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15 Best eLearning and Online Tutoring Software in 2023

By Mahmuda Akter Isha Last Updated -- Monday, 2022-12-19
Top eLearning Software and Online Tutoring Software

Are you searching for the best eLearning software? Definitely, it will be extremely tough for beginner entrepreneurs to identify the best learning management software. In this circumstance, if you are puzzled to find out which online tutoring software will be best for your business, you need to go through this article. There is numerous online course selling software available, but every software has some specific criterion, and these criteria make that software best. To find out your desired learning management software, you need to clarify your requirements first. 

Are you a beginner entrepreneur? Sometimes it will be very time-consuming for you to determine the business requirements. Thus, you need to evaluate the features of some online course selling platforms. With this evaluation, you can analyze the features of some learning management systems. Here, you can get a comprehensive comparison of the top 15 online tutoring software that helps you to evaluate quickly and find out your desired one.

The 15 Best eLearning and Online Tutoring Software in 2023 

Now, I would like to start the central and crucial part of this article. Here, you can get a comprehensive list that will provide a comparative analysis and features of the top 15 online tutoring software. So, let's see.  

1. Edutask - Online Course Selling Marketplace

Edutask - Online Course Selling Marketplace

Are you wondering about purchasing the best educational software? If so, definitely your one and the only reliable choice will be Edutask - Online Course Selling Marketplace. Edutask is mainly academic software that can create an online course selling platform. This software is built by the Codeigniter framework. Also, JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL files are included in this eLearning platform. This dynamic online course selling platform is built by Bdtask. It is compatible with several browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Edge.

Moreover, this software consists of three panels- admin panel, student panel, and faculty panel. Also, it can provide a high resolution, which will enhance the user's experience. With this software, you can offer a certain amount of commission to the faculty members according to your preferences. So, you will get some exclusive features in this software that can manage the entire activities and increase your business revenue.   

Top Features

  • Allows miscellaneous categories 
  • Provides real-time reports 
  • Multiple course management system
  • Separate panel for learners and teachers
  • Faculty management system
  • Student management system
  • Fully responsive and user-friendly interface
  • Integrated with an attractive website 
  • Mobile app integration system 
  • Commission facilities for faculties
  • Wishlist and add to cart system
  • Multiple language support system
  • Easy to install and customization  
  • Provides role permission system
  • Allows multiple currencies 
  • Incorporate with an accurate revenue management system
  • Includes news and events posting system
  • Secured payment system and more!      

2. Academy - Learning Management System

Academy Learning Management System

ACADEMY is one of the popular learning management systems that can help to create an online course selling marketplace. This software has been developed by the CodeIgniter framework. Here, JavaScript JS, HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, and SQL files are included in this software. Moreover, this software is compatible with Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge browsers. 

With this online tutoring script, you can provide a versatile learning platform where both teacher and student can share their knowledge through a structured course-based system. Also, teachers can give unlimited courses, video lessons, and other materials from any time and anyplace. So, this software helps to enrich your online course selling business.       

Top Features

  • Advanced course management system 
  • Multiple theme support system 
  • Provides data privacy system 
  • Allows drag and drop lesson organizer
  • Integrated with mobile app
  • Invoice print and pdf support system 
  • Course filtering system 
  • Allows various language and currencies 
  • Provides intuitive course player 
  • Incorporated with several quizzes, lessons, and sections
  • Provides course purchase reports
  • Permits instructors to sell courses and more.     

3. eClass - Learning Management System

eClass - Learning Management System

eClass is a learning management system that can help create a learning platform and allows teachers to spread information worldwide. This eLearning platform helps to improve student skills by providing numerous courses. Moreover, it is designed by the Laravel framework, and JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP, SQL files are included as well.

With this system, you can get some useful features that will ensure a user-friendly, secure, reliable, scalable, good looking, flexible, synchronized, and customizable design. This online tutoring solution can be able to connect your audience and create a global marketplace for all learners and instructors.      

