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How to Mine Bitcoin on PC: A Comprehensive Direction!

By Mahmuda Akter Isha Last Updated -- Tuesday, 2021-03-16
How to Mine Bitcoin on PC

Bitcoin Mining! It's a very trendy word in the present era because, according to Google SERP, almost 90,500 people are interested to know about this. But the process of mining bitcoin is so complicated. Without perceiving the proper knowledge, you can not take a single step in the fintech industry. The fintech industry is completely different, and it may seem like another globe on this earth. Thus, the most precious question is, what is bitcoin mining? How to mine bitcoin on PC? Do you know the proper way of mining bitcoin on a PC?

Definitely, these questions are revolving in your mind, and you are looking for the solution to such kinds of queries. Isn't it? This article will provide all of your query's answers, and you can get a complete direction of mining bitcoin on PC. So, let's embark on the crucial part of the article. 

What is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin mining refers to the process of generating new bitcoins through a computational puzzle in the bitcoin network. In simple words, this process can allow you to earn bitcoins without investing money in it.

The process of mining bitcoin entirely depends on transactional activities, and it is performed by completing two phrases. Firstly, the complex mathematical problem is solved with the computerized system to produce new bitcoins on the bitcoin network. Secondly, the bitcoin miners can verify the transaction information that ensures the security and trustworthiness of the bitcoin payment network.  

If the bitcoin mining process acts as the backbone, then the miner will act as the heart of the bitcoin network. So, bitcoin mining is a crucial process, and the miner plays an essential role in completing the entire mining operation.   

What Do You Need to Mine Bitcoin?

To perform your mining operation successfully, you need to build a proper environment. For creating an environment, the miners have to require these four requirements. Moreover, you need to ensure these requirements before purchasing the ASIC miner. So, let's talk about which factors you will need to mine Bitcoin. 

What Do You Need to Mine Bitcoin

1. Power Capacity

For ensuring your mining profitability, you need to consider two significant factors one is electricity price, and another is hardware cost (ASIC). In this regard, collecting ASICs is a capital expenditure (CAPEX), and electricity is the main operational expenditure (OPEX). Moreover, you need to pay the hardware cost (ASCI) before starting your mining procedure. As a result, you can use the revenue to get the return on your investment. 

To get the daily profitability of mining, you can calculate the "days to break-even" that will represent how much time it takes to pay off the CAPEX

When the word comes to how much power capacity is required for mining, then the simple answer is to need a 220V outlet to mine bitcoin smoothly. But the most residential apartments are capable of absorbing only 110V outlets. So, you can install a 220V outlet by hiring a licensed electrician to complete the mining operation successfully.  

2. Internet Connection

You need to ensure internet connectivity is the first and foremost requirement for mining bitcoin on a PC. Without the sufficient flow of the internet, your entire process will be dead. Thus, every mining activity requires a steady internet connection. 

To get the best service, you need to plug the ethernet cable into the router directly. In this regard, around 512 Kbps is enough for completing the operation.  Moreover, you can use the WiFi connection to perform your mining operation, but it is not fruitful as a direct connection.   

3. Air Cooling

The first law of thermodynamics proved that "Heat is a form of energy." When the bitcoin mining process runs, a heavy amount of heat is generated because of consuming the energy. This energy is consumed by the miners, and when the miner consumes the energy, the energy will not be destroyed. Instead, the energy will convert into heat. Thus, a tremendous amount of heat is produced through completing the entire process. 

In this circumstance, you must need proper ventilation and an air cooling system that will help to circulate the air. There are several types of air cooling devices on the market such as ECV18000, ECT10800, and more. Also, you can utilize this heat for various purposes, especially to keep your garage warm in the winter and more. So, this technique may be considered like "killing two birds with one stone."

4. Noise Controller

For completing the overall process of mining, the miners produce not only a massive amount of heat but also a robust amount of loudness. Sometimes, this noise can reach up to 90db, which will be very irritating for your neighbors. 

