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7 Unique Ideas to Create a Restaurant Marketing Plan That Maximize ROI

By Ataul Karim Last Updated -- Tuesday, 2023-10-03
Restaurant Marketing Plan

Proper planning of your life can ensure a meaningful way of surviving. Similarly, effective marketing ideas for your business assures a purposeful way of sustaining. Without proper marketing, you cannot reach your offerings to the targeted users. In this regard, as a restaurant, or bar, or cafe owner, you have to develop an efficacious bar, cafe, or restaurant marketing plan.

The Success and sustainability of business organizations greatly rely on a bona fide plan.

Evolution of Restaurant

In the 18th century, the first restaurant La Grande Taverne de Londres was founded by Antoine Beauvilliers in Paris. It had an elegant room, well-dressed waiters, and superior chefs.

Now, it is the 21st century, the number of restaurants or eateries are numerous. The offerings and ambiance of the restaurants are far better than in the past. Besides, customers have been finding a convenient place to do several activities.

How was it exponentially improved?

The unique restaurant marketing strategies and ideas of the restaurant owners assist remarkably to develop the services. Besides, modern technology contributes inevitably to improve restaurant functionality.

The contemporary restaurant marketing ideas and trends play an essential role in developing this industry significantly.

Some of the restaurant owners follow unique restaurant promotional ideas, which assist a lot to improve the industry considerably.

The restaurant managers have been creating a convenient restaurant platform focusing on the requirements of the consumers. Sometimes, the unique and lucrative offerings of the restaurants attract the users.

A Case Study on Restaurant Marketing

A Case Study on Restaurant Marketing

Who does not crave Success?

Everybody does. Think as an individual; what is your goal?

Suppose you are a restaurant business owner. You have to organize and regulate your business operations.

You aim to grow and develop your business by conducting every business activity efficiently, don't you?

Yes, every restaurant manager or owner has this common interest and goal. But what should you do to achieve the goal?

Moreover, assume like an entrepreneur. You are going to open a restaurant in the near future. In this case, what should be your first and foremost step?

Are you getting confused?

Well, undoubtedly, it is a productive plan.

In every aspect, an effective plan assures your successful journey. Besides, it can assist you to attain your business objectives slowly but surely.

You have to develop a restaurant business plan before starting the journey. Likewise, you must create a restaurant marketing plan to continue it successfully.

Moreover, a marketing plan for a restaurant opening is a crucial step that helps to attain your dream and goal. 

When you are looking for an effective restaurant marketing plan, you should have proper knowledge of how the world's best restaurants are handling promotional activities.

What are the Best Restaurants?

France, Thailand, and Denmark are the most popular country based on restaurant services. Mirazur, Noma, Mugaritz are the top restaurants globally. So the service quality of those restaurants is unquestionable.

Mirazur has a decent reputation for its food quality and services. Besides, the restaurant conducts unique promotional activities. It provides an immersive dining experience to the users. In addition to this, it includes vegetable gardens space.

The interior and outside design of Mirazur is impressive, which attracts the customer more. Besides, the restaurant follows unique marketing communication strategies while promoting the brand.

Are the activities of Mirazur included in the marketing plan?

Yes, Mirazur and other renowned restaurants in the world conduct different activities to promote their business perfectly.

The unique and innovative marketing plan of those restaurants helps them become well known to the service users in the local area and around the globe.

What is a Marketing Plan?

A plan that helps the business organization achieve the desired objectives by conducting several promotional activities is called a marketing plan.

Marketing is part and parcel of every business organization. The proper marketing operation ensures the Success of your business.

The effectiveness of marketing highly relies on the plan you are adopting.

In this regard, business owners ought to develop a marketing plan based on their requirements.

For instance, an owner of a small, medium, or large restaurant needs to promote the business. Although the purpose of every type of restaurant to conduct the marketing operation is identical, the activities are different.

A marketing plan helps you set a clear objective and show you a proper guideline to achieve the selected targets.  It also enables you to conduct proper market research, which assures building profitable and long-term relationships.

An Efficacious Restaurant Marketing Plan

Restaurant business includes a bar, coffee shop, cafeteria, diner, inn, outlet, etc. Nowadays, the number of restaurants is rising. Besides, competition is growing in the marketplace.

