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ICO Wallet - The New Token Launching ICO Script Software

ICO wallet is for creating your own new coin wallet and token launching. This Project consists of ICO script, a dynamic website covering complete ICO cryptocurrency & initial coin offering software solution. Bdtask is a leading best ICO script software company who helps to improve organization assists with propelling your own ICO site. And furthermore conveys a total issue free ICO arrangement which begins from ICO token creation, ICO shrewd agreements improvement, and ICO script marketing arrangement. Our business ability will give an outline of the ICO plan of action and furthermore will give data about the extreme past, current and eventual fate of ICOs.

What is ICO Wallet ?

ICO Wallet is a complete ICO launching & ICO website script startups management system. It has three main parts, Admin Portal, User Portal & website.

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO Script)is a gathering pledges system that permits future crypto coins in return of computerized tokens for Bitcoins, Ethereum or some different altcoins. Uniquely, It's frequently used to raise assets for building up another Cryptocoin by discharging computerized tokens to people in general.

Why Have You Bought ICO Wallet ?

If you have raised a question in your mind, why should you buy our ICO script software? That's a great point, our project has come up with some unique value. Let’s see:

To Launch A Killer Website

A website is a shop’s window. So, a website’s design, layout, content, and ease of navigation are all important.

Thus, It is the first impression the community will have of your project and you cannot afford to get this wrong, our website is clear, concise, and easy to navigate. It is well planned to put all the necessary information, such as information on how to invest in the ICO, must be easily accessible, well presentable to put your sell offering & package without making falsehoods. Our website also has features for your team members and your ICO’s whitepaper, which sets out a clear vision and timetable for the project. Within the website, you can also arrange a clear Call-to-Action (CTA) section that tempts investors to become whitelisted or take part in any pre-sale.

ico website script

White Paper Management

A Whitepaper is a directing roadmap for an ICO. The written outline represents prospective supporters. A whitepaper is a key to define how you envision solving a problem. It usually gives peruser experiences into the present situation that assistance he distinguishes an problem alongside a well-ordered arrangement.

So the White Paper is one of the prominent elements of ICO script. Our endeavor is to present your ICO White Paper in a modified way. That makes it possible to answer your audience all the relevant questions regarding your aim, logical problem solution, marketing strategy, profit share, etc.

ico white paper management

ICO & Token Launching

ICOs can be organized in an assortment of ways. In some these cases, starters set a particular objective or utmost for its subsidizing, which implies that every token sold in the ICO has a pre-set cost and that the absolute token inventory is static. Then again, there is a static stock of ICO tokens yet a powerful subsidizing objective, which implies that the dispersion of tokens to speculators will be transferred on the assets got and that the more complete finances got in the ICO, the higher the general token cost.

So expertise in token launching policy, pricing, unique value exploration are the major issues to be successful in an ICO startup. We have tried to execute all the relevant management systems that concentrates on a scientific ICO solution & token launching.

crypto token distribution

Project Roadmap & Team

An ICO project can be trustworthy to the investors depends on three things: the team, the project’s aims, and the measures in place to ensure the protection of the investors’ interests. One of the first things you’ll present on the website is the detailed breakdown of the token sale structure. Not only does this block present the information in a clear way, but it also heavily contributes to building a roadmap or Fear of Missing Out. Roadmaps can be presented in various forms. The examples show some of them contain both history and future plans, are rather informative and set concrete dates in terms of quarters. ICO entrepreneurs have to make sure that all the information concerning token distribution is easily accessible to your future investors. And make them know what portion of the project’s currency will be distributed among the development team, and how many will be actually available to buy.

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bdtask ico script

Security Is First Priority

Through ICO project announcement to the world, you are instinctively telling people that you are going to collect millions of funds worth of cryptocurrency. By this, you are attracting hackers the most. So, if you aim to start an ICO project, your first concern should be security. That is why we are offering some facilities for the potential ICO startups.

Firstly Sociology among the team members is important because they should stick to the programming guides which have great recommendations to avoid failures in the smart contracts, listen to your community and take them advice seriously, understands the project and contributes to its safety. So we have come up with a solution that you can control your team and users fairly. Besides, you are getting a secured website and a system formed by fresh & clean code.

ico security system

Main Features of our ICO software, Admin & User Module

To realize what business values are being offered by our project. We are different from our quality and our ICO script is very easy management friendly. See the main feature of our ICO software.

