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10 Best Jewelry Software for the Gold Business Owner

By Rajib Hasan Last Updated -- Tuesday, 2024-05-21
best jewelry software

Jewelry software is a jewelry store management software. By using this software users are able to manage and track their jewelry inventory, sales, and also track customers. There are numerous privileges of jewelry software. However, there are different types of jewelry store management software, such as Jewel Software, Brilliant jewelry retailer management software, Veeqo, and others. So, let’s go into depth to explain the best jewelry software or jewelry management system.

Best Jewelry Software (Top 10 Solution)

A jewelry store inventory management system can be used to manage jewelry stores conveniently. There are more than thousands of jewelry software providers. They have developed and included different categories, such as jewelry ERP Software, such as jewelry POS software, jewelry inventory software, jewelry accounting and billing software, etc. But which is best and how to choose the best jewelry software to manage your inventory? We have brought here a few inventory management and innovative Jewelry Software.

1. Gold ERP Software


Empower your jewelry business with gold ERP software. It is one of the best jewelry store inventory management systems. It has been specially designed to manage jewelry store operations. This store management software can provide you with the ultimate solution to managing and boosting your inventory and enhancing sales.

Gold ERP software is a customizable software. In that case, the user has an option to integrate another module (if necessary). However, see the features and make a decision, all the features meet your requirements? On the other hand, you have an option to customize or integrate your required module.


Gold ERP software contains a bunch of attractive features that compel you to use it to manage your jewelry business. So, let’s see some features of gold ERP.

  • Account management.
  • Point of sale system.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM).
  • Human resource management (HRM).
  • Production management.
  • Product management.
  • Stock or inventory management.
  • It can be customized with different modules to meet different operations.

2. Brilliant's Jewelry Store POS System

brilliants jewelry store pos system

Brilliant's jewelry store POS system is another most popular jewelry store management software. For medium and big jewelry stores management is very difficult with manual effort. In that case, the owner needs to manage a bunch of volumes or ledgers which include (purchasing and selling products, returning products, managing invoices, etc.

These are very challenging to manage manually. There is a great chance to make mistakes. In that case, this software can successfully manage a jewelry inventory or stock. It also works for billing purposes to completely relieve customer hassle. It contains some great features that can easily attract the jewelry business owner to grab this software.


  • Smart cloud and local database system.
  • Simple user experience and friendly interface.
  • Powerful business tool to gather business data.
  • Awesome support by 24/7/365.
  • Brilliant payment threshold that supports credit, debit, contactless, and payments.
  • It has the easiest integration system that allows you to add extra add-ons.

3. Jewel 360 Inventory Management System

jewel 360 inventory management system

Jewel 360 inventory management system is a cloud-based all-in-one point-of-sale system. Are you looking to take your jewelry business into the cloud? In that case, the Jewel 360 inventory management system can be your best choice. It was specially designed for jewelry retailers to automate and help jewelry retailers business.

It has smart inventory management and a POS system that can efficiently contribute to billing or payment thresholds. It has numerous features, such as vendor management, client tracking, sales management, and others. These comprehensive features oblige retailers to use jewelry retail POS to continue to manage their jewelry business smoothly. 


  • Better inventory management.
  • Smart point of sale system (POS).
  • Vendor management.
  • Customer tracking system.
  • Customer book integration system.
  • Repair management.
  • Client work management.

4. Valigara Jewelry Inventory Management Software

valigara jewelry inventory management software

Valigara is a world-leading multi-channel jewelry tool that can be used for different purposes to manage a jewelry shop. It is a tailor-made online management diamond and jewelry retailer platform. This software can be used for different purposes, such as product management, inventory management, product information management (PIM), online marketing, customer order management, client management, logistics management, etc. It can be used as jewelry e-commerce management software. Valigara's numerous features can give a user full control over his jewelry business.    


  • Multichannel selling process.
  • Easy inventory management to keep track of stock.
  • Online order management.
  • Insight and strong analytics.
  • Wholesale management and perfect cope up distributors. 
  • Social media and email marketing strategy.

5. The Jewel Software

the jewel software

Managing a jewelry business is not easy and it is crucial to manage. This is because gold and diamonds are very expensive. In that case, an owner should adopt much caution. For this reason, store management software can efficiently contribute to carrying out that responsibility.

The Jewel software can be your best choice due to its smart features and stock management system. It also gives very rich and smart analytical reports about stock, employee management, client management, supplier management, order management, fund management, and others. This can be automated with the e-commerce jewelry business also.


  • Retail and wholesale and factory management.
  • Customer and marketing management.
  • Smart payment gateways.
  • Website integration system.
  • Complete CRM solution.
  • Online order tracking system.