In this case, the restaurant owner must follow an effective restaurant marketing plan.

A workable marketing plan is not just a plan; it is the future of your restaurant.

The ultimate success of your business highly relies on how you create a plan for your restaurant business. The marketing plan plays a crucial role for both an entrepreneur and all restaurant businesses small, medium, or large.

A restaurant business owner must follow some strategies and techniques while preparing a marketing plan. The best solutions to develop a restaurant marketing plan can fulfill your dream at the end of the day.

Actionable Restaurant Marketing Plan

7 Steps of Restaurant Marketing Plan: How to Market a Restaurant

Step 1: Consider Your Expectation

Never go beyond your expectations.

The top restaurants in the world follow different creative strategies to market their services and products. You can gather the knowledge of the management system of marketing of the best restaurants. It is not mandatory to follow them.

The acquired knowledge will assist you in taking your next step more confidently.  

A small business owner has a distinctive plan compared to medium or large businesses.  Similarly, the marketing plan for restaurants depends on the size of your restaurants.

At first, your expectations must be considered. Feel free to take any step based on how you want to decorate your marketing plan.

If you want to open a restaurant business, you must create a marketing plan before beginning the corporate journey.

On the other hand, you are a restaurant business owner and want to market your products properly. In this case, you have to develop a marketing plan according to your restaurant type.

The best way to promote your restaurant business is to create a unique idea by yourself because you know better which factors affect your business.

You must remember some key points while setting up your marketing plan.

  • How do restaurants do marketing?
  • Where do you start your marketing plan?
  • Why is marketing important for a restaurant?
  • What are the elements of the marketing plan?
  • What are the unique restaurant promotional ideas?
  • How do you attract customers to your restaurant?
  • How much does it cost to advertise a restaurant?
  • What is the marketing plan for a new restaurant?

After considering your expectations, your journey of marketing the restaurants will start from the next step.

Complete Restaurant Analysis

Step 2: Do a Complete Analysis

The business environment greatly influences the proper development of the organization. The restaurant business sectors have to be always aware of the business environment.

The business environment is significantly affected by several factors.

  • Internal Factors
  • External Factors

Both factors affect the business environment of restaurants.

Conducting an effective analysis of the internal and external factors is a must to market your services.

Internal Analysis

As a restaurant business owner, you need to analyze your internal business environment. SWOT analysis will help you to conduct the research properly.

SWOT Analysis

It refers to identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your restaurant business.

The strengths of your business will provide you a better scope. Besides, you will be more proactive and optimistic after knowing your opportunities.

Moreover, you will take proper steps to overcome the threats.

SWOT analysis plays an essential role in the marketing plan.

For instance, when a restaurant owner comes to know that the organization's financial resources are limited. It is the weakness of the business.

On the other hand, your restaurant's products and services are original, and the workforce is enthusiastic. It is the strength of your business.

SWOT-analysis helps the business owners to analyze the internal factors properly. When you are aware of your restaurant's strengths, weaknesses, scopes, and risks, you can take the necessary steps based on the situation.

While promoting your restaurant, SWOT analysis plays a remarkable role in making you understand your business's exact internal situation.

External Analysis

The proper analysis of external environment factors provides a better understanding of your marketing process.

Analyzing the external factors of your business is a key part of a marketing plan. This analysis will help you to identify your business strengths and opportunities.

STEEPLE Analysis

STEEPLE analysis includes different factors like social, technological, economic, environmental, political, legal, and ethical factors.

Social Factors

It includes the lifestyles and attitudes of the customers. The people of a community change their lifestyles with time, and in different societies, people belong to various lifestyles.

The restaurant owner should consider social factors while promoting the products. In addition to this, aging the population is an essential task as the requirements of different ages are different.

Technological Factors

Without considering the technological factors, no organization in this modern era goes ahead.

It has a significant impact on the development of the restaurant business. The adoption of newer technologies directly affects the business environment.

For example, a restaurant does not provide online services. And it does not have a well-developed website.

On the contrary, a restaurant provides adequate customer services online, and the restaurant owner is aware of using modern tools.

You can easily evaluate the difference between them.

Similarly, the updated tools of marketing significantly influence the development of the restaurant.

