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Where To Buy DagCoin & How To Buy DagCoin - Complete Guide!

By Sumaiya Simran Last Updated -- Wednesday, 2024-01-10
Where To Buy DagCoin & How To Buy DagCoin

Dagcoin, “what is Dagcoin?”, “where to buy Dagcoin?” and “how to buy Dagcoin?” Let's find out. 
Dagcoin is another digital currency created by the DAG chain ecosystem. Now the most trendy coin in the cryptomarket. Aim to take the position of fiat currency, consecutively boost up the speed of the transaction process, and try to make it less restricted and complicated. 

The purpose of the Dagcoin is to be used for daily transactions or business purposes too; anywhere, anytime just within 30 seconds. 

Furthermore, some secondary sources such as have confirmed that Dagcoin brought a huge change in the financial market, “how so!!”, recently, it has come to the attention that “paper money is losing its value because of increasing the price of goods and services”.

Indeed, sooner and later, Daycoin will take over globally and people will consider Dagcoin as a regular currency in every step of life. 

The Perfect Understanding Of What Is DagCoin?

Before you figure out where & how to buy Dagcoin, first you have to understand; “what is Dagcoin?”.

Already there are many different types of cryptocurrencies or digital coins in the blockchain industry, yet new ones are being invented every other day and Dagcoin is another newly created cryptocurrency in this industry. 

Dagcoin-a cryptocurrency generated in DAG chain technology and the full form of DAG is Directed Acyclic Graph. The factor which makes Dagcoin so unique from other cryptos is that Dagcoin is made only for usage, not for trading purposes; exactly like paper money. 

Using Dagcoin may have many benefits too compared to other established cryptocurrencies: such as 

  • Low or no transaction fees for sending Dag
  • Instant transaction of Dagcoin
  • Easily accessible for transaction; which means no one can access, freeze, or limit your wallet
  • Have government license for crypto
  • Strictly follow KYC and AML regulations to eliminate any illegal transactions. 

Appropriate Usage Of Dagcoin: Where Can You Use Dagcoin?

Approximately more than 200,000 people are now using Dagcoin for their own purpose. Just within 30 seconds, Dagcoin users can make any payment, anytime from anywhere in the world. 

Besides the interesting fact of this Dagcoin is that users can spend or invest this crypto to friends and relatives, almost instantly, to any part of the world, at any time. 

In addition, with Dagcoin, you can process any transaction over online or an essential online purchase with a faster payment procedure. 

Some secondary sources like: confirmed that Dagcoin will soon be a natural virtual currency, it’s that easy for usage, safe and secure; absolutely no chance of theft and fraud. 

Follow Perfect Direction: Where To Buy A DagCoin?

Buying, selling, and exchanging any crypto is one big complicated matter to deal with; even the experts sometimes do suffer while dealing with cryptocurrency. 

And in case of newbies in this blockchain industry, suffers a lot just because of not having proper knowledge about “where to buy a Dagcoin?” and “how to buy a Dagcoin?” 

Hence, this blog can work as a roadmap, both for the experts and the newcomers. 

Let’s discuss the main point, “Where to buy dag coin?” or “Who sells Dag coin?”. 

To buy, sell and exchange day, first you need to choose a marketplace. Questions may arise to mind; “what and which marketplace?”

The answer to the question is that a marketplace is a place where you can easily buy, sell and exchange your Dagcoin or any other cryptocurrency. And to give more light to this tangle concept, you first need to select a marketplace from, based on your preference and convenience.

List of Crypto Exchange Marketplace: Where To Buy Dagcoin?

If you’re seeking a successful cryptocurrency platform exchange platform to buy, sell and exchange Dagcoin, the most initial step the Dagcoin users could take is to choose a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Below I have mentioned some of the popular crypto exchange platforms to buy, sell and exchange Dagcoin:

Where to buy Dagcoin


Kucoin is a cryptocurrency exchange platform, established in September 2017. This cryptocurrency marketplace is also known as a “peoples exchange platform” and efficiently provides 24/7 customer service with multi-language facilities. 

Kucoin holds more than 8 million registered users covering 207 countries, moreover strongly supports more than 420+projects with 790+trading pairs. 

Kucoin buy, sell and exchange platform provides a smooth service to the users to conduct the virtual transaction, and supports multiple market pairs such as BTC, ETH, and USDT to buy, sell and exchange Dag coin. 


HitBTC is an exchange platform, established in 2013, that supports more than 800+ trading pairs.HitBTC is also called the most advanced bitcoin exchange platform and offers a variety of APIs; for instance WebSocket, REST, or FIX API, etc.  

HitBTC is integrated with a trading fee tier system so that it gets easier for sophisticated users to enjoy the advantage of rebates and competitive trading fees. Moreover, HitBTC; a crypto exchange platform comes up with the strongest encryption technology for example stringent security and 2-factor authentication. 

