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Hotel Reputation Management: 7 Exclusive Tips to Boost It!  

By Mahmuda Akter Isha Last Updated -- Wednesday, 2024-01-10
Hotel Reputation Management

Do you have any hotel business? Want to increase the reputation of your hotel? Hotel reputation management comes with such kinds of solutions. In this regard, you need to integrate online hotel reputation management. Moreover, a reputation management strategy can enhance your guest experience as well as provide the opportunity to influence new guests.

In this article, you will get 7 effective tips that will ensure your hotel's reputation management services. This article will assist you to understand how you can optimize the performance and operation of your hotel. Also, you will get some exclusive tips that will create a great impact on your hotel business. 

So, you can deep dive into the main section to explore significant tips to increase the reputation of your hotel business.            

What Is Hotel Reputation Management?

Hotel reputation management refers to some process or strategic approach that will create a virtual bridge between hoteliers and guests. Online hotel reputation management is the process of monitoring and influencing how your property is perceived throughout the web. 

The concept of an online hotel reputation management system involves review sites, social media platforms, and search engines. Moreover, you can track various review sites to find out the reviews of your hotel, and you can reply to those reviews in a timely and adequate manner by using the concept of hotel reputation management.

7 Exclusive Tips to Boost Your Hotel Reputation Management

To ensure your hotel's reputation management, you need to know some tips on how hotels can optimize their performance. Here I would like to discuss some effective tips that will assist you to maintain your hotel's reputation management strategy. 

1. Increase Social Media Activities and Stay Active on Social Platforms

To enhance your hotel’s reputation management, you can increase your social media activities. Social media is a place where you can showcase your brand and services. Moreover, social platforms can assist you to connect your end-users and represent your brand virtually. In fact, you can quickly reach your target customers through this channel. 

Moreover, you can create an uninterrupted connection with your target audience through social media content. This will ensure consistency which is the key to building and maintaining a strong community of planners and target audience. 

However, you can increase your engagement with your audience by posting videos. Statistics show that,

“Around 72% of customers would like to prefer videos before taking any services or buying any products.” Source

Another research proves that, if any customer watches any videos, the viewers will retain 95% of a message. Most significantly, there might be huge chances on Instagram that around 75% of customers will take action after viewing your brand’s video and social activities.

2. Enhance Real-Time Engagement with Your Audience

To build relationships and engagement with your audience, social media is one of the desired platforms. Various social platforms allow you to create an authentic interaction and communication that will assist you to build brand loyalty. As a result, you can easily conduct the overall booking and managing activities to enhance your hotel reputation management. 

In this regard, you can integrate live chat software into your website that can conduct automatic replies to your customers. It will create an uninterrupted connection with your customers by providing instant answers. 

An analytical report shows that,

“Around 80% of businesses have benefited from live chat software and it has created a positive impact on their sales, revenue, and customer loyalty.” Source

Moreover, you need to reply to both positive and negative reviews as well as have to answer your customer’s queries as fast as you can. Most significantly, you can host a Twitter Q&As event and invite planners to ask the questions. Then, you can tweet out the answers to your followers. 

However, you need to ensure personalized and high-quality responses to social media comments and customer queries.

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3. Optimize Your Website and Make It SEO-Friendly

Website optimization is another strategy to maintain the hotel's reputation management. If you properly optimize your website, it will be ranked in a high position. As a result, when any customer searches for the best hospitality solution, they will reach your website easily. It will enhance your opportunity to grab more customers. 

To build an SEO-Friendly website, you need to ensure the following factors. 


You have to make sure that search engines can tell your content’s subject and need to ensure a logical site and page architecture that's easy to navigate. Also, you have to make sure that there are no technical issues. If your website has any technical issues, your website will become slow and increase loading times.


You need to post trendy and engaging content and this should be relevant to your target audience that will ensure your hotel's reputation management. Also, you can collect some referral links from other websites that will assist to boost your authority.      


You need to conduct keyword research and identify some strong keywords that will drive more traffic. Also, you can find out some buying keywords that can be able to directly convert your customer. Most significantly, you have to consider the average monthly search volume and traffic as well as you can consider the traffic value. 

In this regard, your website’s content may not receive as high of a search rank if it does not perceive a good user experience. So, you need to improve your loading time, make it mobile-friendly, and set HTTPS that will increase your website performance and user experience to maintain your hotel reputation management.

4. Ensure a Continuous Response to Both Positive & Negative Reviews

Responding to reviews is a vital thing for all hoteliers. You have to provide a continuous response to both positive and negative reviews. If you properly respond to all types of reviews in a good manner, you can create a positive impression on your customers. 

Moreover, it will help to represent your quality and shows your business really cares about what people have to say. When you may get any negative reviews, you have to respond in an adequate manner.

A survey proves that,  

“Around 49% of customers analyze the reviews and they demand at least a four-star rating before choosing any services.” Source

Also, if you properly handle negative reviews, it might be able to create a good opportunity for you. For that reason, you have to be concerned about the negative reviews and you need to prioritize all negative comments.

