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A Complete Guide on Where & How to Buy Dogecoin Right Now!

By Shuvo Roy Last Updated -- Sunday, 2021-06-20
How to Buy Dogecoin

Cryptocurrency or crypto is a digital currency that is designed to be used as a medium of exchange. It adopts a decentralized system instead of a centralized system. You can use cryptocurrency to buy any goods or services. 

Have you ever heard of a cryptocurrency named “Dogecoin”? The actual idea behind introducing Dogecoin in 2013 was to develop a more memorable cryptocurrency project. 

Dogecoin is designed as a joke to create public awareness about the capability of blockchain technology. Due to the appearance of Elon’s SNL, Dogecoin has increased by more than 850% in the previous month. 

The moment of rising this crypto is really remarkable. Thanks to a few notable “Dogedays”. If you are thinking of investing in doge, this blog will help you or a beginner show a track on where and how to buy Dogecoin. You will also get clear on how to buy Dogecoin in the USA.

Let’s try to make your first investment credible and noteworthy. 

Best Exchanges for Dogecoin

  • Binance: Best for peer to peer trading
  • Gemini: Best for new investors
  • Webull: Best for intermediate traders and investors
  • Coinbase: Best for earring rewards
  • Voyager: Best for mobile traders
  • Robinhood: Best for buying & selling Dogecoin
  • eToro: Best for crypto trading

What is Dogecoin or Doge?

Dogecoin is a peer-to-peer and open-source digital currency that is designed on the same technology as other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, DigiByte, etc. However, Doge is more affordable and faster than Bitcoin technology.

Dogecoin has a passionate and vibrant online community. The Dogecoin project is the 13th largest cryptocurrency project with $5.9 billion.

The popularity and the price swings of Dogecoin are getting hyped nowadays, especially for itself is a fun-friendly internet currency. 

Why Should You Choose Dogecoin?

When you decide to buy Dogecoin, I’m sure you have adequate knowledge about the current cryptocurrencies. But are you sure that you have found out the reasons why you are going to choose Dogecoin?

It’s essential to get the positive or benefit of any crypto before purchasing and starting your new journey. Okay, let’s see, is Dogecoin for you? Please look at the scenario because it’s especially for you.

The price of Dogecoin has risen dramatically in the past, so it attracts new buyers’ attention. As it’s a promising coin, the buyers show greater interest in it. 

If the price becomes high and a new money-making opportunity gets increased through word of mouth, Dogecoin can be the desired coin you want.

But the future can’t be predicted based on the past as the price of the cryptocurrency is uncertain. 

Then What Should You Do?

“The price of crypto is skyrocketed in the past; it doesn’t mean it will happen again.”

In this case, you have to continue your resource and the scope of the future marketplace. Maybe you heard about the DYOR, which refers to do your own research

If you decide to buy a cryptocurrency, think long and hard about why it is worth buying. 

One thing you must consider is that Dogecoin is developed as a joke but its popularity is so high. As a result, the price of this crypto is pushed up.  But only the popularity of a coin is not the worthy choice to make sure of your long-term investment

However, Dogecoin can be your final choice as most investors show their interest in investing in this digital currency. So make sure you have all answers to your queries before making your final step to buy.

How to Buy Dogecoin?

Well, you may decide to buy Dogecoin after evaluating all the factors and risks. But you have to the buying procedure. How to buy dogecoin with PayPal and how to buy dogecoin with a credit card, these queries are also common. 

It’s really simple because modern technology eases the way to do the transaction online. So you can easily buy the Dogecoin from the below listed best exchanges.

Here, you will get five steps to complete the buying process of Dogecoin.

How to Buy Dogecoin With 5 Simple Steps

1. Choose the Best Exchange

The first and foremost step is choosing the best exchange. There are several cryptocurrency exchanges available. But you will not find Dogecoin in every exchange.

You have to have basic knowledge about which exchange is the most suitable for buying Dogecoin. Not only is the best exchange the most ideal for you, but you must also consider the most secure and advanced exchange.

In this case, you can look at the below section, where you will find the best places to buy Dogecoin.

2. Open an Account

After choosing the best exchange appropriate for you, it’s time to open an account. In this case, you have to make sure that the chosen exchange supports Dogecoin.

Opening an account is not a difficult task. You can easily open an account in Robinhood, Gemini, Coinbase, etc.

3. Deposit Fiat Currency

When you create your account on the exchange, you can see the latest price of Dogecoin. The prices of the cryptocurrency are variable.

Depending on the market value, you can evaluate the price of Doge. Make sure that you are not going to pay more.

You should use a fiat deposit to add cash to your account. 

4. Make Your Purchase

The best exchanges always offer a variety of order types. You can choose the best option for you. But in this case, you should be familiar with the most common order type.

