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What Is eCommerce Packaging - Treat Or Need In Online Business

By Sumaiya Simran Last Updated -- Wednesday, 2023-07-12
what is ecommerce packaging

Ecommerce business is now at the top of the profitable business trend list. Now, especially this "Generation Alpha ", doesn't like, and is less likely to encourage the idea of going to a physical store for shopping. For every ecommerce business, ecommerce packaging is absolutely a mandatory item to invest in.  

Since the ecommerce revolution, the whole concept of online shopping has taken a trustworthy position in everyone's mind. However, initially this concept of "ecommerce shopping" wasn't that popular and reliable to many people, but as the days passed, it became both a popular business idea and profitable too. 

Although if you're the owner of a multi store ecommerce platform, you should take care of several things of an ecommerce business. For instance, adding various products, increasing categories, promoting your ecommerce platform, customer retention, supply chain management, inventory, and delivery system. But there is another thing an eCommerce owner should take care of: ecommerce packaging.


Have you ever thought, "What is ecommerce packaging?" and "How important is an eCommerce package? 


E-commerce packaging in any ecommerce business or even online food delivery business is very crucial. An e-commerce package is a package or parcel to carry the ordered product from the warehouse to the customer's doorstep.   

What Is Ecommerce Packaging?- Enhance The Customer Experience And Brand Value

The e-commerce package is the first thing an end-user will interact with just after an end user receives the packaging. Through e-commerce packaging, e-commerce stores get the best chance to establish their brand identity, 

E-commerce packaging is a package which protects the product whilst shipment, hence simultaneously exhibiting the brand identity, controlling the shipping cost, and preventing any types of shipment damage.

An intact, damage-free, eye catchy e-commerce packaging hugely impacts building customer attraction and raises brand value and profitability. Indeed e-commerce packaging passes many hands after the order fulfilment; therefore, every e-commerce package should be sturdy, covered, water-proof and well-padded. And it's totally ecommerce entrepreneurs' responsibility to ensure the safety and pristine condition of the product. 

Besides, eCommerce packaging also includes some complementary packaging items, including infills, tapes, air pillows, bubble wraps, foam sheets, thermocol blocks, kraft paper and corrugated sheets etc. 

How Important Is Ecommerce Packaging For Ecommerce Business?

Generally, an ecommerce business process starts when the audience selects their desired product, adds it to the shopping cart, and processes it for payment. 

And as soon as the order gets confirmed, the e-commerce entrepreneur will notify the supplier, the supplier will notify the warehouse manager, and the warehouse manager will collect the product and prepare it for departure packaging. Lastly, the delivery company will receive it, and the delivery man will reach the customer's doorstep.


"Just imagine the delivery man is going for a delivery with a product, which is in exposed condition, which means no cover, no package, a high risk of being damaged or dusted easily, and of course high chance of theft. "

Now my question is to you? Is this safe?? Isn’t it an invasion of privacy?

And the answer is it’s absolutely not safe, secure and highly invasive of privacy. Whenever any customer orders anything from an ecommerce store, he/she expects to receive the product in perfectly intact and damage-free condition. 

But, if the customer received the order in a damaged state or in a very less secure packaged condition, it might leave a very bad impression on the audience experience. Therefore, it becomes hard to retain the customer, difficult to attract new customers and might become hard to sustain in a highly competitive ecommerce industry. 

Below I have discussed some of the crucial reasons for e-commerce packaging in the ecommerce business.

  • Brand Reputation

Ecommerce package is not just any package which is carrying the product; instead, it holds some of the key aspects of the ecommerce store. In short, fancy and attractive e-commerce packaging is also a marketing policy to position itself in consumers' minds. 

For instance, showcasing the brand image, differentiating the brand from competitors, encouraging repeat purchases, and unboxing experiences can hugely impact repeated purchase habits and brand loyalty and increase revenue growth.

  • Safety 

Generally, after the order confirmation ecommerce package gets passed through many hands, for instance, the warehouse manager, suppliers, retailers, the delivery man, and the final customer.   

Hence, to protect the product, an appropriate ecommerce packaging box is mandatory, and while carrying the package, the delivery man should keep the packaging box in a standing friction position. 

  • Customer Attraction 

As mentioned above, ecommerce packaging is the best weapon to promote your brand identity to your first-time purchased customer. The main purpose of providing the best e-commerce packaging is to impress the customer and turn them into a loyal customer. 

As an online store entrepreneur, you can customise ecommerce packaging so that your customer can get the best unboxing experience and get pleasant satisfaction. Moreover, only the right e-commerce packaging helps you to differentiate and stand out from multiple ecommerce stores in the market. 

  • Product Branding 

The main aim of providing attractive ecommerce packaging is to increase brand awareness and leave a satisfying footmark in mind. 

Indeed, ecommerce store packaging plays an important role in shaping the first and last impression of how your customer will perceive your brand. Of course, appropriate infill, well-designed, high-quality packaging can create a satisfied brand perception. 

Investing in e-commerce packaging isn’t a waste of a penny; instead, it’s a smart marketing strategy to earn a lifetime loyal customer, drive consistent revenue growth and customer retention, and of course can differentiate yourself from the crowd of ecommerce stores.

  • Brand Differentiation 

If you want to differentiate your brand, first you must set how much you’re willing to invest in ecommerce packaging design, making your brand look exceptional around multiple ecommerce stores packaging.   