To resolve such kinds of issues, if the miners can put the ASICs in an insulated container, it will ensure to control the noise and keep the process soundproof. Also, another way is to shift the room for completing the mining activities and choose a specific place so that this loud noise does not annoy the miners and other people.

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What Are the Methods of Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin mining is totally a complex process in the world of blockchain technology, but it's not impossible to execute. 

"Everything is possible in the world; just need to find out the proper way." 

Therefore, you can mine bitcoin on PC though it will be very complicated for you at the beginning stage. So, now the vital question will arise!!! 

How can you mine bitcoin, and how can you achieve your goal? 

The answer is so simple!!! 

You need to know the precise method of bitcoin mining because it will assist you in surviving this competitive market. Also, the fintech industry is very risky and uncertain. So, you need to know the complete information before investing in this market. 

There are basically two methods available for mining bitcoins. 

  1. Cloud Mining
  2. Personal Mining

Cloud Mining

Cloud mining refers to the process of mining bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies through using rented hardware equipment and shared processing power. This process can also allow remote datacenter and no need to install any required software directly. Generally, the required hardware and software for mining bitcoin is very costly. But for making a profit, you must require the best and high configure hardware. Sometimes most of the miners don't afford the costly hardware and software equipment. In this circumstance, you need to contact the best cloud mining service provider.   

Pros of Cloud Mining

  • Need not required any technical knowledge to operate the system 
  • No need to purchase any hardware equipment and software solution 
  • Free from heat and noise
  • Easy to adapt for the beginner miners 

Cons of Cloud Mining

  • Lack of security
  • Generates low earning
  • Chances of vulnerability
  • Operational activities are more transparent, which is not good at all 

Personal Mining

Personal mining refers to the process of mining bitcoin and other currencies that need to require ASIC hardware with a strong network connection and adequate electricity. If you want to mine bitcoin in this process, you need to purchase the necessary hardware and software. Depending on your chosen device, the price will vary. However, the required hardware and software is so costly, but this process will be effective to earn a standard amount of profit. 

Pros of Personal Mining

  • Miners can control the overall system
  • Almost secure and profitable
  • Miners have full access to operate 
  • Free from all kinds of dependency 

Cons of Personal Mining

  • Expensive to purchase hardware
  • Consume a high amount of electricity 
  • Reduce hardware efficiency 
  • You always need to be alert; otherwise, the system may cut off

How to Mine Bitcoin with a Cloud Mining Service?

Cloud Mining Service

In the previous section, you have already got a brief explanation about cloud mining. If you want to mine bitcoin with a cloud mining service, you need to know the following steps. 

Step 1: Choose a Bitcoin Wallet

First, you need to select a bitcoin wallet because the bitcoin wallet can assist you in storing your necessary information, such as your secure private key and public address. So, it can ensure to keep your bitcoin safe. Here, you can get a list for choosing a bitcoin wallet.

Step 2: Select a Mining Company

There are various cloud mining companies available such as Genesis Mining and Hashflare. To start your mining process by using a cloud mining service, you need to select the best mining company. In this case, you need to compare the contracts, offers, fees, and any additional charges. A company's reputation is one of the significant factors for building trustworthiness. So, you need to think about these things before choosing a mining company.    

Step 3: Pick a Mining Package

After choosing the mining company, you need to review the contract paper thoroughly. The most crucial question for choosing a mining package is how much cost is required to purchase a mining package. Also, you must ensure the hashing power in your mining package. According to the current market value of bitcoins, the cloud mining service provider can predict the Return on Investment (ROI).    

Step 4: Enter into a Mining Pool

Without joining a mining pool, you can not earn a standard amount of bitcoin. Thus, you need to enter a mining pool that can ensure a combined effort for finding a block. Moreover, all the miners can consolidate their computational resources for mining bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies in a mining pool.  

Step 5: Start Mining

After completing the previous steps, you can start to mine bitcoin with a cloud mining service. Now, you can earn bitcoin through a mining procedure. In the wake of earning bitcoins, you need to put your earnings into your secure bitcoin wallet. So, start mining! 

How to Mine Bitcoin with Your Hardware & Software?