Top Features

  • Integrated with Big Blue and Zoom
  • Allows multiple payment gateways 
  • Provides regular updates 
  • Allows Google AdSense
  • Social login support system 
  • Permits Google analytics and Facebook pixel support system 
  • RTL support system 
  • Coupon management system 
  • Provides SEO ready URL
  • Fully responsive, clean code and design 
  • Video link support system 
  • Provides course reports and course purchase reports
  • Allows secured cart system 
  • Integrated with Progressive Web App (PWA)
  • Language translator support system and more!   

4. Proacademy 2 - LMS & Live Classes Marketplace

Proacademy 2 - LMS & Live Classes Marketplace

Are you looking for an all-in-one solution to create an educational environment? Proacademy can be able to fulfill various aspects like online courses, live classes, quizzes, and certification systems. Moreover, this software is designed by the Laravel framework for ensuring a robust and secure method. Here, JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL files are incorporated into this learning management script. This software consists of three individual panels - Admin panel, the Instructors panel, and the Students panel.

Top Features

  • Allows multiple languages
  • Provides AWS support system
  • Core upgrading system 
  • Multi template support system 
  • Provides reCaptcha system 
  • Allows Razorpay payment gateway and more
  • Permits Zoom, Bigbluebutton, Jisti, and Google meet for live classes
  • Android and IOS app integration system 
  • Any currencies support system
  • Provides RTL support system 
  • Incorporated with an account management system
  • Provides articles and blog management 
  • Allows multiple revenue models and more! 

5. NeonLMS - Learning Management System

NeonLMS - Learning Management System

NeonLMS is a learning management system that is integrated with Zoom API. Moreover, this eLearning platform is developed by Laravel 5.7 framework. It can be able to create an online school that will offer several courses, articles, videos, and quizzes. This system has an attractive website with four designs.

It also has a full-fledged blog system for publishing articles and a complete forum to help the users communicate among themselves. It can be consistent with IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge browsers. Since this software is built by the Laravel framework, you can easily extend the system according to your requirements. 

Top Features

  • Provides internal messaging system 
  • Allows blog and course management
  • Provides lead management system 
  • Integrated with PayPal and Stripe payment gateways
  • Allows offline payment method
  • Provides multiple layouts 
  • Multilingual support system
  • RTL support system
  • Allows social login like Facebook, Google, and Twitter 
  • Multi-currency support system 
  • Provides data backup system
  • Permits certification and many more!    

6. MenorahDirectory - Online Video Classes Tutoring Script

MenorahDirectory - Online Video Classes Tutoring Script

MenorahDirectory is mainly an online video class tutoring script. This script is designed by the CodeIgniter framework. Also, it can provide some innovative solutions for the students, tutors, and institutions. Moreover, it has a user-friendly interface that can increase user experience. Here, JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, CSS, and PHP files are included in this system.

With this learning management script, you will get most of the latest technologies that can help to enhance your business performance. Also, it can be able to manage the student management system, timetable management, salary management, credit system, and records and profile management through the latest technologies. Thus, this platform helps to enhance learning and teaching opportunities.  

Top Features

  • Allows social login like Google and Facebook 
  • Language management system and RTL supported
  • Integrated with multiple payment gateways 
  • Provides email templates 
  • Easy to create and manage dynamic pages
  • Allows to develop packages for students, tutors, and institutions
  • Provides user management system 
  • Allows notification system 
  • Provides detailed documentation 
  • Fully responsive and attractive UI 

7. Teachify LMS – Powerful Learning Management System

Teachify LMS – Powerful Learning Management System

Teachify LMS is a powerful learning management system that can assist in creating an eLearning platform like Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, and Lynda. This learning management script is designed by the Laravel framework, and JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, SQL files are included. Moreover, it can be compatible with Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge browsers. But this system does not provide high resolution. 

