
  • I.P. blocking system and more! 

12. Quack Chat 

Quack Chat

Photo Courtesy: Codecanyon

Quack Chat is a live support chatting system that can be able to provide a web-based communication platform. Thus, you can communicate with your customer via the web or mobile by using this software. The Quack Chat is designed based on the AJAX style. That's why you can easily install it on your website. Moreover, this system is compatible with all browsers, and JavaScript J.S., HTML, CSS, PHP, Layered PSD files are included here. It has a mobile-friendly admin panel that can help to operate any large or small touch-screen devices.      

Top Features

  • Email or TXT alert system
  • Floating style chatting window
  • Pop up style chatting window
  • Autoscrolling system 

13. Pinky Chat

Pinky Chat

Photo Courtesy: Codecanyon

Pinky Chat software provides a smarter platform that can help to handle customer service. Moreover, you can use it as a live chat software solution and act as a help desk software for your websites. Using this system, you can provide real-time customer service and analyze a customer's purchase behavior. This software can help to understand a visitor's path and geolocation details. It will work on any websites like Static HTML websites, WordPress, OpenCart, Joomla, Drupal, PHP Scripts, etc. the developer team of Rainbowbalaji has included JavaScript J.S., CSS, PHP files in this system.  

Top Features

  • Operator to operator chatting process
  • Canned response system
  • Multilingual support system
  • Visitor's path tracking system
  • Responsive & mobile friendly system
  • Included with Google reCAPTCHA
  • SMTP and native PHP mail support system
  • Add-ons support system
  • Allows multiple operators and guest chatting system
  • Have a maintenance mode
  • Adblock detection system and many more!

14. Ultimate Support Chat

Ultimate Support Chat

Photo Courtesy: Codecanyon

Ultimate Support Chat is a PHP live chat software solution. That is compatible with IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge browsers. They have included JavaScript J.S., JavaScript JSON, HTML, CSS, PHP files in this system. Also, you can get both WordPress and PHP scripts of this software. So, you can purchase anyone as your business needs. This system is free from monthly fees so that you can get it in a one-time payment procedure. In this software, there are numerous remarkable features available, which will help promote your business.  

Top Features

  • Multiple domain support system
  • Widget customizer system
  • Allows three trigger methods
  • Sound notification system
  • Provides real-time analytics
  • Allows unlimited operators
  • Desktop notification system
  • SSL support system
  • Included with auto-updating emoji picker
  • Built-in high-quality avatar libraries, and more! 

15. iChat 


Photo Courtesy: Codecanyon

iChat is typically a real-time PHP live chat support system. It has some excellent features that can help to manage the entire process efficiently. Moreover, this software is developed by JavaScript J.S., HTML, CSS, PHP files. This software is compatible with IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge browsers. So, this system can be able to provide the simplest and most spirituous online chatting script.

Top Features

  • Provides real-time notification system
  • Pure PHP code
  • Multiple agents and department system 
  • Emailing transcription system
  • I.P. geolocation support system
  • Online user tracker system
  • Easy to install and integration
  • Fully responsive design
  • Offline messaging system
  • It provides an auto upgrading system and others! 

16. PHP Smart Robot Chat Support

PHP Smart Robot Chat Support

Photo Courtesy: Codecanyon

PHP Smart Robot Chat Support is another chatbot framework that can be able to provide a smart live communication support system. In this software, they have integrated into A.I. technology to improve the support system. As a developer, you can easily customize this software by adding the javascript API code. So, it will be better for a technical person. Using this software, you can get a smart add-ons system on your website. They have built this system by using JavaScript J.S., HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Layered PNG files. It can also provide automatic support to all customers via robot, and you also can improve the robot's commands for further better replies. 

Top Features

  • Commands adding system
  • Theme customization system
  • Integrated with bing API
  • Provides javascript API for a widget
  • Easy to install and customization
  • Smart upgrading system
  • User-friendly interface
  • Regular updating system
  • Automatic response system
  • Clean and modern outlook
  • Alignment changing option and more! 

