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What Is A Security Token Offering (STO) Platform?

Security Token Offering (STO) refers to the process of releasing the tradable securities in a tokenized form to raise capital more securely as well as to ensure a maximum return.

The security token offering platform is such a kind of computerized and automated solution that performs the overall activities.

So, Tokenbox will help you to create a security token offering platform that can raise the fund and provide a guarantee to increase capital.

Types Of Security Token Offering (STO)

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Equity Tokens

Equity token is a kind of STO that can allow traders to raise the fund and ensure the investors to return their principal amount of investment, as well as the commission facilities, will depend on the company’s failure or success. This new fundraising process is more suitable for early startups. Tokenbox is built with the concept of equity tokens.

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Reserve Assets Tokens

Reserve asset tokens can allow the shareholders to deal with the real assets such as real estate or commodities (like Gold, Metals) to release STOs, and these tokens can represent the ownership, as well as the shareholders get return according to the reserve assets. Blockchain technology ensures to keep a transparent record of all transactions and fraud detection as well.

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Debt Token

Debt token is another type of security token that can not deal with the stock or real assets, but this type basically works on debt instruments such as corporate bonds, mortgages, real estate. This process can allow the traders to raise funds, as well as to pay back the amount according to market size, fractionalization, dividends, and more.

Technology In Security Token Offering (STO) System

STO is an advanced version of ICOs, and this platform mainly works on the concept of ICOs and Blockchain technology through offering cryptocurrencies with regulated financial securities.

In Tokenbox, we mainly have used Blockchain technology to connect this system with several payment gateways, as well as PHP, MySQL, and ICOs are used to develop this platform.

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What Are The Purposes of Tokenbox?

The main purpose of the Tokenbox - Security Token Offering (STO) platform is to reach out to a wider range of potential investors.

This software can allow investors to invest their assets by purchasing new tokens/coins that will be released from this platform.

A security token represents an investment contract into an underlying investment asset, such as Stocks, Bonds, Funds, and Real-estate Investment Trusts (REIT).

More About Tokenbox

This software can provide three individuals panels: Admin Panel, Shareholder Panel, & Website.

  • Tokenbox admin demo

    Admin Demo

  • Tokenbox Shareholder demo

    Shareholder Demo

  • Tokenbox Website demo

    Web Demo

A Complete Package Of STO For End-To-End Fundraising Solution!!!

Rounding Process of Tokenbox

Rounding Process

Tokenbox can provide a rounding system to release a new token by setting up a clock and fixing a certain amount.

Quick Exchanger of Tokenbox

Quick Exchanger

This platform allows investors to withdraw their net balance at any moment by converting the balance into the currencies that you allowed.

Global Accessibility of Tokenbox

Global Accessibility

You can create a global network with investors who are excited to invest their valuable assets to get a maximum return.

Liquidity & Transparency of Tokenbox

Liquidity & Transparency

TThe overall process is managed through a decentralization network that can ensure enough transparency, and integrated exchange provides the liquidity for trading.

More Legitimacy of Tokenbox

More Legitimacy

This platform can create a digital investment marketplace via exchanging tradable securities and can ensure enough security to regulate the entire process.

Tokenbox Privacy & Security

Privacy & Security

It provides a two-factor authentication system and can verify all customers as well as protect privacy by storing user’s information securely.

Full Compliance of Tokenbox

Full Compliance

This platform is incorporated with the programmable regulation as well as all transactions and exchanges are conducted by the smart contract.

Automated Management of Tokenbox

Automated Management

The entire process is managed automatically, from the rounding process to token purchasing and converting it into a package for getting ROI.

Programmable Flexibility of Tokenbox

Programmable Flexibility

You can get programmable flexibility to embed any additional features like dividend payment, vesting, simplify auditing, buybacks, and more.

Who Will Be The Users of Tokenbox?

Tokenbox is the preeminent security token offering platform. We have developed this STO software considering the following users.

sto User Fundraiser


Those people who want to collect funds and desire to create a platform for raising funds, those types of people can try this security token offering software.

sto User Entrepreneurs of Tokenbox


This platform will be a perfect choice for entrepreneurs who want to start a business dealing with tokenized digital security.

sto User Investors


Those people who want to invest their assets into digital securities, they can purchase this security token offering exchange software for their own or others investors.

sto User Financial Companies

Financial Companies

Those categories of people who are connected with the Fintech Industry.

sto User Traders of Tokenbox


This system can be able to buy, sell or exchange any currencies, so it will be a great choice for traders.

