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What Are The Benefits Of Live Chat For eCommerce

By Riajur Rahman Last Updated -- Thursday, 2023-10-05
What are the benefits of live chat for ecommerce

To boost the services, profits, sales, customer experience and engagements, the benefits of live Chat for eCommerce are essential. These benefits of Live Chat on a website help to grow customer satisfaction and communication. We are all aware that customer satisfaction is the core base of a successful business. This satisfaction comes when you add the Live Chat on your eCommerce. Then, the customer gets perfect services from your business with resolution. The primary strategy of a successful company is,

“To achieve business success, be connected with the customers”.

In this technical era, customer service plays an advantageous role in improving the commercial business. It would be best if you focused on customer services to build up the best eCommerce site for your business. 

To implement good customer service, Live Chat is a fundamental tool to establish a business. 

It provides a real-time conversation platform where the customers can easily connect with the seller. They can enquire about the products of your company business and gather experiences. 

  • According to Forrester, 73% of consumers prefer an eCommerce site with good customer service. Because they can purchase here with fast replies to their queries. This means interacting rapidly with the customers is very important. 

The solution is here if you are looking for the benefits of Live Chat for eCommerce. So, let's get into it.

What is Live Chat?

Live Chat is a communication software where customers can inquire about business products with businesses. 

It is the most convenient way of discussion between the businesses and the customers.

In specific, it is a system for communication on websites that allows consumers to ask anything about the products. And it provides a fast and relevant reply to them. 

  • 79% of customers agree with this interaction system for its positive influences. While they were purchasing products from eCommerce sites, according to the statistics

Businesses can provide human representatives with resolutions to more consumers using this software in less time. 

Why is Live Chat important for eCommerce Business?

Why is Live Chat important for eCommerce Business

Suppose you are selling ladies' bags on your website. Now, your customer might have a lot of questions about your products. They may ask you about the materials, shipments, delivery periods, price and many more questions. If you have Live Chat, you can reply to all those questions quickly in a very short time

With Live Chat, you can provide a way on your website for customers to connect and solve their problems.

In general, customers buy trustable products when they get authentic information about your business.  

Furthermore, by using it, you can reply to more consumers at a time. The biggest advantage of Live chat for business, is you can handle numerous customers at the exact moment. 

There was a day when customers waited for a reply. But nowadays, customers want a quick reply. They are getting an instant reply just by clicking on a chat button of Live Chat. 

According to statistics,

  • 57% of customers abandon their online purchase if they don't get a quick reply to their questions. (view: source)
  • Specifically, 63% of customers tend to come back who use Live Chat than those who don’t. 

To run an active business, you should provide a suitable contact method for your customers.

Moreover, customers prefer live Stream chat rather than sending an SMS, phone call or email. 

Getting an SMS back-and-email does not have a time limit. Customers think whether they get an answer early or late depending on whether the page owner notices their questions. On the flip side, making a phone call costs money. So, these ways can waste their time, and they can get depressed.

  • Statista says 12% of consumers complain about this lack of customer service in a business.

The Benefits of Live Chat for eCommerce

The Benefits of Live Chat for eCommerce

Live Chat for websites intending to provide benefits for both businesses and customers. This discussion is for you if you are an eCommerce businessman without a Live Chat option. 

Let's talk about the importance of Live Chat for eCommerce to upgrade your business. 

1. Increase Revenue in Business

Live Chat plays as a game changer for any website business. 

Increase Revenue in Business

The main benefit of this Chat Stream is that it increases revenue. 

Live Chat allows consumers to know about the purchasing process of those websites. It provides complete assistance so consumers can easily search and inquire about specific products. It helps to clear any doubt by giving the correct information to the consumer at the same time.

Having a real-time conversation, customers tend to spend more time on your site. This positivity increases the sales value. 

  •  Kayako says that 79% of businesses have agreed to integrate Live chat into their business. Because of its positive feedback on their sales, leads and revenue. 
  • The research has shown that 10% of business increases when the customer engages with Live Chat. Because they get confidence in asking about the products before planning to buy them. 

