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Technology in Restaurants: Top 15 Prominent Types to Leverage

By Mahmuda Akter Isha Last Updated -- Wednesday, 2021-12-08
Technology in Restaurants

Curious to know about the technology in restaurants? In this century, the world is being covered up with the blessing of the technological revolution in various fields. In the restaurant industry, there are various types of restaurant technology are being invented and used to provide a better service and hassle-free operation. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the outcome has increased over 50% and reached 283 billion U.S. dollars in 2020 from the US quick services restaurant business. Source

You can organize your restaurant business in a systematic way by using new technology in the restaurant industry. It helps to enhance your business profitability. So, why are you losing such kinds of opportunities??? In this article, I would like to explore the top 15 technology in the restaurant business both hardware and software. So, it will assist you to integrate the required one or more technology in your restaurant. 

What Is Technology In Restaurants?

Technology in restaurants refers to some automated tools that can assist to conduct every single aspect of any restaurant. There are various types of technologies that have been used to manage the entire activities automatically and precisely of any restaurant such as POS Monitor, QR Code Ordering System, Online Ordering System, Contactless Payment, Kitchen Display System (KDS), and so on.

In this regard, you can integrate any technology in your restaurant according to your requirements. These technologies provide a smooth operation and hassle-free maintenance of your restaurant. So, the use of technology in a restaurant business means reforming the entire mechanism both inner and outer by combining the hardware and software.

What Are the Types of Technology in Restaurants?

You have reached the most desired section in this article. In this segment, I would like to explore the most 15 emerging types of technology in restaurants. So, let’s deep dive into the nucleus of this article. 

1. Hassle-free Ordering with Touch Screen POS Monitor

Touch Screen POS

This one is one of the most exclusive technologies to handle the order-taking process. The POS touch screen monitor can be able to take the orders. Also, it can automatically calculate the total cost including vat and service charge. 

By using the Point of Sale (POS) monitor, you can easily take orders that will enhance the customer’s satisfaction. Also, the POS monitor assists to manage both online & offline orders and the billing processes. The most significant advantage of this technology is that it is easy to operate. As well as, it can be able to calculate the overall cost accurately.  

Moreover, the POS screen monitor has a user-friendly interface, intuitive design, and numerous features that make the system more effective. Since this technology in restaurants is easy to understand, so your staff can easily operate the entire system, and there will not require to train up them. So, the touch screen POS monitor helps to reduce your workload and save your time. As a result, you can increase your business accuracy and revenue.  

2. Seamless Navigation through QR Code Ordering System

QR Code Ordering System

QR code ordering system allows you to manage contactless orders and the customers can be able to complete their payment at the table. During the Covid-19 situation, the QR code ordering technology in restaurants helps to ensure your customer's as well as staff's safety. Thus, this technology can create extra mileage for your restaurant business.

With this technology, your customer can see the digital menu and take the orders easily without any physical menu or staff. Also, the QR code ordering technology can allow your employees to manage, and update all orders from their end. 

This type of technology in restaurants can assist to enhance your customer’s satisfaction and keep running the overall order receiving process in any situation. Moreover, this technology can allow the customer to complete the payment process securely by scanning a QR code. So, there is no required physical intervention to take orders and receive payment.             

3. Self Ordering Kiosks Enrich Customer Experience

Self Ordering Kiosks

The self-ordering kiosk is one of the remarkable inventions because of the revolution of technology in the restaurant business. Moreover, this technology is being a growing trend in the present restaurant industry.

In the recent era, people have been introduced to self-ordering kiosks technology in the restaurant business and around 65% of customer wants to go to the restaurant more often where is being offered self-ordering kiosks service. Also, almost 30% of customers prefer self-ordering kiosks service instead of manual cashier system.  

This technology helps to reduce waiting time and ensure a faster service to the customers. Also, it makes the ordering process more precise and minimizes human errors. Therefore, the most significant advantage of this technology is that you can enhance your customer’s experience, and you can properly utilize your human resources for preparing food and delivering activities.       

4. Kitchen Display System (KDS) for Smooth Collaboration

Kitchen Display System

The kitchen is one of the central and hectic parts of any restaurant. Thus, you need to ensure a smooth collaboration with your kitchen. If you want to manually send orders to your kitchen, it will be very time-consuming and hazardous.  

What would be the solution? And How can you manage such kinds of activities?  Definitely, you are thinking about the alternative. In this regard, the kitchen display system (KDS) has been developed to resolve such kinds of situations.