For instance, if you think deeper, you’ll realise all the e-commerce packaging ideas and their material used are almost. 

But the question may arise: how can you differentiate your brand from your competitor? And the best answer of your concern is that you can custom ecommerce packaging, make it reusable, eco-friendly, sustainable and most importantly built with high quality material.  

List Of Types Of Ecommerce External Packaging Material 

As I have already mentioned, the importance of ecommerce packaging in an ecommerce business and discussed its beneficiary points of investment in ecommerce packaging. 

The best way to win a lifetime customer is to provide the best satisfying experience from both the product, service and package.  

Let's pause for a moment and think logically that every big and small eCommerce store uses the same lookalike package, but how to differentiate your brand?? A good way to differentiate your brand is to use high-quality packaging material; instead of a plain brown box, use a colourful designer box, which highlights your brand logo, value and identity.  

Below, I've listed all the ecommerce packaging material needed in an ecommerce store. Indeed there are various types of e packaging solutions, but what type you choose usually depends on the product's size, weight, and durability.

Cardboard Shipping Box Types:

Cardboard Shipping Box Types:

Before choosing a cardboard shipping box, remember the fragility and distance the package will travel because reaching the product in a single piece is very important. 

Moreover, there are various types of cardboard boxes, and depending on the product weight, fragility and product value, you should choose the most suitable cardboard box for your product.

Corrugated Box

Corrugated cardboard boxes are the most preferred and standard box by many ecommerce stores, mainly because of their sturdy and lightweight features. 

Usually, corrugated boxes are created with recycled material and built with an extra layer to protect the inside product from shocks, moisture, and temperature changes.   

Custom Box

A custom box is a beneficiary and costly e-packaging box for every ecommerce online store. With a custom cardboard box, an ecommerce entrepreneur can personalise the box according to the size of the product. 

Besides, it gets the best chance to establish the brand identity and provide the best satisfying unboxing experience to the customer. 

Double Wall Box

A Double wall box usually carries heavily weighted, large items. A double wall box is built with cardboard and takes two-layer walls of fluting spaced between three paper sheets. 

This cardboard box is superiorly padded so that the inside item stays intact and protected from collision, vibration and bludgeoning damage. 

Over Boxing 

Overboxing cardboard is specially used to carry delicate items. The main purpose of using this kind of over-boxing cardboard is to protect the fragile item from any damage. 

Usually, this overboxing cardboard is extremely strong because the main product box is kept in another shipped box with many infills for better steadiness.  

Mailing Envelopes:

mailing envelopes

Indeed, an ecommerce packaging solution is not always a cardboard box; this problem can be solved by mailing envelopes too. Usually, mailing envelopes are used for small and light weights but are not fragile. Bags or mailing envelopes are usually lightweight, strong, waterproof, self-sealed, easy to carry and store. 

Custom Product Packaging:

Custom Product Packaging:

Custom e packaging is the best way to create a strong position in customers' minds. With custom product packaging, an ecommerce entrepreneur not only can establish a strong brand identity but also provide the best unboxing experience to the customers. 

One of the best advantages of custom product packaging is that the e-packaging is specially personalised according to the shape and size of the product. And the worst disadvantage for ecommerce owners is that they provide customised packaging boxes, it is costly compared to normal cardboard boxes.  

Tape Types

tape types

Undoubtedly, tape is the most vital part of the packaging, a cardboard box might help you carry the product, but tape assists you in sealing the product and keeping the product protected. 

  • Clear Acrylic Tapes
  • Water Activated Tape 
  • Printed Tapes
  • BOPP Tapes
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Cello Tape
  • Brown Tape
  • Washi Tape 

Types Of Infills In Ecommerce Internal Packaging

Types Of Infills In Ecommerce Internal Packaging

Infills another ecommerce packaging material, which is crucial in keeping the product inside the box stable and undamaged. Infills fill up the leftover portions inside the box, which helps keep the product steady and secure during the shipping process. 

Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is simply brown paper, a very flexible and shapeable type of infill. Kraft paper can shape into any preferable size or crumble to infill the leftover space in the box. Kraft paper is recyclable because it is created using less chemical inputs. 

Air Pillows

Basically, air pillows are air-filled plastic sacs and the lightest form of infills of ecommerce packaging material. Air pillow is a speciality used to keep delicate or perishable products intact and undamaged. 

Packing Peanuts

Packing peanuts is the most classic infill of all; some consider it messy and frustrating to handle. Peanuts are usually very lightweight, like feathers and easily get floated, hence difficult to gather and handle. 

Bubble Wrap

The most common infills of e-commerce packaging material are specially used to wrap fragile or sensitive items. 

Foam Wrap

Foam wrap is considered to be an alternative to bubble wrap and is also used to wrap sensitive and delicate products. Foam wrap is much thinner, lighter and easier to handle but not at all recyclable. 

Shredded Cardboard

Shredded cardboard infills are the most recyclable and eco-friendly ecommerce packaging. Shredded cardboard provides the best protection for every type of sensitive and delicate item.


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Ecommerce packaging refers to the materials and design used to package products purchased online and shipped to customers. It plays a crucial role in ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of goods while also representing the brand and creating a positive customer experience.

Moreover, e-commerce packaging is more than just a means of protection during shipping. It has become essential to the overall customer journey, impacting brand perception, customer satisfaction, and repeat business.


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