So, the ultimate sale of your business depends also on Live Chat. It changes the conversion rate of any business and drives more sales. 

Another aspect of Live Chat for business is that it decreases the customer service cost.

  • According to Chatbot Magazine, businesses can reduce their cost of customer services by up to 30%. By appliance the conversational Chatbot in their businesses. 

2. Support 24/7 to gain Customer Satisfaction

Providing 24/7 customer support is demanding and challenging for any company. Because in working hours, you can hire a representative team to represent your company. But offline, it is difficult to serve the same as online services. 

In this competitive era, there is only one alternative way to shine in business with a 24/7 response to the customers.

Customers do visit your websites when they are free. Your business store or agents may be offline at that time. If your customer knocks at this time, they can not get a reply from you.

To counteract this, you can use a Chatbot to interact with the customers when you are offline. 

Live Chat doesn’t leave the customer hanging, even if offline. The immediate response from your site tends to grow customer satisfaction at a high level.

It provides the information you set based on the article and increases the efficiency of your marketing initiatives.

This chatbot supports you to measure the performance of individual agents concerning customer service.

3. Provide Rapid Response to Your Customer

Provide Rapid Response to Your Customer

A positive, quick response to your customer helps to create more satisfaction about your business

Customers become happier when they get fast replies to their queries. It provides fast answers to the customers based on their questions. Even if you are offline, it gives chat solutions to the consumers. 

4. Serve Multiple Customers at the Same Time

To Grow your business to flourish, work on serving multiple customers simultaneously.

Generally, a business has numerous clients. These clients are from different zones, and their questions will also differ. But answering these questions is difficult for your agents simultaneously. 

Suppose your agents answer the phone calls, but when multiple calls come at a time, they will have no option to provide the best solution. 

So, if you add Live Chat to your business, you will provide amazing responses to your customers. And providing the best responses to the customers will help you to get more benefits. 

5. Improve the Customer Experience

Another significant benefit of Live Chat is that it improves the customer experience. 

Customers prefer the convenience of Live Chat. The benefit of live chat for customers is, they get a real personalized experience from it. Now,

  • 75% of customers prefer an authentic voice over a technologically Branded voice. (source: Khoros)

Since it gives the ask option to the customer, they get the answer instantly. It offers a chat window where customers get their own experience as they talk in real to the agent.

It helps to merge the distance between the customer and the business.

 6. Grow Customer Engagement and Reviews

Grow Customer Engagement and Reviews

The ultimate goal of live Chat is it helps to grow customer engagement and reviews on business. 

The operator directly connects to the customer through Live Chat. Their conversation can grow customer engagement and reviews on your business. 

Operators can acquire personalized conversations with the customer.

At the beginning of the chat, they can greet the customer so that the customer can feel the real-time chatting instead of Chatbot. 

Live Chat allows operators to access the customers' browsing history on the website; they can suggest suitable products based on their search after solving their problems.

  • 68% of customer spend more money on those Brands that treat them individually and value their thoughts.

If customers get proper values, they will stay connected and be willing to give reviews for your business website.

7. Build Reliable Relations with Customers

With the remarkable prosperity of Live Chat, you can build trust & strengthen relationships with your customers.

Grow a reliable relationship with your customers; it helps you provide personalised services. As you have access to check your customers' previous

  • Chat
  • Buying
  • Browsing histories

You can provide the best service to them. You can prepare how you treat them. 

Once they get a solid and loyal solution, they will come to your business repeatedly.

However, this is how you can provide instant resolution and build a strong customer bond. 

8. Improves Communication with Customers

With Live Chat support, your customer executive can easily chat with a translator tool with customers in different languages.

We are all aware that a website has different visitors from different countries. So they might ask questions about your products in their native language.  

If your agent gives the proper information based on their enquiries to them, they get clear and satisfied. Otherwise, you may have lost potential customers. 

