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Top 15 Prominent Types of Healthcare Software with Some Exclusive Features!!!

By Mahmuda Akter Isha Last Updated -- Tuesday, 2021-09-21
 Types of Healthcare Software

Do you know what kind of revolution has occurred in the past few decades in the medical field? There have occurred massive changes and that’s absolutely positive changes in the healthcare industry. This revolution gives a new dimension and creates a positive impact for both doctors and patients. Through this revolution, there are myriad types of healthcare software that have been invented that give extra mileage to the medical industry. 

According to the analysis of Meticulous Research, 

“It has been predicted that the compound annual growth rate will be 13.8%  and the economical value will be reached at around $511.06 billion from 2019 to 2027.”


Feeling curious to learn about the types of healthcare software? If so, your curiosity will be minimized through this article because I will provide a brief discussion of the top 15 types of healthcare software. So, let’s start with the main focusing part of this content.                                

What Is Healthcare Software?

Healthcare software refers to a computerized tool that can be able to manage various aspects in the medical field through a centralized database such as keeping electronic health records, accumulate patient information, maintain clinical documents and notes, manage medication lists, track all financial records, and so on. 

Moreover, you will get several types of healthcare software systems and can select any of them according to your business requirements. Also, the features and functionalities will vary based on the types of medical software. So, the healthcare software solutions provide a complete package to manage your medical organization effectively and automatically.   

Top 15 Blooming Types of Healthcare Software in the Current Medical Industry

The medical industry is a vast field and it has occurred in a great revolution in the present technology-dependent world. This field is being managed through several kinds of automated software which are a blessing to the nation.

In this section, you will get a comprehensive list of the top 15 healthcare software that can be able to operate your medical organization easily and smoothly. So, check out this list and grab your desired one. 

Hospital Management Software

Hospital Management Software

Hospital management software is an exclusive type that can assist to manage the entire working process in your medical organization. Moreover, it can be able to manage the overall activities as well as to improve the structure and quality of services.  

This Healthcare management system has been used in various medical fields to operate several kinds of administrative tasks such as doctor management, patient management, appointment management, prescription handling, billing system, human resource management, and so on.

Also, it can assist the operator to manage various services like insurance facilities, bed management, and more. In this regard, there are various hospital organizations such as physicians, medical organizations, and clinics that can be able to use this software to conduct their entire activities.

Moreover, it can ensure a smooth interaction between doctors and patients through a well-organized management system. Most significantly, it can help to reduce human errors and ensure an accurate service that will enhance the profitability of your business.

Examples: Hospital Automanager, Hospital, and more.    

Hospital Management Software

Features of Healthcare Management Software

  • Integrated with OPD & IPD
  • Appointment & scheduling system 
  • Hospital activities management system
  • Financial management 
  • Integrated with a responsive website 
  • Provides entire reports, and so on. 

Healthcare Billing Software

If you want to automate your hospital billing process, you must need healthcare billing software. This software system can provide secure and accurate transaction facilities within a centralized database. Moreover, it can allow the operators to check all transactions, keep track of patient invoices, and monitor payment processes just within a few clicks.

Besides, it will help to enhance the customer’s satisfaction by providing a smooth and quick service. The most significant advantage is that you can operate such a system from anywhere and anytime. 

On the other hand, it’s a very usual but massive thing when you handle the entire billing process manually, there are huge chances for any mistake to occur. To resolve such kinds of difficulties, you can integrate healthcare billing software that will assist you to manage the entire accounts department in your medical organization.

Examples: Hospital Automanager, Hospital, and more

Features of Healthcare Billing Software

  • Appointment management system 
  • Patient pre-registration system 
  • Provides encryption and security system 
  • Allows credit card payment system 
  • Provides medical claim management 
  • Allows patient information, and so on.  

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software

It’s very essential to keep a health record of all patients, and if you provide such kinds of facilities, it will be very convenient for both doctors and patients as well. Without any automated system, it is totally impossible to store all health records accurately. 