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Economic Factors

Economic factors are the most important factors in a business organization. The financial resources are directly related to economic factors.

It includes rates of interest and exchange, financial resources, global economy, etc.

As a restaurant business owner small, medium, or large, you must consider the economic factors.

Environmental Factors

Nowadays, business organizations concentrate more on managing environmental factors effectively.

The restaurant business owner should conduct an environment-friendly operation. Without considering these factors, your restaurant business is negatively affected.

The environmental factors of your business are interconnected with sustainable development.

Political Factors

The political factors affect the marketing plan both directly and indirectly. It includes tax, export and import, grant support, etc.

The unstable political situation of a country also hampers the business environment. The restaurant business owner must consider these factors before developing a marketing plan.

Legal Factors

Without maintaining rules and regulations, business organizations cannot conduct their activities. As a result, the organization cannot sustain itself in the long run.

The marketing process of the restaurant business must be regulated by obeying the laws and legislation.

The legal factors include employment law, labor law, and other policies of a country.

The changes in those laws sometimes negatively affect business operations. The restaurant manager must consider the legal factors while operating the business operation like marketing.

Ethical Factors

Business organizations should consider some business ethics. Ethical factors include moral standards, governing policies, etc.

However, the SWOT and STEEPLE analysis will help you analyze your business environment perfectly, which plays an inevitable role in developing a marketing plan.

Restaurant Marketing Objectives

Step 3: Set up Marketing Objectives

Based on your strengths and weaknesses of your business, you need to develop the marketing objectives.

The marketing objectives depend on the overall business strategy.

In your restaurant business, the strategy you are following should be considered while developing the marketing objectives.

For instance, your restaurant business objectives are to develop the percentage of sales by 15% next year. In this case, you need to build the marketing objectives according to the business objectives.

Setting up marketing objectives helps you to find out the opportunities for your business.

SMART techniques help you to set the marketing objectives

Specific: You must target the desired customers. The marketing of your business should focus on those particular customers.

Measurable: While reviewing your objectives, make sure which areas you have already covered and which things are skipped.

Achievable: You have to make sure that you have adequate resources to achieve the set's objectives. Human resources and financial resources are the key resources in this case.

Realistic: Your targets should straighten you rather than discourage you. The objectives of your business are the way of your journey.

Time-bound: Time management is a crucial task. Without maintaining time, the objectives of your business will not be achieved. You should set a time, and within that time, you should achieve your target.

However, whatever your goal is, as a restaurant business owner, you have to set your business objectives based on your perspective. In this regard, SMART can help you as a guideline.

Restaurant Marketing Strategy

Step 4: Adopt Effective Restaurant Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategies which you are going to use must be related to the marketing plan.

Your marketing plan is a practical reflection of your marketing strategy.

Firstly, you have to understand your marketplace properly. The proper understanding of your market will help you to break down your market into different segments.

You can break it down into the same business sector or a similar size.

You should consider three essential things -

  • The requirements of the targeted customers
  • Your offerings to the customers
  • The degree of competition

The competition is increasing day by day. You have to gain a competitive edge over the rivals. You have to identify the exact market segments by which you can achieve a competitive advantage.

In the meantime, you can make the segment worthwhile by assessing thoroughly.

Besides, the promising segments of your business are those where the existing customers are present. You should conduct every possible activity which is required to expand the sales.

Moreover, when you target new customers, you have to ensure that you have adequate services or products to meet the market demands.

Well, you have selected your target market segment. Now it is the very time to set a position in the market.

You are now on your track. You have to find out the offerings of the rivals in the market. Afterward, decide what you can offer to the customers, which are different from the competitors' offerings.

Focus on the customers and make them understand the value and quality of your restaurant services.

Sometimes you should come out from your circle and have to think uniquely to shape your strategy.

Step 5: Evaluate the Adopted Techniques

Now you have determined what factors affect you. And based on the factors, you have decided what your marketing plan is. Moreover, how your objectives will be gained by adopting effective strategies.

But you need to plan at this step how you will make it happen in reality.

In this case, you can follow the 7Ps model that will assist you in evaluating the adopted tactics.

7Ps Model

Product: The needs and demands of the customers must be considered while introducing the products.

Suppose you offer particular products to the customers. But you have to consider the choices of the target users to meet their requirements.