Top Features

  • Provides unlimited categories
  • Allows social login like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Course preview system 
  • Provides a detailed reporting system 
  • Multi instructor support system 
  • Allows rating and review system 
  • Provides progressive reports for student
  • Permits course search and filtering system 
  • Allows admin to control all media manager
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Intuitive course builder system
  • Allows you to set your course price and others!     

8. Moodle

Moodle LMS

Do you want to create a global learning network? If so, then you can try Moodle learning management script. This system can help to create an eLearning platform within a few minutes. It can provide one of the most straightforward online tutoring solutions for your business. Moreover, you can get three categories of services through this platform.

In this software, you will get some instructions, assessments, features, and reporting modules. This learning platform can be able to provide flexible learning opportunities for all learners. The most crucial benefit of this system is that you can utilize this service for free. Also, if you want to have some additional assistance, you can buy the paid version.          

Top Features

  • Allows regular updates
  • Provides customized learning system
  • Easy to access
  • Allows the private server to deploy this software
  • Integrated with a large number of plugins 
  • Android and IOS app integration system 
  • Allows unlimited users
  • Provides user-friendly interface 
  • Provides security and privacy 
  • Open-source learning management system and more!

9. Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS is one of the award-winning learning management systems that will be used for academic and business purposes. Using this software, you can create a learning environment that will provide employee training and external training. Moreover, it is mainly a cloud-based learning management system and helps to enhance your business productivity. 

With this software, you can get automated and in-depth reporting capabilities to save your time and increase ROI. Also, this software is combined with forward-thinking technology, and you will get 24*7 technical support. It can provide a free trial option and allow both web-based and cloud-based deployment. 

Top Features

  • Provides blended learning management system
  • Allows video conferencing system
  • Used both academic and business purposes
  • Asynchronous and synchronous learning system 
  • SCORM compliance system
  • Provides training through in-person, live online, and webinars
  • Allows mobile learning system
  • Provides individual learner portal
  • Allows gamification techniques 
  • Provides built-in course authoring 

10. Canvas LMS Software

Canvas LMS

Are you looking for multipurpose tutoring management software? If so, you can try Canvas LMS Software. This learning management script is used by students, educators, and institutions. The Canvas LMS Software helps to create a versatile educational platform that can be able to manage online courses, learning materials, communication tools, and so on. 

Moreover, this online tutoring software is mainly an open-source learning management system that is reliable, customizable, and adaptable for all learners and educators. With this software, you can get standards-based grade books, course content authoring, student assessments system, and so on. It also has some extensive features that can help save time and enhance student engagement and collaboration.      

Top Features

  • Easy to accessible
  • Allows plugin for third-party tools
  • Integrated with two hundred different LTI tools
  • Allows mobile apps for iOS and Android devices
  • Combined with several educational and teaching tools
  • Provides various built-in courses 
  • Allows real-time course interaction 
  • Provides chatting system for communication
  • Integrated with some external apps 
  • Allows an interactive video management system and more!  

11. Schoology


Schoology is an online learning management software that helps to create a collaborative blended learning environment. With this software, you can offer several online courses and complete a K-12 educational system. It also has some useful features that can help create and manage academic content, course curriculum and planning, classroom management, and so on. 

Moreover, it can provide the same quality of teaching and learning service among all learners according to their needs. This system has some useful communication tools that will ensure smooth communication between learners and educators. So, it plays a significant role in minimizing the learning distance and maximizing the learning scope worldwide.        

Top Features

  • Cloud-based learning management system
  • Allows video conferencing system
  • Provides synchronous and asynchronous learning
  • Allows collaborative learning system 
  • Allows SCORM Compliance system 
  • Used for both academic and business purposes 
  • Integrated with android and IOS app
  • Allows student performance tracking 
  • Provides advanced analytics and reporting system 
  • Allows file sharing options and more!  

