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Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deal 2023 | Up To 60% Off On Best Software!

By Touhidul Islam Last Updated -- Monday, 2023-10-16
black friday & cyber monday deal

Pick the Best Deal, & Value Your Money; Cyber Weekend is On-Fire

Are you excited? There is no way to be unenthusiastic. Bdtask offers the best software deals and an incredible discount for every type of advanced business management software on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023. 

Now you are going to have world-class software at (up to 60% discount

throughout the Cyber Weekend. What……...!!!

Count Your Every Second from 

22 - 30 Nov, 2023.

Yes, it’s the most awaited time for business owners. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest moments for both the service providers and the service users.

The best deals are waiting for you. Get ready to digitize your business with modern and advanced business management software for any type of business you are conducting or you want to introduce.

Considering the requirements of the business professionals we designed our every software. So our software got a world-class reputation.

The Biggest Sales Of The Year. 

Black Friday + Cyber Monday

Time is running out !!!So Hurry Up!!!

Up To 60% Discount

Buy Your Desired Software⬇⬇

When is Cyber Monday & Black Friday in 2023?

Thanksgiving day in 2023 is Thursday, November 24, 2023. The next day is Black Friday, Friday, November 25, 2023.

After Black Friday, the first Monday is considered Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday, Monday, November 28, 2023.

The business world gets a new phase at this time. From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, this period of time is called Cyber Weekend.

Why is Cyber Monday & Black Friday Special?

In the USA, after the Thanksgiving holiday when the first Monday comes, it’s referred to as Cyber Monday. It’s a marketing term and the main purpose of this day is to grow their interest level to shop online. Cyber Monday is a 24-hour online shopping event. 

Black Friday is the next day of Thanksgiving day that originated in the 1950s in the USA. This special day is a momentous moment, symbolically considered the beginning of a critical holiday shopping season.

A Win-Win Situation For Sellers & Customers

During Cyber Weekend, business owners promote their brand value and offer customers unbelievable discounts on highly demanded products or services. As a result, the customer gets satisfied.

Cyber Weekend is the busiest shopping day of the year as it kicks off the holiday season. The winter season is not suitable for all types of business. In this case, the sales percentage gets lower.

Black Friday and Cyber Weekend is the most appropriate time to attain the sales goal of business owners. So the business owners provide the services or products at a minimum price.

At a time, customers can purchase their desired products or services from a renowned store.

Black Friday: Save Your Pocket, Make Your Day; Cyber Monday: Make Your Every Businessday Funday

Bdtask is a renowned software development company that develops every 

type of software to ease business operations ensuring profitability.

What is the first and foremost priority for the business owner?


Considering this factor, we always design our software. Besides, our developers focus on the requirements of business professionals while developing the software.

In addition to this, our software is flexible and highly customizable. You can have it based on your needs, business size, and the type of your business.

We will provide you with the best package at the lowest price throughout the Cyber Weekend. So you can save your bucks and continue your shopping with fun.

Why Do We Focus on Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the most awaited day. The customers get prepared to purchase something on these special days as different service providers offer discounts during this period.

Bdtask is a digital software service provider. This software company conducts its business operation worldwide.

Fulfill the Wish of Business Owners

Most business owners are indeed trying to cope with modern technology. So they are waiting for the biggest moment when the desired technology they want to adopt will sell at the minimum price. 

In this case, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the desired moment for everyone worldwide. The businessman who wants to get digitized their business with modern and advanced technology, we welcome them at this time.

Spread out the Business Technology Worldwide 

Sometimes, business owners are unaware of the advanced technology that can ease business operations.

In addition, they conduct their business activities manually by following the traditional system in this modern era. 

One of the goals is to keep informed of the advancement of technology and its benefits. Our target customers are interested business owners who don’t have enough budget to integrate an automation system.

This Cyber Weekend, we will give up to 60% off of our famous software. So they can easily purchase the modern and automated business management system and modernize their business.

Ensure the Successful Journey of Entrepreneurs

Maximum entrepreneurs who dream of starting a new journey are waiting for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Because nowadays, businesses are getting modernized, adopting different advanced technologies. 

In this regard, younger entrepreneurs tend to integrate digital software. Our happy clients worldwide are 10,000 +, most of whom are entrepreneurs. 

