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How to Start a Web3 Company: A Step-by-Step Guide

By Abu Hena Mostofa Kamal Last Updated -- Saturday, 2023-10-28
how to start a web3 company

Web3 is the next generation of the internet. It is built on decentralised technologies like blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. Web3 technologies bring innovation opportunities and have the potential to revolutionise many industries. Visionary people are grabbing this opportunity and building Web3 companies to step ahead in the digital world. If you are one of them, this blog is for you. In this blog post, I will provide a step-by-step guide on how to start a Web3 company. I will start by explaining what Web3 development companies are, how they make money and other information to get involved in the Web3 space.

What is A Web3 Company?

Web3 represents the future of the decentralised internet. A Web3 company is a company that builds products or services on the decentralised web. Web3 companies use blockchain technology to create and integrate innovative applications for various industries. These web3 applications are not controlled by any one individual, company, or government. Web 3.0 development companies are often focused on building artificial intelligence-based apps, decentralised finance (DeFi) applications, decentralised autonomous organizations (DAOs), and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Examples of Web3 companies:

Cryptocurrency Exchange Company: Coinbase, Binance, Gemini,, Bitfinex

NFT Marketplace Company: OpenSea, Rarible, NBA Top Shot, Binance, Nifty

DAO Development Company: Uniswap, Aave, Aragon, Compound, BitDAO, Maker

How Do Web3 Companies Make Money?


There is no doubt that Web3 companies can make money if they are strategically established. Web3 development companies have a great opportunity to earn revenue in several ways. They can use different revenue models to generate business revenue. Web3 space is still evolving, and new revenue models may emerge over time. Additionally, regulatory considerations can impact how Web3 development companies can generate revenue.

Here are the top 10 ways Web3 companies can make money:

1. Token Sales: Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are a great way for a Web3 company to earn revenue. You can create your own cryptocurrencies or tokens for your Web3 projects. You can sell these tokens to get investment for your Web3 project. If the project succeeds, the value of these tokens will increase. Public web3 companies offer stock to share ownership. The buyer of web3 companies stock allows the company to raise funds and investors to make a profit. Early investors get the most benefit from ICO and stock holding.

Tokens are often used to govern Web3 projects. Token holders may have the right to vote on decisions about the protocol. They may also be rewarded for participating in governance.

2. Transaction Fees: Transaction fees are another main earning strategy for Web3 companies. Some Web3 platforms charge fees for transactions that occur on their network. For example, blockchain networks like Ethereum charge a small fee for every transaction (known as gas). This fee goes to the miners who validate the transaction.

3. NFT Marketplaces: A trending earning source for a Web3 company is developing NFT marketplaces. You can also start developing NFT marketplaces for clients in your company or establish an NFT project where people can do NFT business. You can charge fees for listing, selling, and buying NFTs. Web3 media companies can sell photos, videos, and music as NFTs. They can take this benefit from Web3 and make money.

4. DeFi (Decentralised Finance): DeFi platforms enable financial services such as lending, borrowing, trading, and more without the need for traditional intermediaries like banks. Web3 fintech companies often generate revenue through fees on these services. You can also start a company and earn money by delivering DeFi solutions. For example, you can create a DeFi platform that allows users to lend and borrow cryptocurrencies.

5. Staking and Yield Farming: Many blockchain projects offer the ability to stake tokens. This involves locking up your tokens for a period of time in exchange for rewards or interest. Yield farming involves providing liquidity to decentralised exchanges and earning rewards in return. You can also make income in Web3 by Staking and Yield Farming. You can provide liquidity to a decentralised exchange that allows users to trade Crypto like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

6. Subscription Models: Offering software as a service (SaaS) is an excellent way to make money online with web3. This earning strategy is equally applicable to Web3 SAAS companies. Many Web3 platforms have already begun providing premium services or content behind a paywall. Subscription systems empower users with additional features, access to exclusive content, and enhanced experiences. You can also start a SaaS-based Web3 company to make money.

For example, Blockchain-based gaming platforms like Axie Infinity offer premium subscriptions that grant players access to exclusive in-game items and experiences. Subscription creates a steady stream of revenue for the Web3 gaming company.