12. Academy of Mine

Academy of Mine

Do you want to purchase customizable and scalable learning management software? If so, you can take a look at the Academy of Mine software. Using this system, you can train your customers, employees and provide various online courses for all learners. Thus, it will help to develop professional skills and acquire knowledge. 

With this software, you can set up a white label learning management platform that can be able to create, manage, and sell several online courses. Also, it can enhance your business branding by allowing you to integrate with various third-party solutions like Zoom, HubSpot, Shopify, and more.   

Top Features

  • Allows audio and video recording system 
  • Provides gamification system 
  • Website integration system 
  • Multiple language support system
  • Allows activity grading system
  • Provides role-based access controlling 
  • Multiple device support system
  • Allows an activity tracking system
  • Integrated with the certificate management system
  • Offers comprehensive reports and more!

13. SkyPrep


SkyPrep is mainly a learning management software that can assist in performing employee training. This software can provide an intuitive interface that will help to attract users and enhance learning interest. Moreover, it can allow you to upload any files, build assessments, and automatically provide a complete report. Also, it has some exciting features that will ensure custom branding, blended learning, and an automated enrollment system. 

With this system, you can create and sell various online courses. The SkyPrep is mainly a cloud-based LMS solution. Thus, it has three categories of service plans, and each service category has some specific features. Moreover, depending on your business requirements, you can select any servicing type, and the price strategy will depend on your service category.         

Top Features

  • Allows phone and email support system
  • Provides custom email templates 
  • Provides unlimited courses, content, and assessments
  • Integrated with multimedia PowerPoint converter
  • More than 19 languages supported 
  • Mobile app integration system
  • Incorporated with video conferencing system
  • Combined with several robust reporting tools 
  • Allows the gamification system 
  • Cloud-based deployment system and many more!      

14. Thinkific


Thinkific helps to create an online learning management platform to spread any knowledge and grow your audience. This software will be suited for Freelancers, Non-Profit organizations, and Small or Medium Businesses. It can be consistent with Apple, Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox browsers. 

This software allows a cloud-based deployment system. Moreover, using the most comfortable technology, it provides all-in-one online learning management solutions that can help to scale your business. Thus, this software ensures the best support for your business. 

Top Features

  • Used for both academic and business purposes
  • Blended learning management system 
  • Allows the free trial option
  • Provides asynchronous learning system
  • Video conference supported
  • Provides training opportunities through Live Online, Webinars, and Documentation
  • Provides multiple instructors 
  • Allows the gamification system 
  • Individuals learner portal 
  • Allow using any eLearning companies
  • Provides online technical support  

15. Online Exam and Learning Management System

Online Exam and Learning Management System

Online Exam and Learning Management System can be able to create a complete educational platform that can help to take quizzes and examinations as well as to provide various courses. You can use this system for all types of educational institutions or individuals. It has been developed by the CodeIgniter framework. Also, JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, and SWF/FLV files are included in this system. 

With this software, you can get different admin, student, and teacher portals that will help to operate the entire system efficiently. Moreover, you can provide various courses, necessary notes, homework, a question bank, quizzes, and papers through this system. But it can not provide a high-resolution system.    

Top Features

  • Provides multiple UI themes 
  • Allows an activity tracking system 
  • Provides question bank for all courses 
  • Video lesson management system
  • Allows student assessment system
  • Allows class wise discussion groups 
  • Provides exam management system 
  • Integrated with several academic modules 
  • Allows two types of exam - quiz test and paper
  • Compatible with Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge browsers 

What is eLearning Software?

eLearning software refers to an online course selling platform that can be able to provide several courses and learning materials that will be effective for educational purposes. The learning management system can also help manage administration, tracking, reporting, and provide diversified courses and also multiple lessons. 

Moreover, the learning management software not only provides an academic learning scope but also allows professional training opportunities for the employees and the learners. So, eLearning software is entirely a combined package that can create a learning platform for any organization, educational institution, or individual.     