This technology in restaurants helps to reduce orders redundancy, improve order management, and ensure a better collaboration system. The kitchen display system can be able to receive POS orders in real-time. Then, it can display the order details on one screen. 

So, this technology will be supportive for the kitchen staff and customers. By using the kitchen display technology, the kitchen staff can prepare all orders timely and accurately which will increase your customer’s satisfaction, and ultimately it can be able to play a significant role to boost up your restaurant’s revenue.

5. Speed up Working Infrastructure by Robotic Waiter System

Robotic Waiter System

Another remarkable technological invention in the restaurant industry is the robotic waiter system. This technology allows you to serve the food to the customers by the robot. Hence, you need not hire any extra manpower to serve the food items to the customers. You can conduct all of the serving activities by the robot instead of human staff.

According to your pre-defined instructions, the robot can be able to perform such kinds of activities accurately and quickly. Thus, you can conduct any activity by the robot, you just need to program into them. Also, the robotic system helps to increase your production, save time, and make fewer mistakes than humans.

Moreover, you can provide faster service by using this technology in your restaurant. It will be more reliable and effective to manage several aspects of any restaurant. So, you can modernize your restaurant by adopting this technology.                   

6. Online Ordering System Provides Streamline Operations

Online Ordering System

In the restaurant industry, an online ordering system is another effective technology to ensure better customer engagement. This system can allow the customers to order any food at home and they can complete their payment by using various payment gateways. 

Nowadays, most restaurant owners prefer to adopt an online ordering system that will help to increase the online presence of their business. Also, this technology will be very helpful for the customer because they can order any food from anywhere and anytime. 

A statistical report shows that around 34% of customers spend up to $50 when they order food online. Thus, online ordering technology can assist to increase your sales, and ultimately it will play a significant role to enhance your business revenue.

Moreover, this technology can be able to reduce the risks of mixing up orders, take notes of any special instructions, as well as to manage any personalized orders accurately and smoothly.  

7. Contactless Payment Ensures Safe & Secure Transactions

Contactless Payment System

Contactless payment technology can be able to create extra mileage for your restaurant business. Technology in restaurants allows the customers to complete their payment procedure at the table without any physical currencies. 

Around 34% of customers prefer contactless or mobile payment options to complete the payment process during the COVID-19 situation. Also, this technology helps to enhance your customer's experience by providing a safe and secure contactless payment solution. 

Moreover, the contactless payment system can prevent unnecessary physical contact to complete the billing process. Also, it can be able to ensure a secure transaction by allowing credit cards, debit cards, smart cards, or other mobile devices. 

8. Ease Restaurant Operations with Cloud-based POS System

Cloud Based POS System

A cloud-based POS system is one of the useful technology to ensure a better service for your restaurant. In my previous discussion, I have explained various essential technology in restaurants such as online ordering systems, online table reservation systems, online delivery systems, inventory tracking systems, and so on. 

If you want to integrate these technologies separately, it will be very costly but when you adopt a cloud-based POS system, you will get all of these facilities. The cloud-based POS technology has been included all of the essential features that will need to operate your restaurant business automatically. 

Moreover, a cloud-based POS technology can be able to manage the entire activities of your restaurant by providing various essential features such as stock management, customer management, supplier management, financial management, order management, delivery management, and so on. So, all of these are included in a cloud-based POS technology.     

9. Printers Ensure the Authenticity of All Orders

Printer System

There are two types of printers that are being used in the restaurant business like Thermal POS Printer and Kitchen Printer. Technology in restaurants provides an easy-to-use system, cost-effective solution, and time-saving management. Also, the printer assists to print digital receipts automatically that will save your time and resources.

Thermal POS Printer

To print the digital receipt, you need to integrate the Thermal POS Printer. In this regard, you can use this technology in the front-of-house to print the receipt quickly and easily. 

Also, the thermal POS printer can be compatible with the POS system. Moreover, it will ensure 100% of the accuracy of your printed receipt. So, there is no required ink and paper to print the digital receipt. This technology just heats the paper to create characters and images on the paper.  

Kitchen Printer

This one is another type of technology to use in the back-of-house of your restaurant. Moreover, technology in restaurants helps to resolve lengthy printing processes and provides the opportunity to focus on cooks to your chefs. So, the kitchen printer provides a smooth ticket printing system to manage all orders effectively.

