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7 Most Effective Ways to Increase Hotel Revenue & Bookings

By Shuvo Roy Last Updated -- Wednesday, 2024-03-06
How to increase hotel revenue

Hoteliers are always trying to provide the best guest experience, aren’t they? But some considerable factors affect mostly while providing the standard level hospitality services to them with keeping the revenue trend. One question that is common in this case, is how to increase hotel revenue with an amazing guest experience.

According to the Statista report, the worldwide hospitality industry was valued at 3486.77 billion dollars in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.5 percent expected to reach 4132.5 billion dollars in 2021.

Do you know which region has the highest RevPAR worldwide? Europe had the highest RevPAR in the globe. The Asia Pacific region, on the other hand, produced the least.

In this article, we have found out the best ways to increase the profit of hotel businesses after considering the present market status and the hospitality experts’ opinions.

“Sell the Experience, Not Only the Service.”

You know the hospitality service you are providing can be satisfactory. But is it up to the mark compared to your rivals who are serving the same services in this industry?

Well, it's not impossible if you follow the desired way to accomplish your goals. Something you may avoid and even you don’t focus on those factors to improve your service efficiency.

So we are here to let you know the exact but simple ways to boost your bookings, sales as well as the revenue of your hotel business.

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How to Increase Revenue in Hotels and Boost Your Sales

Actually, it’s not as easy as we can say to enhance both service quality and revenue at a time for the hoteliers, is it? Though growing a business is a matter of time if the business owners consistently handle the challenges and keep up to date with the contemporary world.

Organizing, managing, and promoting the hotel business are great challenges to the hotel managers or owners. In addition, there is a huge number of competitors present in the marketplace. So your every step should be more precise and authentic.

Let’s follow the tips on how to increase hotel revenue.

1. Prioritize the Guest Experience

Prioritize the Guest Experience

According to PWC research, 86% of guests are willing to pay more for a quality customer experience, with up to 18% willing to pay extra for luxury and indulgence services.

So it’s now more transparent that the guest experience should be the first priority in your hospitality business. Let’s see some criteria that need to be fulfilled to ensure adequate and quality service to your guests.

When you are successful in providing the best user experience, your customer retention rate is higher. Besides the existing customers help directly and indirectly to bring the new and enthusiastic guests.

As a result, your bookings, sales, and popularity increase considerably as well as your hotel revenue grows.

Customer Satisfaction

Are your guests satisfied with your hospitality service? If yes, you are the desired one. Otherwise, you should give priority to it. Hoteliers focus on guest satisfaction to enhance user retention.

Besides, an unsatisfied guest can hurt your reputation. In this regard, the hoteliers should assure that the service users are happy and comfortable.

Maximizing the guest experience not only fosters loyalty but also encourages business referrals, as satisfied guests are more likely to recommend your hotel to others.

Give a Warm Welcome to the Guests

Welcoming your guests enhances the experience certainly. In this case, you should welcome your customer in a positive and expected way.

You can send a welcome SMS before arriving at your hotel. It creates a better impression in the guests’ minds. Besides, after arrival, you can welcome your guests with greetings and special drinks.

Make the Guests Feel at Home

Treat your guests as they can feel you are happy to serve them. The available services you have like the taxi service, parking, food packages, events and so on should be informed to your guests earlier.

It helps them to get the facilities whatever they require. And you can sell your service without insisting on it. Every service you are providing should be well-formed so that the guests can easily take the service anytime they want.

Provide Next Level Service

Hoteliers can provide next-level service to the guests. The unique and advanced services attract the guests. Sometimes your special services can create a special space in your service users’ minds.

The guests always want exceptional service that is unique and affordable with other service costs. You have to provide advanced-level services to realize to the service users that you care about them.

Offer Early Check-In and Late Checkout

Charging for premium services rather than giving them away for free is one of the simplest ways to boost revenue at your hotel.

These fees can significantly boost hotel revenue, and evidence shows that clients are ready to spend anywhere from $20 and $50 for early check-in. 

This add-on is bringing in over $30k a year for some properties. Consider giving away $30k in services each year!

Many hotel guests want to be able to check in and out of their rooms whenever they choose. At the moment, a remarkable number of hotels are honoring these requests for free.