Why Do You Need Online Tutoring Software?

Online tutoring software can create a versatile learning platform that can be capable of providing several types of courses and learning materials for all learners. With the tutoring management software, you can create a global connection and spread the learning opportunities to all apprentices. Besides, the eLearning platforms can help to manage various aspects that will be discussed in the following section.


Learning management software can provide a comfortable and accessible online learning platform. Learners can get all types of courses and learning equipment from any time and anywhere. So, the best tutoring management software ensures a complete, dynamic, and available software solution.   


Learning is basically a continuous process; no one can not learn within a fixed period. With the eLearning platforms, you can provide a stable learning environment that will be effective for all learners. So, this system can ensure consistency and enough flexibility to grow the learning opportunity. 

Cost Savings

Online course selling software can be able to reduce the operational cost of your business. You can maintain numerous activities through a single platform. So, there is no need for any other system for managing the learning management software. Also, this software can be able to reduce your user's cost as well. 

Content in One Place

Online course selling platforms are entirely a place where the learners can learn anything. With the learning management system, you can provide multiple lessons, sessions in every single course, and some necessary materials. Using the eLearning platform, you can store all content in a single place that will help to manage essential data and useful information.

Tracking and Monitoring

With the online tutoring software, you can easily monitor and observe the learner's performances and progress. Moreover, this software can generate comprehensive reports that help to understand quickly and efficiently.  

Centralized Management

Online tutoring solutions act as a centralized management system that can provide a separate student and teacher panel in one platform. So, you can manage the entire eLearning system and operational or maintenance activities through the tutoring management software. 

How Can You Choose The Best eLearning Software?

There is innumerable eLearning software available in the current marketplace. Thus, it will be challenging to choose the best learning management system. Before choosing the best online tutoring script, you need to ensure the following criterion. 

Diversified Category System

The learning management software provides miscellaneous categories so that learners can learn all types of courses through this platform.   

Student Management System

In the virtual tutoring software, you can get a separate student management system. Moreover, the student panel can allow the users to purchase any course easily and learn anything as their preferences. 

Faculty Management System

Faculty is an essential component of any learning system because they provide the learning materials and necessary equipment. With this software, you can get a faculty management system that allows all faculties to easily upload their courses.  

Multiple Payment Gateway

The best online tutoring software can allow multiple payment gateways. So, the users can securely complete their payment procedure by using any gateways.      

Fully Responsive Design

Before choosing any online course selling software, you need to ensure the responsiveness of your system. So, you have to purchase an eLearning platform that is compatible with all devices and browsers. 

Reports and Analytics

It is one of the effective features for any kind of business. Using this feature, you can understand the overall progress of your business. Also, it will help to make better decisions by creating meaningful information by exploring the data.   

Technical Support

After purchasing any software, technical support is the most crucial thing. Moreover, you need to ensure how long you will get free technical support for any kinds of difficulties in your system. 

App Integration System

It is one of the remarkable features in the present era. Using this feature, you can manage your system from your home and access it anytime. When choosing eLearning software, you need to make sure you have this feature.

User-Friendly Interface

A user-friendly and convenient interface helps to enhance the user's experience. Therefore, this feature can ensure easy and straightforward access to users. So, users can efficiently operate the entire system.  

Revenue Management

This feature can allow you to calculate the total revenue of your business. Also, you can automatically estimate the commission of each faculty and provide their payment through this feature.  


Final Thought

Now I come to the end of this article. In the COVID-19 pandemic situation, online tutoring software acts as a magical asset for your business. So, you can start your online course selling business at a low cost and without any business place or rent through the best learning management platform. 

Moreover, the best online tutoring management software helps to grow your business revenue and make your business profitable. So, you need to purchase the best online tutoring script as soon as you can. However, my personal assumption is that Edutask - Online Course Selling Marketplace will be the best learning management system for your business. 

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