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 How to Launch an ICO: An Absolute Direction with 10 Steps!!!

By Mahmuda Akter Isha Last Updated -- Sunday, 2021-06-20
How to Launch an ICO

Launching an ICO! Sounds interesting, am I right? YES, it's an absolutely interesting and innovative idea to invent a new cryptocurrency in the crypto market. But the most fundamental question is, do you know how to launch an ICO? If not, then you will get a step-by-step direction through this article. Thus, if you are thinking of something new and innovative but exceptional, this article will assist you in doing something in the crypto world.

In this context, I would like to provide a comprehensive guide that will help you to launch an ICO as well as it may save your time and money because before knowing the appropriate way of launching, you just waste your time and worth. So, be careful and conscious before investing your valuable time and money. In this circumstance, you must need a proper guideline, and then this article will be fruitful for you.     

What Is an ICO?

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) refers to the process of generating and launching a new cryptocurrency in the crypto market with the help of Blockchain technology. The concept of ICO is mainly a fundraising technique, and this initial coin offering process allows to raise funds through offering new tokens from the crypto investors. The entire token generation and distribution process of the initial coin offerings (ICOs) is conducted on the Blockchain. This technique is also known as token offerings, token crowdfunding, and so on.

Moreover, all fintech entrepreneurs or crypto traders are familiar with several cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, and more. But do you know how these cryptocurrencies came to be? Hopefully, you have already realized the answer, and in this regard, the concept of the ICO technique has been keeping a massive contribution behind launching these cryptocurrencies.

ICO Wallet

What Are The Types of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)?

I think before initiating something, it will be essential to know the details about them. For that reason, you need to have a clear concept of the ICO and its types. 

I have already explored a detailed definition of the Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in the previous section. Now, I will explain the types of ICOs. 

Initial Coin Offerings is the process of offering or launching new tokens, and this technique is mainly of two types. These are: 

Private ICOs

Private Initial Coin Offering (ICO) refers to the process of raising funds from a limited number of investors, and this type of ICOs can allow you to choose the required minimum amount for investing in your ICO.   

Public ICOs

Public Initial Coin Offerings is another type that allows anyone to invest their capital as well as allows to raise funds from the general public. This technique is similar to the concept of IPO. But, the private ICOs technique is more viable than the public ICOs technique. 

10 Easy and Effective Steps to Launch an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Now, you have come to the desired section in this article. In this section, I will provide a complete direction that will help you to launch an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). So, let's start. 

Step 1: Idea Assessment

Idea Assessment

When you decide to launch an ICO, you need to build an idea about your project. To make the success of your project, you have to develop a unique and effective idea that will minimize the needs. 

To do such kinds of activities, you must have to identify the problems in this stage. Without knowing the problems, you can not find out the solutions. In this regard, you need to offer a solution that is not only essential but also necessary. Thus, you have to find out some potential problems that can be solved through Blockchain technology. To build an effective plan, you need to analyze the current market to observe the problems, and then you can make a proposal to solve this problem. 

Moreover, you can take a look at the existing cryptocurrencies and analyze them to learn the creation history that will be very helpful to prepare your proposal.

How Can You Make an Idea of Your Project?

The essential thing is that you need to conduct a thorough analysis of the current market and understand the needs of the market, as well as you have to find out your target audience.

You have to remember that you will deal with cryptocurrencies, and ICO launching is the concept of releasing new tokens. So, your project must be relatable with the cryptocurrency or Blockchain. 

Suppose you deal with the cosmetics items, and if you want to build a tokenized form through these products, that will be really worthless. Investors will not be interested in investing their money in this project. So, your project plan should be meaningful and relevant to the concept of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. 

In this case, it will be better if you conduct a survey to test your idea that will assist you to predict the usefulness of your project.     

Step 2: Conduct Market Research

Conduct Market Research

After getting the project plan, you need to conduct the market research, and you have to perform these two steps (step 1 & step 2) simultaneously. But the most significant thing is that you always need to be careful about the demand and needs of the current market. You also have to find out what has been provided by your competitor and what the demand is for the investors. 