6. WJewel Jewelry Store Management Software

WJewel Jewelry Store Management Software

WJewelry software is a full-featured POS software. It handles the entire jewelry shop management task, such as sales, inventory management, CRM system, account and payment system, multi-store management and support, and others. So, it has a complete dynamic package to manage a jewelry shop smoothly. It has been designed for jewelry manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers.

They offer extensive service and customer support. They offer many things for their customers. If any client takes their application then they train them without a cost. It’s one of the best strategies to grab clients. They always focus on their product quality to ensure better performance. However, let’s see some crucial features of this software.    


  • Better inventory tracking and management system.
  • Better customer relationship management system (CRM).
  • Smart POS billing and easiest payment gateway.
  • Multi-store inventory management system.
  • Automatic website update facility.
  • It can be customized with any feature or module.

7. Abbott Jewelry Systems: EDGE

abbott jewelry systems: edge

EDGE is one of the leading and the best jewelry billing software. It can be used as a jewelry store management software. It has been performing for more than 10 years with success in managing jewelry stores. EDGE offers an entire solution to manage a store. It is a customizable software solution. If a user needs to add any extensions or add-ons then they can easily do that.

It may be the best one for a small jewelry business inventory management system. However, there are a bunch of features of it. Such features brought it to the top level in the competitive jewelry store management system. So, let’s take a look at how many features are there, and how to differentiate it from other jewelry store management software.


  • Elegant point of sale solution (POS).
  • Accurate and profitable inventory management system.
  • CRM system to build a customer relationship.
  • Advance reports and analytics system.
  • Efficiently manage a store and better services system.

8. Marg Jewellery Software

marg jewellery software

Marg Jewellery software is specially designed to manage the jewelry showroom. It has also been designed with some advanced features to become efficient for the jewelry business. This software is responsible for the order processing workflow, from receiving orders to managing production and delivery schedules.

There are some common features of Marg Jewelry Software, such as inventory management, order processing, billing and invoicing, customer relationship management (CRM), accounting integration, and report generation. Rest of them, there are also a bunch of features. These features have made it much popular in different countries, especially in India. It plays a creative role as the best jewelry inventory software.


  • Stock in the product catalog.
  • Chit Funds & Kitty Management
  • Easy billing process.
  • Online order and reordering system.
  • Accounting and purchase management.
  • Client order management
  • User-friendly mobile app.

9. Jewel Mate Jewelry Retail Software

jewel mate jewelry retail software

Jewel Mate is another popular jewelry inventory or retail shop management software. It offers an all-in-one software solution. It manages a bunch of operations related to the point-of-sale system, such as billing, customer relationship management, business reporting, and others.

This software is also well-suited for wholesale management. It enables vendor and customer management systems, hassle-free transactions, inventory tracking, business data analysis, etc. Jewel Mate jewelry software gives full control and freedom to organize an inventory. However, there are numerous features of it, so take a look at a few of them.           


  • Smart inventory tracking and management system.
  • Customizable inventory tags.
  • Diamond inventory management.
  • User-friendly point-of-sale system.
  • POS billing system and multiple payment gateways.
  • Retail website integration system.  

10. Jewelianna Jewelry Inventory Software

jewelianna jewelry inventory software

Jewelianna Jewelry software is considered the best jewelry inventory management software. This is a customizable software. Any add-ons or modules can be added depending on the user's interest. They have a skilled and well-trained technical team. They are dedicated to providing training, installation, and other online-based support. 

These things can snatch the customer's heart with their comprehensive features. For this reason, it is one of the best jewelry software for inventory management. However, some essential features of it can oblige a jewelry shop owner to use it to manage their jewelry business.


  • Inventory management of material and accessories.
  • Exporting the jewelry inventory.
  • Production of all marketing documents.
  • Monitoring the jewelry production process.
  • Mounted and semi-mounted jewelry stock management.
  • Diamonds Inventory management.

How to Choose the Best Jewelry Software?

Choosing efficient software is a bit difficult in the crowd of massive software providers. There are different ways to choose the best software for your business management and control. In that case, which things should you consider? 

  • Clarify your needs or which purpose you want to get the software.
  • Find the vendors or software providers according to your needs.
  • See their service and support area.
  • Use the software free trial to confirm its efficiency (if the trial is available).
  • Focus on specific features of the software.
  • Make sure these features are efficient for your business.
  • Consult with the vendors specifically about your requirements.
  • If everything is okay then get it to manage your business.

Final Thought

Choosing the best jewelry software is a challenge for the jewelry business owner. Many software companies try to grab the jewelry market by offering different facilities. In that case, it becomes difficult to find the best software provider. In that case, we have referred to the 10 best jewelry software providers with specific features. So, focus on the features, service, and support. Also think, are the features really going better with your business operation? After considering these things, get software to manage your business.