10. Table Reservation System Improves Customer Satisfaction

Table Reservation System 

The online table reservation technology is one of the essential systems to enhance your customer’s satisfaction. It will be very painful and disheartening for the customers if they don’t get any seats after arriving at your restaurant. 

To alleviate such kinds of things, you can integrate an online table reservation system because the customers can reserve their preferred tables online through this technology. Moreover, the online table reservation system helps to ease the table booking process, and customers can view the virtual layout of your restaurant. 

Through this technology in restaurants, the customers can view the table location and table availability that will assist to select and book any tables. According to a statistical report, almost 72% of customers reserve their tables before going to the restaurants over the phone, and 25% of customers regularly do it.

So, the online reservation technology can be able to ensure a smooth flow of your customers and expand the revenue of your restaurant business.            

11. Online Delivery System Serves Food at Your Customer’s Door

Online Delivery System

According to the previous discussion, you have already been informed about the online ordering system. When the customers order their desired food online, you need to ensure to deliver the foods to the customers. To conduct such kinds of activities, another essential technology has been invented in the restaurant industry namely the online delivery system.

This technology can assist to manage the online delivery system to deliver food items to the customers. Moreover, you can integrate any online food delivery servicing system with your restaurant. There are various third-party delivery service providers available such as Foodpanda, DoorDash, Zomato, Swiggy, and so on.

The online delivery system can create extra mileage in the online ordering system because this technology can help to complete the chain of the online food ordering process. A statistical report provides that around 60% of restaurant operators realized that their sales have been increased by integrating delivery management systems.    

12. Inventory Tracking System Acts As a Real-time Notifier

Inventory Tracking System

Inventory is the central and crucial part of any restaurant. But it would be very time-consuming to track the inventory manually and you need to hire more employees to generate accurate reports. Without properly tracking your inventory, you can not ensure the flow of your ingredients. 

To resolve such kinds of difficulties, you need to integrate an automated inventory tracking system that will assist you to get real-time reports automatically. Also, the inventory tracking system can be able to save time which will enhance your business productivity.

Moreover, this technology helps to organize your stock smoothly and you can easily understand the availability of items in your inventory. So, the inventory tracking system will help to grow your business profits and to increase your customer experience by serving their food on time.               

13. Handheld POS System Makes a Quicker Payment Process

Handheld POS System

Another exclusive technology in restaurants is the handheld POS system. The handheld POS system is a device that allows your staff to receive orders and payments to your customers from anywhere in your restaurant. The most significant advantage of this technology is that it helps to reduce the waiting time of your customers for their food and billing process.

Moreover, the handheld POS technology can be able to ensure a streamlined operation and improve order speed and accuracy. Therefore, this technology in restaurants can enhance your customer’s experience by providing a smooth order taking and payment process. 

The handheld POS technology can be able to read the customer’s credit card and debit card information. Also, you can check the available funds, and this technology in restaurants can allow the staff to transfer funds. Finally, it can be able to keep a record and print a receipt.

14. Counter Display System Modernizes Your Serving Process

Counter Display System

Counter display system is another incredible technology in the restaurant industry. This technology can be able to create a parallel connection between the customer and the kitchen. After preparing food, the customers will be automatically notified through the counter display. 

Also, the customers can easily understand their order status by observing the food preparing process through counter display technology. This technology can increase the customer’s experience by providing the order time, remaining time, and order status according to the table and order number. 

15. Cash Drawer System Act as a Virtual Assistant 

Cash Drawer System

It’s a very obvious aspect that you need to manage all cash of your restaurant. Though the old structured cash drawer is noteworthy to manage and store cash, it will be time-consuming as well.

To consider such kinds of difficulties, modern cash drawer technology has been developed. The modern cash drawer system allows the users to integrate it with the POS software. As a result, it will automatically sync all transaction records in the POS system and manage your restaurant’s cash drawer effectively. 

Also, this technology provides lock system facilities that will ensure the safety and security of your restaurant. So, the cash drawer system can be able to maintain the accuracy of all transactions in your restaurant. 

What Is the Impact of Technologies on Restaurants?

In the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the technological ambiance helps to perform your restaurant’s activities safely and smoothly. It had been almost impossible to conduct the restaurant’s operations without integrating the technologies during the pandemic situation.

Most of the restaurant’s owners adopt numerous technology to enrich their working mechanism. So, it will be very significant to integrate modern technologies into your restaurant business.          

