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How to Buy Telcoin (TEL): 5 Simple Steps with Full Guide!

By Mahmuda Akter Isha Last Updated -- Wednesday, 2022-01-05
How to buy Telcoin

Are you familiar with the concept of Telcoin (TEL)? Do you want to know how to buy Telcoin? But did not find out the simplest and easiest way to purchase it? If so, you are in the perfect place at the right time, and it's just a matter of time now. 

This article provides a complete guideline of the buying process of Telcoin and the marketplace from where you can buy it. So, here you will get simple 5 steps to buy Telcoin. Also, you will get a direction of where you can complete the buying process. Yes!!! I will talk about your purchased coins holding matter as well.  

Sometimes a big issue might arise to hold the buying of coins. Thus, you also need to know about the wallet which will support Telcoin. Let’s jump into the central part of this content and explore it. 

What is Telcoin?

Telcoin (TEL) is mainly an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that allows the trader to create a bridge between the Blockchain network and the Telecommunication industry. This financial technology can create a decentralized network for sending and receiving money across the globe. Telcoin allows mobile service operators to build a smooth and high-speed digital payment system by using e-wallet and smartphones. 

Telcoin was invented in 2017 by Paul Neuner and Claude Eguienta. Moreover, Telcoin (TEL) can be able to build an international money transferring platform to send and receive payment over a decentralized network for ensuring a contactless payment. So, you can create an efficient and seamless mobile payment system on a polygon network through integrating Telcoin financial technology. 

How Does Telcoin (TEL) Work?

Telcoin is basically worked on a decentralized network to send and receive money across the world. This coin allows the users to create a connection with a decentralized mobile money platform. 

Moreover, Telcoin provides a solid model for telecom operators according to the transaction volume and integration maturity. This model is designed to integrate incentivized model and flexible telecom API.

 Also, it ensures to expand mobile financial services for instant money transfer with a powerful and secure Ethereum Blockchain network. 

Want to Facilitate High-Speed and Low-Cost International Remittances?

Do you know the purposes of using Telcoin? You can use this significant cryptocurrency in the telecommunication sector. The most remarkable advantage of Telcoin is that it can be able to provide high-speed and low-cost international remittance facilities. The users can conduct the digital payment process through this decentralized Blockchain network. 

If you consider traditional remittance services such as Western Union, PayPal, Payoneer, SWIFT, and so on that will be expensive and quite slow. To resolve such kinds of difficulties, you can build Telcoin financial platform that allows the users to conduct digital payment processes by using e-wallets and mobile apps. 

According to the market research of

“Telcoin (TEL) is considered the 125th largest cryptocurrency all over the world and the market capitalization is around $683,918,332.36.”

So, Telcoin is mainly an ERC20 token that can be used to facilitate the global payment process for international remittance.  


Tradebox - Cryptocurrency Trading Software

Tradebox - Cryptocurrency Trading Software


Yes, I am aware that you are looking for a solution to buy Telcoin (TEL). But you need to know some basic requirements before buying any Telcoin. In this section, I would like to highlight the fundamental factors which need to be considered when you buy Telcoin. 

Also, the most crucial factor is that you can not buy the Telcoin from any marketplace. To buy any Telcoin, you need an Altcoin exchange marketplace. There are more than hundreds of crypto exchange marketplace available but you can not buy Telcoin from any of them. Worried??? Just relax!!! Read thoroughly this article and explore such kinds of difficulties.

Which Factors Need to be Considered Before Buying Telcoin?

To buy, sell, or trade Telcoin, you need to consider some factors, otherwise, your trading will not be profitable. Thus, you must be concerned about the following factors if you want to buy Telcoin. These are,  

Financial Transparency

The entire working mechanism is conducted into a decentralized Blockchain network. Thus, the users can access their funds at any time and anywhere. The traders can observe the market value and status that will make an effective decision to buy Telcoin.    

Financial Volatility

The trading market is completely volatile and uncertain, the entire trading graph might be changed drastically. The price of Telcoin (TEL) might increase or decrease over a certain period of time. So, it’s risky and unpredictable.

