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Bus reservation system is an essential transport software for managing online Bus ticket booking, Fleet and trip etc. Bus ticket reservation system can help clients and service providers significantly to connect with each other online.

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Why transportation traders are using a Bus Reservation System?

Today is not the age of technology but artificial intelligence. Businessmen are becoming more intelligent by using the blessing of technology. Being the strategically expert trader are frequently meeting the highest apex of success because of the welfare of automation technology. To cope with the time transportation business leader’s are using automation tools to ensure dynamic management in every section of transport business. So using a bus reservation system for transportation business is a wise decision because it will make you lucky with so many blessings. Importance of Bus Reservation System are as follows


Make able to fulfill on-time demand:

Occasionally, Demand rose higher in transportation business. BRS(Bus Reservation System) can automate your activities and make able to fulfill on-time demand.


Opportunity to get closer to passenger:

Most of cases a responsive website is been adjacent with the Bus Reservation System, which ensure company's online presence and make closer to the passenger's.


Assurance of offering best customer service:

Bus Reservation automation Software can perform some of your daily activities automatically & make you more skilled to accelerate your workforce.


Be trustworthy to the customer:

Applying a scientific system make accurate, up to date & skilled. Vehicle management system will make your cusomter satisfied.


cusomer can reserve bus

Your beloved customer can book bus seat from anywhere of the work by bus reservation management software.


Adjustment of Income, Expense & profit:

BRS is an tool for recording foremost to farthest history of transactions, track every single details of expense, income & profit.

Gather A to Z Idea on Bus Reservation System.

Thanked to be here. You are lucky enough because you are having an ultimate idea of an impressive transportation business automation tool. You have to be patient & have a slight eye view over the whole page for getting a complete idea.

Bus reservation System: Bus Reservation System is a software for Online ticket booking, Trip & fleet management, Counter functionality & agent management, System to evaluate performance of driver, conductor & employee, Vehicle management & reservation for all important data, Fitness tracking of vehicle, Adjustment of expense vs income, Taking quick decision, assurance of overall automated management in whole reservation system & transport business for the large,medium and small transportation trade organisation having a large amount of fleet.

This software is generally compatible with every operating system and obviously on Computer, Mobile, and Tablet as well. It’s a set of integrated coding adjacent to a responsive website. Codes are being set under a well-organized framework. Generally, it’s made of HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript etc coding language. It’s a well secured, dynamic and automated management system.

Now, It is obligatory having a bus reservation system for every transportation corporation & many web developing agencies are offering this tool but we have designed the best one contrasted to value we receive from you.

Remarkable Features & facilities of Bus365

bus ticket booking system

Online Ticket booking system:

  • Integrated website ensure your online availability
  • Passenger can check availability by trip route name, time,date, Fleet name
  • Passenger can book ticket by himself
  • Online payment system available
  • Booking history automatically stored & recorded on system and adjust with scheduling
  • Admin or user can easily manage her online booking

Fleet management system:

  • Transportation trade is always dependable on the capability to manage it’s scheduled fleet. We have designed every fleet management steps with our system.
  • Record your vehicle details, schedule, time, availability, seat no.
  • Manage every single ticket booking history related to your fleet
  • Track your agent & counter activities 24/7
  • Adjust your agent activities & make your fleet hassle free
fleet management system
trip Management System

Trip management system:

  • Trip management is the important sector of transport business. There are more than 12 sections to make your trip easy to manage.
  • Record your destination, Station, details easily
  • Ruote details & trip time- scheduling
  • Assign your vehicle to a specific Driver,officer & track every details
  • Make your trip flexible

Counter & agent management system:

  • Counter officer’s, Agents are very important part of your business. Bus365 has integrated a system to track, evaluate the performance, daily activities of every officers & agent and taking result oriented decision.
  • Record Counter & agent details including their name, address, contact details etc
  • Evaluate agent performance
  • Get performance report on CSV, Excel or PDF file
  • We have “Agent action” option to manage every single details of counters & agents
agent Management System
human Management System

Human resource management:

  • If you able to manage your workforce competently, possibility of your success is almost arise. We have designed “Human resource” option to manage your workforce competently.
  • Classified your employee according to their resignation
  • Maintain list of your employee by their resignation Driver, Assistant,Accountant, General manager etc.
  • Get report of employee performance on CSV, Excel, or PDF file
  • Monetize your workforce, Reward them & get best outcome.

Payment, Price & offer management system:

  • A smooth payment system, ticket price and offer strategy help to satisfied your customer.
  • We include 3 different options to maintain your ticket price and offer strategy smoothly and paypal integration to experience the better user feedback.
  • Paypal integration to get instant online payment.
  • Price section to manage trip price according to passenger demand & discount calculation.
  • Offer section to customize your occasional offer with your daily finance.
offer Management System
bus365 price Management System

Financial Management System:

  • Without being expert in finance management, you can’t expect to get goal oriented result from business transaction.
  • We have designed account section to make expert in financial management.
  • Adjust your expense with your income
  • Get financial report at any time
  • Take proper decision based on your report

Website Integration:

  • There is proverb- “ In order survive, You have to come on online” We have integrated a beautiful responsive website to ensure your online presence.
  • Our website fully responsive & SEO optimized
  • Website make you closer to consumer
  • Having a strong position on SERP, Website make you stronger then competitor
  • Help in online service providing system
bus365 website integration
vehicle fitness management system

Vehicle fitness & performance evaluation module:

  • Transport traders need to be up to date with its vehicle & fleet.
  • He/She needs to track vehicle fitness regularly. We include fitness module for the following beneficiaries.
  • To record important data about fitness condition of vehicle, expiration of insurance validity, Route permit, Tax token etc.
  • To track vehicle’s engine, equipment etc problem details.
  • Alarming system to get alarm or reminder on important notice about vehicles

Instant Reporting System:

  • Reporting Section is an important module adjacent with Bus365 to make a transport trader the ultimate decision maker.
  • To get booking & schedule management report
  • To get fleet assigning report to the driver, officer and so on
  • Getting all important on-time basis report
  • All report are in CSV, Excel or PDF format and just in-one click
bus365 report management system

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