Positive Impacts of Technology in Restaurants

There are a myriad number of positive impacts of the technologies in your restaurant business. Here, I would like to explain the most crucial positive impact of technology in restaurants.   

Precise Business Structure Enhances Customer Experience

Customers are the key asset of your restaurant and it is essential to properly nurture your customers. In this regard, technology in restaurants will be the most useful assistance which can provide smooth management facilities. Without adopting any technology, you need to take the orders by hand and have to proceed with the further activities manually. 

If you do it in this way, there would be the huge possibility to occur any mistake and the customers do not get their food on time. It will create a negative impact on your business, hence you have to ensure your customer’s satisfaction, and it would be considered as the number one priority of your business. So, the technological establishment can be able to improve customer experience.     

Technological Accumulation Provides Effective Time Management

Time management is one of the essential factors to attain the targeted goal of any business. Since the restaurant is a hectic place, you need to effectively utilize every single minute to manage your restaurant. Moreover, technological adoption can be able to make your business digitize and automate. 

For example, technology in restaurants allows you to integrate mobile apps that can be able to receive online orders and deliver food items to customers. Moreover, this technology can save your customers time and make a virtual relationship between customers and restaurants.

Also, the restaurant technology provides the opportunity to complete the payment via the internet by using several payment gateways that will be very convenient for your customers. So, restaurant technology can be able to save time for all restaurant owners, operators, waiters, kitchen staff, and customers.            

Technological Favor Increases Business Efficiency

Effective management can help to increase profitability and technology can provide a smooth process to operate the business activities. The technological ambiance provides a smart management solution, mobile apps, artificial intelligence, analytics, automatic management, and so on.

The restaurant technology can be able to make an automated framework to provide a convenient and flawless service. For instance, you can provide a digital menu to receive online orders and you can integrate a third-party delivery system with your restaurant business. 

After all, the restaurant technology will ensure the accuracy of your restaurant business, and you can build an inverse relationship between the risk and revenue. So, you can increase your profitability with low risk and resources. 

Digitized Framework Helps to Maximize Revenue

If you integrate the technologies into your restaurant, it will provide a digitized structure to operate every aspect of your restaurant. You do not need to conduct any activities manually, rather these technological ambiances make an automated system that helps to manage all operations easily and smoothly.

For example, if you integrate an online ordering system, it will create the opportunity to grab more customers and increase the online presence of your business. Also, the self-ordering kiosks can help to reduce the waiting time of your customers and improve their experiences. So, the adoption of new technology helps to maximize your business revenue and minimize costs.     

Accurate Reports Helps to Make Better Decision

Technology in restaurants not only reduces the workload but also ensures accuracy by generating complete and detailed reports. The most notable thing is that if you integrate cloud POS software, it can be able to generate a complete report according to the activities of your restaurant. Moreover, you can get a detailed report of your total sales, purchase, income, profit, loss, and so on. 

Also, you can easily observe the present condition of your business through these reports and you can apply an effective business strategy according to this. So, the technological attachment can build an accurate system and provide a precise report that will assist you to make a better decision.  

Negative Impacts of Technology in Restaurants       

Technology makes our life so easier and faster but a proverb goes that, “There is no unmixed good”. Though technology can be able to create a milestone in your restaurant business, it has some negative impacts on your restaurant business. So, you should be conscious of these factors before adopting the technologies in your restaurant.

  • There is a misconception that it will be very difficult to operate these technologies and hard to use. 
  • There is a lack of emotional connection if you integrate technology into your restaurant business.
  • Sometimes the non-technical operators are not capable to handle these technologies and can not solve various issues when they use these technologies.
  • If you integrate a cloud-based POS system, you need to fully depend on the internet to operate your business. Without an uninterrupted internet connection, you can not manage any single part as well as you may lose your valuable data.
  • Sometimes it may be expensive to upgrade the existing system, and costly to bear the subscription fees and installation charge. 

So, I think, it’s not a big deal to handle such kinds of negative impacts but you will get huge advantages if you adopt the technology in your restaurant business.    

How Restaurant Technology Can Assist to Grow Your Restaurant?

Restaurant technology provides an automated framework to manage the entire activities of your restaurant. Technology in restaurants can play a significant role to operate every single activity of any restaurant. Moreover, the adoption of new technology comes a breakthrough to your restaurant business. 

If you adopt such kinds of technologies, you can enrich your business revenue and grow your restaurant. According to a statistical report,

“Through adopting these new technologies, around 79% of customers improve their experience.”

