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A Complete Guide of How and Where To Buy DigiByte

By Shuvo Roy Last Updated -- Thursday, 2021-03-04
Best Places to Buy DigiByte

Have you heard of a book named “Blockchain 2035: The Digital DNA of Internet 3.0”? Jared Tate is the author of this book, and he was known as DigiMan. Digiman for what? DigiByte is an asset creation platform and an open-source blockchain, and Tate is the founder of DigiByte. It is a modification of Bitcoin and diversification of security, capacity, and speed. Where to buy DigiByte and How to buy DigiByte are the big questions. Let’s find out a solution to those queries.

Best Places To Buy DigiByte

Why these places are best to buy DigiByte you will understand after reading this article. Below, I demonstrate all the important things for you.

What is DigiByte?

DigiByte is an advanced and longstanding cryptocurrency that uses five distinctive algorithms to improve security and aims to refine the capacity and transaction speed of the Bitcoin blockchain. 

DigiByte comprises three layers, including

  • A smart contract ( App Store)
  • A public ledger
  • The core global communication

DigiByte focuses on decentralization. It is considerably faster and more secure than Bitcoin. The supporters of DigiByte assume that this coin is the sleeping giant of cryptocurrency.

Maximum cryptos are not fully decentralized because individuals or private organizations control those rather than the community.

DigiByte has the latest mining algorithm that rewrites itself every ten days. It is one of the most rising coins as it has scalability, security, and a community controlling system. 

What Are The Pros & Cons of DigiByte?

DigiByte is available on multiple exchanges, and it’s a freely tradable altcoin. The good sides and the shortcomings are the things that you must know at the beginning of your journey.

The benefits or the pros of DigiByte can affect your thinking and ideas. Let‘s see.

Pros of DigiByte

  • Undoubtedly DigiByte is the fastest coin compared to the older coins.
  • DigiByte has a lot of potentials, although it has been trending down recently.
  • DigiByte is secure and scalable. 
  • It has nearly 100,000 nodes on the network.
  • Trading pairs are available for cryptocurrencies and stable coins.
  • It is a great investment opportunity.
  • Secure and anonymous payment transactions.

Cons of DigiByte

  • It’s not yet popular as Bitcoin.
  • It’ll take more time to become a Bitcoin killer.
  • The adoption is not enough to chase Bitcoin.
  • DigiByte may not be the number one cryptocurrency for some reasons.
  • DigiByte is struggling to establish itself in the community to become widely adopted till now.

How Does DigiByte Work?

As you know, the DigiByte consists of three layers. DigiByte uses a multilayer blockchain system, including the application layer, public ledger & digital asset layer, and global communications layer. 

The DigiByte aims to enable people to use this coin and express it as an accepted payment process. DigiByte uses five different mining algorithms like SHA256, Qubit, Skein, Groestl, and Scrypt. 

There is no firm roadmap on the DigiByte website, but for future possibilities, some things are listed. Besides, there is no timeframe or commitment mentioned. 

  • Business collaborations
  • Hosting different events or conferences
  • Maximum wallet support
  • Developing a DigiByte backed web browser
  • Lightning network trials
  • Launching artificial intelligence services
  • Developing smart contract functionality
  • Investigating quantum computer testing
  • Relaunching DigiByte gaming venture

Digibyte offers 5 times security by using several techniques. Although it’s a coin like Bitcoin, it has improved and dynamic features. 

At first, the user needs to download the DigiByte wallet and then install it. After that, they can transact.

The receiver’s wallet ID must be known to the sender while conducting a transaction. The receiver gets the sender command details, and then the miners or public ledger keepers approve the payment. 

When this process is completed, finally, the amount will be deducted from the sender’s wallet. As a result, the receivers receive the desired amount in their wallet.

This is how the DigiByte works by maintaining three layers. DigiByte allows centralized app creation and DApps creation. 

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How To Buy DigiByte?

How to Buy DigiByte

DigiByte can be bought with ZAR, NGN, EUR, GBP, AUD, and so on. You can buy DGB through the convenient local payment system like PayPal, bank transfers, TransferWise, M-Pesa, and direct deposits

It is a common question how to buy DigiByte coin online?