However, you have to respond to positive reviews with appreciation and warmth. In this regard, you can give a sincere thank you that will represent true hospitality.

5. Increase Digital Marketing Activities

To enhance your hotel’s reputation, you need to conduct various digital marketing activities. Since the world is being automated and all of the activities conduct automatically, you can digitize your marketing approach and enhance your digital marketing activities.

If you conduct an effective digital marketing strategy, you need to apply several strategies that will assist to promote your hotel business. As a result, you can easily reach your target audient and recognize them for your services. To increase your digital marketing activities, you can conduct the following strategy.

According to a statistic, 

“Around 85% of customers trust online reviews and personal recommendations before taking any service.” Source

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the effective ways to create a better engagement with your audience. You can ensure a continuous flow by publishing relevant and interesting content. Moreover, you can build strong credibility through such content.       

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another effective approach to reaching your potential customers. In this regard, you have to optimize your social media profiles, website, and mobile presence. You can easily build a strong connection with your audience.       

Digital Advertising

You can create brand awareness for your hotel business, support customer loyalty, and highlight time-sensitive massage. You can easily attract your customer through advertising and promoting your services.

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6. Integrate a Website and Create a Review Page

You must require a dynamic website that will assist you to collect reviews. In this regard, you can create a review page that will hold all of your customer’s reviews. Moreover, these reviews can assist new customers to recognize your services. 

If you already have a website, you can build a review page that will represent the customer’s feedback about your hotel. Thus, you have to make sure that all of the previous guests have given a good review on your review page.

According to an analytical report,

“You may fail 86% of customers because of having 1 or 2-star reviews but you can increase 75.34% of global traffic by integrating a dynamic website.” Source

In this regard, you can request your previous guest to give a nice comment that will create a good impression on the new customers. Also, you can send follow-up emails and ask them to review your property. In this case, you need to understand your customers and how their reviews are important for your hotel.

7. Collect Automatic Feedback Surveys from Your Customers

Directly requesting guests for comments will result in more reviews because people are more likely to share their experiences when they are individually invited. The simplest approach to achieve this is to send a customer feedback survey to every guest. It's worth noting that the word "feedback survey" is used. This isn't a formal request for a review at this time.

Send a brief feedback form to determine how happy your guests are with their stay before immediately asking for a guest review. This step accomplishes two goals: it allows your guests to provide candid feedback, and it allows you and your team to handle any unhappy experiences before the guest leaves a negative review online.

This modest but crucial step might help you discover unfavorable reviews before they arise and organize your hotel's reputation management strategy. You may decide to forego soliciting a negative review from a dissatisfied customer. In this regard, they can still submit one, but you won't be asking for it. 

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Example of How You Can Respond to Positive And Negative Reviews

Suppose you are the owner of “XYZ” hotel. A dynamic website has been integrated with your hotel business and a review page has been built to receive reviews. Here, I will provide two examples of positive and negative reviews that will assist you to understand how you will respond to both positive and negative reviews. 

A Simple Format of Positive Review

Positive Review

"For the month of January, I stayed at the “XYZ” and had an incredible time. First and foremost, the service was outstanding. All the staff was quite pleasant and helpful. Tomas, Jennifer, and the rest of the crew were really nice. The hotel is modern and well-kept, and the room was fantastic. It's in a fantastic position, right in the heart of midtown. There are excellent restaurants and shops in every direction, and you won't need a car because everything is within walking distance. You can walk to Wynwood, which has a vibrant arts scene. This hotel comes highly recommended, and I will definitely stay here whenever I am in town."

Format of Responding to the Positive Review


Thank you so much for your nice compliment. It's wonderful to hear how much you appreciated our hotel and the service provided by our “XYZ” team members. We are overjoyed that you enjoyed your stay and that our entire crew took such good care of you. We are very lucky to have such a talented group of people who are working with us.

We're delighted you liked your guestroom's unusual design, which focused on bringing the outside in and creating a modern hideaway from the city. We will be very glad if you come again soon.

A Simple Format of Negative Review

Negative Review

"The XYZ Hotel is a very excellent suite hotel," says the reviewer. However, it will take some time. It has only recently opened. However, the website fails to mention that the pool bar currently serves only beer and wine and has a limited menu. Room service is not available 24 hours a day. It is close to the airport, and there are constant planes flying overhead while lounging at the rooftop bar. It is hardly a relaxing time to have a drink. However, the sunset was spectacular. My room was quiet and comfy, but the sounds of jets kept my coworker awake all night. We were forced to change hotels. In addition, the lobby has an intense but lovely odor. During our stay, the fire alarms also went off on a regular basis.

Format of Responding to the Negative Review  

Thank you for taking the time to visit with us. Your feedback is really valuable to us, and we want to thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us!

I'd like to explain, rather than an excuse, the difficulties of not controlling the restaurant on the 7th level, which is a separate business. We have also been impacted by the delays in operations, service quality, and personnel. Our objective is to satisfy our guests, and we recognize the difficulties of continually having to go out for food options, for which I apologize.