7. Licensing and Royalties: Similar to businesses in the Web 2.0 era, Web3 companies can also monetize through licensing and royalties. In the case of NFTs and digital content creators have the potential to earn royalties whenever their work is resold or used. Companies working on proprietary blockchain technologies or protocols have the opportunity to generate revenue by licensing their technology or custom software to other innovators in the space. Web3 music companies can earn a lot from royalties as content creators use music for their content.

For example, an artist who creates a unique piece of digital art as an NFT can earn a percentage of the sale every time the artwork changes hands. A Web3 company can take this opportunity and generate NFTs with their own artists to start a successful NFT business.

8. Consulting and Development Services: Consulting services are always in demand, even in the rapidly evolving world of Web3. Web 3.0 development companies with expertise in blockchain and other decentralised technologies can offer consulting services to other businesses and organizations that are looking to implement Web3 solutions. For example, a Web3 consulting company can help a business develop a Web3 strategy, design and implement Web3 applications, and integrate Web3 technologies into existing systems.

Web3 technology-based software development services also offer the opportunity to generate revenue. Web3 companies can develop and sell software products and services to other businesses and organizations, as well as to individual consumers. For example, a Web3 software development company can develop Blockchain-based wallets and payment systems to make money. A Web3 game development company can develop games and earn money.

9. Partnerships and Collaborations: Partnerships and collaborations can be a great way for Web3 projects to grow and succeed. Web3 projects can partner with other companies or platforms for mutual benefit. This can involve revenue-sharing agreements, joint ventures, or cross-promotions.

For example, a Web3 project can partner with a traditional company to provide a new software or service. The Web3 project will provide the technology and expertise, while the traditional company can provide the marketing and distribution channels. This allows both companies to reach a wider audience and grow their businesses.

A Web3 company can collaborate with another Web3 company to develop new solutions. This will allow both projects to share resources and expertise. The collaboration helps to create a product or service that is more powerful and user-friendly than either project can create on its own.

10. Advertising and Sponsorships: Web3 platforms with a large user base or community can generate revenue through advertising, sponsorships, or collaborations with other companies or projects. Web3 marketing company can make a profit by marketing other Web3 business.  This revenue model can be mutually beneficial for both the Web3 platform and its partners. The platform can generate revenue and provide value to its users. On the other hand, the partners can reach their target audience and promote their software or services.


  • A popular Web3 social media platform can sell advertising space to businesses that want to reach their target audience.
  • A Web3 gaming platform can partner with a cryptocurrency exchange to offer exclusive rewards to players who use the exchange.
  • A Web3 metaverse platform can collaborate with a fashion brand to create a virtual pop-up store.

How To Start A Web3 Company - 10 Steps

Web3 companies have the potential to transform the way we use the internet. Many innovative Web 3.0 companies are leaving their mark in this area. If you want to be one of the top web3 companies, you should know the proper way to start a Web3 company.


Here are the 10 steps to start a Web3 company-

1. Understand The Web3 Technology

The first step to starting a Web3 company is understanding the Web3 technology. Web3 is a new and exciting technology with the potential to revolutionise the internet. It is designed to be more open, secure, and user-friendly than the current web. If you are interested in building a Web 3.0 company, you should learn about the key principles of Web3. Some of the key principles of Web3 include decentralisation, trustless verification, and censorship resistance. The main elements of Web3 are Blockchains, NFT, Cryptocurrency, Smart Contracts, and Oracles. You should gain knowledge about these elements.

Some examples of successful Web3 projects are Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Decentraland. These projects have demonstrated the potential of Web3 to create unique web applications.

The advantages of building a Web3 company are -

  • The potential to create unique applications that are not possible with the current web.
  • It can reach a global audience without the need for intermediaries.
  • The ability to build trustless and censorship-resistant applications.

So, if you are really interested in building a Web3 development company, now is the time to get started. 

2. Do Market Research and Generate Ideas

After gaining a good knowledge about Web3, start doing market research and ideation to start a web3 company. Learn how other trendy companies are involved in the Web3 ecosystem.