Faster Payments

In a traditional payment-providing service, it would take around two to five days to complete the cross-border transaction process. But the Telcoin can be able to ensure a high-speed international payment processing service through Blockchain technology.  

Payments Focused

Telcoin can be able to provide a smooth and low-cost international remittance system. You can conduct the overall international transaction process without any financial intermediaries by using Telcoin. 


Telcoin can assist to conduct the international mobile payment process and enhance the remittance facilities. In this regard, telecom operators can use this financial technology that will provide various types of tangible discounts to reduce transfer fees.  

Risk Tolerance

Since the crypto market is volatile, everything is uncertain. There is no guarantee and surety that your trading will be profitable, and you will get a healthy amount of ROI. It is completely unpredictable and that’s why you have to take risks to gain some ROI from your trading.     

Check the Legitimacy

One of the most significant factors to buy Telcoin or any cryptocurrency is legitimacy. Without checking the validity it will not be a good practice to invest in that cryptocurrency. Thus, you need to check the activity and popularity of your desired cryptocurrency.     

Curious to Know Where to Buy Telcoin?

Telcoin is one of the most well-known cryptocurrencies for all traders and investors. But most traders are confused about the marketplace and wallet for buying Telcoin.

Though there are numerous cryptocurrency trading marketplaces available, you can not buy Telcoin from all of them. In this regard, you need to know some exact Telcoin exchange platforms where you can buy, sell, exchange, or swap Telcoin. On the other hand, Telcoin is not supported in Bitcoin exchanges because it is a type of Altcoin, thus you need to find out some Altcoin exchanges.  

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform to Buy Telcoin (TEL)

In this section, I would like to discuss the top 5 Telcoin exchange platforms that support and allow the trader to buy, sell, or exchange Telcoin. Moreover, the trader can easily buy, sell, or exchange their desired Telcoin from these crypto exchanges. 


Kucoin is one of the popular Telcoin exchange platforms that was launched in 2017. This Telcoin exchange can support more than 500 cryptocurrencies or digital assets. Thus, the trader can deal with around 500 cryptocurrencies from this Altcoin exchange. Also, this platform has connected with more than 8 million users and provided them with an excellent service that covered around 200+ countries.    

Exclusive Features

  • Uses 21 technology products and services such as HTML5, Google Analytics, and Google Fonts, and so on
  • The total funding amount is around $20M, and the fundraising amount is almost $100M
  • Deals with Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Finance, and Financial Exchange industries 
  • Provides Android and iOS app 
  • Offers up to $500 sign-up bonus, and so on.   


QuickSwap is another crypto exchange platform that provides a decentralized polygon network. Moreover, this platform allows the traders to get a faster and cheaper transaction facility on the Ethereum Blockchain network. QuickSwap is mainly an open-source exchange platform that uses audited code from Uniswap to ensure trust and security. Also, it allows the traders to conduct their trading activities based on the AMM model and trades from liquidity pools.         

Exclusive Features

  • Works on AMM model 
  • Does not require to complete the KYC process 
  • Allows to add third-party apps 
  • Allows crypto buy, sell, and trade  
  • Supports all ERC20 tokens, and so on.  


HitBTC is an advanced Telcoin exchange marketplace that allows the trader to trade Telcoin (TEL) and other cryptocurrencies. Moreover, this platform is safe and secure for conducting trading activities. Also, it can provide a fast, responsive, and feature-packed system that assists the trader to conduct an effortless trading process. The traders will get 24 hours technical support from this crypto trading exchange.

Exclusive Features

  • Provides a two-factor authentication system 
  • Allows advanced encryption technology
  • Integrated with a cold-storage system 
  • Provides a robot-friendly API system
  • Supports fee tiers system, and so on. 