Pre Arrival Room Upgrades Offering

Hoteliers should use upselling opportunities throughout the guest journey. It's a good idea to start doing this a few days before your hotel guests are supposed to arrive. 

In addition to early check-in and late checkout, hoteliers can provide pre-arrival room upgrades to their customers. Last-minute accommodation upgrades benefit both the hotel and the guest. 

You might be able to offer a discount on superior accommodation if you offer upgrades to your guests right before their stay. Your guests will benefit from an enhanced room, and you will benefit from greater revenue.

Reward Your Guests

By 2026, internet sales will account for 78 percent of overall revenue in the hotel market, according to the Statista report.

Third-party leads and direct bookings are both possible sources of leads. Hoteliers emphasize a direct booking strategy year after year since they must pay up to a 22 percent commission to OTAs.

A well-designed website that allows people to swiftly identify and book all a hotel has to offer is a must-have. People who book directly from the website should get a discount, and loyal clients should get a little something extra.

Focus on Users’ Reviews

Almost 90% of guests read hotel reviews before making a reservation. It is vital to ensure that your hotel gets positive online reviews in order to increase income.

You can gather and evaluate comments while also making it simple for guests to post a review. Based on TripAdvisor, about 53% of travelers will not book a hotel that does not have online reviews. 

Encourage your happy guests to leave positive evaluations about their stay at your hotel by encouraging them to do so.

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2. Make Your Service User-Oriented

You may offer great and quality services to your guests. But are your services user-oriented?

It’s crucial to take into consideration that your services are convenient and time worthy. To make your services user-oriented, you have to follow the below points. 

These factors greatly affect your hospitality services so that you can sell more as well as your hotel revenue will be increased.

Know Your Guests 

Different guests’ personalities, profiles, wants, and expectations should be catered to by hoteliers. You should establish hotel guest personas and customize communications to them in order to understand who your guests are and why they chose to reserve a night in your hotel.

The online presence of your hotel service allows passengers to book hotel rooms, services, and offers in real-time, while hoteliers can handle orders in real-time, learn about their customers' preferences, and elevate their travel experience to a new digital level.

So identifying your target audience can be the biggest scope to providing the required service to the desired guests. It maximizes the booking and sales of your hotel services.

Offer Packages When It’s Crucial

Seasonal or weekly cyclicality is common in the hotel industry. For example, many metropolitan business-oriented hotels have reduced occupancy on weekends compared to weekdays. 

The demand for each hotel fluctuates depending on the season and day. Seasons of high demand, national holidays, local celebrations, and recurring events must all be considered.

On the other hand, many leisure destinations have lower weekday occupancy than they do on weekends. During slow periods in their business, hoteliers are continuously attempting to generate revenue and promote bookings. 

The most successful revenue managers may brainstorm and build special bundles that allow guests to purchase bargains during slow periods. 

For example, a business-oriented hotel could form a partnership with nearby attractions or restaurants to make their hotel a more appealing leisure location for visitors. This will boost occupancy and revenue during periods when business is generally slow.

It greatly depends on the area you are conducting your hospitality business and the situation of your business. So offering a package can be beneficial for you if you think you are ready to do it. Otherwise, you don’t need to provide any package with offers, it may negatively affect your hotel revenue.

Provide Special Offers to the Special Guests

If you are a successful hotel business owner who can ensure the customer retention rate, it’s usual that you will get some regular guests.

You should take into consideration those guests while providing the service facilities to them. It increases the intention of the guests receiving the services from you again and again.

On the other hand, a special guest or known person can come to your hotel to receive room service. In this case, you have to provide special offers to them. It attracts the guests’ attention and you can grow your profit for sure.

Transparent and Straightforward Cancellation Policies

Forecasting demand is critical for efficiently boosting your hotel's revenue. If your cancellation policy fails to secure the trustworthiness of your guests' reservations, this recommendation is useless.

High cancellation rates result in erroneous forecasts, which leads to reduced earnings. The greatest way to avoid late cancellations and enhance forecasting is to make your cancellation procedures more stringent.

You can either stop permitting cancellations or charge a fee if customers want to cancel.

3. Automate Your Hospitality Service

Automate Your Hospitality Service

Yes, of course, it's crucial to automate your hotel business operation at present to keep pace with the world. Besides, the hospitality business operation is overwhelming because you have to maintain several departments and sectors at a time.

