Jannatul Ferdaus

Jannatul Ferdaus


Jannatul Ferdaus, Support Engineer at Bdtask. She assists the company to communicate with its customers by providing the best technical support. In addition, she is a technical content writer, loves blogging about technology.

Why Do restaurant business Fail

Why Do Restaurants Fail And How Can You Overcome The Challenges?

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KOT in Restaurant

How Does Automated KOT Help Grow The Restaurant Business?

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How to Update Purchase Key with Bdtask Software Installer

How to Update Purchase Key with Bdtask Software Installer?

When you purchase the Bdtask script from Codecanyon, you will get it along with a purchase key and product key. The purchase

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How to Host a PHP Website (Step by Step)

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10 Best Ecommerce Books for Online Entrepreneurs (Must Read)

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Types of Blogs That Make Money

10 Types of Blogs That Make Money (Most Profitable Niches)

We are familiar with the terms niche and blogging. Many people are just hearing that blogging is an income source, but how? I have covered