Balancer is an automated portfolio manager and crypto trading platform that allows the trader to trade Telcoin (TEL). Also, the traders can conduct their trading activities in a decentralized network at optimal prices. Moreover, this platform is developed by the Defi infrastructure, thus the trader will get a financial primitive and permissionless platform. So, this crypto exchange platform will be secure and suitable for traders, builders, and investors.       

Exclusive Features

  • Provides MEV protection
  • Allows to exchange any combination of ERC20 tokens 
  • Provides fast and secure trading 
  • Allows gas optimizations and subsidies system
  • Smart order router system, and so on.  


Uniswap is another exclusive decentralized crypto exchange platform that allows traders to trade and exchange any ERC20 tokens. Moreover, this platform is developed by an Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocol so that the traders can exchange any ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain network. So, the developers, traders, and liquidity providers can easily conduct their trading activities from this marketplace because it is open and accessible for all.    

Exclusive Features

  • Allows more than 300 integrations 
  • Provides complete protocol documentation 
  • Integrated with a Javascript SDK, and open-source code
  • Allows to build Defi apps on the largest Ethereum network
  • Trading volume is around $704B+, and the active trader is almost 82M+


Store Your Telcoin in Your Own Wallet!!!

Do You Know How to Store Your Buying Telcoin?

Yes, I know you are looking for the process of buying Telcoin. But do you know what will happen after purchasing a Telcoin? You must remember after buying Telcoin, you need to store it in a safe and secure wallet. Though there are numerous cryptocurrency wallets available, all of them are not supported by Telcoin. For that reason, you need to choose the best cryptocurrency wallet that supports Telcoin (TEL).       

5 Best Crypto Wallet to Store Telcoin (TEL)

There are some crypto wallets available that can be able to store Telcoin. In this section, I would like to explore the top 5 cryptocurrency wallets that are compatible with Telcoin (TEL). Since I will describe the best 5 Telcoin wallets that will assist you to choose your preferred one easily.  

Telcoin Wallet

Telcoin Wallet is the official wallet to store and manage Telcoin. This wallet will be compatible with Android, iOS, and Web. To use this wallet, you need to sign-up and log in on this wallet and it allows the users to log in by using their Email, Gmail, Facebook, or Mobile phone number. Moreover, the Telcoin wallet allows the users to access their accounts anytime and anywhere and they can manage their coins on their desktop. Also, the users can conduct their Telcoin buying process by depositing and swapping the required coin. This wallet is compatible with Windows, OSX, Ubuntu, and Linux-based OS. 

Top Features

  • Allows exchange and track the overall transaction 
  • Provides mnemonic converter
  • Allows a complete fee-free transaction 
  • Supports 2FA, pin-code, and fingerprint 
  • Allows multi-signature confirmation and so on.  


MetaMask is another crypto wallet that supports all ERC20 tokens. Since Telcoin is a type of ERC20 token, you can store and manage Telcoin by using this wallet. Moreover, MetaMask is mainly an in-browser wallet, you can add this wallet to your Chrome extension. It allows the users to deposit any coin, then you can swap your deposited coin with the Telcoin. So, this wallet will be suitable for Blockchain newcomers, crypto gamers, traders, and developers.  

Top Features

  • Allows exchange and swap tokens 
  • Helps to Connect Blockchain application with a decentralized web
  • Supports Chrome, Firefox, and Brave browsers 
  • Provides broadcast transaction
  • Supports Ethereum and Ethereum-based coins


MyEtherWallet is an exclusive crypto wallet that supports Telcoin (TEL). This wallet is available to use for browser extensions and downloadable app. Moreover, this wallet is completely free and provides a client-side interface that allows users to interact with the Ethereum Blockchain network. It allows the users to buy, sell, exchange, and store Telcoin. So, this wallet is an easy-to-operate and open-source platform to interact with an Ethereum Blockchain network.     

Top Features

  • Supports DApps to buy, sell, and exchange tokens
  • Integrated with smart contact 
  • Allows to verify massages 
  • Supports hardware wallet 
  • Allows Swaps, Defi, DApps, NFTs, Stablecoins 


Trezor is another crypto wallet that can be able to store ERC20 tokens. In this regard, you can store and manage Telcoin (TEL) in this wallet. Moreover, this wallet is basically a hardware wallet and it will be safe and secure for all users. Most significantly, the Trezor wallet supports more than 1000 coins and you can store as well as manage your coins offline.  

