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Effective Methods of How to Start Travel Agency Business In Bangladesh

By Sajid Al Hossain Last Updated -- Thursday, 2024-01-25
how to start travel agency business in bangladesh

Are you searching for how to start travel agent business?  If that is the case, then you have come to the correct place. The travel agency business is now one of the most popular businesses in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, you will see many travel agency companies here and there. Anyone can do this travel agency business. But they have to do three things. Proper planning, execution, and hard work can make a travel agency business owner successful.

Many people want to go abroad but need to learn how to book hotels, plane tickets, etc. A travel agency can help them to do all the work. They can book a plane ticket for the customers. Also, I can contact the hotels so that they can book hotels using their hotel management system.

This article will teach you how to Start a Travel Agent Business in Bangladesh. So, let's continue the rest of the article.

What is a travel agency?

Before discussing the travel agency business, let's first know about the travel agency. A travel agency is a channel through which tourists can get services such as sightseeing and transportation. Usually, travel agents offer it as a package to the customers. The package includes services such as bus tickets, flight tickets, auto rentals, hotel bookings, food supplies, and so on.

If we talk about the future of the travel agency business, I will say it has a promising future. It still has a good future based on the statistics. But sometimes, your predictions will be inaccurate. So it would help if you were careful with that. 

Effective Methods of How to Start Travel Agency Business In Bangladesh

effective methods of how to start travel agency business

You must know some steps when you want to start a travel agency business in Bangladesh. Some effective methods can make your Travel agency business successful. You will get vast information about travel agency license application forms, travel agency license fees in Bangladesh, air ticket booking by using software, and much more.

Let's check the Effective methods below: 

Select a unique name for your business.

Name selection is an integral part of any business. As travel agencies are profitable, choosing a unique name is essential. In addition, selecting a unique name is the first step in the travel agency business.

However, selecting the perfect name for a travel agency is a critical step. As a result, This will be your company's name for its existence. So, pick a name that is relevant, concise, and related to travel.

Make a structure of the legal framework.

After selecting a unique name, it is time to structure the legal framework. Hence, you must like a business legal structure after choosing a company name for your travel agency.

In addition, Choose the type of business or company you wish to form, such as a sole proprietorship, private limited company, limited liability partnership (LLP), one-person company (OPC), or limited liability company (LLC), and so on.

Raise the funding for the business.

It is tough to understand how much money you can invest in a business. Note that A good investment in a company is vital for launching a travel agency business so that you will not experience financial difficulties.

Let's look at the financial requirements for starting a travel agency. Tracking starting expenses is difficult, but it is vital if you are establishing a travel agency.

If you want to run a travel agency from home, it only requires a little investment. But you want to run one from an office. In that case, you'll need nice office space, a strong internet connection, a computer setup, a laptop, drinking water, electricity bills, website building and design, marketing, and office staff salaries must all be addressed. 

A minimum of 1-3 lakh BDT investment is required to address all the mentioned issues. Then, you can increase the investment gradually over time.

Obtain all necessary licenses and registrations

Every business requires licenses and registrations. But, If you're considering starting a Travel and tour agency business, you may wonder if you need to obtain a permit. The answer is "maybe". It depends on the states in which you plan to do business.

Generally speaking, obtaining a tour and travel agency license is not a complex process. However, it is essential to ensure that you comply with all state regulations before beginning operation. If you don't comply, you could face serious consequences like hefty fines or even imprisonment.

So, If you intend to establish a tour and travel agency, it is essential to verify the licensing requirements of your state beforehand.

Office Selection in a suitable location

In Bangladesh, some specific places are full of travel agency businesses. When you visit those places, you will see many travel agency offices. The reason is that those travel agency offices found a suitable place for their business.

So it would be best to find a place where your client can quickly visit your office. So, you should choose some busy places in Bangladesh. 

In addition, for clients who stay in other cities in Bangladesh, ensure they can easily find your office location. Because they usually plan for a single day, discuss in the office about travel, and then they go back to their home. 

Spread your business in Online

After doing everything mentioned above, it is time to market your travel agency business. Let everyone know that you have started a business.

Now, how will you let people know about your business? You can distribute leaflets everywhere which offer exciting packages. 