When you analyze the market, you need to find out your target audience, and you have to realize the demand of your audience. Moreover, the crypto market is getting more competitive day by day, and 5761 cryptocurrencies have already existed

Identify Your Competitor 

Before starting any business or any kind of activity, the most crucial thing is to know your competitors. When we are getting into the pool, we naturally think about how much water there is. Similarly, before initiating any new concept, you must have to learn about your competitors.

If you want to offer a token in this competitive market, then you must gather the ability to beat them. To do this, you need to offer such a token that has huge demand in the crypto market, and to achieve this, you have to integrate a cryptocurrency into your project in an effective way.       

Step 3: Prepare Product Roadmap

Prepare Product Roadmap

This one is one of the crucial and fundamental steps to launch an ICO. This step can help to provide a strong visual summary of your project, and you can clearly express your vision and direction through a complete product roadmap. Moreover, a complete product roadmap can help you to realize the motive of your project, as well as it is mainly a strategic guideline that will aid you to execute your strategic plan.

Most significantly, you have to ensure the following things are included in your product roadmap. 

  • Explain the vision and strategic plan for your project 
  • Make a complete guide or documentation to execute your plan
  • Design internet stakeholders alignment
  • Create a way of discussing and planning 
  • Build the way of communication with the external stakeholders

These are the ultimate goals of any product roadmap, and you need to create a complete product roadmap based on your project. 

How to Build a Product Roadmap to Launch an ICO?

Sometimes finding a question is much better than providing an explanation. If you want to build a product roadmap of your project, then you have to provide some visual explanation that will reflect your motive. To launch an ICO, you need to follow just four steps to prepare a product roadmap. 

  1. First, you need to determine "WHY" you choose this product and must have to provide a strategic reason 
  2. Then, you have to determine your "AUDIENCE" and "Builder" because the roadmap will assist you to resonate with them
  3. Now, you need to develop a strategic theme of your product, and you can build an actual roadmap
  4. Always think about flexibility, and depending on the situation, your roadmap will change 

These steps can assist you to create an effective roadmap to launch an ICO, and the investors get a footprint of your token that will enhance the trustworthiness of your investors to you.  

Step 4: Choose the Country and Know the Laws

Choose the Country and Know the Laws

Country selection is one of the major steps before launching an ICO. The concept of ICO is not familiar all over the world. In this regard, you have to identify which country can deal with ICO. 

Here, I will provide a shortlist of those countries which are allowed to deal with cryptocurrency and are familiar with the concept of token and ICO as well. 

A list of the most popular countries that can form an ICO

  • USA
  • UK
  • Singapore
  • Lithuania
  • Russia
  • Switzerland
  • Australia

Also, there are some countries that are the most friendly with the concept of ICO, such as:

  • Switzerland 
  • Russia 
  • Singapore
  • Gibraltar
  • Israel
  • Estonia 
  • Cayman Islands

So, you have already understood which countries will be perfect for you to launch an ICO. After that, you need to know the rules and regulations of your chosen country because it would not be the same for all countries and it will be different.

Laws & Regulations

Now, you need to know the laws and regulations according to your country. When you want to launch an ICO in the USA and offer a token for US residents, you need to follow the rules and regulations of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). If you apply to the SEC, then it will be considered as the Howey Test, and when any ICO fails to meet the requirements of the SEC, then you must have to register with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  

As opposed to, if you want to launch an ICO in Singapore, you need to maintain other rules and regulations. Similarly, there are totally different laws and regulations for China, Europe, Switzerland, and so on. So, you have to learn about the laws and regulations first in your country. This article will be very helpful to know the laws and regulations of some countries.  

Step 5: Create an ICO Token

Create an ICO Token

This one is a vital and effective step to launch an ICO. So, You have to be careful in this stage; otherwise, all of your attempts will fail. Are you excited to know that? Yes, It's a very obvious thing, and I want to move the main theme in this context.