Top Features

  • Supports PIN entry, Passphrase entry, and Device recovery
  • Allows Shamir backup
  • Supports encrypted password system 
  • Allows FIDO2 and U2F authentication system 
  • Supports SSH (short for Secure Shell) network communication protocol 


Ledger is a highly secure and trusted crypto wallet that supports Telcoin. It provides the smartest way to buy, sell, or exchange crypto assets. Around 4 million customers are connected with this wallet. You can deal with all cryptos in this single wallet because it allows the users to buy, sell, and exchange. So, it is mainly a USB storage device that can be able to hold cryptocurrencies offline.     

Top Features

  • Supports multi-currencies 
  • Allows anti-hacking system 
  • Provides PIN authentication
  • Supports more than 1000 tokens and 107 cryptocurrencies 
  • Regular Firmware updates, and so on.  

Let’s Jump into the Solution

5 Easy Steps to Buy Telcoin from a Crypto Exchange Marketplace

Excited to know how to buy Telcoin? Yes, I know, you are and it’s obvious. It is very simple and easy to buy Telcoin from any crypto exchange marketplace. 

Now, it’s time to explore the most desired portion of this article. Here, you will get a step-by-step guide for buying Telcoin (TEL) from a cryptocurrency exchange marketplace. So, you can buy Telcoin by following these simple 5 steps. 

Step 1: Create an Account on a Crypto Exchange Marketplace

To buy a Telcoin or any cryptocurrency, you need to create an account on a crypto exchange marketplace. There are numerous cryptocurrency exchange marketplaces that exist in the crypto world such as Coinbase, Binance, Gemini, and so on. Thus, you need to open an account on any cryptocurrency exchange platform.

In this regard, I have chosen the Coinbase crypto exchange marketplace. You can create an account by providing the required information such as first name, last name, email address, and password.


If you already have an account on Coinbase, you just need to put the email address and password. This crypto exchange platform is safe and secure for traders because it provides a 2-factor authentication system to verify the users. Also, you can open an account on any marketplace which one you prefer.         

Step 2: Buy BTC from Crypto Exchange Marketplace  

After completing the KYC process, you need to add a payment method and here you can choose a credit or debit card, or bank transfer to buy BTC. But remember, you have to charge higher fees if you pay with cards and you can make an instant purchase.

On the other hand, you can also purchase your desired coin by using bank transfer and it would take cheaper fees but this process will be slower. 

After completing the setup process, you have to click on the Trade button and choose Bitcoin and click on the Confirm Buy button.  

Step 3: Transfer & Deposit BTC to Any Crypto Exchange

After buying BTC, you need to choose a crypto exchange that supports Telcoin. There are numerous crypto exchanges available, and here I have selected KuCoin exchange. You can choose any of them according to your convenience.  

If you choose KuCoin exchange, you need to open an account on the KuCoin exchange. Since I have selected the KuCoin exchange, I will sign up on this exchange platform. If you already have an account on this exchange platform, you need to just log in on this platform. 

After completing the registration and login process, you can verify your account through a 2-factor authentication system. 

Now, you can deposit BTC to the KuCoin exchange. To do this, you need to click on the Deposit option and select BTC coin. Here, you will see a string of “BTC Wallet Address' ' which will assist you to conduct the transfer and deposit process. Moreover, you can conduct a buy, sell, or exchange process through this BTC wallet address.


You can transfer your previously bought BTC from Coinbase to this wallet, you just need to click on the Copy Address button and copy this wallet address. 

Then, you have to go back to Coinbase and go to the Portfolio page. After that, you need to click on the BTC from the asset list and click on the Send button. To buy Telcoin from this exchange, you have to click on the transfer option to transfer BTC from the main account to this exchange platform.


