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The 6 Best Social Media for Restaurants to Grow Revenue

By Mahmuda Akter Isha Last Updated -- Wednesday, 2024-01-10
Best Social Media for Restaurants

Want to promote your restaurant business? Looking for the best social media for restaurants in order to promote your business? The ever-increasing tide of users gathered in these networks is tapped into by restaurant social media tactics. According to a statistic, 

“Around 58.4% of the world’s population is connected with social media and the average usage rate is almost 2 hours and 27 minutes.” Source

As big and small businesses alike perceive the advertising possibilities of the new electronic media, social media is rapidly being employed as an online marketing tool. This is also true in the restaurant business. Do you want to create the most effective restaurant online marketing strategy? In this regard, you need to know the best social platform to promote your restaurant business.  

For considering these, this article highlights the 6 best social media platforms which will assist you to promote your restaurant business. So, let’s deep dive into the core section of this article.   

Top 6 Popular Social Media Platforms for Restaurants  

While creating content for social media should be a key priority, it's also critical to understand which sites are best appropriate for promoting your business.

There are several social media networks that serve to enhance restaurant awareness and traffic. But the top six listed here are unquestionably the ones you should include in your internet marketing strategy. 

  • Meta (Facebook) - Best for Building Engagement & Reach Target Audience 
  • Instagram  - Best for Food Photo Promotion 
  • Pinterest - Best for Restaurant’s Visual Communication
  • Twitter - Best for Promoting Restaurant’s Event
  • YouTube - Best for Publishing Video Content 
  • Foursquare - Best for Increasing Online Visibility 

Meta (Facebook)

Facebook for Restaurant Marketing

To promote your restaurant’s activities and food items, you can create a Facebook page for your restaurant. It is one of the largest networking sites in the world and undoubtedly takes the top position. Facebook marketing has quickly taken over the online world, essentially defining what a social networking site should look like. 

According to a statistic, 

“Around 2.91 billion monthly active users are connected with Facebook and 3,5 billion users of the company’s product.” Source

Include a high-quality image or video with your text when posting on Facebook. While it's critical to become acquainted with the various possibilities for publishing on Facebook, the most crucial aspect of Facebook marketing is consistency. 

Provide relevant information to potential clients by sharing tips, offering discounts, and highlighting special specials. Pay attention to what your customers desire. Excessive self-promotion should be avoided. Try to keep your self-promotion to a minimum. Instead, pay attention to what your customers want and provide it.

Facebook has grown from a simple platform for exchanging messages and photographs to a massive portal with marketing capabilities, demonstrating that social media can effectively aid in the development of powerful businesses.

You need to maintain the Facebook image post size to post on Facebook. In this regard, the Facebook image size should be 1200 x 630, the Facebook highlighted image size is 1200 x 717. Also, the Facebook event image size should be 1920 x 1005, and the Facebook group cover image size is 1640 x 856.  

You can conduct the following activities through Facebook. 

  • Easy to run advertising campaigns on your business account 
  • Allows to use of statistical analysis tools to track and monitor advertising campaigns 
  • Categorize your target audience to create and manage ads precisely 
  • Allows keeping personal contact with the customer base through the Facebook post.         

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Instagram for Restaurant Marketing

Instagram is especially popular among younger Internet users, particularly those between the ages of 15 and 24. Instagram's appeal to young people appears to be based on its visual nature, which is ideal for restaurant online marketing.

According to a statistic, 

“Around 1.385 billion active users are connected with Instagram and it is ranked as the 4th most popular social network.” Source

Moreover, you can get various filters and tools that will allow you to edit photos and videos. These features also help to attract your audience and promote your restaurant through images of appetizing food. This aids in the development of your image menu while also improving engagement.

Most significantly, you will get paid ads facilities on this platform and this feature will assist you to reach a selected group of recipients. Also, you can take a menu photo which will help to encourage your consumers to contribute their favorite things to your menu photos to take it a step further. 

To post on Instagram, you need to maintain the size of the images. In this regard, the best square Instagram post size is 1080px by 1080px with a 1:1 aspect ratio. Use an image that is 1080px by 566px with a 1.91:1 aspect ratio for landscape posts. Vertical photos with a 4:5 aspect ratio should be 1080px by 1350px.    


Pinterest for Restaurant Marketing

Pinterest is another social platform that will assist you to promote your restaurant through visual content. In this regard, you can use this social media platform to share photos, images, and graphics. For example, you can share your best dishes, recipes, and article about the ingredients.

