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Disclosed Facts: Sales Representative Job Responsibilities

By Sumaiya Simran Last Updated -- Monday, 2022-09-05
sales representative job responsibilities

In this blog, I'm going to disclose some super facts about the sales representative job responsibilities; and how their existence can help your company to grow. 

When an organization or industry is being made, almost every founder keeps the aim of a targeted sales goal, creates a sweet relationship with clients and spreads goodwill along with positive word of mouth. So that it gets easier and smooth to initiate sales among their target customers.

In this competitive market, you always need to maintain better customer engagement and expertise in spreading awareness about the company's products and services.

And sales representatives are those who work with their heart and soul in developing “sales pitches” and presenting them the best side of the product so that customers can feel the connection with the product & service. 

Every industry needs to have a sales representative because they are partially the main hero, as they directly deal with the customers to initiate sales.

What Is The Job Of A Sales Representative? 

There’re many responsibilities of a sales representative, which help to build a good connection between your company and customers. They’re the one who is responsible for transmitting all the core values, benefits, and features of the product & service to the target customer in order to intend sale. 

Here is the easiest way to describe the job of a sales representative: 


Check If You’re Fit For The 

Sales Representative Job Responsibilities

Sales representatives are the ones who come face to face with the clients, communicate and ensure sales. One of the core secrets that sales representor maintain is that they use their cunning personality to revolve, build & maintain good networks, groom relationships with clients and persuade them to purchase products. 

Moreover, also have to maintain sustainable relationships with every client, and let them know about the new product & service or information about exciting promotional and also for remarketing purposes. 

In addition to that, another sales representative job responsibilities is to help customers with payment processing, not just by explaining the features but also by helping from understanding the insights “how those features can help their business”. 

Hence, the job of a sales representative job responsibilities isn’t easy, and here are some mandatory requirements to have in a sales representative. 

Duties And Responsibility Of A Sales Representative

The duties and responsibilities of a sales representative are huge, thus make sure you hire someone who has the following criteria:

  • Must have strong confidence to reach customers through cold calling 
  • Clear communication accent, ability to demonstrate the benefit/ features of the product & service 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, as a sales representative have to deal with multiple types of people 
  • Physical fitness, as a sales representative, might have to go for client visits, travel to different locations etc 
  • Have patience, high listening power, and excellent negotiating and convincing skills 
  • Must have presentation skills, along with product demonstration skills
  • Must have the research quality, research about clients, their target, goals and objectives
  • Prepare a pitch before a client meeting or client visit 
  • Must report to the management about the daily achievement, and results, for example, cold call reports, work plan, number of clients visit etc. 

Education Qualification

One of the basic needs of a sales representative job responsibilities is education. Because as a sales representative you need to understand product & service first, their pros and cons. And also need to communicate with clients from various backgrounds or countries. 

  • Graduate from B.s.c/ BA from any discipline (marketing, sales and business administration is preferable)
  • Must have a high school diploma or any GED course on scientific/ technical aspects of products; for instance, pharmaceutical terms, engineering terms, etc. 

Skills & Competence 

Another important thing that is needed for sales representative job responsibilities are “soft skills”. Soft skills are the thing which will help your sales representative enhance their personality, as a result, it’s drive sales faster. Here are some soft skills which are mandatory in a sales representative:

  • Listing skills: The patience of listing and understanding the need, want and demand of a client, and based on that providing the service. 
  • Clear verbal communication: Must have concise information about the product, so that you can answer every question clients ask. 
  • Interpersonal skills: Very expert in understanding non-verbal cues, for instance, handshaking, eye contact, facial expression, body movement, gesture etc.
  • Critical thinking skills: Gather all the options together, then analyze & research then pick the best solution, which is both beneficial for the company and organization. 
  • Customer service skills: Etiquettes to listen, acknowledge, answer the customer query, understand the complaints and provide them with the best solution.

Experience Required 

To play the role of a sales representative job responsibilities, the candidate must have some previous working experience in a related industry.

Salary Structure Of A Sales Representative

Salary Structure Of A Sales Representative

One of the important parts of sales representatives is the salary structure. But it majorly depends on how enriched the candidate is with the experience and education qualifications. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, on average an American sales representative earns around:

  • Top: Annual Salary $156,630 ($75.30/hour)
  • Mid: Annual Salary $79,680 ($38.31/hour)
  • Bottom: Annual Salary $39,960 ($19.21/hour)

5 Types of Sales Representative Job Role

Although there are different types of sales representative job responsibilities, each role holds different types of duties, experience, expertise etc.     

  1. Outside Sales: They’re basically field sales representatives from the company, who demonstrate the product & service on behalf of the company. In addition, they go outside of the office; meets the clients face to face and tries to make a good relationship with clients. 
  2. Inside Sales: They’re basically backend sales representatives from the company, who virtually represent and demonstrate the product and service using a different platform. Moreover, also responsible for retaining, remarketing, and researching the client's background; right from the office desk. 
  3. Sales Engineer: They basically handle the technological side of the company.The one who integrates the technology and sales and transforms them into a great combination. The sales Engineer's main responsibility is to understand & provide that personalized tech solution based on their requirement.
  4. Business Developer: The business developer is basically involved in maximizing the company's growth, searching for new opportunities and deals for the new partnership. 
  5. Account Manager: The main responsibility of the account manager is to renew the client's contacts, and make sure the client's accounts are growing, thus strengthening relationships with the clients.  

Tracking Your Sales Representatives’ Activities Is Now Easy 

With Human Resource Management System 

The major duty of a Sales representative job responsibility is to go outside the office to do some primary research about prospective clients or sit for a meeting, in the hope of initiating sales. 

Therefore, it gets tough for HR to keep the track of the activities of the sales representatives, hence different conflict arises. 

Thus to make it easier for both the HR manager and the sales representatives, the business developer, every organization should adopt an automated and efficient human resource management system.

With the dynamic features of the human resource management system, an HR manager can easily keep track of the sales representatives and their activities, achievements, payrolls, attendance, monthly target achieved etc. 


I hope you’ve gathered enough knowledge about the qualification needed for a sales representative job responsibilities and also various categories of sales representatives. 

Sales representative job responsibilities require a  candidate who is extremely hard-working, physically fit and has high negotiation & convincing skills. And if you think all the requirements of a sales representative matches you, then I would suggest you go for it.