The hotel management system helps to automate all essential operations so that you can save time and costs while operating the hotel business. In this regard, you can increase your hotel revenue.

Nowadays the competition in the hotel business is increasing. If you can’t control the entire supply chain of your hotel, it’ll be a disaster for you to sustain yourself in the market by competing with your rivals.

So modern hotel technology helps hoteliers to a great extent. The key things that will assist hospitality business owners if you integrate the advanced hotel management software to increase the hotel revenue are explored below.

Offer a Worthy and Modern Booking Experience

Almost everyone nowadays books on the internet, and an increasing number of people book on their phones. This means that your website and booking engine should both be mobile-friendly.

Here you may learn about the latest gadget and booking trends. Hopefully, you already do this, however, on your own site. You can offer a lower price than on the OTAs. You can also include features like online check-in and a digital guest experience.

The best hotel management system offers a modern booking experience. It directly impacts the guest experience. If the guests get an advanced and convenient booking system from anywhere and anytime, it will increase your booking number.

So a time-saving modern booking system can grow your hotel revenue certainly by ensuring more sales and customer satisfaction as well. 

Upsell and Guest Communication

You'll need to upsell and guest communication system to understand client wants while also raising your hotel's revenue. 

If you don't have time to evaluate guest behavior, discuss what you've learned with your staff, and put what you've learned into practice, just invest in upselling software that analyzes data for you and automatically sends welcome emails and offers. 

Optimize Your Website

The majority of tourists and travelers learn about hotels and resorts through online advertisements and review sites. You must maximize your web presence in order to appeal to guests who are actively looking for your hotel.

This entails boosting online evaluations, expanding your social media presence and influence, and adjusting rates to attract the proper clients.

Optimization is a process that takes time. It will take some time to determine your client profile and the most effective strategies to employ content on your website to increase organic traffic.

You don't want to just raise your hotel's prices to boost revenue. Instead, you'll want to maximize the value of your hotel rooms. This entails offering varied rates at different times and in different locations on the internet in order to attract the correct consumer to your hotel.

The pricing strategy for hotels plays a great role to increase your sales as well as your profit. 

Get a Mobile-Friendly System

The hotel management software makes the entire hotel operation easier. But is your hotel management system all device friendly?

It’s a big question nowadays. Mobile users are huge at present. If your adopted booking system is not mobile-friendly, you won’t be able to touch the desired line of the booking.

Making your website mobile-friendly and adaptable is no longer an option; it's a need. Using cell phones to plan or book a trip is extremely crucial to 63 percent of tourists, while 58 percent use them to arrange to lodge. Source

So it's essential to integrate a mobile-friendly hotel management system. In this regard, you can certainly enhance the number of bookings so that your hotel revenue will be increased. 

Hotel Management System

Forecast Your Business

Forecasting demand is critical for maximizing hotel income. It allows you to prepare ahead of time and then reflect on your price decisions, allowing you to learn from past mistakes and improve for the future.

As a result, your forecasting accuracy improves in tandem with real demand, allowing you to capitalize on opportunities while avoiding unpleasant shocks, maximizing your hotel's earning potential.

The hotel management system helps the hoteliers to get all reports and analytics. So that you can evaluate your business status including booking, number of guests, sales, other product sales, and so on.

The reporting system of the hotel software will assist you to predict future sales and bookings. So it will be easier to take the necessary steps to increase the revenue of your hotel.
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4. Market Your Hotel Service Appropriately

Market your hotel service

Marketing is a vital part of a hotel business. Proper marketing ensures more brand awareness as well as more customers. Nowadays the hospitality industry is promising. 

Because the number of people who love to travel and look for a serene environment to pass a relaxing time is considerable. Promoting your hotel service in the right way is necessary. You can do traditional and digital marketing for your hotel business.

Segment Your Target Market

Creating guest profiles is an important part of hotel marketing since it allows you to adjust your marketing efforts properly. 

To gain a sense of how to direct your marketing efforts, you need to know who your visitors are, why they choose to book with you, and what their primary motivation for travel is. 

The answers to these questions will aid in the creation of visitor segments and provide valuable data for improving your marketing strategy and sales efforts.