Besides, business management technology saves the time and costs of business owners. So the entrepreneurs can ensure their profitability and sustainability.

Extra-Special Discounts for Next Generation Software on Cyber Weekend (Black Friday & Cyber Monday)

Up To 60% Off for 6 Types of Business solutions between 

(22-30) Nov 2023.

What Type of Business Owners can Grab the Outstanding Offer?

Bdtask has 40+ software for different groups of business professionals. But worldwide Black Friday and Cyber Monday create an enormous opportunity for 6 types of lucky business owners.

Find out the lucky business personnel from the below list.

1. Blockchain solution

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency and most business owners tend to run this type of modern business nowadays. 

We have 4 blockchain software for 4 types of business owners.

  • Tradebox
  • Nishue
  • ICO Wallet

A businessman who wants to have an initial coin offering system, cryptocurrency trading platform, cryptocurrency investment software, and our hot new product NFTBOX.

Our Cyber weekend offer will be the biggest opportunity for them. Cryptocurrency investors may be more interested than ever in saving a few bucks this Cyber Monday.

Deep Discounts for Blockchain Solution.

The business professionals of the Blockchain industry always look to food as the most secure and dynamic platform to conduct their business virtually. In this case, the software we designed for cryptocurrency traders and investors is popular.

2. Hospitality Solutions

You have to remember that Cyber weekend is here.

The hospitality business sector is allowed to grab this offer.


To ensure a better user experience for your hotel and restaurant, management software like 

  • Bhojon-Restaurant management software
  • Xain-Hotel management system

 is the best choice. In this case, all types and sizes of Hotel and Restaurant business professionals can purchase this management software for up to 60% off.

3. Healthcare Solution 

The Healthcare business is getting raised nowadays. Our Hospital Automanager and Pharmacare business software help to manage and control this business smoothly. Whatever size your hospital business is, our software makes sure the business profitability.

Pharmacy, and hospital business owners are eligible for this special Cyber weekend offer.

4. E-commerce Solutions 

The eCommerce business owners are eligible for this offer. Our eCommerce shopping cart software(Isshue)  is popular worldwide for its dynamic design and responsiveness.

The online business owners or entrepreneurs who want to introduce an eCommerce business, it’s a great opportunity to purchase our software with up to 60% discount. 

5. Business Solutions 

Track real-time business performance

With our best ERP business solution

Up To  60% discount 

Human resource is the most valuable resource of any organization. We have complete HR software that helps business owners to manage, organize and track the activities of their employees.

As a result, the performance of the workforce of a company increases. Every organization can integrate HR management software on Black Friday and Cyber Monday at a discount.

6. Automotive Solution

A VMS is crucial to boosting productivity, safety in the workplace, and, more significantly, bottom lines for stakeholders. If you'd like to discover more about this powerful, proactive approach to logistics, we invite you to check out our two software (vehicle management system-VMS and bus365 apps ) at up to 60 %flat discount.

Why Should You Choose Our Software?

We say, we are the best as our clients say, we are the best.

Bdtask is not providing software only, we provide a digital business solution to business owners.

  • Fast & Secure Framework
  • Dynamic UX Design
  • Affordable Cost
  • Keep Updated with Latest Technology
  • Eye-catchy Interface
  • On-Demand Customizable
  • Accumulative Solutions
  • Responsive Refund Policies
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Lifetime Update

Hurry…!!! Grand Offer (Up To 60% Off) of Our Superb & World-Class Advanced Software On-Going

We consider the needs of business professionals. Our main goal is to satisfy the customer at the desired level.

Let’s take a look at the top-featured software that you are going to have up to 60% discount on throughout the Cyber Weekend (22 Nov. - 30 Nov 2023).

✅ NFTBOX-NFT Marketplace Script: A New Era Is About To Start  


A Good Investment, Just like Cryptocurrencies.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offer

Previous Price: $399

Discount Price: $159

View Demo & Purchase Now

Minting, Selling, and Buying unique digital assets

A digital asset that can come in the form of art, music, in-game items, videos, and more.

NFT– stands for Non-fungible tokens, which use blockchain technology like cryptocurrency, and are generally secure.

