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How to Increase Hotel Bookings [11 Proven Ways 2024]

By Sajid Al Hossain Last Updated -- Sunday, 2024-04-21
how to increase hotel bookings

The hotel business is one of the trendy and seasonal businesses all over the world. In every season, hotel owners, managers, and staff are busy managing all the guests. A hotel owner or manager, they have to make the hotel very attractive to get a good number of bookings by using the hotel management software. But you see that increasing hotel bookings has become one of the most challenging parts of doing hotel business. 

You may try many social media ads or any other strategy applied to increase hotel bookings. But in the end, you are not getting any satisfactory results from hotel bookings. 

There are many third-party companies available for a vast amount. Those third party companies are one of the reasons for not increasing hotel bookings. But it does not mean that you cannot grow your hotel booking by not using third-party companies.

This article will help you learn how you can increase hotel bookings in some unique ways that you should not avoid. So, let’s follow the rest of the article. 

Important Tools for Increase Hotel Bookings


Increasing hotel booking does not only depend on third-party booking or a normal strategy. But it also depends on some important tools which can increase your hotel bookings.You can reduce the cost and waste in a hotel using the tools. Using tools is one of the most excellent ways to reduce costs and can grow hotel bookings.

Let’s get to know about the tools below:

01. Customer Relationship Management

There are at least 20% of people who use customer relationship management (CRM) globally. With this CRM tool, you can easily boost up  your hotel booking in your hotel business. 

How can I increase hotel bookings using a CRM software tool? Well, you should know about the CRM first and how it works. 

CRM software is the combination of strategies, practices, and technologies that companies use to analyze and manage customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle.

Customer Relationship Management has some exciting features: 

  • It has Multiple Currencies.
  • Pricing Model.
  • Menu Customization.
  • Appointment System.
  • Bulk amount of SMS.
  • Roles Permission.
  • Sales Permission.
  • Shipping Method.
  • Payment Gateway.

By using the features above, you can increase your hotel bookings and hotel revenue. 

02. Direct Booking Tools

Direct booking means you can directly book the hotel from the hotel website. No third-party tools are required in the direct booking system. Also, no commission payment issues when using direct booking tools. In addition, the guests can get many attractive offers of discounts or any other hotel booking offers.This is why direct booking tools are effective in increasing hotel bookings.  

03. Survey Tools

Doing surveys is another tool to increase hotel booking. You may say "how can it help to increase the booking? ". If you give the option to the guests, they may give their opinion about your hotel. You can improve your hotel service by analyzing their views in the survey. When you improve your services, there will be a high chance to increase the bookings. 

04. Hotel Marketing Agencies

We can see that there are marketing agencies everywhere. So, hotel marketing agencies are not out of them. They are in very high demand nowadays. Hotel marketing agencies can increase your hotel bookings through marketing strategies for hotels. Make sure they are using digital marketing strategies such as SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media marketing, and more. 

Moreover, hotel marketing agencies can create and optimize a website to make sure it is optimized. Additionally, they can launch campaigns with original concepts to increase the quantity of hotel reservations. 

05. Channel Management Softwares

Channel management is a software that can Optimize visibility and inventory across channels in real-time. This program streamlines the process of adjusting and controlling rates, which encourages more bookings. Also, it helps to make availability across multiple online travel agencies.

06. Booking Engines

Another exciting tool is named the booking engine. With the use of these tools, the hotel may have an online presence and provide clients a quick and easy online booking experience. Additionally, hotels can benefit from increased visibility thanks to our booking engine service. It can also reach a larger pool of possible clients. 

By implementing a booking engine tool, you can track customer’s data, such as past bookings and preferences. So that this tool can personalize the promotions and offers. 

07. MetaSearch Management Software

This program increases hotels' visibility on metasearch engines like Google, Kayak, and TripAdvisor, which in turn helps hotels generate more direct reservations. With the help of this software, hotels can maintain their listings on these websites and make sure that their availability and rates are correct and up to date.

Additionally, hotels can monitor their metasearch engine performance with the use of the MetaSearch management software.

This allows them to adjust their strategies to maximize their visibility. It may also encourage more direct reservations.

08. Hotel Websites

A hotel website plays a significant role for a hotel business. It can help the hotels to improve their online visibility by providing a platform for them. Furthermore, hotel websites highlight their offers, services, and facilities. 