You have to identify the potential niches and industries where Web3 can create a meaningful impact. For example, Web3 website can be used to improve the efficiency of supply chains. You can offer more secure and transparent financial transactions through your Web 3.0 company.

One of the most crucial parts of starting a Web 3.0 company is analysing the existing market trends, competitors, and potential user bases. This research will help you to understand the challenges and opportunities in the Web 3.0 market. It will also help to develop a product or service that is likely to be successful. So, be careful of the perfect Web3 market analysis.

Gathering knowledge helps to generate ideas. Google for web3 updates to read new content on the web. Take your time to brainstorm innovative ideas for Web3 apps or services. If you can come up with new and innovative ways to use Web3 technology, you can see success in your company. You must do a proper analysis of your Web3 app ideas before implementation.

3. Build a Strong Web3 Team

After analysing the market, it is time to implement your Web3 project idea. You have to build a diverse and skilled team for your Web3 venture. The key roles and responsibilities of the team for your Web 3.0 company include blockchain developers, smart contract developers, UI/UX designers, marketing experts, and more. You will need Blockchain developers to develop and maintain the blockchain infrastructure. You will also need Smart contract developers to develop and maintain the smart contracts that run on the blockchain. Your UI/UX designers will design the user interface and user experience of the Web3 application. Obviously, you will need marketing experts for marketing and promoting the Web3 app.

Try to recruit and retain the top talent in the Web3 market. Offer competitive salaries, benefits, and opportunities for growth so that your recruitment posts are on the top web3 jobs. It is also important to create a positive and inclusive work environment. You should promote your Web3 company as a place where creative people can make a difference.

4. Develop a Unique Value Proposition

The next important step to start your Web3 company is to develop a Unique Value Proposition (UVP). A UVP is a statement that summarises what makes a company or product different from its competitors. A strong UVP can help a company stand out from the competition and attract new customers.

Consider these when developing a UVP for a Web3 company-

  • What makes your Web 3.0 company different from others in the market?
  • How does your Web3 platform align with Web3 principles?
  • What specific pain points does your Web3 company address in your target industry?

Once you have considered these factors, you can start to develop your UVP. Be sure to keep it clear, concise, and easy to understand. You should also make sure that it aligns with your new company's overall strategy and goals.

Examples of strong UVPs:

"Google: The world's information at your fingertips."

"Apple: Think different."

"Nike: Just do it."

5. Choose the Right Blockchain Platform

Choosing the right Blockchain platform is another important step you should consider while starting a Web3 company. You can pick various blockchain platforms for various projects, but choose a suitable one that aligns with your company goal now.

Important factors  to consider while choosing the blockchain platform -  

  • Scalability: The platform should be able to handle the expected volume of transactions and users.
  • Security: The platform should be secure against cyber attacks.
  • Community support: The platform should have a strong community of developers and users.
  • Development environment: The platform should have a well-documented development environment.

Some popular blockchain platforms include Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polkadot. For general purposes, it is better to choose Ethereum as the blockchain platform. It is also well-suited for complex web3 software development. You can choose the Binance Smart Chain blockchain platform for decentralised finance applications. To connect different blockchains, you can use Polkadot.

6. Design and Develop the Web3 Application

Once you have chosen a blockchain platform, you will need to set up the necessary development environment. This setup includes installing the software development kit (SDK) and other tools required to develop Web 3.0 applications on the platform.

The essential steps for designing and developing a Web3 application:

  • Wireframing and designing the user interface (UI).
  • Choosing the appropriate development tools and frameworks.
  • Implementing smart contracts, decentralised databases, and other necessary components.

The UI should be designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. The development tools and frameworks should be chosen based on the specific needs of the application. Consider what type of data and how much security is needed for the Web3 application. To ensure the security and reliability of the Web 3.0 program, implement Smart contracts, decentralised databases, and other necessary components.

You should use popular UI frameworks for your Web3 applications like React, Vue.js, and Angular. Use reliable development tools for Web3 apps like Solidity, Truffle, and Web3.js. For smart contract platforms, you can choose Ethereum, EOS or Tezos. For your decentralised databases, use the most popular ones, such as IPFS and Storj. If you can ensure the usage of all the best tools for your Web3 solution design and development, you will reach near the success of the company.