Pricing: Your adopted pricing strategy should be useful and competitive. The restaurant owners take a wrong step while pricing the products.

The customers sometimes think that the lower price is lower in quality. Again, another group of customers searches for budget-friendly services.

The restaurant owners have to follow effective strategies.

If you have a considerable number of sales, you can lower the price. On the contrary, you can reduce your production cost.

In this regard, you can provide the desired services to the customers without minimizing the quality.

Place:  At present, the virtual platform is the best place to operate the business. It helps the restaurant business owners to cover a wide area at a time.

You should consider different channels by which your services will be distributed. For example, you can use the internet to sell your products. On the other hand, to the retailers.

It assists you in deciding where and how you should offer your services.

Promotion: It includes different activities which are essential in your restaurant business.

Do you know how significant the promotion is?

You need to reach your target customers. So, you can use advertising, cold calling, emailing, etc.

Without effective promotional activities, your services will not reach the desired customers.

In this regard, you must follow unique restaurant promotional ideas.

People: The workforce is an asset to your organization. The proper training and development program helps the employees to become dynamic and optimistic.

You need to provide adequate training for them. As a result, your skilled and trained workforce can contribute more to the development of your business.

Processes: You have to choose the right approach, which assures consistent service.

Physical Evidence: Your restaurant business may have one or more outlets. The outlooking or the appearance of your physical evidence should be considered.

Moreover, the appearance of the workforce of your restaurant can attract customers. Always think of something different, which can help you to gain a competitive edge.

The great and unique appearance will help you to grab more customers.

However, the plan of your marketing tactics can be fulfilled if you follow the 7Ps efficiently.

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Step 6: Implement Your Marketing Ideas

While implementing your ideas of restaurant marketing, you should be more conscious about your plan.

This time, you are going to choose the best ways to market your restaurant.

Sometimes, restaurant business owners get confused while choosing the ways of marketing. It is simple to feel, such as there are several processes of promoting the restaurant business.

It is essential to create your marketing ways by yourself.

You know better what your business objectives are and who your target customers are. The marketing of your restaurant should conduct based on your target users and objectives.

The resources of your business are interconnected with the implementation of marketing. First, you have to assess the available resources of your restaurant.

For example, your marketing activities depend on your financial resources. Before planning, you must consider the financial things.

Afterward, time and manpower must be considered.

Suppose you have prepared a marketing plan for targeting a particular group of customers. Besides, you set up a target to increase your sales by 10%.

Moreover, you have decided to do your restaurant's marketing to achieve the objectives in next year.

You must conduct your marketing process by maintaining the timeline.

A question can arise in your mind while going to implement the plan of your restaurant marketing.

How do Restaurants do Marketing

How do Restaurants do Marketing?

In this modern era, restaurant business owners adopt several digital technologies to market the services. The traditional marketing system is required to promote the business locally.

Around 20% of your marketing budget must be used in traditional marketing.

Traditional Marketing

Newspaper: Your offerings of food services vary depending on the season. In this case, you can be aware of your seasonal food offerings in the local newspaper.

Radio: It is one of the most useful traditional marketing tools used while marketing your restaurant.

Television: A large number of people use to show different programs on television. You can promote your business through advertising on television.

You can also use the television to show your restaurant recipes. In this regard, you can hire some celebrities to promote your business.

Moreover, you can arrange a recipe program at your restaurant by inviting renowned and popular cooks. It will help you to make people know about your restaurants.

Direct Selling: You can develop a partnership with other businesses. By using its resources, your restaurant can get promoted. It is known as a relationship-building method of traditional marketing.

Coupon: Restaurant owners provide several offers and discounts. But think something unique and experiment with your thinking.

For example, you offer a coupon that includes breakfast and the dinner package. When the customers come to your restaurant for breakfast, your offerings and package attract them to return at dinner.

Here, you can conduct more experiments and find out what method is effective for you.

Arrange Birthday Program: When you start a birthday program at your restaurant, the customers get attracted more.

You can invite the target group of people on their birthday. At present, maximum people like to celebrate their birthday out of the home.

In this regard, create an amazing environment to celebrate the birthday program. It will assist you in getting popular in the local area.

Arrange Contest: To engage the new customers, you can offer a contest. It also helps to hold your existing customers.