For example, you might find that your hotel primarily attracts business travelers aged 35 to 45 and that these guests choose to stay at your resort because it is close to a convention center that organizes many corporate events. 

Knowing this, you may execute targeted marketing efforts and sponsored advertisements to showcase your property's ideal location to business travelers. 

However, segmenting your guest market and creating focused advertising is strategic, and it will generate fresh revenue-generating ideas for your hotel.

Develop an Effective Marketing Strategy

Creating a successful marketing plan is a challenge. But it is inevitable to develop an effective marketing strategy to increase your hotel revenue.

You have to create a well-developed marketing strategy for your hotel. In this case, you can go through the best marketing strategies for the hotel business that can assure you maximum growth of revenue trend.

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are the biggest scope to engage a huge number of visitors to your hotel. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so other social media platforms provide you a space to express your hotel services or activities.

Learn a little about who uses which network. For example, Facebook is primarily used by middle-aged women, while Instagram is the playground of the upper-middle-class GenZ.

Only because they haven't reached adulthood doesn't mean they don't really have money, and GenZ will not purchase anything that has received a terrible review.

Try to update your content frequently; the optimum times are in the morning, during lunch break, and evening, and remember to respond to your visitors' comments.

Promote Your Supplementary Services and Upsells

Using text texts to communicate with your visitors while they are on-property boosts adoption and revenue. Mobile messaging is preferred by 85 percent of smartphone users over emails or phone calls.

Modern hotel customers are accustomed to the convenience of on-demand e-commerce choices such as Amazon, DoorDash, and Uber. Today's customers expect to be able to order what they want, when they want it, and have it delivered swiftly.

This is why modern hotel software includes upselling possibilities that enable hoteliers to cater to on-demand customers. It will provide your customers with digital menu access via their phones.

They will be able to peruse your alternatives at their leisure and make purchases straight through our site.

Allowing your clients to view a digital menu on their phones is convenient and will boost purchase rates dramatically.

5. Research Your Rivals & Marketplace

It’s crucial for hoteliers to research their target marketplace at first. You know the hospitality industry is increasing nowadays. So you have to research your competitors’ services and other techniques to ensure more service facilities.

Research Contemporary Market

Present market analysis will help you to identify the trendy services. Besides, the contemporary market will help you to include any additional services.

The market analysis doesn’t only help to assure the sustainability of the business, but also accelerates your hotel revenue.

To run a successful business, you must have a solid understanding of your market. To begin, determine your hotel's strengths and weaknesses, as well as new possibilities and threats. 

You can then decide on your hotel's USP based on this. With these insights, you can figure out what your present guest profile is, as well as, more importantly, what your future guest profile will be.

You may determine the needs and interests of your present and possible future guests by selecting a target market, segmenting it, and creating a customer profile. Having this data on hand allows you to stay current on trends and other changes that may affect your consumers' needs.

Keep an Eye on the Competitors

Your rivals may provide the same services that you are offering to your guests. But you should get more customers to increase your sales.

But how? In this case, identifying your competitors’ service weaknesses is a must. If you can provide an advanced or unique service compared to your rivals, the customers get attracted.

On the other hand, pricing is a significant factor that should be considered. Without reducing the quality of services, you ought to provide the best hospitality services to your guests.

Sometimes, the hoteliers follow western services that can attract more customers. But it can be a risk for your service if your target customers are not used to taking this service. 

However, the proper market research and competitor analysis will help you to improve your service facility. In this regard, you can ensure more sales and increase your hotel revenue. 

6. Explore Your Service

Explore Your Service

Make sure you correctly market your extra services and make them desirable to your guests, such as by keeping them traditional, offering them seasonally, and keeping up with what sells.

Exploring your service makes sure more diversity in sales. It is the best way to increase hotel revenue for hoteliers. If you don’t have any additional services for offering to your guests, you can’t reach the expected profit margin.

Offer Seasonal Services

The guests expect seasonal services. So hoteliers should focus on seasonal-based hospitality services. 

The demand for each hotel fluctuates depending on the season and day. Seasons of high demand, national holidays, local celebrations, and recurring events must all be considered.

When it comes to maximizing your hotel's revenue, you must price your rooms and services appropriately in order to capitalize on increased demand at the proper price. 