In the Recipient field, you need to paste your KuCoin wallet address, and don’t forget to recheck this address. Now, you have to click on the Save button to conduct the further procedure.

After that, you can go back to the KuCoin exchange and get a confirmation notification from KuCoin. Now, you can purchase Telcoin from the KuCoin exchange.  

Step 4: Choose a Market to Trade Telcoin (TEL)

If you want to directly purchase Telcoin from the KuCoin exchange, you can skip the previous steps. You can start your Telcoin buying process from this step. 

You just need to sign up and log in on the KuCoin exchange platform. After signing up or logging on to the KuCoin exchange, you need to go to the Fast Buy option and deposit BTC or USDT to buy Telcoin.


Also, you can deposit a certain amount of cryptocurrency from the P2P option. To do this, you need to go to the P2P option, then you can deposit BTC or USDT or ETH, or any supported coins.

Deposit BTC through P2P 

Now, you can go for trading Telcoin (TEL). 

To buy Telcoin, you need to choose a market because you will see multiple market pair on the KuCoin exchange such as TEL/USDT, TEL/BTC, TEL/ETH, and so on. If you deposit BTC, you have to go to the TEL/BTC market pair. In fact, according to your deposited currency, you need to choose the market pair for buying the Telcoin. Since I have deposited BTC, I will choose TEL/BTC market pair.

Choose Market Pair to Buy Telcoin    

  Step 5: Buy Telcoin & Withdraw It into Your Wallet

Finally, you will arrive at the final step and see the entire dashboard after going to the TEL/BTC market pair. From this panel, you can buy Telcoin. Now, you can see the price chart and trading view of Telcoin.

Choose Market Pair to Buy Telcoin

Buy or Trade Telcoin (TEL)

Now, you need to go to the right corner of this panel and you can see here the most desired portion. Then, you need to click on the Market option and put the BTC amount or click on the percentage button to put the amount which you want to trade Telcoin (TEL) through BTC. Finally, click on the “Buy TEL'' button and complete the buying process.

Enter Amount to Buy Telcoin

If everything is okay then, Congratulations! You can successfully buy Telcoin (TEL).

Now, you have to store your purchased Telcoin in your wallet. In this regard, you need to withdraw your purchased Telcoin (TEL) into any wallet which will support Telcoin.

Withdraw Telcoin (TEL) 

From my previous discussion, you can choose any wallet to store your purchased coin which is compatible with Telcoin. 

Here, I have chosen Telcoin Wallet to store my purchased Telcoin (TEL) because it is an official wallet to store Telcoin. If you choose the same wallet, you need to sign-up and login on to the Telcoin Wallet. Then, you will get a wallet address that will assist you to conduct the buy, sell, or exchange process. 

Telcoin Wallet

 If you purchase Telcoin from the KuCoin exchange, you need to go to the Withdraw option. Then, you have to select “Telcoin (TEL)”. After that, you need to enter your wallet address, since I have chosen Telcoin Wallet, it would be required to put my Telcoin Wallet address in that field. Also, you have to put the amount of Telcoin which you want to withdraw into your wallet. 

After completing all of these, you can successfully send your purchased Telcoin (TEL) into your wallet and you can use it to conduct the remittance payment system. 

Step-by-step Guide to Sell Telcoin (TEL) 

Want to know how to sell Telcoin??? Okay, I will also explain the selling process of Telcoin in this section. Now, you can sell your purchased Telcoin. To sell your purchased Telcoin, you need to conduct the following simple steps. 

Step 1: Sign in to Your Telcoin Exchange

If you want to sell your purchased Telcoin (TEL), you need to sign in to your Telcoin exchange where you have Telcoin. According to your Telcoin exchange marketplace, you have to sign in to start your selling process.  

Step 2: Place Sell Order

Now, you have to place the selling order. In this regard, you can choose the amount of Telcoin which you would like to sell. 

Step 3: Complete Transaction

After fixing all the above requirements, you have to confirm the selling price and fees to close the sale of Telcoin (TEL). So, you can declare the price and fees to sell your purchased Telcoin.  