  • 72% of customers are more likely to shop from Brands that understand them by giving help or information in their language.  

So, using this tool with multilingual support, you can interact with all types of consumers. It enables you to provide exceptional services to your customers.

As a consequence, your business can have more popularity and profits worldwide. 

9. Worthy of Saving Both Time and Money

Worthy of Saving Both Time and Money

The biggest support of Live Chat is effective in saving time and money without implementing the quality of customer service. 

This tool helps you to increase your business productivity and decrease expenses as well.

Because to add this, you have to pay off 50% of the budget over traditional phoning customer service. 

In addition, the operator can support multiple consumers at a time. Operators get more free time to concentrate more on preparing themselves to handle more customers. 

Furthermore, this tool has automated and customized options to set answers. You can set replies to the same questions to save time.  

Therefore, customers can track their orders and get information quickly from this. 

The Impact of Live Chat Software on Small Businesses

Impact of Live Chat Software on Small Businesses

In this article, we have covered the benefits of live Chat on eCommerce. 

Now, we will expand our discussion topic by adding the importance of Live Chat for small businesses.

Lots of businesses don’t know the vast effect of this. They search for ‘live chat for my website’ on the internet. Actually,

The impact of Live Chat is immense on small businesses. 

With Live Chat, customers get a fast & convenient way to the customer agents of businesses in real-time. Businesses can deliver product information instantly, 24/7 and solve problems with the resolution to their customers. 

The good news is that businesses don’t need to hire more customer agents when they add Live Chat software. 


  • Generally, small businesses have low budgets. They usually think integrating a Live Chat is more expensive than receiving the phone and email of customers to agents. But the fact is that Live Chat is 50% cheaper than traditional customer service.
  • It boosts the productivity of customer agents with the best quality of service. So you can save your budget on customer service by integrating the Live Chat.
  • Agents can answer the questions of multiple customers at a time. You can save time and provide feedback to more customers.
  • It doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice the quality of service after placing it. Moreover, it helps you to know your customers better and inform them about the product's description with the best quality of services.
  • It can boost your conversion sales and help you get more revenue. 38% of customers reported they purchased after having a good session with a customer agent. 
  • Nowadays, customers prefer Live Chat to other communication systems. You will get more potential customers if you place it on your website. 73% of customers prefer websites with good customer service to purchase with fast resolutions to their queries. That means the sales of your business also depend on it.
  • It helps to grow customer engagement and reviews with your business. Also, it helps to create a trustable relationship between the customer and the company.

However, a small business can be successful by implementing it. It reduces business costs and enhances the customer connection to the business. Ultimately, these all help a small business to be a big Brand with great success. 

Top 5 Best Live Chat Software for eCommerce

Top 5 Best Live Chat Software for eCommerce

Live Chat is a must-have tool for any business or any industry. It allows businesses to provide proper customer services without hiring additional staff.


Live Chat is a powerful small button on your website to get a big success.

Finding the popular chat software for your website is not so easy. These days, you should add high-end Live chat software to your business. So let’s get to the most popular Live Chat software.

The top 5 leading Live Chat software in today’s market of 2023 are

1. Innue

Innue is the best Live Chat software for business. The main focus of this software is to work on Business websites. This is an agent of intelligent interaction that helps to connect automatically customers with businesses. With this application, you can respond to multiple customers at the exact moment. 

The designer created this software, especially for businesses with extraordinary service. The admin panel of this software is very easy to understand for any business. The other features of this software are very useful and convenient to use.

The main features of this software are,

  • Query Customization
  • Audience segmentation
  • Unique Admin Panel
  • Customized role Permission
  • Sending Emails & messages
  • Centralized controlling
  • Support Multi-language
  • Mobile Friendly.