According to a statistic,

“Around 431 million users are active on Pinterest and it is ranked as the 14th largest social network in the world.” Source  

Most significantly, you can create a board to post on Pinterest. Also, you will get a “Pin” system that allows the users to save their favorite photos on their own Pinterest board. Moreover, it will help to boost your restaurant’s online marketing.

In this regard, you can create the following board to grab more attention from your audience. 

  • Menu Item Board 
  • Recipe Board
  • Special Events Board
  • Inspirational Quotes and Photos Board

Since the Pinterest interface is portrait-oriented, you need to maintain vertical pins with a 2:3 ratio. The image dimension should be 735 x 1102 px. Moreover, it will allow the users to post images with a fixed width which is 238 pixels, and scaled height.    



This network, unlike Facebook, focuses on sharing short, informational messages. This network allows you to communicate information about your restaurant's new specials or menu items, as well as hours and grand opening celebrations.

According to a statistic, 

“Almost 397 million users are connected with Twitter and the monthly access rate is around 96%.” Source

It allows you to submit brief, 280-character messages on the internet. You can also use images or photos to spice up your tweets. Hashtags are quite beneficial in online restaurant promotion. Restaurants can be tagged online and a link can be created. Anyone who clicks on the hashtag will be taken to your restaurant's Twitter account instantly.

It's the finest place to connect with a certain group of people. Here's how to make Twitter marketing work for you:

  • Actively respond to customer assistance communications, both positive and negative feedback. Remember to respond to any consumer that sends you a message through your Twitter account. This demonstrates that you actually care about your customers and contributes to your credibility.
  • Use of hashtags that are relevant is critical for attracting new users.
  • The key to increasing user engagement is to "be" honest, straightforward, and conduct casual discussions with them utilizing basic and plain communication.

Twitter suggests a 3:1 aspect ratio, a file size of 1500px X px, and a maximum file size of 5MB. JPG, PNG, and GIF images are all acceptable (but not animated GIFS).


YouTube for Restaurant Marketing

YouTube was established in 2005 as a platform for sharing films, music videos, and personal videos. The site became so successful over time that the management decided to create a paid advertising system. Soon after, private individuals began to take advantage of the system, earning money from films they shot on a variety of topics. 

A statistic shows that, 

“Around 2.24 billion users are connected with this platform worldwide and it is one of the most popular online video properties in the United States.” Source

YouTube videos are a terrific method to raise brand recognition. Make a YouTube account for your company and make sure it matches the tone of your restaurant's brand. Moreover, you can share a simple recipe for great homemade ketchup or demonstrate how to cook a fantastic three-ingredient supper. 

Here, you can explore some tips that will assist you to conduct YouTube marketing effectively. 

  • Share your new videos on all of your other social media channels whenever you make a new one.
  • Keep an eye on what's going on in the community and try to generate interest in your company by reporting annual events and participation.
  • Don't be afraid to think beyond the box! - Don't be restricted by what your competitors are doing. Try up fresh approaches and wild ideas, such as filming a conversation session with your top chefs and calling it the From the Chef's Table series. 

YouTube plays a role in the development of the brand and expert image. Also, you can present your guest's fascinating cuisine concepts by using short movies as a platform. Keep in mind that Youtube videos are vulnerable to SEO techniques.


Foursquare is a social media website that allows users to use their smartphones to check in to various locations. Other users will use these check-ins to determine whether or not to visit a restaurant.

According to a statistic, 

“Around 55 million monthly active users are connected with this platform and 9 million daily check-ins.” Source    

Foursquare users can also seek recommendations and see where their friends and family have checked in. Here, you will get some tips that can assist to boost your restaurant by using Foursquare. 

You can request that your customers check in to your restaurant on Foursquare. Based on a user's previous browsing and check-in history, the app delivers personalized recommendations of locations to visit near their present location.

Engage with existing customers and urge them to order from you by offering special deals, loyalty awards, and other incentives after you've completed the process of claiming your place on Foursquare.

This manual can assist you in learning. What changes can you make to your existing loyalty program to make it operate better with online ordering?

Wrap Up

Nowadays, you can easily reach your target audience through various social media platforms. Before going to any restaurant, customers review your social media page and seek recommendations like what they do, which items will be better, where they go, and so on. 

Social media is one of the best ways to promote your restaurant and food items. This article helps you to understand the best social media for restaurants. As a result, you can rapidly establish your online presence and grow your restaurant business.

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