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What is the Edutask Learning Management System Software?

Edutask - Learning Management System (LMS) is one type of online learning management system that can help to create an online educational platform. Moreover, using this platform, you can provide a versatile educational environment.

This software system is mainly an open-source learning management script. it is mainly a PHP script. Thus, you can organize it in a customized way. Since it is an educational software system, you can use it in different educational institutions, organizations, or individual cases. So, it is a fully combined package of e-learning.

Why use Edutask Learning Management System?

Edutask is an e-learning system that allows users to learn anything from anywhere. It also helps to get rid of social or physical obstacles. So, in that situation e-learning is the best platform for learning. Also, it offers the opportunity to have extraordinary outcomes for lower costs and sometimes it offers free courses for encouragement to learn. In other words, there is a lot of reason for using this software is discussed below:

Learning Management System maintain for admin

Easy to maintain for Admin

This system has some atomization features so that an admin can easily control and monitor the whole system. Besides, when an admin can not handle the whole system alone then he needs some helping hand and this system has solved this issue. Edutask learning platform provides role sharing features that will be very helpful for admin.

Dynamic Management System

A dynamic management system means to boost up your business in a dynamic way. In the Edutask learning management system, all processes are controlled and handled dynamically. So, it is the most important criteria of this system. In this platform, every calculation and account history are calculated automatically, for this reason, it will save you time and energy. So, we think it will be the right choice for you.

Dynamic management of Learning management system
User friendly learning management system

User Friendly System

This learning management system is mainly a learning platform so we try to provide a user-friendly system. When learners come to this system, they will get a vast area for learning. There are various types of courses available in this field. Thus, a user can easily purchase any course from here, and their purchased courses will be saved in those user profiles. So, they can see this course at any time and anywhere. For this reason, we think this is a great opportunity to learn something for all learners.

Integrate with Edutask App

Edutask learning management system also provides mobile applications. So, with this system, you can get app integration facility. Moreover, using this software, you can create not only a desktop service but also a mobile friendly platform. So if you are thinking of providing an educational platform, then Edutask software will be the best decision for you.

To learn more details about our app, please visit the app section.

add-ons Edutask App Integration

Demos of Edutask - Learning Management System

Edutask is the complete Learning Manangement Software. It has two demos Admin & User Demo and Website Demo

Admin & User Demo

Website Demo

Who Can Benefit From the Learning Management System?

The Edutask learning management system (LMS) is a dynamic and easiest learning platform for all types of learners. Comparatively, only the e-learning platform can be able to fulfill today's learner's demand and requirement. They need customized content and like to self-teach through the internet. So, in our system, they can learn at their comfort and requirement. Now we would like to describe some benefits of our learning platform.

Fulfill Everyone’s Need

In the first place, this learning management system is mainly an internet-based learning platform, and it is the best knowledge-gathering place for all types of learners. Moreover, all generations of people can learn from here, and they also get various types of courses at a low cost. After purchasing these courses, then they can learn at the time that suits them.

Learning management system benefit
Learning management system learning opportunity

Unlimited Learning Opportunity

In this LMS, there are available in many courses of different faculties. Therefore, you can get a tremendous opportunity for learning. Also, every course is consisting of several sections and lessons. So, we think it will be the best educational platform for unlimited learning.

Commission Facilities for Faculty

Every faculty member is the part and parcel of this LMS because they provide courses and create a learning scope for all learners. So, this system has an important feature considering these faculty members. Using this LMS platform, every faculty member can get a fixed amount of commission according to their course.

Learning management system commision facility
Learning management system versatile platform

Versatile Platform

All categories of courses are available on this learning management system. So, when any student visits this site, they will get an extensive area of earning knowledge. Also, they can learn here easily and comfortably.


TE-learning is the fastest way to learn something. In this learning management system, it can scale everything, as well as it is more adaptable to the changing needs or demands of its users or clients.

Learning management system scalibility
Learning management system reliability


This is one of the most reliable platforms for all educators and learners. The student comes to learn, and the educator comes to teach here. So, this serves the more preferential platform for learning. As security is the prime concern of this system, so it provides authentic courses for learning. Also, this scheme strictly follows the validation procedure for all members.

Cost saving

This is mainly an internet-based learning management system, so it provides an easy and comfortable learning method compared to traditional learning. Sometimes, it offers discount prices because of quick and easy availability for learning.

Cost saving of Learning management system
Effective system of Learning management system

Effective system

The online learning system is an effective learning procedure for all learners because it is totally self-interest oriented learning. If any learner truly wants to learn something, then they will come here, and it also helps to enhance the ability to learn for a longer time.

Combine Package of Learning

This educational platform is fully a combined package to learn something. All types of courses are available in this field. So, it is high time to improve your knowledge using this system.

Combine package of Learning management system
Learning management system is time complexity reducted

Reduce Time Complexity

The Edutask learning management system can save the user’s time. It helps to reduce training time complexity issues. Also, you can learn here staying at your home, so you can learn here easily without any timing hassle.

Features of Edutask LMS

In this learning management system, some excellent features can help you to grow your business properly. Moreover, we believe that the perfect management system can maintain any business successfully. So, some essential modules of Edutask LMS are described here.

