TRADEBOX is an advanced cryptocurrency trading software that has a variety of features that make it the best place to start cryptocurrency trading. Tradebox is a full-featured spot trading platform for major digital assets & cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, Ripple, NEO, Monero and digital currency.

More About Tradebox

Tradebox is the complete cryptocurrency trading software. It has three main parts, Admin Portal, User Portal & website.

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Why Have You Bought Tradebox ?

If you have raised a question in your mind, why should you buy our product? That's a great point, our project has come up with some unique value. Let’s see

Advanced Cryptocurrency Trading Software

Cryptocurrency is one of the greatest revolutions in the present world. It is known as a digital currency that is being produced & managed by blockchain technology. As it is the result of technology, there is an enormous auto-set arithmetic logical coding project(software) related to it. However, the thousand dollar question is what is cryptocurrency trading software ?

Cryptocurrency trading software is a set of code that is designed to manage every aspect of crypto trading. Crypto trading business module is the combination of functions like cryptocurrency buy, sell, exchange, pair-exchange, analysis, investment, etc. Crypto trading software is being made for handling these functions.

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What is Tradebox?

Tradebox is an advanced cryptocurrency trading software and platform management system. It has both front end part and backend. Front-end refers to a responsive website to explore your business. A trader can register to your platform and use it effortlessly.

Backend refers to the admin panel and it is designed to manage your crypto enterprise. You can add your own coin & create a new market. It can also be used as a cryptocurrency exchanger. If you get Tradebox, you can manage your crypto trading, buy-sell, exchange, etc without any hassle. There is another backend feature called a user control panel. User control gives a user access to your platform for trading and exchange crypto. The admin panel is to manage the whole platform easily and make money smoothly.

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For whom the Tradebox is?

Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneur who is dreaming of starting a new crypto trading business, Tradebox is a ready-made platform for his/her.

Cryptocurrency trading platform owner: Tradebox is a blessing for all digital currency traders, who want to manage their platform and trading activities from a definite place. A trading platform owner who has bought Tradebox can easily provide currency trading facilities to digital currency traders by an exchange of fees and thus he can earn a huge amount of money.

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How it will help you?

Making Offer: Users may make a purchase or offer for a particular coin upheld by the stage. The accompanying parameters can be set for each offer:

Starting Trade As a purchaser or merchant, you may choose from the rundown of accessible offers from the commercial center with which you can start an exchange. A portion of the highlights of exchange incorporate.

Buy & Sell: Trading on p2p may include purchasing/offering of cryptographic forms of money on with the capacity to pay or get installments in differing measures of ways. For instance, a great many people like to get a coin in return for any of the accompanying classification of installment. Be that as it may, the overseer can include or evacuate based on the area of their business.

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Make money with Tradebox?

Are you ready to make by worth a cryptocurrency trading platform? If this then you need to do several tasks like 1) Find out a secured hosting service, 2) Register a domain named by your platform, 3) Buy Tradebox source code, 4) Install tradebox source code in your server and 5) Make trading platform live.

It needs to mention you are getting a website, an admin control panel, a user control panel by purchasing Tradebox to make and manage your platform. Using the admin panel feature you can make an offer, buy-sell package, coin pair, etc on a trading platform, manage the trading request, withdraw - deposit transactions request, etc that are related to cryptocurrency trading. If people trade digital currency using a platform, you can make money by charging fees for trading. Besides, you can also make money by trade ownself.

Make money doubling with Tradebox

Unique Advantages of Tradebox

One time payment: Tradebox is open-source ready-made software. You can gain it through a one-time payment.

Cheapest: It is costly to get a total solution that contains a website, separate admin and user control panel, But you get tradebox only for around $200. It is the cheapest cryptocurrency trading solution in the world contracted to the value you are providing to get it.

Customizable: If you have additional requirements you can customize it as your own choice. You need a cost for it.

24/7 support: We are always ready to make our customer happy. You will get 24/7 customer service from us.

Unique Advantages of Tradebox

Main Features Of Tradebox Admin & User Module

To realize what business values are being offered by our project, see the main feature of our Tradebox.

Exchange & Trading Package Maintenance:

  • You can create a package including details, period, weekly, monthly, yearly ROI
  • Manage and Edit your package from the package list
  • You can check your exchange and history and manage them
  • You can monetize your running exchange and transactions
  • You can also see canceled exchange list from this module
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Total Finance & Management System:

  • Add credit to your project & manage it
  • Manage credit transfer to your user wallet & get a report
  • Manage withdraw amount & withdraw transaction
  • Manage deposited amount & deposit transaction
  • Manage to withdraw transaction requested by the user
  • Manage deposit transaction requested by the user

Admin & User Management System:

  • You can make your desired person an admin
  • You can view and monitor the list of people appointed as administrators
  • You can a customer or project user manually
  • User register from the website will automatically be added in the user list
  • You can check and manage user from a user list
  • You can also verify user using ID verification and two-factor authentication
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Entire Project Management (CMS):

  • CMS is for managing frontend/website
  • You can manage website content
  • Use at any language/ multi-language support
  • There are so many modules like a testimonial, chart, category, social link, etc

Miscellaneous Facilities Of Tradebox At Glance

Please have eyesight over many of the Miscellaneous facilities that we have not described before. Hope this will help you make the right decision.

  • Open Source For easy Customization.
  • Host In Your Own Secure Server.
  • No Monthly Or Yearly Fees.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.
  • Buy and Sales with Exchanges
  • Package Buy and ROI System.
  • User Verification System
  • Multi Language System
  • Complete trading Based Responsive Website Design
  • Paypal, Payeer, GOURL and CoinPayment
  • Auto Deposit and withdraw by Coinpayment
  • Complete trading Based Responsive Website Design
  • Admin and customer Has separate UI and Login
  • Easy Package trading fee add system
  • Email and sms gateway adding for marketing
  • Project mobile app integration module

What did our customer say?

Our main concern is the customer satisfaction and customer support.lets see what our recent customer says.

Now You Can Make Money With Tradebox

Are you thinking of making your business through cryptocurrency trading, offering buy-sale service? Your main obstacle is to design a Cryptocurrency Trading platform website with the management system. Ok, let have our project Tradebox and make money without any hassle

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