In this regard, you need to adopt electronic health record (EHR) software that will assist you to store all necessary data and patient information for further use. Also, it can allow the users to store patients information, clinical data, medical charts, transactional records in a centralized database. 

Moreover, the EHR software can be able to ensure a secure system that can protect every single piece of information from any kind of hacking or threats. The most significant advantage of electronic health record software is that it can allow practitioners to retrieve any required information easily. Also, this software allows the patients to access their medical records, consultation history, medication lists, and so on.

Examples: Praxis EMR, eClinicalWorks, Meditech, and more.   

Features of EHR Software

  • Integrated with AI-based smart analytic tools 
  • Allows to store patient medication history
  • Allows to make treatment plans 
  • IT management system 
  • Provides task management system 
  • Effective patient scheduling, and more.  

E-Prescription Software

E-Prescription Software

If you have any medical organization, you need to properly manage the prescriptions. Moreover, this one is one of the most significant factors which will ensure a smooth workflow in your entire business process. To do this, you have to adopt a dynamic system that can be able to handle the entire prescription management-related activities successfully.

This software allows making an automated prescription according to the doctor’s direction. Since the system can be able to generate the prescription, there is no need to write the prescription at the hand of the doctors. Therefore, this process can save the doctors and patients time as well.

Also, the most significant advantage of e-prescription software is that it creates a direct connection with the pharmacies. So, the patients can easily purchase their required medicines and other necessary medications through this medical software.

Examples: G - Prescription, Kareo Clinical, MDToolbox e-Prescribing, and more.      

Features of E-Prescription Software

  • Integrated with an electronic patient card 
  • Easy to observe all medication history 
  • Supports electronic prior authorization (e-PA)
  • Ensure patient safety to minimize errors 
  • Provides cost-effective medication system
  • Integrated with APPRISS for checking PMDP   

Healthcare Accounting Software

Sometimes it will be very difficult to calculate all financial records accurately within a very short period. To resolve such kinds of issues, you need to integrate an automated system that will assist you to manage your entire accounts department successfully.

In this regard, you can adopt healthcare accounting software to optimize your working process and minimize errors. Also, this automated tool can be able to reduce staffing costs as well as helps to monitor the overall transactional history automatically. 

The most significant advantage of this software is that it can allow the monitoring of the entire accounts charts, revenue, and expenses. Also, the healthcare accounting software allows the user to access real-time metrics that will help to manipulate the progress of your medical business.

Examples: QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, Dynamics 365, Wave Accounting, and more.          

Features of Healthcare Accounting Software

  • Ensure smooth management in patient’s accounts and transactions
  • Integrated will include all kinds of billing functions such as account payable, account receivable, general ledger, and so on.
  • Provides payroll and monitoring system 
  • Patient scheduling system 
  • Allows EMR or EHR system
  • Provides basic or advanced billing system  

Medical Diagnosis Software

Medical diagnosis software has been developed to improve a better service in the diagnosis center. In this software, you will recognize the blessing of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology because it has been developed through this technology.

Moreover, this software helps the doctors to detect the problems by observing the symptoms easily. Also, it can allow the practitioners to manage the medical diagnosis process effectively. Since the medical diagnosis software is developed by AI technology, it can ensure maximum accuracy in diagnosis results. 

The medical diagnosis software plays a significant role in the COVID-19 pandemic situation. With this software, you can be able to improve the patient experience as well as it will help you to create a smooth connection between the patients and the diagnosis center.

Examples: Folio3.Ai, Esaote, Euroimmun, and so on.   

Features of Medical Diagnosis Software

  • Allows to manage the demographic files of patients
  • Helps to manage clinical documents and notes 
  • Keep a record of patients’ histories and medication 
  • Effective lab management system
  • Allows online payment system 
  • Integrated with image analysis and predictive analytics system   

Medical Research Software

There are various automated tools available that will help medical specialists to research in the medical field. Medical research software can be able to provide accurate research literature reviews that will assist the practitioners to examine the patients and apply proper treatment.