Many well-known exchanges are available for buying DigiByte. Here, the essential steps are listed, and those must be followed to buy DigiByte.

Step 1: Choose A Suitable Wallet

There are several wallets, and from those, you have to find out the best and most suitable wallet. Some of them are given below-

  • Ledger Nano X

This wallet is best for you if you don’t have any problem paying a premium. Besides, you are in security; it’s for you. Do you know, Ledger Nano X is a top-level hardware wallet that is quite impossible to beat. 

  • Official DigiByte Software

It is a versatile and the best wallet undoubtedly designed by the DigiByte developers. If you want to join the network as a node, it is the best choice for you. Official DigiByte software wallet is the most secure, and it suits your needs. 

  • Coinomi Wallet

The DigiByte team recommends only one third-party software that is Coinomi wallet.

Step 2: Find Out A DigiByte Exchange To Buy 

You will not face any issues in choosing an exchange, but the prices are variable. So take the best decision while buying the DigiByte. 

In the following part of this blog, you will get the guideline to find the best price for buying the DigiByte.

It is really a crucial step, so make sure you are aware of going through this very step.

Step 3: Withdraw Your Coin

It is always recommended that once you have paid, you should withdraw your DGB because it is safer to keep your coin in your wallet rather than the wallet.

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How To Trade DigiByte?

Well, it’s about trading DigiByte. Suppose you want to know how to trade DigiByte. In this case, you don’t need a wallet. But how to create a wallet is essential when you are looking to buy a DGB.

The following steps help you to know how to trade DGB.

Phase 1: Find Out A Broker

Do you know there are a plethora of brokers who are popular out there?

Every broker provides specific offers and outstanding support. I can enlist the two best brokers at present, namely Plus500 and eToro

Phase 2: Put Down A Deposit

Okay, you have found a broker as per your choice and requirements. After finishing this phase, you have to deposit your money. 

You are done once you put down your deposit. You should remember that it is a critical phase, so do the activity slowly and wisely. 

Sometimes the brokers will demonstrate the demo account and show you how it works. It is beneficial for you as you are a newcomer in this game. 

Phase 3: Take The Decision

Maybe you don’t know the ways to trade on cryptocurrencies. Let me clarify for you.

There are two different ways to continue the trade of crypto.

  • Spread Betting
  • Contracts For Difference (CFDs)

Both of these ways are more or less similar. So whichever you choose, you will be notified whether your currency is rising or falling. If you face any dilemma about choosing the best method, you can take a look at the guideline

Phase 4: Trade DGB

It’s not complicated if you have a good knowledge of the demo account. Once you are aware of cryptocurrency trading, confidence grows in your mind. Then you can buy and sell it based on the price and demand. 

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Where To Buy DigiByte?

You can find out a lot of popular exchanges in the US. But choosing the best one can be complicated. The number of exchanges that support DigiByte is getting greater. 

A question must arise in your mind, where do I go to buy DigiByte?

Here, you can have an idea about where to buy DigiByte coins. The exchanges are accessible for any individuals who want to buy this crypto coin. But in some cases, you can’t buy the DGB as in some places it is banned.


In the USA, Bittrex is one of the best global cryptocurrency exchanges. Besides, it is the most secure digital holding infrastructure and trading platform in the world.

Bittrex provides 243+ cryptocurrencies. It is a well-known trading platform and has become increasingly popular. 

It is the most reliable exchange compared to others. The technology that this platform uses is advanced. It has two-factor authentication for the users and provides multilayer protection. 

Buy DigiByte with Bittrex


Since 2017, DigiFinex has been offering trading services. It is one of the biggest platforms where you can find 300+ cryptocurrencies. 

Mainly focuses on Bitcoin, DigiByte, Ethereum, and so on. It provides 100+ trading pairs. For Blockchain users, DigiFinex is the most convenient, safe, and secure. 

Buy DGB with DigiFinex 


Although OKEx started its journey in 2017 and it got the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform in 2018. 

It is a leading exchange based in Malta. OKEx has millions of users in over 100 countries in the world. This platform always focuses on security, and it provides a stable environment for digital trading assets. 

