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Top 8 White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software with PHP Source Code

By Ataul Karim Last Updated -- Thursday, 2023-11-02
White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Cryptocurrency refers to a digital or virtual asset used as a medium of exchange for currencies. Consequently, cryptocurrency software provides a platform that can help to buy, sell, or exchange various kinds of cryptocurrencies. Here, I will try to discuss the top 8 white label cryptocurrency exchange software reviews as well, I will evaluate these cryptocurrencies software's features for your better understanding.

Before trading with cryptocurrencies, you must need the best cryptocurrency trading software. Moreover, this article will help you to understand easily which cryptocurrency software with PHP source code will be perfect for you. Also, using this article, you can easily compare the features of this software. So, this article helps you to choose the best cryptocurrency software easily. Now, let's start.

What is Cryptocurrency Exchange Software? 

Before knowing the definition of cryptocurrency exchange software, you need to understand what cryptocurrency exchange is. Cryptocurrency exchange basically the trading process of buying or selling any cryptocurrencies or digital currencies with other assets. This process is also known as digital currency exchange (DCE)

Moreover, the white label cryptocurrency exchange software refers to an online platform where traders can complete the trading process securely and successfully. The cryptocurrency trading platforms can be able to perform the buying and selling of any digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum Litecoin, Ripple, and more.

List of The Top 8 Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Here, I will provide a comprehensive list of the top 8 cryptocurrency exchange platforms so that in compliance with your company needs, you can conveniently select the correct one.

1. Tradebox 

Tradebox - Cryptocurrency Trading Software

Photo courtesy: Codecanyon

Tradebox is a cryptocurrency buy, sell, and trading software. Moreover, this software is designed by Bdtask. The tradebox software is also developed by the CodeIgniter framework and JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL. After all, this is the best cryptocurrency trading software. Because it can manage the trading activities properly, using this software, you can make offers, deposit methods, etc. This system is also known as digital currency software that is managed by blockchain technology. You may handle different facets of crypto-trading with this software. This software can provide a platform that helps to manage crypto trading easily and smoothly.        

Features of Tradebox

  • This software has a multi-coin support system
  • It has a multi-cash system and can provide real-time prices
  • This software can provide email and SMS notification 
  • It has a two-factor authentication system
  • This software can provide a telephone and email verification system
  • In this system, you can select more than 2300 coins
  • This software is 100% secure for payment and trading purpose
  • You can get real-time presence status by using this software
  • This software can provide email and SMS system for deposit and withdraw purpose
  • With this system, customers can see trading activities and history, and much more.

2. Nishue

Nishue - Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Photo courtesy: Codecanyon

Nishue is the complete solution for buying and selling cryptocurrencies and lending with the MLM system. Moreover, this system is designed by Bdtask. Also, it is developed by the CodeIgniter framework as well as, this system has included JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL files. After all, this software is mainly a bitcoin and cryptocurrency PHP template. In fact, it has two panels- admin panel and customer panel. Also, this software helps to analyze the cryptocurrency market. As well as, it can provide a wonderful admin user interface system.  It is one of the best white label cryptocurrency exchange software on Codecanyon.

Features of Nishue

  • This software can provide live crypto comparing system
  • It has a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) system
  • This system can provide a coin based affiliate system
  • It has an SMS and email notification system
  • This software can support multi-language 
  • You can provide level-wise commission by this system
  • This software can provide a fully responsive system
  • It has a coin deposit and withdraws system
  • You can get daily, weekly and monthly ROI by using this software
  • This can provide crypto news, and much more.

3. TradeGow - Cryptocurrency Trading Marketplace


Photo courtesy: Codecanyon

Tradegow is digital money exchanging Marketplace Software. Here different clients will ready to make an exchange utilizing the administrator finance account. If you have a Binance account, you can run your commercial center keeping backend Binance. The major office is, users can exchange each BTC pair by USD balance. For each transaction, the admin will get a commission. Admin must need a store to BTC in his Binance account.

Features of TradeGow

  • Awesome admin dashboard
  • Broker system
  • Finance withdraw list
  • Fees setting
  • Customer setting 
  • Payment gateway
  • Email & SMS gateway
  • Language setting
  • Finance & trade history
  • Message setup

4. Trademen


Photo courtesy: Codecanyon

Trademen is one of the fastest cryptocurrencies trading platforms. Moreover, this platform can help perform live trading, exchange, trading view, market exchange, etc. Codemen builds this software. Also, it has been developed by the Laravel framework. This software has also included JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, CSS, Sass, and PHP files. Using this software, you can get a super-fast trading platform for business.