Moreover, this software allows the practitioners to improve their services by providing some innovative ideas. With this software, the doctors can be able to add a valid reference in the patient files which may create a great impact in the field of medical research. 

The medical research software helps the medical specialist to invent something new in this field by conducting in-depth analysis and implementing the concept of machine learning and AI technologies. So, this software can help to create a new dimension of the medical field by innovating new approaches.

Examples: PubMed, HubMed, MEDLINE, and so on.       

Features of Medical Research Software

  • Integrated with data management and analysis tools 
  • Allows cancer research, molecular biography, clinical analysis, phylogeny, and so on
  • Most of the medical research software allows a meta-analysis 
  • Provides data type identification system 
  • Supports variable assignment, coding, case selection, and so on 
  • Provides survival analysis, probability models, and more. 

Healthcare CRM Software

For any business, it is very essential to build a smooth relationship between customers and organizations. If you have a medical organization, you need to integrate healthcare CRM software to ensure uninterrupted service to the customers. 

With this software, you can easily understand the patient’s behavior, demands, and needs. Also, it can be able to manage various administrative tasks such as patient contact information, contact history, insurance system, billing history, and so on. 

Moreover, this software provides effective tracking that will assist to observe the overall performance of your medical organization. Most significantly, you can maintain your entire system in a single centralized database. Also, the operators can update the patient’s details when it is required through this automated system.

Examples: Veeva CRM, HC1 Healthcare CRM, VerioMed, and more.                 

Features of Healthcare CRM Software

  • Appointment reminders system 
  • Provides centralized patients information system 
  • Allows patient information system 
  • Easy to observe the patient medical history, details, and documents
  • Effective contact management 
  • Pipeline management system, and so on.  

Healthcare Analytics Software

To conduct your medical organization successfully, you must need a massive amount of data. It is one of the precious assets for not only the medical sector but also other fields. Thus, it is the most significant factor to analyze the data to get some effective information. In this regard, you need healthcare analytics software that will assist to purify the data for further processing. 

Moreover, this software helps to improve service quality and a better service definitely will increase your business revenue. Also, it can be able to collect all required data that will assist you to analyze significant insights and other aspects. 

The most notable advantage of this software is that it can help you to maintain patient care scheduling, the billing process, and so on. Also, the doctors can come up with predictive analysis through this software and that will be protective to the patients.  So, the medical specialist can predict the upcoming epidemic and pandemic through collecting and analyzing data by using this software.

Examples: UpToDate, Definitive Healthcare, Cerner CareTracker, and more.     

Features of Healthcare Analytics Software

  • Ensure patient satisfaction 
  • Helps to make better decisions by analyzing various KPIs
  • Allows to create smooth coordination and communication
  • Provides an effective data visualization system  
  • Allows real-time patient monitoring and tracking of medical products
  • Integrated with the financial management system, and more.    

Medical Database Software

Medical database software is quite similar to the EHR software but the main difference between these two types is that the medical database software stores patient’s historical and treatment plans, not the patient’s profiles. Thus, the database software can help to categorize the disease, as a result, the doctors can quickly start the necessary treatment.

Moreover, this software can be able to keep medical records, provide medication, maintain disease diagnosis, and so on. Also, you can operate your medical organization through this software from anywhere and anytime because it is managed via Cloud storage.

Most significantly, you can customize the entire system according to your preferences that will enhance your usability and you can provide a better service to the patients. So, the medical database software assists doctors and practitioners to make an effective clinical decision by analyzing the patient’s case records.

Examples: Athenahealth, Attunity, Jitterbit, Informatica, and more.    

Features of Medical Database Software

  • Integrated with a centralized database 
  • Ensure enough security
  • Helps to make a more accurate and quicker clinical decision
  • Integrated with both patient scheduling & billing 
  • Provides a remote telemedicine session 
  • Automated synchronizing in medical records  

Telemedicine Software

Telemedicine Software

In the COVID-19 situation, it is almost impossible to go to the hospital and consult with the doctors. If the COVID patient goes to the hospital to take treatment without any precautions, there will be huge chances to spread the disease. In this circumstance, it will be better if you take treatment without going to the hospital. 