OKEx conducts its trading via a web and mobile application. So it is more intuitive for the users.

Buy DGB with OKEx


YoBit exchange platform is another best crypto platform where 1427 cryptocurrencies are available. You can find DigiByte from this renowned site. 

The deposit method includes cryptocurrency, AdvCash, Payeer, Money, capitalist, etc. The fiat currencies of this exchange platform are USD and RUB. 

It is one of the safest and reliable exchanges in the USA. It makes the user satisfied by offering the crypto trade service. It is mainly Russian based cryptocurrency exchange.

Buy DigiByte with YoBit


The deposit method of CoinSwitch exchange is a credit card, and the fiat currencies include USD, RUb, JPY, and EUR. 

CoinSwitch offers almost 400 cryptocurrencies, and it is a reliable exchange to the users. It is one of the most renowned crypto exchanges at present where you can easily find your desired coin.

Buy DGB with CoinSwitch

While searching for the best exchange to buy DigiByte, you may face several unwanted issues. But the above-listed cryptocurrency exchanges provide you the best services indeed. 

Moreover, you can look at some reliable and secure platforms for buying DGB. Those are listed below-

Maybe you are now clear about the concept of where to buy DigiByte with USD or US dollars. Besides, you have a better understanding of where to buy DigiByte in the USA. These listed exchanges are world-class and secure to buy DigiByte coins.

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What Makes The DigiByte Unique?

Well, it is an exciting part of this article where you can know the answer of why you should choose DigiByte. 

While choosing a cryptocurrency, you must be aware of the trendy coins in the present market. You know, Bitcoin is the most popular coin in the current market.

But do you know DigiByte provides a lot more than Bitcoin? Okay, let’s discuss why the DigiByte is unique.

Fastest Network

DigiByte is 40X faster than Bitcoin as it has the fastest UTXO network. The users get a confirmation SMS for sending the payment within 15 seconds.

DApps Support

DigiByte provides a special facility to run DApps on the network that allows contracts to be executed and written.


It is easily scalable and meets the requirements of mass adoption. The DigiByte blockchain is well known for its scalability.

Digi-Apps Support

DigiByte has a centralized app support system that is designed with the blockchain. It runs in the application layer of the protocol.

Hashing Algorithm

There are different hashing algorithms that DigiByte uses, including Skein, qubit, sha256, scrypt, and groestl methods. 

DigiByte is the safest coin in the cryptocurrency world and the most decentralized coin. The high power groups control the mining of DigiByte.

Wallet Security

No need to worry about the safekeeping of the wallet. You don’t trust the third party to keep the wallet safe as DigiByte wallets are accessible to Apple OSX, Windows, Android, Chrome, Linux, etc. 

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How is the DigiByte Network Secured?

DigiByte can reduce the risk by 51% as it uses five proof of work algorithms. To secure the blockchain, DigiByte develops this algorithm. 

The adjustment can assure resilience against the averse moves within the mining circles of the complexity. Among cryptocurrencies, Digibyte has the advanced capability to adjust the difficulty. 

DigiByte improves the longevity of the PoW blockchain since its launch. Now it has a longer PoW chain compared to Bitcoin that one block every 15 seconds.

What Drives The DigiBytes Price?

The price fluctuations of an altcoin are correlated with Bitcoin price movements. It means the altcoin price increases if the Bitcoin prices rise.  

But at present, it’s a different scenario. Altcoin and Bitcoin get independent individually.

Several factors affect while increasing the altcoin price.

The use cases influence the price fluctuations of the altcoin. The altcoin adoption significantly affects the positive price increases. 

On the other hand, the negative effect on the altcoin price is seen due to negative press from influential users, spreading of FUD, hacking of altcoin and exchange platform, and banning of crypto in some countries. 

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Closing Thought

DigiByte could be the best investment as it has quite a huge fan base. Besides, it is unique and more advanced compared to other coins in the virtual marketplace. You will get faster transactions than Bitcoin, and it is easily accessible on multiple crypto exchanges. 

Hope, you have already got the moment. Now you can easily find the best exchange to buy DGB, and you have a great idea of how to and where to buy DigiByte.

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