7. Test Your Web3 Solution

Testing is essential to ensure the reliability and security of Web3 applications. You should do static analysis, dynamic analysis, and manual review. Make sure all the data is secured by using encryption, access control, and data masking. The testing step has a great impact on being one of the best web3 companies.

Regularly monitor the Web3 program for security vulnerabilities and respond to security incidents promptly. It is important to do penetration testing to find out the potential vulnerabilities and breaches. You should also have incident response planning and insurance for your blockchain company. Use a secure software development lifecycle (SDLC) for the best practice in your Web 3.0 company. You can also get help from other Web3 security companies. If you can follow the best security practices, you can reduce the risk of security incidents and protect your Web3 company.

8. Maintain Compliance and Legal Considerations

Web3 is a very evolving technology. A Web3 company need to carefully navigate legal and compliance issues to stay in the market. There are many compliance and legal considerations that you need to be aware of to run a Web 3.0 development company.

Some key compliance and legal considerations to run a Web 3.0 company are -

Regulatory compliance: You need to ensure that your company is compliant with all applicable laws and regulations of data privacy, financial services, securities and others. You should maintain laws and regulations in the jurisdictions in which you operate and in the jurisdictions in which your users are located. Some of the key laws and regulations that Web3 businesses need to be aware of include the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Travel Rule, and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations.

Intellectual property: You need to protect your intellectual property rights, such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights. You can protect intellectual property rights by filing necessary documents in the respective authority office online or offline. You can also use blockchain technology to track and manage your intellectual property.

Governance structures: You need to establish appropriate governance structures to ensure that your Web 3.0 company runs responsibly and ethically. You can establish appropriate governance structures by creating a board of directors, appointing a chief compliance officer, and implementing a code of conduct.

Take your time to understand and address necessary compliance and legal considerations before starting your Web3 company. Also, keep yourself updated with the updated legal considerations to protect your Web3 tech company and its customers.

9. Launch and Market Your Web3 Company

After developing the Web3 solutions with proper compliance, it is time to launch the Web3 company. Launching is a complex process that requires careful planning and execution. You should identify your target audience and understand their needs while creating the launching plan. You should also develop a clear message and tone for your marketing materials. Also, ensure the proper Web3 support from the beginning.

The first step is to create a pre-launch marketing strategy to build anticipation and attract early users. This can be done through a variety of channels, such as social media, influencer marketing, and public relations. Once your company is launched, you will need to continue to market it to attract new users and grow your business. Some effective strategies for generating buzz within the Web3 community include attending conferences, participating in hackathons, and running online giveaways. You can also leverage digital marketing strategy to reach a wider audience. For example, you could partner with influencers in the Web3 space to promote your company or solutions.

10. Build a Community and Scale The Company

The final step to starting a Web 3.0 company is building a community and scaling. This phase is essential for a Web 3.0 development company's success. You should establish a strong online presence through social media, forums, and community platforms. Some popular social media platforms for Web3 companies are Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. Use popular forums like Reddit, Hacker News, and Stack Overflow to engage with the Web3 community. This activity will help you connect with potential customers and partners. You should engage with early adopters and gather feedback for improvements. This engagement will help you refine your web3 software or service and make it more appealing to users.

You should develop proper strategies for scaling your web3 business. This strategy may include hiring new employees, expanding into new markets, or partnering with other companies. This scaling will help you reach more users and grow your web3 company.


Starting a Web 3.0 business is a very good move in the digital world. As an innovative person, you should take the opportunity to be one of the leading Web3 entrepreneurs. This step-by-step guide on how to start a Web3 company will surely help you use your time and money wisely. You should stay up-to-date with the Web3 world so that you can adapt to any changes by adjusting your business model and strategy. You should also take feedback from people who are really interested in your work. Make necessary updates based on research and development, as well as the users of your software or services. You can also collaborate with others to increase your knowledge and company exposure. Starting a business has risks, and Web3 is no exception. You should take calculated risks, work hard, and be patient. Hopefully, you will see success and your company will be one of the best web3 companies.

Happy Web3 company building!

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