How to Mine Bitcoin with Your Hardware & Software

According to my previous discussion, you have already realized that there are two different ways of mining bitcoin: one is cloud mining, and another is personal mining. Now, I would like to provide a detailed explanation on how to mine bitcoin with self hardware and software. 

Step 1: Purchase Your Mining Hardware

An essential step is to purchase your necessary hardware equipment to build a mining rig for personal mining. You need to compare the cost and prices of ASIC mining devices. Also, you can evaluate the features that will help you to determine the capabilities of this hardware. 

At the beginning stage of bitcoin mining, the miners would be able to mine bitcoin by using the computer's CPU or high-contrast graphics card. However, a massive amount of revolution has occurred in this field. As a result, the miners have got Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs).

Moreover, the ASIC chips are mainly designed for mining cryptocurrencies, and it is the key component of mining bitcoin. Also, you must have required some other hardware equipment such as Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), Field-programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA), and more.

The ASIC chips will assist you in providing 100x more hashing power and producing a ridiculous amount of bitcoins. Also, the GPUs and FPGAs ensure to increase the mining power and save the electricity bills.    

Step 2: Get a Bitcoin Wallet

This one is a very crucial step to store your bitcoins which you earned through mining. In this regard, you can use your existing bitcoin wallet, or you can create a new bitcoin wallet. Here, you will get a detailed guide to create a bitcoin wallet

For instance, Coinbase, Binance, Coinmama, Gemini, and more. Also, provides a ready-made wallet system that will help to store your cryptocurrencies. Using this platform, you can hold or store your bitcoins that you obtained from mining. Moreover, this platform has several functionalities that can help to operate the entire system. So, you can easily use this system or create a secure bitcoin wallet.  

Therefore, you can store your obtained bitcoins in the bitcoin wallet by using a unique address and private key. Your bitcoin wallet helps to protect the private key and your bitcoins from any kinds of threats or attacks and to provide a two-factor authentication system as well. 

Step 3: Select a Mining Pool

To earn bitcoins quickly, you need to join a mining pool. Thus, the next step will be to choose the best mining pool. For choosing the mining pool, you need to consider the good establishment and reputation. 

Without joining any mining pool, you can also mine bitcoins, but that will be a very long-term process, and in most cases, nothing might be earned by yourself. So, if you want to earn bitcoin through the mining procedure, you must have to select a mining pool and then need to join it

Here, you can get a list of some mining pools that will be very convenient for you. 

There are groups of bitcoin miners who work together in a mining pool, and they share their hashing power and resources. Also, they split the rewards based on the contribution of each miner. So, it will be a great process to earn bitcoins with a group of miners, not individuals. 

Step 4: Download Mining Software

After ensuring the above criteria, you need to install a software program to mine bitcoin. In the crypto mining industry, there are several bitcoin mining software at hand, such as CGMiner, BFGMiner, Awesome Miner, Easyminer, and so on. However, you need to know about your requirements for choosing the mining software.

Most of the software will be open-source and some of them provide paid service but allow a trial version. For example, the CGMiner software is mainly best for the overall activities, and BFGMiner will be the best for customization. If you are concerned about the GUI frontend, you can try the Easyminer software because it will help to enhance the ease of use.

Moreover, crypto mining software can be able to track the miner's activities and some other factors such as hash rate, temperature, cooling, average mining speed, and more. In this regard, the NiceHash mining software will be the best for beginners miners, and this software can allow mining multiple cryptocurrencies. Also, the mines can automatically choose an algorithm that will be more profitable for that time. 

Step 5: Get Started

Now you are in the ending step of mining bitcoins. To start the mining, you need to set up your secure wallet, and then you can connect the miners to the power outlets. After that, you need to link it with your mining rig, and you have to install your mining software. Now, you can boot up your ASIC miner. 

After completing these, you can enter your router's IP address in your web browser and find the connected devices. You need to also find your ASIC miner and see the device information. When you find your ASIC miner, you need to copy the IP address and paste it into your web browser. 