Features of Trademen

  • This software has BTC node integration system
  • It has a referral system
  • You can create unlimited coin by this software
  • This system has a google ReCaptcha feature
  • It can allow KYC verification
  • This software can provide instant payment notice
  • It has a copayment API system
  • This system has a dynamic role management system
  • It has a withdrawal and deposit management system
  • This system can provide multilingual support and much more.

5. Tokenbox


Photo courtesy: Codecanyon

Tokenbox is the best security token offering platform (STO). Moreover, this software is an online trading web application. Bdtask designs the Tokenbox software. However, this software is developed by the Codeigniter framework. As well as JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL files are also included. After all, this system is mainly designed for token distribution and token sales. Using this software, you can buy and sell tokens at any time and anywhere. Also, this software can provide a shareholder panel and an admin panel. So, you can monitor and control all activities easily from this system.    

Features of Tokenbox

  • This software can support multi-language
  • You can get a 100% responsive system for all devices
  • It can be able to display all token information and menu on any mobile devices
  • As an admin, you can create, read, update, edit or delete option
  • An admin can create token and packages in this system
  • Using this system, a shareholder can buy or exchange token 
  • Shareholders can check all information by using shareholder panel
  • An admin can create a role, such as system users, shareholder, and admin
  • You can get an SMS scheduling system in this software
  • An admin can send individual or group SMS or email by this system, and others.

Check out how Tokenbox works

6. ICOWallet


Photo courtesy: Codecanyon

ICOWallet is mainly an ICO script and a complete ICO Software. Moreover, this software is a complete package of token launching solutions. Bdtask builds this software. Also, it is designed by the CodeIgniter framework. As well as JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL files are included in this software. This software has two separate panels- admin panel and customer panel. After all, the ICOWallet is mainly an initial coin offering software with token initialization and six types of payment gateways. Here, you can learn more features of ICO cryptocurrency software that will be very useful for choosing the trading platform.

Features of ICOWallet

  • This software can provide coin setup system
  • It has a multi-language support system
  • You can get package buy and ROI system
  • This software has a users verification system
  • It has 100% responsive website design
  • This system has auto deposit and withdraws by coin payment
  • It has weekly, monthly and yearly investment and ROI system
  • This software can provide currency system
  • It has coin manage system
  • You can understand a clear exchange history by using this software, and so on.

7. Cpocket


Photo courtesy: Codecanyon

Cpocket is mainly a secured cryptocurrency wallet. I TechTheme designs this software. Also, it is developed by the Laravel framework and MySQL. Moreover, this system is integrated with the coin payment gateway, which supports all available cryptocurrencies. Also, the Cpocket software can provide buy coin functionalities by bank deposit and coin payment gateway. As well as, this software can help you to create your currency wallet. 

Features of Cpocket

  • This software can provide a fully responsive system
  • It has an easy signup and sign-in system
  • This software has a security management system
  • You can use the google authentication system in this software
  • It has two-factor authentication login for users
  • This software has a three-level referral system
  • You can get a membership system with this software
  • This software can provide a coin blocking system
  • It has a nice wallet management system
  • You can get a coin deposit system in this software, and many more. 

8. TokenLite 


Photo courtesy: Codecanyon

TokenLite is another cryptocurrency trading platform. Moreover, this software is built by Softnio. It is designed by the Laravel framework and JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL files. After all, the TokenLite software can provide various components and functional features that help manage your business. Using this software, you can customize it according to your requirement. Also, you can get an export option for downloading all the transactions or users list.      

Features of TokenLite

  • This software is a complete package of ICO or STO token sales
  • It can support more than 40 currencies
  • This software has premium, modern and great look UI interface
  • You can get more than five color scheme in this system
  • This system has a users verification feature
  • It can provide a two-factor authentication system
  • This software can support a referral bonus program
  • It has multiple tier base price control systems
  • You can get an email template and admin notification management system
  • This software has a fully responsive and optimized layout and many more.   

Findings of The Top 8 Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

  • Tradebox - Advanced Cryptocurrency Trading Software: Best for safe & secure cryptocurrency trading.  
  • Nishue - Crypto Investment Platform: Best for money lending and investment. 
  • TradeGow - Cryptocurrency Trading Marketplace: Best for creating a marketplace
  • Trademen - Cryptocurrency Marketplace: Best for large enterprises   
  • Tokenbox - Security Token Offering (STO) System: Best for security token offering platform 
  • ICOWallet - Complete Token Launching Solution: Best for initial coin offering system
  • Cpocket - Cryptocurrency Web Wallet: Best for secure payment gateway    
  • TokenLite - ICO/STO Token Management System: Best for ICO/STO token security system.