Effective Business Operations

Technology in restaurants can be able to ensure an effective business operation. You can utilize an automation system by using these technologies in your restaurant business. With these technologies, you can conduct each and every operation from order taking to delivering food items to the customers. 

The inventory tracking system provides an accurate report that will assist you to realize the stock condition and help to make a better decision. Moreover, the restaurant technology assists to reduce waste by handling orders properly and timely. Also, you can create a smooth connection among waiters, kitchen staff, and customers.          

Improved Kitchen Management

To manage any restaurant activities smoothly, you need to ensure smooth communication with the kitchen and you have to maintain all the activities of your kitchen. In this regard, you can integrate a kitchen display system that will ensure effective communication with the kitchen. 

Through integrating the restaurant technology, the kitchen staff can properly prepare the food items according to instructions. After preparing the food items, the waiter can receive the food and deliver it to the customers on time. So, this technology can enhance your customer’s satisfaction and boost up your business revenue.          

Enhanced Employee Satisfaction

An automated system ensures accuracy and increases productivity because the employees can handle more efficiently their particular tasks. If you integrate the HRM system in your restaurant business, you can properly effectively track each and every activity of your employees. As a result, you can properly assign the tasks and distribute the shift to the employees.

Moreover, the use of technology in restaurants provides an organized managerial structure and enhances the security of your business. By adopting the technology in restaurants, your employees can smoothly handle their tasks that will enhance their experience and ultimately you can increase your business revenue.

Improved Customer Service

Technology helps to make your service more better and accurate. In the restaurant industry, it is a vital theme to provide a better service to your customers by ensuring an organized management system. Without adopting new technologies, you can not keep maintaining a proper balance with the customers and waiters. 

To resolve such kinds of difficulties, you can integrate restaurant technologies such as online ordering, self-ordering kiosks, delivery systems, and so on. Moreover, you can provide an effective service to the customers by using such kinds of technologies.

Better Engagement & Collaboration

To manage every aspect of your restaurant, you need to ensure smooth collaboration and better engagement. By integrating technology in restaurants, you can easily do that. For example, if you adopt the cloud-based POS system, you can manage all essential aspects like order taking, invoice generating, accurate billing, online table reservation, and so on. All of these are internally connected to perform such kinds of activities.

The most exclusive technology in the restaurant business is the kitchen display system (KDS) that will ensure a better collaboration to enrich your customer’s satisfaction. Also, the counter display system can be able to increase better engagement among kitchen staff and waiters, and it will assist to serve the food timely to your customers. 

Almost 69% of Restaurants Adopt New Technologies to Build a Digital Framework

In the present trend, the restaurant business is one of the trendy professions all over the world. The technological establishment can help to create a new form of your restaurant business. According to a statistical report, 

“Around 73% of restaurant owners realize that the integration of new technology can help to save 10 and 15% of the time and cost.” Source  

Moreover, the adoption of new technologies can ensure a smooth and hassle-free operation of your restaurant. By using such kinds of technology, the customers can conduct their ordering process and operators can easily receive the orders simultaneously. 

So, it can be able to save time and cost and it helps to lighten the burden of repetitive tasks on your human resources.       


Construct Your Restaurant with an All-In-One Technological Solution

Technology can help to run your restaurant successfully and you can automate the inner mechanism of your restaurant business. In this regard, you need to choose a complete package that is included all of the essential technologies. 

To form such kind of dynamic structure, you can choose Bhojon - Restaurant Management Software because it can be able to provide the most crucial technologies such as an online ordering system, QR-code ordering, kitchen display system, counter display system, inventory tracking system, contactless payment system, and so on.

If you separately integrate these new technologies, it will be very costly and time-consuming. But when you will integrate a single package that can provide all of these technological ambiances, it will be very effective and convenient to use and operate.

So, it’s time to grab the opportunity by purchasing this one-stop solution namely Bhojon, and utilizing these technologies in your restaurant. 

 Restaurant management system 


The world is being digitized day by day, and the favor of technology is being used in every sector of business. The restaurant industry is one of the most prominent examples of this revolution. Moreover, you can conduct massive changes in your restaurant by adopting such remarkable technologies. But before integrating any new restaurant technologies, you have to know about this. 

For considering this circumstance, I have written this article that will assist you to explore some significant technology in restaurants as well as the significance of using these technologies in your restaurant business. So, you can embrace the tech to cover up and enhance the leverage of your restaurant business.

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