Rest assured that your concerns have been relayed to the proper department leaders in order to rectify the situation, not only for your return but for all of our future visitors. The constant fire alarm testing is done solely for the protection of our visitors. Please accept my heartfelt apologies for the kind of inconvenience this has caused.

We value your candid feedback and will use it to improve our services in the future.

Please consider us if you ever find yourself in the region again; we'd love to have you back."

Why Does Hotel Reputation Management Important for Your Hotel Business?

Why Does Hotel Reputation Management Important for Your Hotel Business

In the previous section, I have discussed some major tips and tricks for ensuring hotel reputation management. 

These days, buyers have access to a wealth of information. There are reviews, recommendations, and walk-through videos for every industry to assist consumers in making judgments. As a result, most firms need to control their reputation.

Enhance Your Brand Value

You can enhance your brand value by integrating a website and creating a review page. Remember, your brand’s reputation is so vital for the entire lifespan of your hotel business. You need to maintain a positive brand reputation that will increase customer loyalty and confidence in the market. Also, it can assist you to become a leader in your space. In this regard, you can follow some strategies that will assist you to increase your brand reputation.  

Increased Repeated Guest

Not every review you receive will be positive. Negative feedback and reviews should not be overlooked. Moreover, negative reviews will hamper the reputation of your hotel. Customers will see that you care about their experience and want to make things right if you respond quickly. 

Prompt response and making the consumer feel heard can go a long way toward sustaining the relationship. Request additional information from the reviewer and ensure them that you are looking into the situation and striving to rectify it.

Boost Your Hotel Revenue

For independent hotel owners or quality managers of huge chains, negative remarks from online channels should be a source of incentive or anxiety. Anyone with an opinion on a product or service can readily share it on social media or through channels nowadays. 

Customers frequently use their web channels to look for hotel reputation management evaluations before clicking the "Book" button. The online reputation reflects the experiences of visitors who have shared their channel experiences. 

These same travelers use review sites and online sales channels (OTAs) not just to discover the lowest rates or discounts, but also to get a more realistic picture of the hotel they are booking. Despite the fact that the possible guest examines the elements that have the greatest impact on their decision. 

Helps to Build Credibility

We can now express our opinions on anything thanks to social media networks. People prefer to use well-known brands. A negative word about your company will travel more quickly than a positive word.

Again, having no opinion about your company is a symptom of unreliability and lack of trust. However, having a strong ORM approach and addressing it in a timely manner can help with this.

Helps to Increase Visibility

You can increase your business visibility and promotion through positive reviews. In this case, online reviews are not only important to enhance your hotel's reputation but also crucial to growing your hotel business. 

Don’t forget! You get as many positive reviews, it will assist to increase your online visibility and attract your customers. If you integrate a website, you can easily drive more traffic. However, it does not mean that you will get more bookings on your website through this kind of traffic. It will increase the probability of increasing the occupancy of your hotel rooms.

Total Worth Is around $570 Billion Worldwide over 700,000 Hotels and Resorts and 16.4 Million Hotel Rooms

The hotel business is one of the most profitable and popular businesses all over the world. Since there are numerous hotels available, you may not get your expected revenue from your hotel business. 

To earn your expected revenue, you need to maintain your hotel reputation management. In this regard, you can follow the above tips that will assist to grow your hotel business successfully, and you can contribute to the global economy.

According to the report of TripAdvisor,

“Around 93% of people analyze online reviews before booking any hotel when they determine and 53% of customers would not book any hotel if they did not have any online reviews.”

Travelers used to rely on guide books like Lonely Planet or Rough Guide before the Internet. A positive review in one of these journals could help to protect your hotel's reputation for years. Reputations can now be changed with a single click.

Sites like TripAdvisor,, and Yelp have made it easier for tourists to share their real-time experiences, and this information informs the traveler's decision-making more than nearly any other available information.

Get in Touch with the Technological Favor to Boost Your Hotel Reputation Management

Technology can automate your business operation and provide a dynamic framework to grow your business revenue. In this regard, you can integrate hotel management software into your hotel business. A hotel management system can be able to operate the entire operation of your hotel business automatically. 

Moreover, hotel management software provides a complete structure that can be able to conduct online and offline booking or reservations, room management, customer relationship management, user billing system, and so on. Also, you will get an accurate accounting system that will assist you in easily calculating the total inflow and outflow of cash.

To grab such kinds of facilities, you can go for the Xain - Hotel Management System & Booking Software. It will ensure a complete package to manage the overall activities of your hotel business. 

So, it is the best time to grab an automated hotel management solution to increase your hotel reputation management.

Hotel Management Software

Final Thoughts

The hotel business is not only profitable but also competitive. Thus, you need to provide something better to sustain this competitive market. To do this, you have to ensure your hotel's reputation management smoothly. Here, you have learned about the 7 effective tips that will assist to enhance the reputation of your hotel. 

In this regard, you have to include these tactics into your long-term hotel reputation strategy. It will help to enhance your revenue as well as create a positive impression on your customers. So,  it’s time to implement such kinds of tactics to improve your hotel's reputation management.

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