Tokenbox sto User


Also, those traders who want to launch new tokens in a rounding process, they can use this platform.

Distinguish Between Others Cryptocurrency Software and Tokenbox?

Cryptocurrency software can perform crypto buy, sell, trading or exchanging activities. Also, some cryptocurrency software acts as an investment platform.

But what about launching new currencies or new tokens? Which platform will help you to release new tokens? How can you launch a new cryptocurrency?

Your all solution is here!!!

Tokenbox is the one and only solution to launch new tokens and perform other activities such as buy, sell, or exchange cryptocurrencies.

How Does Tokenbox - Best Security Token Offering (STO) Work?

Launch a new token through the rounding process
Purchase these tokens by several payment gateways
Record transactional history on Blockchain
Offer multiple packages.
Invest tokenized asset to purchase any package
Choose a package type: Secured or Guaranteed
Provide weekly, monthly & yearly ROI
Gain commission according to package type
Exchange net balance
Get the desired currency with max profit.

Which Features Make the Tokenbox Unique & Special Than Other STO Platforms?

Are you excited to learn about the features? Tokenbox is wrapped with numerous features that make this platform the best than others.

Tokenbox KYC System

KYC System

Tokenbox Multiple Payment Gateway

Multiple Payment Gateway

Tokenbox Multiple Currencies

Multiple Currencies

Tokenbox ISTO System

ISTO System

Tokenbox Rounding System

Rounding System

Tokenbox Bulk SMS System

Bulk SMS

Tokenbox Bulk Email System

Bulk Email

Tokenbox White Paper

White Paper

Tokenbox Flexible fees System

Flexible fees

Tokenbox Affiliation System

Affiliation System

Tokenbox Multiple Languages System

Multiple Languages

Tokenbox Custom SMS System

Custom SMS

Tokenbox Role Permission System

Role Permission

Tokenbox Rounding System

Custom Email

Tokenbox Notification System

Notification System

Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor Authentication

Tokenbox Customer Support

Customer Support

Tokenbox RoadMap System

RoadMap System

Tokenbox SMS Scheduler

SMS Scheduler

Tokenbox Email Scheduler

Email Scheduler

Some Unbeatable Modules of Tokenbox - Best Security Token Offering (STO) Platform

It’s time to explore all about Tokenbox!!! Here, you can get a comprehensive list of some effective modules that will act like a mirror to observe the entire system & process.

Medicine Management System

Effectual Dashboard

This software has a detailed dashboard that can represent the overall activities of your business. With this module, you can observe the total shareholder, the net amount of deposit & withdrawal, total token, token sold, total fees, total investment, total ROI, secured investment, custom investment, secured ROI, guaranteed ROI. Also, the market investment is represented graphically, and the withdraw, deposit & exchange is explored through an individual chart in this module.

  • Market Investment
  • Withdraw
  • Deposit
  • Exchange

Finance Management

Accurate financial management is a key concern for any shareholders or investors. This security token exchange is integrated with a financial management system that can be able to provide a list of total withdrawals and pending withdrawals.

This module can also provide a list of the total deposit and pending deposit. One of the major advantages of this module is that it can allow a manual credited system with the function of add credit and generate a comprehensive list of total credit.

  • Withdraw
  • Deposit
  • Credit
Medicine Management System
Medicine Management System

Shareholder Management

A shareholder is one of the essential assets in this security token offering system. This module can allow you to add new shareholders and show a detailed list of all shareholders, including the user ID, full name, referral ID, email address, and contact information. However, you can verify all shareholders that will ensure the security of your business. So, this module can manage the following aspects.

  • Add Shareholder
  • Manage Shareholder
  • Verify Shareholder
  • Subscriber

Package Management

With this security token offering software, you can generate unlimited packages in order to invest the assets of shareholders. Thus, it is not limited to the token release or rounding process; rather, you can offer multiple packages to the shareholders for investment. Moreover, the shareholders will get weekly, monthly, & yearly ROI according to their purchased package.

  • Add Package
  • Manage Package
  • Secured Package
  • Guaranteed Package
Medicine Management System
Medicine Management System

STO Settings

This module can allow you to set up the entire token management process. With this module, you can add the currencies according to ISO code and rate. Moreover, you can set up the STO based on the coin name, coin symbol, and pairing currency.