Being a digital version of rare assets, NFTBOX unlocked doors for collectors and artists to make a living by selling and buying or trading for profits like a crypto investment.

If you believe the assets will hold value in the future. Then NFTBOX is the right choice for you.

Prime Features of NFTBOX

  • Impressive admin panel -where you have the power to monitor everything
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Installing is more fun- One-click installation 
  • Customize for your own requirement 
  • Single NFT page 
  • Mobile friendly 
  • Great security and privacy policy 
  • Metamask wallet login panel
  • A chance for reselling
  • Best price for sale (we have a bidding option)
  • Expert support and lifetime licenses
  • Admin wallet set up from the admin panel with ease.
  • Summary report for (Yearly-Monthly-Weekly)

✅ ICO Wallet- The Updated Token Launching ICO Script Software: Launch Your ICO Token Through a Secure Platform

ICO Wallet

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offer

Previous Price: $89

Discount Price: $35

View Demo & Purchase Now

ICO Wallet is an initial coin offering system. It is a complete ICO launching & ICO website script startup management system. It has three main parts, Admin Portal, User Portal & website

Key Highlights of ICO Wallet

  • Open source for easy customization.
  • Host in your own secure server.
  • You can offer your own coin
  • Buy and sell with exchanges
  • Package buys and ROI system
  • Finance management system
  • User verification system
  • Multi-language system
  • Paypal, Payeer, mobile money, stripe, GoUrl, and coin payment gateway
  • Auto deposit and withdrawal by coin payment
  • Complete trading-based responsive website design
  • Admin and customer have separate UI and Login
  • Exchange and trading package management
  • Easy Package trading fee add system
  • Email and SMS gateway adding for ICO marketing
  • Project management system
  • Project mobile app integration module

✅ Tradebox- Advanced Cryptocurrency Trading Software: The Most Secure and Modern Trading Platform


Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offer

Previous Price: $199

Discount Price: $79

View Demo & Purchase Now

Tradebox – CryptoCurrency Buy Sell and Trading Software are one of the greatest trading platforms at present. It is a digital platform where you can also buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrency.

Besides, it has a cash withdrawal and deposit system. Tradbox is an advanced software where you can add any coin that you want as it supports 2500+ coins.

Prime Features of Tradebox

  • Admin and user management system
  • Exchange and trading package management
  • Finance and accounts management system
  • Integrate ERC20 token
  • Entire project management system
  • Cryptocurrency buy and sell 
  • Exchange the coin
  • You can add your own coin
  • You can select given 2500 + coins in the system
  • You can create a coin market
  • You can pair the coin market
  • Payment gateway added of PayPal, Payeer, GoUrl, stripe, and mobile money
  • Transaction setup system
  • You can limit your use of withdrawal and transfer money
  • Here have live chat on the exchange page
  • Email and SMS system for deposit and withdraw
  • 100% secure payment and trading system
  • Responsive website with exchange dashboard

✅ Nishue- Cryptocurrency Investment Software: Simplest Way to Buy, Sell, Exchange, and Invest Crypto


Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offer

Previous Price: $199

Discount Price: $79

View Demo & Purchase Now

Nishue is one of the best cryptocurrency investment software. It minimizes investment risk and ensures a secure transaction. Besides Nishue is a quick exchange platform that is dynamic and advanced.

Nishue is the best platform for both Traders and Investors.

Highlighting Features of Nishue

  • Digital dashboard
  • Coin deposit and withdraw option
  • Diversified packages
  • MLM system
  • Content management system
  • Crypto exchange system
  • Live crypto comparison
  • Email and SMS notification system
  • Integrate multiple Addons
  • Weekly, monthly, and yearly ROI
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Advertisement System
  • Mobile payment
  • User verification system and many more.

✅ Bhojon- Restaurant Management Software: Designed for All Types of Restaurants 


Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offer

Previous Price: $99

Discount Price: $39

View Demo & Purchase Now

Are you a restaurant business owner or planning to start a food service business? Bhojon restaurant management software is the most advanced and dynamic system for managing entire business operations.