Why you choose this software:

  • Provide the best Customer service.
  • It helps to gain information.
  • You can connect with the customers automatically.
  • It helps to make a personalized customer experience.
  • Offers an enhanced conversational system in real-time.
  • The agent can check all conversations between the system and customers by the admin panel.
  • It has a responsive web design to respond at any size, platform, or device based on customers' queries.
  • It has a complete admin panel to write, edit, update, and delete.
  • Best used for mobile users.
  • Best use for saving cost.

2. Tidio

Tidio is an all-in-one software for businesses. It provides super customer service to the visitors of the website. It has chatbots that help to increase the sales and revenues of your business. It also can respond to the most common questions immediately. Moreover, it is easy to use and efficient for any business.

The main features of this,

  • Live Typing
  • Canned Responses
  • Chat History
  • Browsing page History
  • Live Visitors List
  • Multilanguage

Why you choose this software:

  • Helps to generate more sales.
  • Provide real-time conversation
  • It can count on every interaction on websites to improve customer retention.
  • It can respond to personalized shopping experiences.
  • Admin can check the previous chat history of any users.
  • Also, it recognizes its repeat customers

3. Smartsupp

This is smart software which assists in your online shopping. It is the most popular app that can combine live chat, chatbot automation, and video recordings. 

Also, it helps to save time and turn visitors into loyal customers of your products. The features of this software are,

The main motive of this software is,

  • API (Application Programming Interface)
  • Conversations History
  • Multilanguage support
  • Customer Support
  • Help Center
  • Automatic Responses

Why you choose this software:

  • It improves sales.
  • Deliver personal service.
  • It helps businesses to provide personalized online shopping experiences.
  • Provide customer services in 7 different languages.
  • Can answer when it is relevant to personal.
  • Automate repetitive questions

4. Zendesk

Zendesk is the best app for enterprises and small businesses. It is loved for its trusted customer service worldwide. Businesses can monitor, manage and respond to the visitor on their websites immediately. 

The features of this Live Chat are very useful and it is mobile friendly. So let's see the features of this software.

The main functions of this,

  • Conversational Tools
  • Apps
  • Integrations
  • Security and Privacy Flexibility
  • Multiple Tab Interfaces
  • Triggers

Why you choose this software:

  • It provides better customer care service.
  • It can check visitors' previous browsing history on its website.
  • Recommend the products based on customers' search history.
  • Increase sales

5. LiveAgent

LiveAgent is a powerful software to provide customer services. It is the best help desk solution available on the market now. 

Additionally, it supports smooth customer service with the best solutions. This software offers Live Chat application, ticket management, license management as well and online portal services.

Let's see its features:

  • Real-Time Conversations
  • Chat Invitation
  • Mas Queue Length
  • Visitor trackers
  • Chat History
  • Chat Overview

Why you choose this software:

  • It helps to make strong relationships with the customers.
  • Increase the customers' engagement on your site.
  • It can respond to the customers with live agents.
  • It is simple to use and manage for business.

Which companies have Live Chat?

As Live Chat offers the opportunity to connect in real, customers can discuss active human representatives. They can ask anything about the products. Retailers are using it on their eCommerce sites. Increasing customer satisfaction, 28,000+ companies using it. 

  • 54% of retailers offer Live Chat on their website.

E-commerce sites use Live Chat because it offers a virtual assistant to provide online services to their customers

Here are the top 10 companies that are using Live Chat to increase their ultimate interaction with their customers. 

  • Nikon
  • Shopify
  • Nike
  • Canyon
  • Betterment
  • SnapEngage
  • PetPlan
  • Wayfair
  • HSBC
  • Moneybox

The Verdict

Now, the competition between companies is growing day by day. As a result, they want to run their business with great sales, productivity, dedication, customer service and high profit at a minimized investment. 

With the benefits of live Chat for eCommerce, they can get high revenue and lowest expenses, providing perfect, satisfied customer service.

The benefits of Live Chat help to get revenues, but it also improves the humanization of the Brand. 

Finally, you can set up short greetings in Chatbot for your audiences to make them feel good. 

A small greeting can increase the positivity of your business.

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