Dynamic Dashboard

In this LMS, all activities are controlled dynamically, and that has a dynamic dashboard feature. It is the most important feature of any system. Moreover, using this module, you can see the total reports, and the report will be represented graphically by this system. Also, for a better understanding, all information is summarized by the bar chart and pie chart. In addition, this feature contains the following session:

  • Revenue Report
  • Course Overview Report
  • Monthly Sales Amount
  • Day wise Sales Report
Dynamic dashboard of Learning management system
Learning management system software configuration

Software Configuration Management

This feature is consisting of some important functions that set up your business framework properly. These functions are the key component of any business. So, you must be careful to configure these functionalities. These following functions have been included here:

  • Application Setup System
  • Language Setting System
  • Email Configuration System
  • SMS Configuration System
  • Payment Gateway Settings
  • Terms & Condition settings
  • Manage Team Members Information
  • Slider Setup System

Faculty Management System

Faculty is the most important part of this LMS platform because they provide the courses for learning. You can set a fixed amount of commission according to a category. If any faculty can agree with this, then they can upload courses after completing the registration process. So far, validation purposes this feature include the following sections:

  • Basic Information
  • Credentials Information
  • Social Information
  • Payment Method
  • Educational Qualification
  • Working Experience
Learning management system faculty management
Student management of Learning management system

Student Management System

The Edutask learning management system is mainly established for every learner. It has a student management feature, and this feature plays a vital role in this platform. Moreover, every learner must have to register as a student under the student management system to learn here. Furthermore, some important parts of this module are:

  • Basic Information
  • Credentials Information
  • Social Information
  • Payment Information

Miscellaneous Category System

The Edutask learning management system has a miscellaneous category feature. As an admin, you can add various types of categories, and you also can set up a fixed amount of commission according to these categories. Also, this framework has three categorical systems, one has a parent category, and that has two sub-categories. This feature consists of some sections:

  • Adding New Category
  • Commission Setup System
  • Manage Category
Learning management system category
Learning management system roll permission

Role Permission System

In this learning management system, you can also get another important peculiarity that will be very helpful for admin. There is the capability of adding new users for reducing some tasks of admin and then creating some roles for those users. Finally, using this role permission module, you can assign these roles for some specific users. Similarly, some aspects of this part are given below:

  • Role Creating System
  • Manage all Role Information
  • Role Assigning System

Commission Facilities

Using this LMS, every course is uploaded by each faculty. So, the faculty plays a valuable character in this platform. For that reason, this framework has a feature namely a commission facility. At the same time, all faculty will get a fixed amount of commission for uploading each course. Furthermore, this module consists of some sections:

  • Commission Adding System
  • Manage Commission
Learning management system commision facility
Sales report system of Learning management system

Sales Report System

After a certain period, you can easily understand the total sales report using this module. In the same way, you can see a pie chart and a bar chart for more understanding the total earning, faculty earnings and monthly revenue report. Moreover, this aspect contains some following sections:

  • Monthly Revenue Report
  • Monthly Total Earning Report
  • Faculty Earning Report in Monthly
  • Course overview Report
  • List of purchase courses

Account Management System

Using this module, you can record all payment history of your system as well as control total inflow and outflow of money. Also, this module integrates some properties:

  • Payment history of Faculty
  • Payment history of Admin
Learning management system account management
News & event posting system of Learning management system

News & Events Posting System

There is an excellent feature of our LMS namely news & events posting system. Hence, using this feature, you can post any educational news and events that will be very helpful for all learners. Besides, this feature is involving a few sections:

  • List of Event Category
  • Adding new event
  • List of all educational events

Features of Edutask Mobile App

We provide two mobile applications for integrating the Learning Management System. These apps have some mind-blowing features that can help you to operate the system easily and smoothly.


Android App

Edutask Android App
  • Student can create account easily
  • Course category system
  • Wishlist and cart system
  • Student can study course lessons in this app
  • Student can download document
  • Student can set up their profile
  • Commission setup system for faculties.
  • Fully customized system
  • Provides reliable platform
  • An admin can also upload courses
Check Demo Apps


IOS App of LMS
  • Easy to use
  • Mobile friendly system
  • Fully customized system
  • Student can create account easily
  • Course category system
  • Student can study course lessons in this app
  • An admin can also upload courses
  • Student can download document
  • Student can set up their profile
  • Wishlist and cart system
Check Demo Apps

Frequently Asked Questions

We use the latest technologies and tools in order to create a better code that not only works great, but it is easy easy to work with too.

Ask Anything
Ans: No. Yes, this system has some dynamic features.
Answer: No, only the faculty can upload courses on this platform.
Answer: Only the admin can fix the percentage of commission.
Answer: This is mainly an educational platform. So, all types of learners will be the user of this system.
Answer: No, you can use this system only a single domain at a time.

License & Pricing

We are offering Two types of license for our software such as Regular license and Extended license

Regular License


  • Life time Update
  • 6 Months support (Please check here what included in support)
  • Permitted for one domain for personal use only
  • For personal project only
  • Email Support (1 Business day)
  • Skype Support
  • Anydesk/Teamviewer Support
  • Whatsapp Support
  • Free Installation at cpanel

Extended License


  • Life time Update
  • 6 Months support (Please check here what included in support)
  • Permitted for one domain for commercial uses
  • For Commercial project
  • Email Support (1 Business day)
  • Skype Support (for 1 hour)
  • Anydesk/Teamviewer Support (for 1 hour)
  • Whatsapp Support (for 1 hour)
  • Free Installation at cpanel

Contact Us

Feel Free to contact with us queries of Extended license or custom project.

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Skype: bdtask
  • Whatsapp: 8801830701422
  • Telegram: +8801857675727

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Full view of Edutask Learning management system

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