When you price your rooms without taking into account the higher demand on these dates, your hotel's rooms may sell out early, at a price well below the best available rate, resulting in a significant opportunity loss. 

Not just high-demand seasons, but even shoulder seasons, necessitate special consideration. Between high and low seasons, these are ideal times to provide special discounts and other incentives to increase demand.

Avail the Additional Services like Spa and Restaurant

You have to make sure that your guests are using your spa or restaurant if you have one. If you're in a popular tourist area, there are bound to be other restaurants that stand out, and your visitors may choose to eat somewhere else.

Sometimes the guests demand a variety of services. The unavailability of the services creates a negative impact. On the other hand, if you offer the required services to your guests, they feel complete and show their interest to take the services.

Partner with Local Businesses and Artisans

Another wonderful method for your hotel to earn more revenue is to develop strong ties with other local companies, which has been bolstered by the sense of community developed during the pandemic.

When traveling for work or pleasure, people appreciate learning about the local culture. If a local brewery is close to the hotel, arrange for group tours and provide participants with cases of the brewery's favorite beers. 

Perhaps there is a glassblowing studio in the area or a well-known watercolor painter in the area. Share your love for these local artisans and propose displaying and selling their works in the hotel lobby in exchange for a small commission on each sale.

Excursions and experiences outside of your hotel will almost certainly be paid for by your leisure guests. Partnering with local businesses to offer their services to your customers at a discounted rate is a terrific method to boost revenue. 

After your guest purchases their trips or experiences, the company will pay you a commission or a referral fee. Your local business partners will welcome the referrals, and this simple trick will boost your hotel's earnings.

Hosting Different Live Events

Is there anything in town that attracts visitors, such as concerts, events, or special occasions? Make certain you're ready for it. You can sell tickets, partner with Hop on Hop off, and package these experiences with extra cab, meal, or gift bundles. 

As a result, your guests will have a better time in the city while your hotel earns more money a win-win situation for everyone.

Those from all across the country, as well as people from the nearby area, may attend live events. They may not stay the night, but they may make restaurant reservations or enjoy a few drinks at the bar. 

Contact local event organizers, universities, and business associations to let them know when you have dates available for live events in the next year or two. 

The following are some examples of exciting events:

  • Popular acoustic groups in the region
  • Author readings with jazz trios
  • Lectures by well-known lecturers
  • Quartets of strings
  • Mini Caribbean Carnivals, and other cultural events

7. Utilize Your Resources & Property Spaces Efficiently

Utilize Your Resources & Property Spaces Efficiently

Many hotels have areas that aren't being utilized to their full potential. These could be underutilized conference rooms or a foyer that is substantially larger than required.

We said in our article about incremental revenue that utilizing unused areas can be accomplished by, for example, converting the lobby into a co-working space or providing a meeting room for business/private gatherings.

There are many unique alternatives accessible depending on your hotel's location, size, and type of guests, so the choices are unlimited.

Keep Your Workforce Happy

If your employees are happy with their working circumstances, salary, and treatment, they will have more patience with rowdy customers, and it will be simpler for them to be polite in general. 

This is crucial to providing excellent service. Customers will notice if your personnel go above and beyond their normal responsibilities to ensure that their stay is ideal. Your ratings will increase as a result!

So keeping your guests happy directly relates to keeping your staff happy. It’s an essential task for the hoteliers to give the scope to the employee for working independently. 

The employees deal with the guests face to face so their good impression creates a better image of your hospitality service. 

Introduce Pop-up Hotel

Do you have a beautiful view from your hotel? Pop-up hotels are an exciting new area to investigate. Create a pop-up glamping hotel with an outdoor bar, fire pit, and pull-back tent flaps for stargazing in a scenic section of the property. 

This is a great option for corporate team-building retreats or daring couples looking for a one-of-a-kind wedding site for themselves and their guests.

Rent Parking Space

Parking is an easy asset to ignore, but you can rent parking places if your hotel is in a large metro region or near events, organizations, or companies with overflow parking concerns. 

Examine your immediate surroundings for opportunities, such as:

  • Centers for the performing arts
  • Buildings that house offices
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants and bars are crowded.
  • Universities

Monitor your parking lot capacity at various hours either morning, night, or weekend to determine how many parking spots you can hire without negatively compromising your guests' experience. 