Additionally, you have the opportunity to advertise packages, deals, and discounts on the hotel website.Including details on the hotel's history, personnel, and location on the website is another way to market.

Finally, Hotel websites use social media and search engine optimization to increase their online presence and audience.

09. Website Chatbots

The Website chatbots are handy tools for customers and hotel owners. It can help hotels to get more direct bookings by providing customers with a more personalized and efficient booking experience.Customers may find the greatest bargains and receive prompt responses to their questions from chatbots. Even complete the booking process for them. 

By offering clients upsells on extra facilities, chatbots can raise the average booking value.Also, you can save valuable time by having all the features in the chatbot.

10. Communication tools

There are communication tools needed to communicate with any hotel. Now, what kind of communication tools can we use? It is straightforward. You can communicate via your regular email. But for a hotel business, you must communicate with others using your business email. 

Additionally, growing your subscriber base is essential. A communication tool communicates with them on a regular basis by sending them carefully chosen emails with deals and pertinent content. So that you can enrich your database by collecting the email addresses of all your guests in a central place.

What is Direct Bookings and How to Get it?

What is Direct Bookings and How to Get it

There are many types of bookings. Direct booking is one of them. Direct booking means when a guest directly books hotels by the hotel website without using any third party sites or any kind of travel agencies. That is Direct bookings. You will get many direct booking examples online. 

You may be wondering how to enhance hotel room sales, gain direct bookings, and other things right now. Well, you need to implement some unique marketing strategy such as giving some amazing offers, promoting your hotel views, and what service you will provide just to increase the direct booking

How to Increase Hotel Bookings [11 Ways]

How to Increase Hotel Bookings

In online platforms, you will find many strategies suggested to the hoteliers. But not every strategy is effective for increasing your hotel bookings. It usually depends on guest satisfaction, how the guest experienced the hotel service, and many more. 

After researching online, we have collected 11 ways of how to increase hotel bookings online. So, Let’s check down below:

01. Optimize your website for SEO

For wanting to increase hotel bookings, SEO is significant. You will increase traffic to your hotel website by optimizing it for search engines. Making changes to your website's content, meta descriptions, and titles to improve its search engine optimization (SEO) appeal to search engines like Google. 

Furthermore, it entails constructing backlinks from other, more reputable websites.

Therefore, the best thing you can do for your business as a hotelier is to position your service high up in search engine results, particularly for the location keyword. This results in higher conversion rates and an increase in organic traffic.

02. Optimize your website for Mobile Bookings.

In this world, more than 50% of your potential guests are browsing the Internet using their mobile phones. 

It is crucial for hoteliers to verify that their website is mobile-friendly and easily navigable. Verify the fonts, layout, and photos as well, as they could not look the same on mobile devices.

Moreover, it's critical to have a mobile booking system that is both effective and easy to use. Making your hotel's website mobile-friendly will enable visitors to make last-minute reservations whenever and wherever it's most convenient for them, which can improve their experience overall.

03. Speedup your Hotel Website

Many hoteliers have their hotel websites. But the problem is their site speed is very slow and takes too much time to load. Despite their best efforts to customize their website, they are unable to receive the appropriate amount of traffic. 

So, when you build your hotel website, you need to make sure first about the speed of your website.

04. Customize your site very simply

You will come across numerous hotel websites on the internet that appear quite intricate. In Addition, the sites have too many options. Customers may become disoriented as a result and decide not to make reservations through the website. 

So, it would help if you made your website more simple, eye-catching, and easy to use so that you will have less chance of losing customers.  

05. Make your brand highly relevant to your guests

A case study found that a 500% increase in email marketing relevancy increased conversion rates. In another study, tweaking CTA copy relevancy boosted conversions by 200%.

Potential guests will have less friction when your photos, copy, and overall design are more appropriate for the types of guests you expect. This results in increased reservations for your hotel website.

06. Use the Social Media 

Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your Hotel. It is important to have a strong presence on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to reach out to potential guests.

Apart from regular promotions and updates, you better use storytelling techniques to engage your targeted audiences. Stories on the hotel's staff, services, and management behind the scenes are also welcome. A strong emotional connection with potential guests can be established and your brand humanized as a result. 

Also, you can share user-generated content, such as photos and reviews from previous guests, to build trust in your brand. This will increase legitimacy by encouraging visitors to post reviews on social media or well-known review platforms like TripAdvisor.