Total Finance & Management System:

  • Add credit to your project & manage it
  • Manage credit transfer to your user wallet & get the report
  • Manage to withdraw amount & withdraw transaction
  • Deposited amount & deposit transaction manage
  • Manage to withdraw transaction requested by the user
  • Manage deposit transaction requested by the user
buy ico script
initial coin offering software

Admin & User Management System:

  • You can make your desired person an admin
  • View and monitor the list of people appointed as administrators
  • You can a customer or project user manually
  • User register from the website will automatically be added in user list
  • You can check and manage user from user list
  • You can also verify user using ID verification and two-factor authentication
  • User register from website will automatically be added in user list
  • You can also verify user using ID verification and two factor authentication

Entire Project Management (CMS):

  • CMS is for managing frontend/website
  • You can manage website content
  • Propound your team and advisors
  • Use at any language/ multi language support
  • There are so many module like testimonial, chart, category, social link etc
best ico script
ico platform script

ICO System Management:

  • Launch your ICO token using ICO software setting module
  • Currency and Coin set up system
  • Coin manager is to create your own coin
  • Propound your whitepaper and milestone
  • Coin releasing system support you a different round of ICO
  • Control what things are like to offer by manu control feature

Exchange & Trading Package Maintenance:

  • You can create a package including details, period, weekly, monthly, yearly ROI
  • Manage and edit your package from the package list
  • You can check your exchange and history and manage them
  • Monetize your running exchange and transactions
  • Can also see canceled exchange list from this module
ico script for sale

All Features

Please have an eyesight over many of our Miscellaneous facilities that we have not described before. Hope this will help you make the right decision.

  • Open Source For easy Customization.
  • Host In Your Own Secure Server.
  • No Monthly Or Yearly Fees.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.
  • You Can Offer your Own Coin
  • Buy and Sales with Exchanges
  • Package Buy and ROI System
  • User Verification System
  • Multi Language System
  • Paypal, Payeer, Mobile Money, Stripe, GOURL and CoinPayment gateway
  • Auto Deposit and withdraw by Coinpayment
  • Complete trading Based Responsive Website Design
  • Admin and customer Has separate UI and Login
  • Easy Package trading fee add system
  • Email and sms gateway adding for ICO marketing
  • Project mobile app integration module

How You can Make Money

Now!! Do you have a unique business idea? Are you thinking of funding your business through a crowdfunding strategy, offering ICO/STO? Your main obstacle is to design an ICO website with a management system. Ok, let have our project ICO Wallet and make money without any hassle

crypto ico script

License & Pricing

We are offering Two types of license for our software such as Regular license and Extended license

Regular License


  • Life time Update
  • 6 Months support (Please check here what included in support)
  • Permitted for one domain for personal use only
  • For personal project only
  • Email Support (1 Business day)
  • Skype Support
  • Anydesk/Teamviewer Support
  • Whatsapp Support
  • Free Installation at cpanel

Extended License


  • Life time Update
  • 6 Months support (Please check here what included in support)
  • Permitted for one domain for commercial uses
  • For Commercial project
  • Email Support (1 Business day)
  • Skype Support (for 1 hour)
  • Anydesk/Teamviewer Support (for 1 hour)
  • Whatsapp Support (for 1 hour)
  • Free Installation at cpanel

Contact Us

Feel Free to contact with us queries of Extended license or custom project.

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Skype: bdtask
  • Whatsapp: 8801830701422
  • Telegram: +8801857675727

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Bdtask ICO Wallet is the best professionals to build an ICO script with the latest business technologies. We are handling more risks to provide you the best ICO website with the highest reliability and robustness. Bdtask offers the best and reasonable ICO script for sale.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We use the latest technologies and tools in order to create a better code that not only works great, but it is easy easy to work with too.

Ask Anything
Answer: Yes, We have started the crypto ICO script. Our ICO wallet is the best one for creating your own new coin wallet and token launching.
Answer: Of course, there are many advantages to the token. You will get its benefit when these tokens will be listed on major exchanges.
Answer: There are many advantages of initial coin offerings like easy fundraising, international reach.
Answer: Without any doubt, the future of the ICO initial coin offering is 100% bright.
Answer: Yes, it is safe. But you have to make sure that you have done sound research before investing.

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