Make Distribution Plan 

First of all, you have to make a distribution plan to create an ICO token. But you need to make sure your distribution plan will depend on your ICO's requirements and your project plan. Before creating an ICO, you have to decide where and when you will sell these tokens because there are various stages to sell an ICO token, such as private sale, pre-sale, general sale, and actual ICO. So, you need to decide at which stage you will sell it. 

There are lots of examples that have been raised to fund through selling the ICO tokens, and those tokens are known as popular cryptocurrencies. We all are familiar with Telegram, which raised $850 million by providing a pre-sale token distribution plan. After that, they have decided to offer a second round of pre-sale, and their target is to raise double the amount of investment.

Prepare Distribution Outline

After making a distribution plan, you need to create a clear distribution outline that will help you to observe how many tokens are distributed through your team members, as well as how many tokens will be sold during each stage.

Write a Code Based on Your Project

This one is the most critical step to launch an ICO because without developing the code of your ICO token, you can not take a step forward. In this regard, you have to write a programming instruction to work on your project successfully. It will be comparatively easy if you consider ERC20 because Ethereum's website provides a complete code that will assist you to understand the logic and coding structure.

To implement the customized concept, you have to require vast programming knowledge in this field. However, if you do not have enough coding knowledge, you can hire a professional programmer who can help you to do it, and that will be very effective to implement your concept.    

Step 6: Develop Smart Contract

Develop Smart Contract

After creating an ICO token and developing a complete code, you need to integrate a smart contract into your code that will ensure security, cost-effectiveness, and autonomy.

A smart contract is mainly bits of code that are integrated into your code, and it is stored, verified, and executed over a distributed network. So, the entire process is performed throughout the decentralized Blockchain network. 

In your smart contract, you can incorporate several digital policies that will make sure a smooth and secure operation.

How Can You Deploy a Smart Contract?

To develop a smart contract, you need three basics things such as: 

Now, I would like to provide a brief direction to integrate your smart contracts into your code.

  1. Firstly, you need to download the Google Chrome Browser
  2. After downloading, you have to go to the place where you write your codes
  3. Now, you need to open a compiler to write a smart contract. In this case, I will suggest you visit Remix compiler, which will be a great online compiler to write smart contracts, deploy smart contracts, and interact contracts
  4. After that, you can start to write your smart contracts by following these steps

Step 7: Write a White Paper

Write a White Paper

A white paper is mainly written documentation of your ICO, and it describes your project details. In this white paper, you need to include everything about your project, such as project planning, goal and architecture, market analysis, development strategy, distribution plan, legal issues, and so on. 

So, you have to ensure some aspects to write a white paper for ICO token. These are: 

Know Your Audience

To launch an ICO, you must have to know your audience. In your white paper, you need to explain at first who your audience will be. Thus, you have to write about the interest of your audience that will catch the attention of the investors and enhance the credibility

Moreover, you need to show enough respect to your audience. Though money is valuable, you should always remember that the brain is also more precious than money, and you can not achieve it through money. In your white paper, it will be better if you clearly mention that you not only deal with rich entrepreneurs but are also interested in working with creative people.

Build a Strong Argument

In this section, you have to provide the significance of your token. Moreover, you need to clearly explain why this token will be needed and what the differences are from other cryptocurrencies. Mainly, you have to convince investors why it will be profitable for them through building a strong argument.   

Evidence of Third-Party Research

You need to include some evidence of your research that will increase the trust of the investors. To provide some evidence or footprints, you can conduct four tests such as proximity, authority, timeliness, and relevance. So, you need to spend two or three days conducting thorough research to provide some evidence in your ICO white paper. 

Attach Good Photo & Bio of Your Team

You need to provide a brief introduction to your team in the white paper of your project. To do this, you can attach a good photo and bio of your team that will make a great intuition in the minds of your investors and increases reliability.

Make It Easy

Always try to make an easy white paper because your investors can easily understand it. If you create a complicated white paper, your investors can not clearly understand it, and as a result, all of your efforts will fail. So, it's essential to make an easy white paper. 

