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How Can I Set Up Email and SMS Gateway at Any Bdtask Application?

There have two types of Email Setup.

1. one is GMail Based SMTP EMail Server Setup

2. second is Your Own Hosting ServerBased SMTP Email Server Setup.

How to Set Development/Debug Mode in Code-igniter Project ?

If you are developing custom features for Bdtask any software or you are experiencing internal server error, you can turn to debug mode to see

How to Upload Bdtask any Codeigniter PHP Script at Bluehost with Any cPanel

How to upload bdtask any code-igniter PHP script at People are confused sometimes, they do not know how to install the script.that’s why in this

How to Install Bdtask any Codeigniter Script at Xampp and What Xampp Version Should You Use

please look at the below instruction for installing bdtask any application at  offline mode in xampp server.


At first you should have xamp/wamp in your computer Download

How Can I Switch to HTTPS URL After Installing to HTTP?

You have to navigate to application/config/app-config.php and change the constant APP_BASE_URL from starting from http to https.

If you have already configured cron_job with https:// starting url, make sure that you update the

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