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Public Relations Hotels: Solid Marketing Tool For Hotel Business

By Sumaiya Simran Last Updated -- Wednesday, 2022-04-06
Public Relations Hotels

The hospitality industry is a giant industry, and it’s a kind of service, which you can’t sell door to door. Public relations hotels expertly plan to generate a unique “consumer perception”, which you will position in the customers' minds. 

The public relations hotels team customized the perception or thought process about the hotel's reputation, as a result, the hotelier can easily maintain the goodwill of the hotel enterprise. Public relations hotels are absolutely necessary, it doesn't matter what size your hotel is. 

The main task of the public relations team in a hotel is to make your “hotel business” stand out from competitors. And to do that, public relations use any kind of marketing strategy; for instance, guerilla marketing, different hotel pricing strategy, unique promotional ideas, etc.

What Will A Public Relations Team Do In A Hotel Enterprise? 

The role a public relations hotel team plays in the hotel industry is that they sort of seed a meaningful relationship or perception about the seller in the buyer's mind. A Public relations hotels officer, who is dedicated to influencing purchase decisions by sharing the unique selling proposition to their targeted customer. 

Public relations hotels team are experts in identifying the perfect media house, publication, or influencers, and by using or hiring them you can reach your targeted customers and also plan a series of marketing campaigns for longer customer engagement and retention. 

The public relations hotel's officer will not only be involved in marketing your hotel enterprise but also involved in covering any kind of challenging circumstance, for instance, difficult crises communication, bad review about the hotel, celebrity controversy, or any negative news about the hotel.

How Public Relations Are Important For Hotels?

The public relations hotels department in a hotel enterprise makes sure to spread a positive vibe about the hotel business. Because of various media landscapes, entrepreneurs sometimes face difficulties in positioning their product or service in customers' minds.

Only cunning a Public relations hotels team can apply a different strategic communication method to spread brand awareness, and online visibility, increase the brand credibility and change the thinking process potential customers perceive your hotel.

After all, the public relations team has the power to transform the people’s mindset about the hotel enterprise. The PR team portrays the brand image in such a way, which customers can cognitively relate to their lifestyle. 

In today’s time, constantly people are already bombarded with multiple varieties from distribution channels. And using this opportunity, the public relations hotels team helps the hotel business to stand out from the crowd. 

  • Rigorous planning is needed to ensure your hotel has a good reputation in the market.
  • The public relations team needs to be prepared for any emergency situation, where they can take quick action. 
  • Only public relations can put the right resources/news in front of media engagement and press releases hence can bring a phenomenal return on investment.
  • Public relations change the way people think about your brand.

Major Categories Of Public Relations In The Hotel Industry

The hotel business is all about selling your hotel service experience and your unique value proposition. Public relations hotels team sort of “master” in influencing and connecting with the potential audience. The public relations team's main task is to subconsciously personalize the guest's behavior and buyer's journey.

Major Categories Of Public Relations In The Hotel Industry

In this article, we will analyze the depth of how public relations team can help a hotel enterprise, why this PR team is needed and the marketing campaigns they can apply to spread and generate positive awareness and brand image to people

Today, in the advertising/marketing world, apart from SEO marketing, PR marketing is also necessary, most importantly in the hotel and restaurant business

Below, I’m going to share some effective promotional campaigns; which a public relations will take:     

  • Press Release 

One public statement released about the hotel enterprise will put a huge impact on the potential or non-potential leads surrounding your brands.

The press release can be both in print and online. But the press release must contain such viral-able controversies, which can make headlines overnight, newsworthy, and force journalists to write. 

  • Press Conference 

If your hotel enterprise has some major news to share with the world, for instance, acquisition, any sort of accident, hotel construction, merger, etc. 

You can share it through a press conference or press release in front of the media persons or paparazzi. Hence can not only increase customer engagement but also increase visibility both online and offline.  

  • Speaking Event

Another powerful way to increase network with people, establish your hotel enterprise as a leader in this hospitality industry. After all, what customers see more or get exposed to on repeated bases, starts thinking is the “best” and the market leader of the industry. 

And arranging a speaking event can increase personal interaction and an open opportunity to showcase your brand’s potential.  

  • Social Media Awareness And Content Creation  

Social media has now become the platform, which every audience accesses every millisecond. Hence public relations hotels officers can easily target social media; as it’s the perfect platform to spread your marketing campaigns. 