Why Do You Start Cryptocurrency Trading?

Cryptocurrency trading is the most trending business in the present era. You can directly deal with the digital asset through this business, and you can make your business profitable within a very short period. Moreover, this business process can help to create the biggest platform for earning remotely. 

Cryptocurrency trading is mainly the process of getting profit from cryptocurrencies. There are almost 5392 cryptocurrencies that exist in the trading market, and the total capitalization of the fintech industry is $201bn ( according to April 22, 2020). 

With the crypto trading process, you can buy any crypto at a low price and sell it at a high price, but you need to know some effective trading strategies to earn a profit. Thus, there is high volatility among expert traders, beginner traders, and investors who specialize in this trading process. 

How to Choose The Right Cryptocurrency Exchange Software?

Cryptocurrency trading is one of the challenging businesses in the fintech industry. However, you need an effective cryptocurrency trading platform for smooth and secure transactions. Choosing the best cryptocurrency exchange software, you need to consider the following aspects.


Security is the first and foremost criteria for choosing the right cryptocurrency trading software. Secure trading software helps to reduce any kinds of hacking and data destruction. Before selecting the cryptocurrency trading platform, you need to ensure these facets. 

  • Google authentication or SMS
  • Two-factor authentication system
  • Complex captchas
  • Know-your-customer (KYC) verification
  • Biometric identification 
  • Email or phone verification      


Liquidity is one of the significant terms to choose any cryptocurrency exchange platform. It is mainly a converting process that can convert any asset or security into cash without affecting the market price. Moreover, the trading volume largely depends on liquidity. When your trading volume is high, then you can make your exchange profitable. Thus, you need to ensure the liquidity factor in your trading system. If your system can not handle the liquidity, it won't be very easy to maintain the market price.   


Usability is one of the crucial things for choosing any software. To select the cryptocurrency trading software, you must be considered this criterion. A user-friendly interface helps to enhance the user experience. Sometimes beginner traders can not understand the charts, tables, candlesticks, and more useful information. 

Also, traders and investors are always looking for a usable and accessible system that should be accessible from any smart device. So, it would be helpful if you considered the usability and accessibility of selecting an exchange platform.       

Reputation and Authenticity

For choosing any trading platform, reputation and authenticity are also considerable. There are numerous platforms available, but you need to pick software that has reputation and authenticity. In this circumstance, you need to analyze the review of your chosen system. Also, it is required to ensure the validity of your trading software before buying. 

Exchange Fees and Rates

Sometimes, many systems can not calculate accurate exchange fees and rates that will negatively impact your trading business. When the trading volume is high, then the percentage of the trading fee will be low. But the high trading fees occur when the trading volume is low. Thus, it is an essential factor to determine accurate exchange fees and exchange rates. Before selecting useful cryptocurrency trading software, you need to consider exchange fees and rates.  

Insurance Fund

To assure the security of cryptocurrency exchanges, you need to be careful about the insurance of funds. This feature can ensure to provide funds in case of deception or stealing. Also, you need to maintain some criteria to protect your funds. Those are: 

  • Secured your PC or laptop from antivirus and firewalls
  • Set a strong password to access your account
  • Need to apply encryption method
  • Need to use core wallets 

So, if you want to protect your funds, you need to choose the best and most secure white-label exchange platform that can be able to maintain these criteria.

Customer Support

As a beginner trader or trading platform's owner, you may face several difficulties. The most significant thing is that you are a business entrepreneur, trader, or investor, not a programmer or developer. Thus, it is an undeniable matter to face some technical problems or errors in operating the trading system. To resolve such issues, you need to make sure that you will get 24/7 technical support for any kind of queries and errors in your trading software. So, you need to be conscious of this feature before buying any exchange platform.

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In this article, I tried to provide a comparative analysis of the top 8 white label cryptocurrency exchange software. If you want to purchase any cryptocurrency software, then this article will be very helpful to you. Because you can easily evaluate which software you want to purchase according to your business requirements. As well as, you can understand the features of the top 8 cryptocurrency software. But my assumption is the Tradebox software will be the best cryptocurrency software for your business. 

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

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