07. Run the targeted marketing campaigns.

You must first understand what a targeted marketing campaign is before I can describe how it is executed. Target marketing campaigns target each of the categories, which is based on relevant content, promotion, and offers.

By running targeted marketing campaigns, you can gather information on your previous guests through surveys and gather data on their age, interests, booking history, and preferences. This enables you to send them customized emails with deals or discounts for their subsequent visit.

08. Get Listed on popular Travel Agencies

Many people usually visit many places. Before visiting any tourist places, they get information from reputed travel agencies such as Best Hotel to bookings, plane ticket bookings, and more. 

You need to Make sure that your Hotel is listed on various online travel agencies as they are one of the most preferred directions guests use to gather information about hotels.

09. Advertise your Hotel to the local tourism Sites

Nowadays, the Hotel business has become quite competitive. It will be quite difficult to rank your hotel website in a search engine. But there is another way to advertise your Hotel. By listing your hotel on the popular travel website, you can increase revenue. 

In addition, you can reach out to the tourism board to negotiate cooperative marketing options. You can advertise your hotels in local places such as restaurants, tourist spots, and transportation services.

10. Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to increase hotel bookings. For those guests who visit your hotels, you can collect their email and send them many attractive offers. When they see your hotel offers, they will come again. Furthermore, there's a good likelihood they'll recommend your hotel to their friends and family. This is the way you can increase your hotel bookings. 

11. Create a Loyalty Program

There is no doubt that the loyalty program is one of the most effective ways to increase hotel bookings. They can attract more clients thanks to this program than any of their rivals. 

There is a thing that everyone will agree on, which is,

it costs less to acquire an existing customer than it does to attract new customers.”

Also, returning visitors are more likely to choose more expensive rooms and spend more money. In Addition, they want to opt for other add-on services or products. You don't need to have elaborate loyalty schemes. You can make the program as simple as offering “members-only rates.” However, giving guests access to exclusive deals and discounts can be a powerful way to boost repeat visits and be booked directly through your booking engine. 

What are the Reasons for Increasing Hotel Bookings?

What are the Reasons for Increasing Hotel Bookings

There are many advantages to increasing direct bookings for hotels. But it depends on many things, such as types of hotel reservation systems, marketing strategies, and more. There are three main reasons. to increase profitability, reduce commission costs, and maintain total control over customer communications.

You may simply improve the amount of hotel bookings if you have access to these three guidelines.

How Can You Increase Hotel Revenue?

How Can You Increase Hotel Revenue

For hotel operators, raising both revenue and quality at the same time is a difficult task. Growing the hotel revenue is a matter of time because the business owner of the hotel can consistently handle the challenges.

In addition, managing, organizing, and promoting the hotels are the most challenging parts for managers and owners. Also, there are a massive number of competitors in the online market. 

However, there are still ways to boost hotel profitability, such as giving the guest experience top priority, automating hospitality services, properly marketing hotel services, and many other things. If you apply those correctly, you will understand how to increase hotel bookings and revenue most adequately.

Final Verdict

That is all about how to increase hotel bookings. One of the industries with the highest levels of profitability and competition worldwide is hospitality. 

Sometimes, the hotel business depends on seasons. Because not every season has a vast number of guests for hotels. Furthermore, the Hotel business needs good marketing strategies, engagement, services, loyalty programs, Guest satisfactions and many more.

Not only those factors but also you have to think about the revenues of your hotel business.Getting ideas on how to target people in search engines and social media would be beneficial. If you gather all the ideas about increasing hotel bookings and how to improve the hotel business, you will be successful in the hotel business. 


Can Hotel Management Software Increase Hotel Bookings?

Of course. A hotel management software can manage hotel staff management, online and offline booking systems, multiple payment gateways, email configuration, multiple languages, secured systems, and much more. These features mentioned above are mainly enough to increase hotel bookings. 

What types of Costs exist in the Hotel business?

Three types of costs exist in the hotel business.

  • Hotel maintenance cost. 
  • Insurance cost 
  • Hotel Operating cost.

Can Hotel Management Software reduce costs?

Yes. Hotel management software can reduce costs. By optimizing the occupancy rate, precisely managing the hotel inventory, utilizing technology-enabled revenue management systems, and raising total income, it can eventually cut expenses.