Moreover, also a cost-efficient platform for any kind of content creation. There Are multiple social media platforms, as a result, it’s easy for the public relations team to spread any news or content and reach the potential audience.  

  • News Coverage 

The core factor which all public relations hotels worry about is; which newspaper, trade magazine, and local news channel, will cover their news. 

Because the more magazines will cover your hotel news, the higher the possibility of reaching the targeted customer. You can cover any kind of news, for instance confirming a partnership deal, new amenity at the hotel, a festival of a new merger, etc. 

Draw Your Own Public Relations Hotels Plan

How To Create Your Own Public Relations Plan For A Hotel?

PR marketing is a part of marketing, but with a slightly changed track than other marketing strategies. Public relations hotels play a backbone in the time of the off-season too, therefore hotel owners can maintain a sustainable profit margin.

Public relations hotels officers can take your brand to a new height, by using different media coverage, creating buzz about your brand by keeping the main focus on the main message to the targeted audience.
You must be thinking about how to create a public relations plan for your hotel which will effectively work in your hotel communication strategy.

Actually, there is no step-by-step procedure or plan to follow,  I’m sharing it; so that you can have general information about PR planning.

How To Create Your Own Public Relations Plan For A Hotel

Initiative No 1: Take The Chance Of Perfect Opportunity

Scan for the perfect opportunity, which can make headlines overnight about hotels. On occasion, such as the inauguration of a special deal for your customers, partnership with any local business, or have won any prestigious award.

Hence, a public relations hotels officer uses this opportunity to arrange a press conference or press release, so that hoteliers can capture the undivided attention of their targeted audience. 

Initiative No 2: Gather A Press Kit 

Arrange a press conference, call all the media persons, paparazzi, magazine journalists, etc. But make sure to be responsive, cooperative, and involved in one-to-one interaction with the press kit. 

The more and trickly you place your inside information to the media person, the higher the chance of making a headline. And in the press meeting, make sure you talk about your brand, details about your hotel, board of directors, property fact sheets, and awards or achievements of your own.  

Initiative No 3: Responsive Toward Media 

When you call a press meet-up, being responsive is absolutely necessary because speaking one to one increases audience engagement and other public relations. As a result, the press understands that you have the capability of achieving such a goal. 

Initiative No 4: Know Very Well; How To Tackle Negative Press

This initiative no 4, is a prerequisite before starting the press meeting. Because you never know what comes to your face. So it is better you know how to make the negative rumor into a positive one.    

Initiative No 5: Weapon To Maximize Your Hospitality Promotion 

As a public relations hotels officer, you need to use all the resources, using which you can maximize your hospitality promotion. After all, you can transform your draft plan into action. Here is some free tool, using which you can make your PR marketing successful. 

  • Google Alert: A great way to monitor your negative online review. 
  • Best website to connect to media persons, reporters and magazine journalists, etc. 

Public Relation Marketing: The Art Of Influence

According to the Public Relations Society of America; public relations hotels are all about influencing, building relationships, and customer engagement across countless online and offline platforms. 

As a result, hotel entrepreneurs can shape and frame a positive and clear perception in people’s minds. The public relations hotels team passes on a message, which will describe “who are you?”, “what do you?” and “what’s your hotel's goal?”, value proposition, and your USP. 

Public Relations Team Can Raise Up To 90% Of Your

 Hotel Brand Credibility  

Buzz and viral marketing, will increase your hotel brand visibility, and simultaneously will push the potential’s psychology to create trust in their mind. As a result, higher conversion rate and better brand recognition. 

After all, the media knows how to craft a business angle into a spicy newsworthy headline. Sometimes, this PR marketing works better than direct marketing, because some potential leads strictly dislike direct ads. 

Press releases bring more brand exposure to the table, giving the opportunity to get visibility in broader perspectives, achieve customer loyalty, attract new customers, and can also improve your lackings.  

Better Hotel Management Bring Better Hotel Reputation

Hotel Management Software 

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Above I have discussed many public relations hotels policies for the hotel business. After all, the public relations team helps your hotel to establish a positive image, and create a gut-positive feeling among the consumers.

The public relations hotels team generates a clear strategy of all the actions your hotel enterprise will take to strengthen your hotel brand through different PR marketing strategies.

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