You don’t need to consider this if you have ever traded the stock before. Now, based on your fund and the current price of Doge, you can purchase the coin as much as you want.

When you see the Doge in your exchange wallet, the order is completed. On the other hand, if the broker doesn’t fill your order based on your specifications, the order may be canceled at the end of the day. 

5. Buy a Wallet

A wallet provides a set of keys that helps you to store your Doge. The cryptocurrency wallet protects you from hack or theft.

Some exchanges don’t provide access to send or receive their assets to another wallet like Robinhood. You can control your own private key if you hold your wallet.

You can manage your own private key that will be best for your security. Coinbase and Gemini offer the scope to send or receive the assets within respective exchange wallets. 

The Best Places Where to Buy Dogecoin

How to buy Dogecoin in the USA or which is the best place to buy Dogecoin is a common question nowadays as Dogecoin is a popular cryptocurrency.

Here, the best places where you can buy Dogecoin are listed based on specialty and overall rating. Besides, you can see the pros and cons of those exchanges so that you can take your next decision easily and more appropriately.


Gemini is one of the most popular exchanges which is well known in the USA, even in Europe and Asia. It offers investors access to 25 tokens and coins.

You will get the most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Etherium in this exchange. Besides, you will get smaller altcoins like 0x and Orchid.

Let’s take a look at why Gemini is best.

  • New investors searching for simple mobile and web
  • Experienced investors looking for an advanced exchange
  • People looking for a one-stop-shop to buy, store and sell 


  • Take a few minutes to sign up
  • Easy and simple
  • Multitude platform 
  • Including Hot wallet, which can prevent hacking or theft


  • Commission fee
  • Convenience fee


Are you looking for commission-free stock and exchange-traded fund trading? Webull is the best option for you. It’s a mobile app-based brokerage that was founded in 2017.

Securities and exchange commission (SEC) and financial industry regulatory authority(FINRA) regulate Webull. It offers active traders technical indicators, ratings from research agencies, economic calendars, margin trading, and short-selling.

You can consider Webull as the best alternative to Robinhood.

Let’s find out why Webull is best for you.

Webull is best for-

  • Intermediate traders
  • Advanced traders
  • Active traders


  • Commission-free trading
  • No software platform fees
  • No account maintenance fees
  • Free account open
  • More fundamental and technical tools


Webull doesn’t support mutual fund trading, bonds, or OTC stocks


Coinbase is one of the most popular and renowned exchanges. It is considered the internet’s largest cryptocurrency trading platform. 

You will get hundreds of digital currencies on this exchange platform. Besides, you can earn cryptocurrency rewards from it as Coinbase offers to earn features to the users.

Advanced users love to use the Coinbase pro exchange as it has more functionality and order types.

Let’s take a look at why Coinbase is the best exchange.

  • New traders or investors
  • Traders who interested in major pairs
  • It’s also a simple and huge platform 


  • Easy to operate
  • Intuitive design
  • Comprehensive mobile app functionality
  • The rewarding system through earn feature


More expensive compared to other exchanges


Robinhood is well known as a pioneer of commission-free trading. It offers American Depository Receipts (ADRs), ETFs, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. You will get several popular cryptocurrencies in Robinhood. The brokerage has a more limited offering of crypto assets like Webull.

Best for-

Robinhood has a good face for its credible trading. It is the best exchange for the trading of Bitcoin and Dogecoin. 

  • Mobile users
  • Margin accounts
  • Individual taxable accounts


  • Streamlined interface
  • Trading smoothly digital currency
  • No account minimum


  • No bonds or mutual funds
  • The customer support is limited
  • No retirement accounts


Binance is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges which offers more than 200 coins. Binance provides OTC trading, staking rewards, and trading options for institutional clients. 

But it doesn’t provide margin and future accounts. The most important thing is that there is no shortage of crypto trading pairs at Binance. for example, two Dogecoin trading pairs including DOGE/USDT and DOGE/USD.

Binance has several geographic restrictions like you will not be able to use it if you are a resident in New York, Texas, Hawaii, and so on states of America. 

Best for-

Binance is best for peer-to-peer trading. Besides, it has a good reputation for its security and coin offerings.


  • Binance is faster than other exchanges
  • The transaction fees are lower
  • High liquidity 
  • Great reputation
  • Satisfied customer support


  • Limited choice of cryptocurrency trading
  • Restricted for certain states of USA

However, there are also other renowned and secure cryptocurrency trading platforms or exchanges, including 

You may get the answer to where to buy Dogecoin and the best and most credible sites for investing.

Which is the Best Wallet for Dogecoin?

How to buy dogecoin on a trusted wallet and the best wallets for Dogecoin will be suggested and explained. Before going to this step, you have to know some basic things about the wallet.