Magnificent and Special Features of Bhojon

  • Integrated with a Dynamic restaurant website
  • Android and iOS mobile applications e.g. Customer app, Waiter app, and Kitchen app
  • Full functional Dashboard
  • Kitchen display system
  • Online and Offline POS
  • Restaurant billing system
  • Online and offline ordering system
  • Online table booking system
  • Sales management system
  • Purchase management system
  • Supply chain management system
  • Employee management system
  • Accounts management system
  • Waste management system 
  • Delivery management system
  • QR code ordering system
  • Inventory management system
  • Realtime notification system
  • Reporting and analytics system
  • Role permission system 
  • Unique Addons, etc. 

✅ Xain- Hotel Management System & Booking Software: Improve the Hospitality, Grow More Customers


Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offer

Previous Price: $199

Discount Price: $79

View Demo & Purchase Now

Xain is a digital hotel management system. It is a complete package by which the hospitality industry can operate all business operations digitally.

Our Xain hotel management software comes with the latest technology and it is designed considering the requirements of the hospitality industry’s professionals. 

Splendid Features of Xain - Hotel Management Software

  • Attractive and responsive website 
  • Online and offline booking system
  • Dashboard
  • Customer management system
  • Room reservation system 
  • Room setting
  • Supplier management system
  • Service management system
  • Purchase management system
  • Accounts management system
  • Human resource management system
  • Multiple payment and currencies systems
  • Real-time reporting system
  • Print invoice system
  • Payroll setup
  • Multiple controlling panels etc.

✅ Pharmacare- Pharmacy Management Software: Digitize Your Pharmacy Shop, Maximize Your Profit


Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offer

Previous Price: $89

Discount Price: $35

View Demo & Purchase Now

Our pharmacy software is the best pharmacy management software. Our special offerings with a minimum price are unbelievable compared to the other pharmacy software. 

Anyway, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offer cut its price drastically. So now you will get all features for only the mentioned price. 

Let’s take a look at the highlighting features of Pharmacare.

  • Medicine management system
  • Customer management system
  • Manufacture management system
  • Purchase management system
  • Inventory management system
  • Accounts management system
  • Supplier management system
  • Invoice system
  • Service management system
  • Staff management system
  • Return management system
  • Role permission system
  • Report and analytics system and so on.

✅ Hospital Automanager - Advanced Hospital Management Software: Speed Up Hospital Process

Hospital Automanager

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offer

Previous Price: $75

Discount Price: $30

View Demo & Purchase Now

Hospital Automanager is a customizable, complete, and integrated Hospital Management System developed to handle all hospital operations. Implementing the hospital management system project gives the institution different advantages that improve service quality and efficiency.

Anyway, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offer cut its price drastically. So now you will get all features for only the mentioned price. 

Highlighting features of Hospital Automanager

  • Modern Dashboard system (responsive website )
  • Error-free calculation.
  • Automate attendance policy.
  • Employee management system.
  • Attendance management system.
  • Asset and equipment management system.
  • Bank loans management system.
  • Report (Expenses and Income ).
  • Dynamic report system.
  • Account and payroll management system.
  • Alerts system.

✅ Isshue - Multistore Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software: Get the Super Fast Experience with an Amazing Website


Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offer

Previous Price: $49

Discount Price: $19

View Demo & Purchase Now

Whatever your online business type and size, you don’t need to panic. Our eCommerce shopping cart software is developed for every type of online business whether it’s small, medium, or large. 

Isshue is a flexible, affordable, and upgradable eCommerce software. It saves the time and costs of the businessman. Besides business professionals can ensure more customers as well as more profit. 

Highlighting Features of Isshue

  • Multiple store management system 
  • Control from the admin panel
  • Website integration system
  • Unlimited user account
  • POS management system
  • Invoice system
  • Photo management system
  • Quotation management system
  • Vendor management system
  • Product management system
  • Purchase management system
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Customer management system
  • Supplier management system
  • Accounts management system
  • Online order management
  • Android app integration
  • Multiple Tax setting
  • Inventory management system and many more.

✅ Sales ERP Software - Best ERP Software with Pos App: Keep Track Of Your Inventory And Human Resources 

Sales ERP Software

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offer

Previous Price: $45

Discount Price: $18

View Demo & Purchase Now,

An ERP system can help you identify key areas you might have overlooked and can allow multiple departments across your business. Sales and marketing are massively significant for many brands today, and when you combine this with the power of an ERP system, the possibilities are endless.