Moreover, You can market your business online. We know that online marketing is the most effective way to spread your business. As people spend more time online, you can offer attractive offers so that people can know about your business. For example, you can provide ticket booking with the lowest price. So, clients can be attracted when they see your offers and visit your business profile.

Furthermore, you can offer many other packages to the clients based on the seasons and your business. 

Travel Agency Rules and Regulations in Bangladesh

travel agency rules and regulations in bangladesh

You will see that there are many top travel agents who are doing their business successfully. But do we know they have to follow all the rules and regulations? Well, every company has to go through some rules and regulations. So, the Travel agency business is not out of it. 

Before starting the travel agency business, you must know the rules and regulations. Then you will be perfect in how to start your own travel agency with a great start.

In Bangladesh laws of travel agent business, you will know everything such as:

  • In detail about rules.
  •  Required some essential certificates. 
  • Prohibition against establishing.
  • Application for registration
  • Cancellation of the Registration Certificate of a travel agency
  • Penalty
  • Cognizance of offense.

Though there are many more things you should know, many government policies are continuously updating. So, visiting a travel agent rules and regulation website that the Bangladesh government controls is better. 

How Can You Become an IATA Agent in Bangladesh?

how can you become an iata agent in bangladesh

Before becoming An IATA agent, you must know IATA first. IATA means International Air Transport Association. Becoming an IATA agent is worth considering if you're serious about getting into the travel industry.

To become an IATA agent in Bangladesh, you need to meet a few requirements. First, you need to obtain a legitimate business license from the government of Bangladesh. Second, you must have an office space that meets IATA's standards.

Then, you must pass an IATA exam with an 80% or higher score. If you meet all these requirements, you can apply to become an IATA agent. The application process is easy. You can do the whole process online.

Once they approve your application, they will give you an IATA number to book flights for your clients. And this is how the clients get help by booking flights.

Becoming an IATA agent in Bangladesh can be an excellent opportunity to grow your travel business. It unlocks a wide range of possibilities and grants you access to incredible fares.

Tta And Ota In Travel Agency Business

tta and ota in travel agency business

TTA means Traditional Travel Agency, and OTA means Online Travel Agency.

Let's explain about the TTA shortly. TTA means traditional travel agent, meaning TTA gets some airline ticket information. Then, the agent sells that information directly to the client. This place thrives on word of mouth. It's a big deal around here. But there is a problem while purchasing: the agent must give you proper pricing. So you will have fewer options as a customer.In addition, people tend to go with traditional agencies if they do not have to look for the options themselves.

OTA means online Travel Agent. OTA will give you a customization option. Only some steps will be manual. It will be an integrated application programming interface. For this reason, we can define it as creating a means for two or more APIs to share data and communicate without human interruption.

In Summary

That is all about Travel Agency Business. Starting a travel agency business is one of the most profitable businesses in Bangladesh. It requires understanding customers, meticulous planning, and providing one of a kind travel experiences.

You will find many random solutions in many renowned sites such as bdtask blog, quora, yahoo answers, reddit, and many more. But In this article, you will have those information which are collected from many renowned sites.Furthermore, We have observed all of the processes for starting a travel agency in Bangladesh. Another thing to consider is that if you wish to fly around the world, you must join The International Air Transport Association (IATA).

So, after following all the procedures, You will be an expert on how to start travel agent business in Bangladesh.

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How Can I Get Travel Agency License in Bangladesh?

It is easy if you follow a few steps: 

  • Register the type of company 
  • Civil Aviation Travel Agency License recognized by the Ministry of Tourism.
  • Trade license should be taken.
  • Joining the Association of Travel Agents of Bangladesh (ATAB)

Is it possible to start online travel agent business?

Yes, it is possible to start an online travel agent business. All you need is proper planning such as: 

  • Marketing research 
  • Legal requirements.
  • Choose a technology platform.
  • Create a business plan.
  • Establish relationships with suppliers.
  • Design and develop your website and mobile app.
  • Payment processing.
  • Marketing and promotion.

Is the travel agency business profitable?

Ofcourse. Travel agency business is one of the most profitable businesses in Bangladesh. They have connections with many hotels so that they can easily book hotels for the clients where they want to travel. Also they can book air tickets, bus tickets and many more.