In addition, the token releasing and rounding process is controlled with the help of this module. Here, you will get another function that allows you to control the menu and put white paper documents.

  • Currency
  • STO Set up
  • STO Manager
  • STO Releasing
  • Menu Control

Document Management

Here, you can manage three types of documents. In this function of Financial Documents, you can organize your entire balance sheet, and the function of Business documents can allow you to accumulate your overall business plan. With this module, you can also manage all types of legal documents such as the company’s laws, rules & regulations, and so on. Also, this module can allow you to maintain operating agreements and employee agreements effectively.

  • Financial Documents
  • Business Documents
  • Legal Documents
Medicine Management System
Medicine Management System

Exchange Management

With this STO software, investors can exchange their net balance into permitted currencies. Thus, this software provides an exchange module that can allow you to operate the exchange activities. This module can help you to determine the overall exchange history, running exchange list, and how many exchanges are canceled. So, the investors can convert their tokenized assets into any preferable currencies that are allowed.

  • History
  • Running
  • Canceled

CMS System

This module can permit you to organize and furnish your business website. It can allow you to create content pages and categories such as home, about, package, roadmap, etc., on your website.

Here, you will get a blogging option to provide various contents to your customers, and that can allow you to create a better engagement and enhance visitors to your site. This module can provide an advertising system to promote your business. Also, it can manage the following aspects.

  • Testimonial
  • Multi Language
  • Blog
  • FAQ
  • Login & Registration
  • Social Links and more!
Medicine Management System

Erase The Loss Just Gain Uncountable Profit From Your Investment!!!

All packages are categorized into two categories: Secured & Guaranteed.

If the shareholders select a secured package, they will obviously get the amount that they invested as well as if there will be a profit from their investment, and they will gain a certain amount of commission; otherwise, they can not get the commission.

But, when the shareholders choose a guaranteed package, they will definitely grab their invested amount as well as they can earn a certain amount of commission in both cases of profit or loss.

Best Security Token Offering Platform

Shape & Secure Your Future by Investing Assets!!!

There are numerous platforms to release new tokens and convert your asset into a tokenized form. Tokenbox is the only platform that can provide all solutions in one place. Here, you can apply a rounding process to release new tokens. From token release to package offering and exchanging, all are inclusive in this platform. This platform can also ensure to return your principal amount with weekly, monthly, & yearly ROI. So, Tokenbox is the best security token offering software.


Build a Security Token Offering (STO) Platform with TOKENBOX

Tokenbox is the absolute solution and ultimate destination to create a security token offering (STO) platform. If you take Tokenbox, you need not worry about rounding, releasing, packaging, and exchanging. So, all these activities you can perform with this platform.

So, it’s time to purchase Tokenbox.

Make the best security token offering (STO) platform!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

We use the latest technologies and tools in order to create a better code that not only works great, but it is easy easy to work with too.

Ans: Tokenbox is an automated solution to create a security token offering (STO) platform. This online web application can allow you to buy, sell, and distribute tokens automatically.
Answer: Yes, you can add your own currencies to the system. To add your currency, you need to go to the STO Settings module, then click on the Currency option. After that, you can add currency according to the currency name, ISO code, and rate.
Answer: Yes, we provide both user registration and verification options. To enable this option, at first, you need to set up the SMTP settings from your cPanel. When the users complete their registration process, you will get a link through an email; and just click on this link, and they will be verified.
Answer: You can release new tokens through this platform. To do this, you have to login into the admin panel and go to the STO Settings, then click on the Currency function to add your currency.
After that, you have to set up the STO from the STO setup option and must have to put the currency symbol and pairing currency. Finally, you can release the token as per the round name, target, release date, time, and duration.
Answer: No, you do not need any API to run the system; you just need to install and then you can operate it.
Answer: Yes, you can get a separate function, namely Email Gateway and SMS Gateway, that will help you to configure your SMS and Email set up.
To configure your SMS and Email, you need to go to the Settings option, then have to click on the Email Gateway and SMS Gateway option, respectively and need to put the required information.
Answer: Yes, this software has an auto updating system, just you need to go to the Update option and have to put your purchase key to get an update.
Answer: This platform can not support the MLM system, but you can get a two-tier affiliate system. To activate this system, you need to go to the Settings option, then have to click on the Affiliation Setup function.
Afterward, you need to fix the commission rate and commission type (Fixed or Percentage). If you want, you can deactivate this system.