To know details about writing a white paper, you can also have a look at this article that will help you to write an effective white paper to launch an ICO.          

Step 8: Launch a Website

Launch a Website

A website can help to reach out all over the world because it will increase the brand value of your business. Moreover, a website acts as your face for the digital world, and it is required to have a responsive, attractive, and engaging website. Most significantly, the website can assist you to release the tokens.  

In this regard, you need to build a high-quality website, and if you do not develop it, you can hire a professional developer who can develop the website according to your requirements. But you need to ensure the following things on your website.  


Content can create the impression of any website. A better ICO website must include some aspects like a detailed roadmap, token distribution plan, team member's introduction, advisor's introduction, and so on. Also, you need to ensure some features of an ICO system that will help you to operate your entire business activities easily and smoothly. So, the essential features are: 

  • Package management system 
  • ICO settings system 
  • Currency adding system
  • Coin setup 
  • Coin releasing system 
  • Exchange system
  • Finance management  
  • Content management system, and so on.


Your website layout defines the outlook of your business, so you need to be concerned about the layout of your website. You must remember, your investors visit your website at first and then create an invisible interaction with your website. If your website layout is more clear and better for understanding all information, it will be very convenient for your investors. Finally, they can communicate with you.   


Security is the most significant factor before launching a website because token launching, distributing, and such kinds of issues are extremely sensitive. Thus, you need to find out the best hosting provider to get a smooth and better service. 

Also, you have to be concerned about any kinds of hacking and DDoS attacks, and a secure website can ensure to protect your system from such kinds of threats. The most notable thing is when you conduct a PR campaign, sometimes your system may face a phishing attack

To protect your system from this kind of situation, you need to build or choose a secure website that is integrated with an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) software.     


If you have not enough designing knowledge, or if you are not an expert in this field, you definitely have to hire a professional designer to design an attractive outlook for your website. According to your project plan, you can design your website to launch an ICO token. However, there are many ready-made ICO software with a website available, you just need to purchase it, and then you can build your system. 


You also need to be concerned about the cost of building a website. Moreover, it will almost require around 10,000 USD to design and develop an ICO website. When you hire a professional developer, you need to require more cost, and it would be a very time-consuming process. So, it will be better if you purchase a ready-made ICO website, it will take around $90, and you will get a complete ICO token offering system with a website. 

Some Aspects That Define the Best Website

If you purchase a complete ICO website, you have to be careful of the following aspects that make your system accomplished.

  • Subscription plan
  • Set up video
  • Brief description about your ICO 
  • Entire roadmap
  • Token distribution plan 
  • Team member's photo & bio 
  • Product description 
  • Complete whitepaper
  • Contact information  

Step 9: PR and Marketing

PR and Marketing

After completing the previous steps, now it's time to promote your ICO. For this purpose, you have to follow an effective marketing strategy; otherwise, your token will not be familiar to the investors. So, you need to cover up your marketing campaign in the following dimension.  

ICO Listing

First, you have to enlist your ICO token on some popular ICO sites because it will provide high exposure to your ICO. There are various ICO listing sites that can announce the launch of new cryptocurrencies. So, this process can save your additional marketing budget, and you can easily reach out to your target audience.    

Social Media Marketing

This one is a very initial step for marketing your ICO token. Social media marketing is one of the vital marketing strategies to promote an ICO. There are various social platforms like Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Medium, Reddit, Slack, BitcoinTalk, and so on. 

Those platforms help to successfully promote your token as well, as you can raise funds from the investors. 

According to the report of Blockchain News

"Almost 100 ICOs are identified through social reach and have raised $10 million successfully."

So, this one is a very crucial way to promote your token because the most successful entrepreneurs or investors are connected with these platforms, and when you promote your ICO, it will easily reach out to them.      

Paid Advertising

The most alarming news for you is that some social platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram have banned ICO-related marketing. Moreover, there are some specific platforms for paid advertising, and you need to choose that platform to conduct PPC advertising. 

Start Blogging

Blogging is another way to promote your project that can enhance the number of visitors to your website. Most significantly, you need to ensure CMS features before choosing any website for your project. 