The HitBTC exchange platform, evidently, eliminates the latency of data access while operated by the users; both the individual users and corporate clients. And if you want to buy, sell, and exchange 

Dag coin through the HitBTC exchange platform, then let me inform you HitBTC only supports BTC market pairs. 

LCX Exchange 

LCX exchange is another cryptocurrency exchange platform, established in 2018. The full form LCX exchange platform is the Liechtenstein crypto asset exchange, LCX indeed is a secure platform to buy, sell and exchange various virtual currencies. 

In addition, a Blockchain research institute of Canada has named the LCX exchange platform as a blockchain pioneer and also made this crypto-platform a World Economic Forum. 

Surely, LCX exchange is an advanced crypto marketplace, and strongly supports LCX terminal, and the price range is set by oracles, crypto reference price, and use end to end tokenization platform for security tokens. 

Moreover, secondary sources such as suggested that LCX token is the core fuel of; LCX’s crypto exchange platform. Many stakeholders find the LCX token is a sustainable and trustable exchange platform and also allows the users a reduction of 50% trading fees for digital asset exchange. The LCX exchange platform also supports ETH and LCX market pairs to trade Dagcoin.


One of the trusted and reliable cryptocurrency exchange platforms to buy, sell and exchange Dagcoin. Why is SwipeX so trusted??; because it holds an official license, shares smart technical analysis with the users, low/zero commission fees, best the highest security to the users. 

By using the SwipeX exchange platform, users can trade by using euros, Dagcoin, and also bitcoin with very few commission fees. 

SwipeX is proven to be some of the most reliable sources to buy, sell, and exchange and get any service, with no barrier for the transaction, anytime and anywhere. From the beginning of the SwipeX journey, they are always in the role of continuous improvement of interface and user experience.

Trusted Place To Buy, Sell, Swap, or Exchange Your Dagcoin 

Apart from many crypto exchange marketplace, through which you can deal Dagcoin easily, but still, there is some trusted and handy source, using which you can quickly deal any transaction or payment procedure. In short; make the Dag coin users life a little easier than faster.   

Dag Wallet 

Dag Wallet is one of the most fundamental free applications, using which Dagcoin users all over the world can send, receive or exchange the Dagcoin to friends/family or can use for shopping. 

The users just have to set the amount or number and click “send”, and as mentioned above;  the transaction will happen within 30seconds. Without the Dagcoin users permission, no one else can access the Dag wallet and in case a user lost the device, then users can easily recover the Dag Wallet easily. 

Dag Wallet is made by keeping in mind the usability of end-users and customized based on the community feedback. Dag Wallet can be used both on the computer and mobile devices, you just need to create an account and log in with any preferable browser. 


“Dag coin”, “Dagpay”, or “Dag Wallet” all are interconnected with each other. To process Dag Wallet, you need Dagpay, because Dagpay is a payment gateway, used by the merchant to accept payment in exchange for goods and services. 

Dagpay plays a major part to keep track of every financial detail and overview of the transaction. Besides Dagpay, every individual or entrepreneur, whoever signup in Dagpay will get a professional personal web office. Moreover, DagPay is strongly integrated with POS billing for e-commerce webshop plugins, user management, email invoicing, any restaurant, gym, or any online shop. 

Dag Community 

In simple words, the Dag community is a platform or a medium or you can say a third party between the Dagcoin buyer and seller. The Dag community holds more than 500,000+ members, who are very much curious or searching for the opportunity to buy, sell and exchange Dagcoin. 

Therefore, users of this community can set an offering price of the Dagcoin along with the payment procedure. 

It’s a group or a community, which helps to bring together all the Dagcoin users, whoever wishes to buy, sell or swap Dagcoin. 

Merchant Finder 

Act as an information database for business entrepreneurs or for individual users. Merchant finder information database holds which business, store, restaurant, online shop for groceries can accept or pay by using Dagcoin.

Break Down 5 Steps: How To Buy A DagCoin?

Above, I have explained the place, from “where Dag users can buy Dagcoin?”, hence indicates a “marketplaces' ' using which Dagcoin users can buy, sell, swipe, and exchange their Dag coin. 

How to buy Dagcoin

Now in this part of the blog, I’m going to show the breakdown process of “how to buy a Dagcoin?” and “what process an individual or business entrepreneur will follow to buy a Dagcoin?” 

Let’s Find Out:

1. Select Any Crypto Exchange Marketplace & Create An Account 

The purchasing process of “how do I buy Dagcoin?” starts with choosing a crypto exchange marketplace, sign-up for it, and setting your account for further procedure. 

And, in case you don't have any virtual currency or cryptocurrency, DON’T WORRY!!. 