17. Cloud Chat 3

Cloud Chat 3

Photo Courtesy: Codecanyon

Cloud Chat 3 is a fully SaaS-based live support chatting system. This software can be able to handle lots of customers at a time. Also, you can be able to run this software on your self-hosted server. Here, you can get a full package for managing clients and billing systems. They have used pure vanilla Javascript on the front end of this system. If you purchase this system, then you will get free access to the IOS and android apps. Cloud Chat 3 software is one of the best self-hosted software solutions. So, you can start your business with this software to get some outstanding features and a SaaS-based platform.   

Top Features

  • Included with a support ticket and billing system
  • Stripe and PayPal support system
  • Multi-language support system
  • Provides client management system
  • Integrated with a single payment or subscription
  • Fully AJAX based system
  • Simple and intuitive operator panel
  • Allows the credit card payment process
  • Easy to use and install
  • The automated process from sign up to billing and others!

18. Support System

Support System

Photo Courtesy: Codecanyon

Support System is one type of live web chat and support desk management system. Also, you can use this software as a support ticket help center. The developer team of appsbd has designed this system with the CodeIgniter framework and JavaScript J.S., JavaScript JSON, HTML, CSS, LESS, PHP files. It is compatible with IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge browsers. This software can provide some incredible features that help to manage your business effectively.      

Top Features

  • Knowledge-based suggestion system
  • Highly secured system
  • Allows proactive search engine
  • Customizable live web chatting system
  • Customized payment process
  • Purchase key validation system
  • Multi-language support system
  • RTL support system
  • Provides lifetime license 
  • Integrated with social network
  • Multiple themes and color schema option
  • Auto-updating system
  • GDPR compliance setting system

19. JiveIM Live Chat Support

JiveIM Live Chat Support

Photo Courtesy: Codecanyon

Are you looking for a live chat web application system? If so, then you can see JiveIM live chat support system that provides real-time live chat support. For using this application, you must need open ports. Then you have to install JDK. As well as, you have to use a VPS to run this system. This system can help to create a strong connection with your customers. Also, you can handle your support team quickly and efficiently. So, it can help to maintain operating activities without any limitation of the support team. 

Top Features

  • One time payment system 
  • Cross-domain support system
  • SSL encryption system
  • Multilingual support system  
  • Chat transcription system
  • Ensures secure platform
  • Offline messaging system
  • Easy to track visitor's information
  • Allows chat rating system
  • It provides real-time reports, and more!  

20. ChatNet


Photo Courtesy: Codecanyon

ChatNet is a chatbot software that has been designed by using JavaScript J.S., JavaScript JSON, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL files. Using this software, you can create a chatbot framework that will help to boost up customer's experience. It is basically a PHP Ajax-based private chat script that enables you to complete group chats and create a chat room. The industry-experienced developers have developed this software by using PHP and MySQL. Moreover, you can customize the color and functionalities in this system, without any coding knowledge. Also, they will provide well-defined documentation that can guide you to understand the whole system.     

Top Features

  • Allows unlimited chat rooms
  • One to one chatting system
  • Multiple theme colors
  • More than 2000 emojis
  • Sound notification system
  • Password encryption option
  • Fully mobile-friendly system
  • Easy to installation
  • Kick or banned unwanted users
  • Protected password system
  • Javascript and CSS code adding system, and much more! 

Our Recommendation: Innue - Chatbot for Website

Innue - Chatbot for Website


Finally, I think it's enough elaboration to choose the best PHP chatbot for a website. You can easily emphasize those software and understand the features as well as you can develop your PHP chatbot from scratch. First, you have to be clear about your extrinsic needs for your business requirements. Then, you can effectively identify your preferable chatbot software. But my self assumption is, Innue will be the best chatbot software for websites. As well as, there is no ambiguity as to why Innue is better than others. So, it's high time to purchase this software for providing the best live chat support and thriving business profit.

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