To resolve such kinds of activities, you can integrate telemedicine software that will provide dynamic service to the patient. Also, this software allows the patient to consult with the doctors online as well as you can provide an effective service that will be easily accessible for all patients.

Moreover, this software allows you to provide online medical treatment, medication, consultation, and more. Also, this software has been integrated with the EHR, billing system, and e-prescription system that will make the entire activities so smooth and effective.

Examples: Mend, Doxy Me,  ZingTree, AMC Health, and more.       

Features of Telemedicine Software

  • Provides cloud-based data storage system
  • Allows video conferencing and voice calling system
  • Appointment booking system
  • Integrated with chatbot system & medication tracker 
  • Allows online payment & supports multiple payment gateways
  • Provides individual patient profiles and so on.  

Appointment Scheduling Software

The most significant factor in the medical organization is to handle the appointment booking system. If you manage the appointment booking process manually, it will be very time-consuming and expensive because you need to hire a huge number of employees to manage such kinds of activities. 

But you can reduce such kinds of difficulties by adopting appointment scheduling software. This software allows the practitioners to automatically handle the appointment booking process. Also, it helps to reduce appointment friction, management hassle, and so on. 

The most significant advantage of this system is that it can be able to ensure a smooth scheduling process that will minimize the waiting time of the patients. This system will be also convenient for the patients because they can take appointments from anywhere and anytime. 

In this software, the patient just needs to register, and then they can complete the appointment booking process. So, the appointment scheduling software will not only be the best assistance for the owners but also the patients as well. 

Examples: Doctorss, Calendar, Square Appointments, Appointlet, and so on.      

Features of Appointment Scheduling Software

  • Allows SMS and email notification system
  • Provides appointment reminding system
  • Allows to update contact information 
  • Integrated with team zone management
  • Customer and staff scheduling system
  • Calendar management system and so on.  

Medical Equipment Management Software

Medical equipment management software is another exclusive type of healthcare software that will assist the operators to organize all essential medical equipment. It can assist the practitioners to maintain the necessary equipment easily and in an organized way.

Also, the medical equipment management software can be able to provide various functionalities such as checking equipment history, maintaining service contracts, and so on. Through this software, the operators can manage several medical pieces of equipment such as X-Ray machines, Ventilators, CT Scanners, and more.

Examples:  mymediset, Sortly, Fishbowl, QuickBooks Online, and more.          

Features of Medical Equipment Management Software

  • Provides preventative maintenance system 
  • Allows purchase and order management 
  • Generates accurate reports
  • Inventory management system 
  • Allows to maintain equipment repairing
  • Effective document management system, and more.  

Personal Health Record Software

According to the revolution of the medical field, another useful healthcare software system has been invented namely personal health record software. This software allows the users to keep medical records of themselves and their family members as well. 

This system can allow the patient to monitor the entire health records easily and at any time. Thus, this software provides an effective health checking system that will save the time of the patients as well as enhance the patient’s experience through the user-friendly interface.

Moreover, the personal health record software provides some optimization tools that can help the patients to observe their health condition. Also, it can assist to easily understand the health problems, and according to this record, the patient can start to take proper treatment.

Examples: Tulipa app, Sage X3, NetSuite, Megaventory, and so on.     

Features of Personal Health Record Software

  • Integrated with an expense tracking system
  • Centralized document management system 
  • Provides laboratory test results
  • Allows to keep prescription records
  • Allows effective observation of daily living 
  • Providing imaging reports and so on. 

Medical Imaging Software

The most significant type of healthcare software is medical imaging software. This software can be able to provide various scanning reports such as MRI, CT, and PET reports in a 3D model. Also, it allows the practitioners to manage the entire workflow and patient images. 

