10 Ways to Boost Your Profit by Inventory Management System

If you go through the Inventory management system which is not an inventory management software, but it is a set of integrated hardware and

Work On Yourself Like You Work On Your Business

We do a lot of things to maintain and grow our business. We try to maintain discipline and culture to fine-tune our business tactics to

Common mistakes through installation

Common Mistakes Through Installation

Mismatch token

1. The database and user did not create successfully. 2. Database and user are not connected with each other. 3. If you use xammp localhost, then

Are you Getting HTTP ERROR 500?

Are You Getting HTTP ERROR 500?

If you are getting HTTP ERROR 500, this means that there is some error thrown in the back-end which is causing bdtask script to stop

How to Install Bdtask Codeigniter Any Script at Hostinger Server

How to install bdtask CodeIgniter any script at the hosting server. we added the hosting server .if you cannot install then you can follow this system.

How to Edit .htaccess in Your cPanel File Manager & Some Problem's Solutions

To Open the File Manager Log into cPanel. In the Files section, click on the File Manager icon. Check the box for Document Root for and select the

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Because of being subservient for more than two centuries, the fear of the inhospitable atmosphere of the bounded Bangladesh sky, but it has turned into

Know latest Technology or will lose your business

Know Latest Technology or Will Lose Your Business

Technology is changing every minute. Every day coming to new technology and new inventions. It is good for the industry but it has some demerits