Then, contact the property managers of these locations to share parking availability over the course of a calendar year and to stress that event-night traffic control is their duty. If enough people sign up, this might be a reliable source of passive cash for hotels.

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How Can You Minimize Your Hotel Operational Costs?

Increasing hotel running costs can have a big impact on your hotel revenue. Managing expenses is consequently crucial for guaranteeing long-term financial health and increasing the success of your hotel. 

You should take proactive actions to control costs if your property is losing a lot of money due to needless charges. Although some costs are variable and some are fixed. 

The most successful hotels maintain track of their running costs to ensure that spending is linked to revenue growth. Businesses must optimize operational costs to enhance revenue if they want to maximize profits. 

The most effective strategy for increasing profitability is to reduce spending. Excessive cost-cutting, on the other hand, can lower productivity and affect your hotel's bottom line in the long run.

Digitize Your Hotel Operations

The traditional system of operating hotel operations requires more time and costs. It can be a considerable reason for more operating costs. Besides, in this present era, it can be the greatest constraint to saving your operational costs.

In this case, the modern hotel PMS technology can be the best option for you. It organizes, manages, and monitors all your hotel activities digitally.

Okay, now what type of hotel management system can be cost worthy for your hotel business?

Due to software licenses and periodic maintenance payments, on-site software might raise overhead costs. These costs will, of course, be determined by the type of property you own. 

Furthermore, you will almost certainly need to engage someone to manage this software. Most hotels will require a PMS, a channel manager, a revenue manager, and a point-of-sale system if they have a restaurant. 

However, you can save money by looking for software that combines multiple functions into a single package. The best hotel management system provides a complete package in a single system.

The cloud-based hotel PMS can be costly because you have to pay a fixed amount of dollars every month or year. It may affect the revenue of your hotel at the end of the year.

So the open-source hotel management system can be the best option for you which provides the best solution to manage your entire business operation with minimizing your costs. Besides, you can get this type of software through one-time payment only.

Build a Proactive Workforce

Hoteliers should also teach their employees to do a variety of tasks. As a result, in case of absence or leave of an employee, another employee can recover the task without hiring a new employee.

Many events may be covered by existing hotel workers if you keep a stable basis and play with scheduling in advance. Employee turnover can be reduced, lowering labor costs. 

In 2019, firms spent an average of $1,286 per employee on training, according to a new report by Training Magazine. As a result, to reduce turnover, you should improve the onboarding experience and benefits.

Depending on the size of the hotel, salaries and hourly wages can account for up to half of the total cost. As a result, it should be your first priority when cutting hotel expenditures. 

You will have disgruntled guests and frustrated employees if you do not balance demand with labor requirements. Because you can use the forecast to predict occupancy rates and match demand with staffing needs, proper scheduling can help you save money on labor.

Optimize Your Variable Costs

The costs that you can optimize for reducing the operational costs of the hotel are explored in this section. The variable costs impact considerably to maximize your hotel operational costs.

Because variable expenses are directly tied to business volume and hotel occupancy, they fluctuate depending on productivity levels. 

When occupancy rises, you'll have to pay more in running costs, and vice versa. Hoteliers must make daily decisions to keep expenditures under control and operations running smoothly.

The staff training costs and wages, utility expenses, and other costs negatively affect your hotel revenue at the end of the day.

Employee Wages

Controlling the employees’ wages is the biggest challenge for a hotel business owner. While salaries might be fixed, hourly earnings for part-time or overtime workers are subject to demand. To avoid overstaffing or understaffing, you must balance expenses to demand.

Lessen Utility Expenses

What you don't track, you can't measure. The first low-cost tip from Energy Star is to use their free and simple benchmarking tool to track energy usage. Look into energy audits in your state or region if you'd prefer to outsource the entire procedure. 

Certain programs offer free energy audits with no strings attached. Lighting, HVAC, insulation, and refrigeration systems may be examined, and recommendations for reducing energy consumption may be made. 

Other programs, which vary by location, offer incentives for acquiring energy-efficient equipment. Keep an eye out for these when it's time to replace laundry, restaurant, or HVAC equipment.

To lessen the utility expenses of your hotel, you can try the following recommendation.