Forget Dependency!!! Time to Make Your Own Crypto World!!!

Build Your Own Marketplace & Connect With the Ethereum Blockchain Network

Seems complex to buy Telcoin from this marketplace??? Don’t worry!!! Though if you follow the above steps, you can easily purchase your desired Telcoin. But now I will reveal the 10X easiest process that will not only assist you to buy Telcoin but also make yourself a crypto entrepreneur. Thus, you can easily build your own cryptocurrency trading marketplace where all traders can trade Telcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

In this regard, you can undoubtedly go for Tradebox - Cryptocurrency Trading Software because it allows you to build a cryptocurrency trading platform, as well as, this software has an exclusive ERC20 module. This module allows you to create a direct connection with the Ethereum Blockchain network that supports all ERC20 tokens and Ethereum-based coins. 

Buy, Sell, or Exchange Telcoin (TEL) from Your Own Marketplace 

If you build your own marketplace with Tradebox, you need not go to any marketplace that will reduce the dependency and it will be more safe and secure for trading. 

Now, I will illustrate how you can buy Telcoin from Tradebox. You just have to pass 3 simple steps for buying Telcoin from your own crypto exchange platform. So, let’s see. 

Step 1: Deposit the Required Cryptocurrency

At first, you need to login on to the Tradebox - Cryptocurrency Trading Platform. If you do not have an account, you need to create an account for logging in it. 

After that, you can deposit the required cryptocurrency. In this regard, I will deposit BTC, and you can deposit any cryptocurrency which allows exchanging with Telcoin. To do this, you have to go to the Finance option, then click on the Deposit option.

Then, you can choose the cryptocurrency which you want to deposit and you need to fill up the other required fields. Finally, click on the deposit option to complete the initial step for buying Telcoin (TEL). 

Deposit Crypto on Tradebox     

Step 2: Exchange Deposited Crypto with Telcoin (TEL)

After completing the deposit process, you can exchange your deposited crypto with Telcoin. To do this, you need to go to the Exchange option and select the market where you can buy Telcoin (TEL).

choose market pair

Since I have deposited BTC, I will choose TEL/BTC market. If you deposit another crypto, you have to go to another market. But remember, you need to choose the market where you will buy Telcoin. 

After that, you have to enter the amount or select the percentage which you want to buy. Now, you just need to click on the “Buy TEL” button to complete the buying process.       

Step 3: Withdraw Purchased Telcoin

After completing the buying process, you can withdraw your purchased Telcoin into your wallet. To withdraw your purchased Telcoin (TEL), you have to go to the Finance module, and click on the Withdraw option. 

After that, you have to put all the required information such as which crypto you will want to withdraw, its amount, and payment method. Then, click on the Withdraw button, and complete the withdrawal process. 

Seems easy??? It’s really simple and safe to buy, sell, or exchange Telcoin from the Tradebox marketplace, isn’t it??? Yes, it is. You just need to complete 3 simple steps to buy Telcoin (TEL) from Tradebox. You just need to integrate the ERC20 module that will ensure a direct connection with 

the Ethereum network to get all of the facilities.   

So, why are you waiting for and wasting your time??? It’s high time to grab more and buy, sell, or exchange Telcoin as well as build your own crypto trading marketplace with Tradebox.


Tradebox - Cryptocurrency Trading Software

Tradebox - Cryptocurrency Trading Software

Closing Thoughts

You have reached the ending part in this article, hopefully, you have gotten all of your answers that how to buy and where to buyTelcoin. Moreover, this article provides a complete guide to buy, sell, or exchange Telcoin (TEL) with 5 simple steps and 3 individual approaches. Also, you have realized the advantages to make your own crypto trading marketplace. As a result, you can establish yourself not only as a crypto trader but also as a crypto entrepreneur. 

Now, it is just a matter of time to buy Telcoin (TEL), and you can easily understand the process of how to buy Telcoin. 

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