Arrange some exciting and enjoyable contests and provide prizes to the winner. In this case, the customers feel more comfortable to take the services of your restaurant.

For example, you want to add a new item to your menu card. While coming to the customers to take services, you can systematically gather some information. The most demandable items can be added based on the customers' choices.

Although it is the era of digital marketing, you cannot avoid traditional marketing. Traditional marketing will provide you generous support to balance your marketing

Advanced Marketing

Nowadays, the advancement of technology is contributing a lot to the development of the business sector. You can take help from an advanced restaurant management system to make easier your marketing.

Without expressing or demonstrating your food services to the customers, you cannot achieve your target properly.

As a result, you have to quit one day.

The digital marketing system is more popular as it is more effective. In the past, restaurant business owners have to spend a lot of money on marketing purposes. But at present, the cost of marketing is reduced.

The cost of marketing directly influences the profitability of the organization.

For instance, if the restaurant owner spends a lot of financial resources to market the company or services, product price increases.

In this case, the sales decrease, and it negatively affects the profitability of the restaurant.

A digital marketing system must be adopted by the restaurant owners to conduct the marketing operation properly. As well as the objectives of the restaurant can be attained effectively.


SEM refers to Search Engine Marketing. It is not easy to conduct the marketing of your business by adopting the system. But your actual and full effort will provide you a good price.

In search engine marketing, the keyword plays an essential role. To get more traffic to your website, it assists a lot.

SEM includes SEO and PPC.


PPC is also an important tool that is a form of advertising on search engines. It means Pay per click.

It is a short term solution, but different restaurant owners use it based on the season. Besides, PPC helps to boost your revenue.

Google will show your advertisement on the top of the search engine. In this regard, you have to pay a specific amount weekly, monthly, or yearly.

PPC assists your business to gain competitive advantages over the rivals as nowadays, most of the restaurant owners focus on SEO.


Search Engine Optimization helps the business organization inevitably. Suppose a restaurant business owner has already developed the business website. Now it is high time to optimize the search engine.

SEO is an essential tool for digital marketing. It helps to make your business optimized for several search engines, including Google and Bing.

The restaurant owner must be aware of SEO while conducting digital marketing. If your content of food products is not well optimized, the users cannot find your content because search engines like Google will show your content on the first page if it is optimized technically.

The better your business is optimized, the more you get traffic on your website.

Email Marketing

In the old marketing system, direct marketing is used. But in the digital marketing system, email marketing is used.

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing.

You can select some customers. The information about your services and products, facilities, and lucrative offers can be sent to their mail.

The mail subject should be eye catchy by which the customers get interested in reading it even though email marketing plays a significant role in contacting the existing customers.

You can inform them directly about the current offerings of your business.

Content Marketing

Content can easily grab your attention if the information of your services is appropriately put down in it.

It is a popular and effective digital marketing system. It means interestingly delivering specific information.

Suppose you want to publish content about a particular food of your restaurant or your business service. In this case, the content should be well optimized and exciting to the readers.

If your content fails to create an emotion in the reader's mind toward the product or service, your content will be valueless.

The readers will go through your article, and after reading, a keen interest will be developed in their minds to take the services.

Sometimes, the content writer is known as a storyteller who perfectly represents your services.

Viral Marketing

It is a smart form of digital marketing. Nowadays, video marketing is the most useful system. Some restaurant owners adopt viral marketing by sharing funny or trendy videos.

It is an indirect promotional activity to promote your services. For the restaurant business, viral marketing plays an essential role in market services or products.

The viral marketing system spreads out rapidly. As a result, to create brand awareness, viral marketing is inevitable.

Mobile Marketing

The people in the present world mostly use the maximum smartphone time in a day. The restaurant business owner should use the advertising system on mobile.

Besides, radio and television are used for advertising products or services. Mobile marketing is more effective than the others as people spend more time using mobile.

Different techniques are used for advertising on mobile. Geofencing is the most popular one, which locates the consumer's physical location.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is getting popular day by day. Through different social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, you can conduct affiliate marketing.

In this case, you have to find out an individual who is popular on social media. The person you have chosen can act as an influencer.

The influencer shares your services or products on various online platforms. It is an effective way of marketing the restaurant business.