Subsequently, you can log in to the ASIC miner by using the default username (root) and password (Root). Afterward, you can select 'Miner Configuration' for setting up the miner's information, and you need to put the URL, username, and password of your mining pool. Here, you can click on the 'Save and Apply' to save your credential for further use.

Now, you can start to mine Bitcoins and earn profitability! 

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How to Calculate the Profitability of Bitcoin Mining?

How to Calculate the Profitability of Bitcoin Mining

From knowing the process of mining bitcoins, if I am not wrong, your curious mind definitely wants to perceive that; how can you calculate the profitability? 

Without determining the profitability, it could not motivate you to be involved in this work, and you would not have any interest in mining cryptocurrencies. When you calculate the profitability and get a previous estimation, it will be very inspiring to work and invest your precious time in this field. Let's come to the point of how you can calculate the profitability of bitcoin mining. 

  • You need to determine the cost of bitcoin ASICs miner
  • Evaluate the cost of electricity to power miner
  • Calculate the cost of all equipment those are needed for mining
  • You need to consider the cost of the power supply unit (PSU)
  • Measure the cost of network gear and other supporting gear like shelving, racks, cables, and more.
  • Estimate the cost of building or data center

If you think about the following aspects, you can estimate the profitability of mining. However, the most significant thing is that there are not any fixed factors for evaluating profitability. But these matrices help the miner to assume the profitability of mining.    

Want to Make Money with Crypto Mining at Zero Investment!!!

Bitcoin mining is the process of earning bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies without any investment or hard work. You just need to apply some techniques that will ensure each step for mining bitcoins effectively. 

Remember, you can not assume how much you will earn to mine bitcoin, but sometimes it will break down your assumption!

The profitability of mining bitcoins mainly depends on the bitcoin's volatile price and some essential aspects such as hash rate, hardware cost, electricity cost, network difficulty, and power consumption. 

So, it's time to start bitcoin mining and earn a massive amount of revenue without any investment!

The Global Economy is Growing at about 50 Million U.S. Dollars for Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is not only trendy but also rewarding in the present era. Now you can earn bitcoin without any investment. Moreover, the number of total miners is increasing tremendously day by day, which is really a positive and inspiring intimation for all miners.  

It's not like any miracle; it's reality and the result of a technological revolution. According to the statistical analysis, 

"The annual growth rate of bitcoin mining is about 11.2% worldwide." Source

Bitcoins are considered as a bar of digital gold because bitcoin can not be made arbitrarily as gold, which cannot be made manually; it is naturally extracted from the earth. For that reason, bitcoins are like digital gold, and the miners can produce bitcoins through bitcoin mining.    

Another statistical analysis predicts that, 

"Only 21 million Bitcoins will be produced by the miners through the mining process." Source 

According to the report of February 24, 2021,

"18.638 million bitcoins have already been mined by the miners." Source

So, the most crucial QUESTION will be,

What Does Will Happen in The Near Future? Definitely, You Are Thinking About Cryptocurrency Trading!!! 

There are billions of traders involved with cryptocurrency trading activities. When any trading activities happen, the miners can earn bitcoins through mining. So, you can create a trading platform that will be very fruitful for you to earn, as well as you can mine bitcoins by following the above procedure. 

However, you need to choose the best cryptocurrency trading software to build an advanced trading platform. The best trading software can be able to ensure secure and smooth trading operations, and you can deal with unlimited coins through such kind of platform. 

Are you puzzled about which platform will be the best? If so, then I will recommend you to go for Tradebox.

Tradebox - Cryptocurrency Trading Software

If you like to create a cryptocurrency investment platform, Nishue will be the best solution because it can assist you in providing ready-made cryptocurrency investment software.

Nishue - Cryptocurrency Investment Software

Bottom Line

This article provides a complete direction on how to mine bitcoin on PC. Thus, you can get a step-by-step guideline to mine bitcoins and any cryptocurrencies in this article. Moreover, this one is a very challenging task, and if you are still determined to start mining, then it's really appreciating! 

Now, it's high time to start bitcoin mining with the proper setup and effective approach.

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