Mainly two types of cryptocurrency wallet, including 

  • Hot software wallet
  • Cold hardware storage wallet

Software wallets are free, but you need an internet connection to access the investment. On the other hand, hardware wallets are not free. You will need to invest $50 to keep your coins offline with maximum security. 

Here you will find the best software wallet and the best hardware wallet. But one question can arise in your mind: why should you choose a wallet?

Without any protection, if you store your cryptocurrency on an exchange, it’s usual that your assets can be hacked. The cryptocurrency hackers target the centralized exchanges as it holds custody of your fund.

In case the hackers breach the centralized system, they can steal the funds. A wallet ensures mitigating this risk as it helps you to hold custody of your digital currency.

Dogecoin Wallet

Dogecoin wallet is the best software wallet. The intuitive design of this wallet offers the option for both mobile and desktop.

You will need only 5 minutes to start from Dogecoin Wallet. At first, you have to select the operating system that you require, then download and execute the wallet. 

Finally, you can store your Dogecoin online. Dogecoin wallet is free to download and it is available on Google Play Store.

Ellipal Titan

Ellipal titan supports a number of currencies including Bitcoin, Etherium, Dogecoin, and 7000 additional digital assets. It is a multicurrency wallet

Without a WiFi connection, the feature of Ellipal titan helps you to track your holdings. So you can store it offline. As a result, there is no scope to steal or hack your assets. 

You can use a QR code scanner to transfer your coin to your wallet within a second. The simple setup process and streamlined interface ensure Ellipal titan is the best choice for the investors. 

The premium version of Ellipal titan offers a plethora of essential features that enhance the user experience. Ellipal titan is not only the best hardware wallet but also a perfect solution for you.

Is Dogecoin Time-worthy & Cost-worthy?

Undoubtedly, Dogecoin can be the best choice for you right now. You know the price of cryptocurrencies fluctuates minute to a minute basis. 

It can be the time-worthy choice or the cost-worthy choice for you, but you have to consider some factors that can affect the Dogecoin price or other coins in the marketplace. 

Present Supply: Do you know the quickly diminishing supply of Doge is available? But within one minute, 1000 Dogecoin is minted with every block. 

Update: For the very first time, Elon Musk will be hosting SNL. As Elon is going to focus on Dogecoin, the price of the Dogecoin can be higher dramatically.

Financial situation: The price of crypto greatly depends on the financial condition. The unexpected economic condition can increase the price of Doge. 

 Well, what is the price of Dogecoin? The price of every cryptocurrency varies from time to time based on thousands of factors. But the most important factors affect the pricing of digital currency. 

However, you should always update about the price of the Crypto, and you have to be proactive to buy the desired coin. So keep up to date and take the next step with your investment.

Let’s Try to Make More $$ with Advanced Cryptocurrency Trading Software

If you think one step ahead, it can be a great scope for you to start a new business. As an entrepreneur, looking for a new security system is not exceptional in this type of business.

The advanced cryptocurrency trading software provides a great facility with optimum security. It helps you to buy, sell, exchange, and update digital currency from time to time.

When you are going to walk in this business world, you have to consider something that you must require. Sometimes, blockchain technology provides you new and updated features to conduct your business, but the first and foremost step is to ensure your plan.

The best cryptocurrency trading software is always designed through blockchain technology, considering the needs and demands of the desired entrepreneurs.

Let’s take a look at the features that the best and advanced cryptocurrency trading software will offer.

Features of the best crypto trading platform

  • Buying and selling system 
  • Exchanging facility
  • At least 2000 plus coin support
  • Creating and pairing the coin market
  • The transaction setup system
  • Email and SMS for deposit or withdraw
  • Trade history
  • Secured and credible and so on

Tradebox - Cryptocurrency Trading Software

On the other hand, if you are searching for the best cryptocurrency investment software which can ensure you a substantial profit from it, you must consider

  • Minimize risk
  • Quick exchange
  • Secured transaction 

You can add more than 100 coins. Besides, a lot of essential features of crypto investment software help you directly to gain your ultimate goal.

The competitive marketplace is not always expected. In this case, your plan should be well designed and worthy. Your decision is an important factor in this case.

But if you develop a plan but fail to choose the appropriate software that will execute your plan and strategy, your dream is good for nothing at the end of the day. So choose the best and most perfect crypto software that suits your business objectives.

Nishue - Cryptocurrency Investment Software

Concluding Words

Well, the most straightforward step on how to buy Dogecoin may make your business plan more efficient. In addition to this, where to buy Dogecoin. The best places to buy Dogecoin are also explored in this article, with its pros and cons.

Besides, the price of the cryptocurrencies which are available in the marketplace is included in this blog. You should remember how to buy Dogecoin is as important as where to buy Dogecoin.

It’s not a big deal to start a new business with a cryptocurrency trading platform or cryptocurrency investment software nowadays. Modern technology helps us to fulfill our dream more cost-effectively and fruitfully. 

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