Affiliate marketing is also a short term solution. Generally, the restaurant owner conducts this marketing system occasionally.

However, the old marketing and advanced marketing system both are beneficial for restaurant marketing. The effective practices of digital marketing can assure the success of your marketing operation.

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Step 7: Make It Happen

Well, you are now in the final step of your restaurant marketing plan. You have considered the above steps properly.

Do you think you are done?

No, it is the very moment you have to prepare yourself to make it happen.

From the first step to the sixth step, you have structured your restaurant marketing ideas. Now it is high time to monitor and evaluate your planning.

Monitoring is the key process to evaluate the effectiveness of any task.

You need to monitor properly. Besides, you may need someone to monitor the entire marketing process.

Effective reviewing can ensure overcoming your mistakes. You can learn from here how to shape your restaurant marketing plan more efficiently.

How Do You Create a Budget for Restaurant Marketing?

The financial resource is one of the most important resources of a business organization. 

When you are going to regulate any business operation, you must consider your budget first.

As a restaurant owner or an entrepreneur, you have to run your marketing process. In this case, you can feel confused about how much you have to spend on marketing your restaurant.

A small restaurant generally spends 8 to 10 percent of its sales on marketing. Besides, a big restaurant should spend higher to conduct its marketing process.

You should consider some sectors to spend your money on while operating the marketing operation.

  • Social Media Ads
  • Google/Search Engine Ads
  • Newspaper/ Magazine Ads
  • Community/ Event/ Charity sponsor
  • Public Relations/ Agency Partnerships
  • Direct Mail Ads
  • Television Ads
  • Video Marketing

Based on the successful restaurant business report, the restaurant owner should focus more on social media ads. In this platform, you should spend 67% of your marketing budget as it is the most popular platform and a large number of people are available at a time.

Afterward, an event or charity sponsor is the second largest place where the restaurant owner should spend. It is about 53%.

Moreover, Google ads 42%, newspaper 32%, agency partnerships 24%, direct mail ads 22%, television ads 11%, and other 5%.

However, your budget can vary based on your requirements and objectives of marketing. You should be more conscious of the best utilization of your restaurant marketing budget.

Restaurant Marketing System in the Future

Restaurant Marketing System in the Future

You have to think about the moment of the future. The future-thinking always provides you with a better scope. In the marketplace, you compete with several rivals.

Have you ever thought about how you can gain a competitive edge over the competitors?

Without considering this thinking, you will not be able to sustain it in the long run.

Always think one step ahead of your competitors.

The modern technologies are available nowadays, and it has been improving dramatically over the last decade.

Besides, you need to create a unique idea and plan to sustain it in the long run. It also assures you to lead the market.

Marketing is a prominent practice of a business organization. The restaurant business sector conducts this operation more efficiently.

For example, a restaurant's food or other services demonstrated for marketing are distinctive from different business sectors. The decoration of the restaurant is also included in it. If the restaurant's interior and outside design is not attractive, the customers will not be interested in taking the services.

Moreover, the facilities of a restaurant play a significant role to market it effectively. So, the restaurant design must be considered.

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Local Restaurant Marketing

In the future, you have to identify the target customers more precisely. You have to consider the place or venue.

Local restaurants must use digital marketing techniques. The small restaurants can easily cover the local area. In this case, this type of restaurant must be considered a social factor.

Attitudes and lifestyles are changing dramatically. You have to meet the demands properly.

Identify the exact requirements and try to understand their appeal silently.

If you are able to meet the requirements, you can sustain it.

Social media is a vast platform for the business organization. You have to promote your restaurant on this platform in a different way.

After five years, the local restaurants will change a lot, and the creative ideas of restaurant owners make the people attracted to the new and timely services.

Moreover, the advancement of technologies helps the restaurant business sector reduce marketing costs in the future. Besides, the efficiency will be increased.

Only digitalization cannot change the scenario of the restaurant marketing system in the long run. The innovative ideas are essential with the digital tools to conduct the process of restaurant marketing.


The entire discussion mainly focuses on how to do an effective restaurant marketing plan.

If you want to conduct your restaurant's marketing process or open a restaurant business, the above discussion will provide you the desired marketing solution.

Take your next step by creating a path by yourself.

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