Just choose any of your preferable crypto exchange marketplace, for instance, Binance, Coinbase Exchange, Kraken, Gemini, or Kucoin many more available in CoinMarketCap.


For your understanding purpose, I'm choosing Coinbase, one of the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the FinTech Industry. Coinbase exchange platform provides a 2-factor authentication verification system for users’ account safety purposes.

step-1 create account on crypto exchange marketplace

Just go to Coinbase (, where you will find a blue screen and a white box where you will put your necessary information such as “First Name”, “Last Name”, “Email”, “Password” and put “Tick Mark” to show consent with the Coinbase’s terms & condition. 

And if you already have a Coinbase account, you just have to put your “email” and “password”. Your Coinbase accounts are ready to process. 

2. Buy Your Preferable Digital Currency; Which Supports Dagcoin

Since you’ve completed the first step and cleared the path from where you’ll purchase your preferable digital currency, which can support users for purchasing Dagcoin. 

First, find-out cryptocurrencies or market pairs, using which you can purchase Dagcoin

Second, get determined which market pair you’re going to use to buy, sell, swap, or exchange Dagcoin. Based on my research, Dagcoin supports market pairs such as BTC, USDT, ETH, and LCX. 

For your understanding, I’m choosing BTC (Bitcoin) cryptocurrency, using which you can buy Dagcoin, from the exchange platform.

step-2 buy your preferable digital currency

Since you already completed an account opening procedure in the first step, now you have to clearance the payment method to purchase BTC. To do that you can use a bank transfer, debit or credit card, etc to purchase BTC. 

But, keep in mind that, if you use a card to purchase BTC, you might get an instant purchase but Coinbase will charge a higher fee. On the other hand, if you use a bank transfer, payment method, then Coinbase will charge a low price but will take a longer time to transfer. 


After you’re done with the set-up process, you just need to click the “Trade” button, choose “BTC” and click the “Confirm Buy” button.

3. Transfer & Deposit BTC To Your Chosen Exchange Platform

Since you’ve completed all the prerequisite processes to purchase Dagcoin; now it’s time to select & choose a crypto exchange platform that supports Dagcoin, so that you can buy, sell and exchange Dagcoin. 

Above, I have already mentioned some significant exchange platforms such as Kucoin, SwipeX, LCX exchange, HitBTC, Dag Wallet, Dag Pay, Merchant Finder, etc. 

For your understanding purpose, I have selected the Kucoin exchange platform but you can choose according to your preference.


After you choose Kucoin as a cryptocurrency exchange marketplace; the first thing you have to do is to:

  1. Open An Account: 

If you already have an account on Kucoin, then sign in but if you don’t have any account then sign-up and confirm by fulfilling the 2-factor authentication process. 

  1. Click “Deposit” And Deposit BTC

Click on the deposit option and select “BTC coin”. 

Step3-2 string the wallet address

Below,  a red-marked box, you can see a “string”, a BTC wallet address, using which you can transfer and deposit BTC and also smoothen the buy, sell, and exchange process. 

Moreover, using this BTC wallet address, you can transfer the BTC, that you previously purchased by Coinbase to the Kucoin exchange platform. 

3. Go Back To Coinbase Account:

Go to the portfolio page of Coinbase, find BTC from the asset list, and click the “send” button. Hence to purchase Dagcoin, you have to click the “transfer” option and the BTC will automatically transfer to the Kucoin exchange platform. 


4. Paste Your Kucoin Wallet Address: 

In the recipient box, you will paste the Kucoin wallet address and click the “save” button to take the procedure further.


5. Return To Kucoin Exchange Platform:

Return to Kucoin, and you will get a confirmation mail. Now you’re ready to purchase Dagcoin.  

4. Return To The Chosen Crypto Marketplace To Trade Dagcoin 

Using the Kucoin exchange platform, you can also directly perform the buy, sell and exchange procedure; you just need to sign-up, clear- up the 2- factor authentication verification system, and directly login to Kucoin. 

Fast Buy

After you complete the sign-up process and log in to Kucoin. Straight go to the “Fast Buy” option and select your preferable crypto-currency, and for explaining, I have selected “BTC '' in the “Buy” box to buy Dagcoin. 

step 4-1-chosen crypto marketplace to trade dagcoin


Another smooth way to deposit your preferable crypto-currency using P2P (person-to-person). Absolutely an easy process!!  Just go to the P2P process, then you can deposit your preferable crypto.


Now You’re Ready To Trade Dagcoin


Since I’ve already chosen Kucoin as an exchange marketplace, therefore now it’s time to search and find the exact market pair using which you can buy, sell and exchange Dagcoin. 

There are multiple market pairs that are supported by Kucoin for example DAG/USDT, DAG/BTC, DAG/ETH. 