Moreover, the medical imaging software can assist medical professionals to build human anatomy 3D modeling that will be very effective before starting the treatment. Also, it can allow printing medical equipment or human body parts, as well as, this software can be able to process and manipulate PACS images. 

The most significant advantage of this software is that you may get various specialty packages that will assist the medical professionals to design easily for any treatment. To get such kinds of facilities, you just need to integrate the ideal package according to your requirements.

Examples: Ambra Health, Intelligent Medical Software, ProtonPACS, and more. 

Features of Medical Imagine Software

  • Integrated with 3D image visualization tools
  • Allows DCOM or non DICOM data processing system
  • Provides VNA image archiving system
  • Incorporate with enterprise content management (ECM)
  • Provides business intelligence systems for data analytics, and more. 

Modernize Your Healthcare Organization with the Blessing of the Medical Revolution!!!

In this context, the most obvious question will be raised in your mind which is, HOW?

If I answer your question, then my simple answer will be with the help of healthcare management software. But if you read this article thoroughly, you have already realized the answer. Here, I have explained the most prominent types of healthcare management software which will assist you to operate your healthcare institutions automatically. 

Also, these types of medical software ensure the maximum accuracy of your healthcare institutions. Moreover, it can be able to provide various exclusive features that will assist the operators to manage several aspects effectively. 

Curious to Know How Healthcare Software Assists to Renovate Your Medical Institution?

Here, I would try to point out some efficacious factors which have been ensured by using the perfect medical software. 

  • The patient management system helps to enhance the patient’s experience
  • Helps to build an effective trio communication system between doctors, patients, and medical organization
  • Enhance the security and maintenance capabilities 
  • Provides smooth coordination and management 
  • Helps to conduct better research and analysis through analytics tools
  • Ensure an easy and quick appointment booking system 
  • Easy to handle all essential clinical documents and appointments 
  • Generates accurate reports that will assist to make an effective decision
  • Provides a flexible and convenient system for both patients doctors
  • All in all, it will ensure to increase your business profitability     

Around 95% of Workload Will Be Reduced by Integrating a Healthcare Software System in Your Medical Organization

Healthcare technologies can be able to ensure a complete hospital management system. In every sector of the medical industry, you can integrate the required automation system which will provide a smart and dynamic structure to operate your healthcare organization.

According to market research,

“The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of the healthcare IT industry is around 12.5% and it has been predicted that the revenue will reach almost $192,639 million by 2026.” 


If you adopt any automated system, it will reduce your extra cost, and there is no need to hire enormous manpower to manage various aspects of your organization. Rather you just need one or two people to operate the entire system. Also, you can specify the role to the individuals that will ensure an organized process to handle the entire mechanism, as a result, it will increase the profitability. 

Choose Your Required Healthcare Software at a Limited Cost & Achieve a Massive Outcome!!!

From my discussion, you have been informed about the top 15 types of healthcare technologies, but all of them may not be perfect for your healthcare organization. 

Suppose, if you want to manage the diagnosis process of your medical, then you must need to buy a diagnosis software. In this case, if you integrate telemedicine software that will not be compatible with your organization. Thus, it’s very crucial to choose the appropriate software type for your healthcare organization. 

In this regard, before choosing any medical software, you need to be clear about your requirements, then you can pick out any healthcare software system based on the type of your medical organization.

For example, if you want to manage your hospital’s overall activities with a lot of dynamic features, you can check out Hospital Automanager Software or Hospital Software. 

So, you can select any type of healthcare management software based on the category and requirements of your medical institution.

Hospital Management Software     

Closing Speech

Though there are numerous types of healthcare software, here I have illustrated the top 15 types which are commonly used in the medical organization. Through this article, you can easily understand the purposes and features of such kinds of medical software. 

In fact, it will be a very primary concern before choosing any healthcare software solution for your organization. I think you have realized the A to Z of various healthcare management software from this article. 

Now, it’s time to grab your suitable one and build an automated hospital with the favor of healthcare technologies.     

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