  • Using energy-saving light bulbs such as compact fluorescent or LED
  • Instructing employees to switch off lights, televisions, and heating or cooling in rooms that are not in use.
  • Installing timers on bathroom heat lamps
  • Installing lighting occupancy sensors

Develop an Efficient Marketing Plan

Developing an efficient marketing plan can cut your marketing and advertising costs. Sometimes it can be costly while you are advertising to create your brand awareness.

But the perfect and worthy marketing plan can reduce your costs. So creating a cost-effective marketing plan for your hotel business is essential.

Due to commissions, your marketing costs will rise when reservations are high. In order to attract clients, you must also spend more on advertising when your occupancy rate is low.

Food and Housekeeping Supplies

When the number of guests is high, you'll need more goods to cater to them and vice versa. Excess materials, on the other hand, might lead to waste and have a negative impact on your bottom line.

However, minimizing the hotel's operational cost is the primary step to increasing the hotel revenue. In this case, the cost-benefit analysis is a must to ensure the long-term benefit of the hospitality business.

Although there are several strategies including marketing and pricing and so on available, without modern and advanced hospitality management technology, you can’t make sure your profit.

So choosing the best hotel management system can be the best solution for you. It helps the hoteliers to digitize the hospitality services and the booking will be easier and more convenient.

The more you are capable of keeping pace with the contemporary world and advanced technology, the greater the probability of being a successful hotelier.

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Final Verdict

When it comes to increasing hotel revenue, you have a variety of tools and routes to choose from. You may create a personalized plan on your own or with the help of a professional revenue manager. 

You may get a good start on boosting your profit today by following the procedures outlined in this article. Besides, generating more revenue is not just an outcome of the plan, it’s a matter of time.

If you can provide quality service at a competitive price, offer top-notch services, and provide additional services to your guests, it will be easier to grab the ultimate goal of your hotel business.

In this article, the effective ways of increasing hotel revenue are mentioned. The hotel experts or professionals always focus on those activities to accelerate the profit of the business. However, grow your hotel business revenue and enhance the experience of your guests. 

Hotel Management Software


What Types of Costs Exist in Hotel Business?

The costs of the hotel business are two types.

  • Fixed costs
  • Variable costs

Fixed Costs

Fixed costs in hotel operations have little to do with variations in sales volume or occupancy levels. That implies they don't fluctuate much depending on whether your hotel is thriving or struggling. 

Static or fixed expenses are frequently misunderstood with fixed costs. They may, however, vary with time, but they have minimal impact on day-to-day operations.

The fixed costs which are common in the hospitality industry include

  • Employees remuneration
  • Fixed Utility bills including internet
  • Property insurance and tax costs
  • Health safety of the staff
  • Lease, rent, or mortgage expenses

Although you can’t avoid the fixed costs, you can control the costs. If you reduce the average costs of operating a hotel business, it will help you to increase productivity as well as revenue.

Variable Costs

Because variable expenses are directly tied to business volume and hotel occupancy, they fluctuate depending on productivity levels. 

When occupancy rises, you'll have to pay more in running costs, and vice versa. Hoteliers must make daily decisions to keep expenditures under control and operations running smoothly.

The variable costs of the hotel business include

  • Hourly wages of the employee
  • Cost of the marketing and advertising
  • Supply of food, beverage, and housekeeping

Variable charges can make or break a hotel, so keep that in mind. If the daily expenses are substantial, the company will struggle to break even. However, keeping track of variable expenses might help you increase productivity and improve your financial situation.

Can a Hotel Management Software Minimize the Costs?

Yes, the modern hotel management software helps hoteliers to optimize their hospitality services. Besides, the customers can take the services from anywhere anytime.

The booking system makes the services more convenient. The automation system saves the time and costs of the hoteliers while operating the business. In addition to this, hoteliers can track the overall activities of their hotels.

How to Increase the Bookings of a Hotel?

It's a big question that how to increase the bookings or sales of a hotel. Let's look at some crucial techniques for increasing direct sales at your hotel now that we've discussed their value. 

If you want to increase your direct bookings, keep in mind that minor changes add up over time, so don't give up if you don't see results right away.

  • Make use of a booking engine that does not charge commissions.
  • Create a visually appealing and user-friendly hotel website.
  • Use internet marketing to your advantage.
  • Participate in social media.
  • Make the guest experience unique.
  • Be responsive on the internet.

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