Since I used BTC cryptocurrency for the understanding, I will choose the DAG/BTC market pair for buying Dagcoin. Choose the market pair, using that you deposited to buy Dagcoin.

5. Buy, Withdraw & Store Your Dagcoin Into Your Dag Wallet

step-5-1 buy, withdraw dagcoin from your dag wallet

Don’t get scared!! 
It’s a dashboard from where you’ll purchase Dagcoin using the market pair.  

From this panel, you can see the price chart and trading view of Dagcoin. 

Buy Or Exchange Dagcoin

step 5.2 buy or exchange dagcoin

This part of the screen is on the same screen, downward the right-side of the dashboard.  This part is the most crucial part of buying or trading Dagcoin. Just click on the “market” option, insert your BTC amount or choose the percentage exchanging which you can trade Dagcoin. 

Ultimately, you’ve reached the final step, click the “Buy Now” button. 

You’ve completed the purchase process of Dagcoin.

Withdraw & Store Your Dagcoin

Done purchasing your Dag!! 
Now it’s time to withdraw & store your Dagcoin at a secure place. Hence Dag Wallet would be the safest & secure. Above, I’ve already introduced you to Dag Wallet. 

withdraw from your dagcoin store

Dag wallet indeed is the most trusted and official place to store your Dagcoin. To start the processing with Dag wallet: 

First step: Complete the sign-in/sign-up 

Second step: Collect & copy the wallet address, which will take you to conduct the trading process. 

Third step: If you purchase your Dag by using an exchange platform (Kucoin), then go to that exchange platform’s (Kucoin) withdrawal option then select “Dagcoin”, and paste the Dagcoin wallet address in the Kucoin withdrawal option. 

Fourth step: Put the amount of Dagcoin, you wanna withdraw. 

Fifth step: send your purchased Dagcoin to the Dag wallet; hence ready for any kind of remittance payment service. 

Wait!! Don't You Wanna Know??

How To Sell Dagcoin??
It’s very obvious, a Dagcoin user also wanna know “how to sell Dagcoin?”. Hence the following blog will instruct you “how to sell Dagcoin?”. So hold your patience.

Step 1: Again sign in to the exchange marketplace (chosen to purchase your Dagcoin)

Sign-in to the market exchange platform, you purchased your Dagcoin from, and by using the same platform you can sell your Dagcoin.   

Step 2: Fixate a selling price & place your Dagcoin for sale. 

Set the amount of Dagcoin your wanna sell and set the price according to that. 

Step 3: Closing-up the deal

You can exchange your Dagcoin, with fiat or any kind of cryptocurrency.

Why Run Towards Others’ Exchange Marketplace??

When You Can Build Your Own And Earn Commission!!!

Tradebox - Cryptocurrency Trading Software

Best and advanced cryptocurrency trading software to build your exchange platform or marketplace. Building your own exchange platform, not only can reduce the dependency but also earn commission from other traders.   

3 Easy Steps To Buy, Sell & Exchange Your Dagcoin With Tradebox 

Step 1: Deposit Your Convenient Currency

Log in or create an account on the Tradebox-trading platform. Deposit your chosen crypto (BTC); which supports buying, selling, and exchanging Dagcoin. To take to your processing further to complete the initial stage of buying Dagcoin; follow my steps:




Step 2: Swipe Your Deposited Currency With Dagcoin

Since you’ve completed your deposit procedure, therefore it’s time to exchange your Dagcoin with your deposited cryptocurrency. 

tradebox-2-1 choose market pair

To fulfill this process, now go to “EXCHANGE OPTION” then “SELECT THE MARKET OPTION”, from where you can buy Dagcoin. 

Since I have mentioned above that I have deposited BTC/DAG as a market pair, hence will choose BTC/DAG market pair to exchange Dagcoin. 


To complete your Dagcoin buying process, you just have to put the amount or select the percentage depending on your preference, “CLICK “BUY DAG” BUTTON”.

Step 3: Withdraw your Dagcoin


To withdraw your Dagcoin, Dag Wallet is the best option to store and withdraw your Dagcoin.

Follow the instructions, as I said: “GO TO FINANCE MODULE” then “CLICK WITHDRAW OPTION” then “fulfill the box, with the required information and then “CLICK THE GREEN “WITHDRAW” BUTTON”. 

By following all these processes, you can easily buy, sell and exchange Dagcoin through Tradebox.

Few simple steps to construct your cryptocurrency trading platform and enjoy easy earning money!!! 


As we’ve reached the conclusion on explaining “where to buy Dagcoin & how to buy Dagcoin?”. In this blog, I tried to provide the correct direction of “where & how to trade Dagcoin.

Hence even if you’re not from the blockchain industry, and if you follow the following steps; you can easily buy, sell and exchange Dagcoin. 

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