Features of Sales ERP Software

  • Dynamic dashboard 
  • 2 different invoice systems
  • Product management system
  • Stock report system
  • Purchase management system
  • Build-in HRM management 
  • Online and offline services
  • Remote access facilities
  • Impressive sale system 
  • Android POS App Integration
  • Data backup support 
  • CRM management system
  • Supply chain and production 

✅ HR Manager - Human Resource Management System: Organize the Employee, Increase the Productivity

HR Manager

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offer

Previous Price: $49

Discount Price: $19

View Demo & Purchase Now

Human resources are the most valuable resource of an organization. If the employees are not properly managed, productivity and efficiency will be decreased for sure.

In this case, we developed an HR Manager software. It is a digital system to manage, monitor, and evaluate the workforce of a company with an automation system. 

Special Features of HRMS

  • Employee recruitment system
  • Workforce information management system
  • Asset and equipment management
  • Attendance management system
  • Department management system
  • Income and expense report
  • Account management system
  • Payroll management system
  • Leave tracking system
  • Shift management system
  • Staff leave management system
  • Dynamic reporting system
  • Notification system
  • Bank and loan management system
  • Monitoring the activity of the employee
  • Communication system
  • Tax setting
  • Android and iOS app integration system
  • Works both online and offline
  • Role permission system and so on.

✅ Vehicle Management System(VMS) - Fleet Management Solution:-Archiving True Efficiency Of Your Fleet 

Vehicle Management System

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offer

Previous Price: $199

Discount Price: $79

View Demo & Purchase Now

Bdtask has designed the most advanced and futuristic vehicle management software for large or small fleets. Another Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just right around the corner, and this means lots of goodies steering at you - but its digital goodies,

Ensure the best profitability 

Use a responsive vehicle management system


 Enjoy the full premium features 

Only for


Features that bring all vehicles within your control

  • Track all your vehicles
  • Fuel management system
  • Find the shortage path 
  • Service management solution 
  • Fully secured and multiple languages support 
  • Refueling alert system
  • Evaluated your vehicle performance 
  • MYSQL database 
  • Admin panel with 100 % responsive site 
  • Fleet alert facilities 
  • RTA support and flexible usability 
  • And most of all customization for your own needs

✅ Bus365 - Bus Ticket Reservation System: Improve The Efficiency, Convenience, And Comfort Of The Reservation Process.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offer

Previous Price: $199

Discount Price: $79

View Demo & Purchase Now

The Bus Reservation System is developed to automate online ticket purchasing via an easy-to-use online bus booking system.

Transportation traders, Have you been waiting to save money and avail of cyber weekend deals? It’s almost the end of 2023, and we can’t wait to start a refreshing 2023 with new year goals and intentions with up to 60% off.

Highlight features of Bus365

  • Online ticket booking system
  • Passenger can manage their own tickets 
  • Record your vehicle details (vehicle management system)
  • Make the trip flexible by Trip management system
  • Agent management system
  • Human resource management
  • Financial management system
  • Reporting system
  • Website integration 
  • Monitoring vehicle & fitness system

Make a Worthy Decision Otherwise You’ll just Lose Dollars!!!

As a business owner, you may look for digital software for your business. But before integrating, we always suggest that business professionals identify they're-

  • Budget
  • Business Type
  • Business size
  • Either single store or multistore, etc.

The decision is yours but we guide the business owners in a proper way. Our clients are also focusing on their business as we are serving our customers by focusing on some factors.

So we understand the needs and demands of our service users. Cyber weekend is a shopping season for customers. During this time, you’ll get unimaginable offers from different service providers.

“This is high time to make your decision and take a step. The after-sales service is our main goal as it’s the concern of the customers.” 

Ready, Set, Go!

Businessmen always think to cut additional costs and make more returns with quality service. In this case, the operational cost is the biggest challenge.

All of our software is designed considering this factor so that the customers of our business management software can optimize their business operations and save more.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the targeted time when maximum business owners tend to purchase their needs. In this case, we offer the best price for this season.