Moreover, the CMS feature can assist you to manage and publish your blog post. You need to provide some informative content that will be helpful for your audience. If you publish only promotional content, it will create a negative impression, and you may lose huge traffic on your website. 

Email Marketing

This one is an effective approach to connect with your clients. Always you have to remember, your clients are so busy, and if you do not reach out to your clients, they will forget you. In this case, email marketing ensures to create a smooth bridge with your investors. So, you can apply this marketing strategy to promote your ICO by providing several informative guides.    

Step 10: Launch an ICO

Launch an ICO

Finally, your vision has been successful, and you have reached your desired step. When you are a dreamer in this field, it will not only be a project but also acts as a part of your mental health. Now, your ICO will live in this step, and it will definitely be a great pleasure for you. 

However, the most crucial question is, how long will your token last? If you look into the past ICOs record, you can observe the time frame of some successful previous ICOs. For example, Ethereum lasted for 42 days and raised around $18 million. Also, the Omni coin lasted for only one month and raised $750,000.

Moreover, you need to be concerned about the time frame when you launch an ICO. It would be better if you take around 41 days to stand an ICO successfully. So, launch your token now!!! 


What Will Happen after Launching an ICO?

NO!!! Your activity and responsibility do not over here.   

Thinking about post-ICO life?

After successfully launching an ICO, you need to maintain it for smooth running. In this stage, you need to consult with the Blockchain experts, and you need to search some ICO listing sites

It's time to deliver the ICO to your audience, and you need to follow your roadmap to distribute your tokens. Moreover, you can raise funds from the investors by distributing this token. This one is a very vital stage to create a brand value of an ICO, and you need to keep continuous communication with the community of supporters. Also, you have to provide enough transparency that will enhance the reliability and make your token popular and profitable.

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There are several industries that are connected to raise funds by providing ICO tokens. Around more than 25 industries can deal with the ICOs. Thus, it can create a huge opportunity to earn money and make your dream come true.

Just Imagine You Become a Billionaire!!!

Feeling like a king? It's not just limited to your imagination, rather it may come true, and you need to follow this guideline to make it true. By following these 10 steps, you can launch an ICO and raise funds from several industries. 

Industry Ratio of ICO 

Source: ICOWatchList

If you consider the Blockchain industry's market share, then you can realize the growth rate. For example, around 83.09% of the market share is derived through the Ethereum platform as well as there are some custom platforms that can contribute almost 7.97% of the market share

Growth Rate of ICO

Source: ICOWatchList    


Grab the Opportunity to Raise Funds in a Smart & Secure Way!!!

Though token launching is not an easy process at all, you can do it easily by following these steps. But security is one of the biggest factors to launch and manage an ICO. To ensure security, you must need a secure system. YES, I am talking about a secure website. Thus, you need the best token launching script that can allow you to operate the entire activities of your system. 

So, you need to choose a complete and secure ICO script software to launch an ICO and handle further operations. In this regard, you can try this ICO Wallet software that will assist you to not only launch your token but also allow you to manage the entire system easily and successfully. 

Therefore, it may reveal a great opportunity for you. So, seize it NOW!!!

ICO Wallet

Closing Speech

Hopefully, you got your solution, and now you can successfully launch an ICO. You always have to remember; you can do anything. You just need a proper guideline and determination. Though launching an ICO is totally an exceptional and critical concept, it is trendy in the present era. 

Through this article, you can do it and establish yourself as a successful entrepreneur, and you just need to follow these given steps:   

  • Idea Generation
  • Market Research
  • Design ICO Roadmap
  • Laws & Regulations
  • Create ICO token 
  • Build Smart Contract 
  • Write White Paper
  • Develop a Website 
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Launch an ICO

In the previous section, I have discussed this in detail, and now I remind you again. If you follow these steps, you can launch an ICO, and it will be very helpful for all fintech entrepreneurs. 

So, it's high time to launch an ICO and distribute your tokens all over the world and make it popular.

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