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50 Best Facebook Post Ideas For Hotel Business

By Sumaiya Simran Last Updated -- Wednesday, 2024-01-10
50 Best Facebook Post Ideas For Hotel

As per, currently, Facebook has around 2.9 billion active users. And the use of Facebook has become a daily routine in our life. Now it has taken a subconscious position in our brain that whenever we take our phone or laptop in our hand, we straight go to Facebook and check what's going on around the world.

Facebook posts work like magic, easy to reach 1000s and millions of people at a this blog, I’m going to share the Best Facebook Post Ideas For Hotel business

As a result, many small and big business entrepreneurs are now opening their business Facebook pages and promoting their business brands. Now, almost every business use “Facebook”,  in the name of marketing. 

Because business entrepreneurs feel it’s the only and most active social media, and powerfully plays a significant role in advertising your brand and reaching your targeted customer. 


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The 50 Best Facebook Post Ideas For Hotel Business

50 Best Facebook Post Ideas For Hotel


  1. Inspirational Post: Make them feel, your hotel is the best saint place to stay. 


  1. Showcase The Prime Spots Of Your Hotel: The rooms, lobby, swimming pool, kid section, hotel restaurant, etc 


  1. Loyalty programs: Arrange and post some loyalty program information for your loyal and regular customers. 


  1. Decorate Your Hotel on every festival occasion: Post it on Facebook, greet them, and welcome them to celebrate with you.
  2. Best Photo Capture Contest: One of the best Facebook post ideas for the hotel, is to post a contest of “share your candid pic in our hotel”, the best photographer will get a free spa in our “hotel saloon”.
  3. Facebook Live: By doing Facebook live from the hotel location, you can showcase your hotel crowd, and the exotic locations of your hotel, to create excitement among the audience. 


  1. On-Spot Dining Tour: Showcase your hotel’s dining area, hotel restaurant, dessert items, and short-cut food and service reviews from the on-house customers. 


  1. Hygiene Maintenance: post some candid pic “staff are cleaning a bedroom, washroom, lobby, swimming pool, etc”. Showcasing how your hotel staff is dedicatedly working on maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of your hotel.
  2. “Like And Share Content”: This kind of best Facebook post ideas for hotels sparks instantly. Because everyone wants to get free or award or a free stay in a hotel etc.

  3. Post “Tag A Friend Contest”: Another best Facebook post idea for hotel, where you can post a contest “tag a friend and win the chance to enjoy a 1night and 2-day holiday package with 50% off on saloon service
  4. Hire influencers to make blogs on hotel rooms and services: Now is the generation of influencers, so if you take the help of influencers, it will help you to reach millions of views.
  5. Highlighting your entire hotel land can make an audience understand how much big land your hotel is occupied, your hotel’s infrastructure, how big your swimming pool is, etc. It will totally be a general video of your hotel land.
  6. Add photos of your guest during the hotel events; another best Facebook post idea for the hotel is asking your guest to check-in/tag the hotel, whenever they post any photo or Facebook story. Hence will increase online visibility.
  7. Exclusive deals for Facebook top fan badge holders; since they were there, even at your worst time, therefore you must arrange some special deal to honor them.
  8. Share a time-lapse video of your hotel, you can show how your hotel grew, how its infrastructure grew, and showcase the crowd of your hotel. For example, festival crowds, hotel events, weekend crowds, etc.
  9. A hotel kitchen tour or post photo, will raise the attractiveness among the target customer, show your most premium and hot selling item and how your chef is working, the whole preparation process, plating, and serving the food to the dining customer.
  10. Post some positive reviews on your hotel's Facebook business profile, the mouth of word strategy works very well in the hospitality industry.
  11. Posting some exclusive couple packages; can also be the best Facebook post idea for a hotel. This kind of post is especially right before valentine's day or the whole of October to December (wedding season).
  12. Posting different “hashtag (#)”, is also one of the best Facebook post ideas for hotels. Posting something with a hashtag can play a major SEO factor and also increase online visibility. For example, #monday, #traveltuesday, #weddingwenesday, #bbqnight 


  1. Post a winter BBQ festival offer; hosting an Arabian BBQ night and posting it on Facebook, will create a buzz among the audience who wants to spend quality time with their friends and family.
  2. Post different combo offers; this kind of strategic combo offers works like magic. And such a post on Facebook gets instant views and comments. Hence, you can say it is one of the best Facebook Post Ideas For Hotel.
  3. Post the google map location on Facebook, hence would be helpful for your desired audience to locate you easily.
  4. Post different sponsorship programs you merged with and post it on Facebook, for instance, travel Facebook groups, different travel agencies, and different hotel booking companies.
  5. Promote the exclusive menu or everyday special on Facebook; it will not only attract your audience to make dining in your hotel restaurant, but also it can become a great opportunity for you to showcase your hotel.
  6. Share some exclusive features in your Facebook account: the features of your hotel, the exclusiveness of your hotel room, the jacuzzi suits, 24 fitness center, housekeeping, 


  1. Post a tour of the hotel’s expensive suits, for instance, Delux suits, exclusive suits, private villa, overwater bungalow, and presidential suite.
  2. Share posts of ongoing events happening in your hotels. With this kind of Facebook post, you spread awareness that your hotel has the space capacity to arrange any kind of corporate events or wedding events.
  3. Showcase your core employees and staff; this will help to gain confidence that your hotel has enough strength to serve its customers.
  4. Showcase the technical equipment your use to manage your hotel, for instance, you’re using Xain- hotel management system; which is one of the top class hotel booking software which also comes up with hotel websites.
  5. The share blog post about your hotel, extraordinary features of your hotel, pricing details, different packages, etc. 
  6. Share the Facebook post of the award or recognition your won; it would work great on proving a strong authority to your customer.
  7. Showcase the hotel pricing structure of your hotel; divide your pricing chart into 3 segments; exclusive, affordable, cost-friend package, etc.
  8. Share any kind of random post about your hotel or guest, or at present any event going on in your hotel.
  9. Post some gratitude posts on your hotel's Facebook page, for instance, it can be “congratulating the world cup winning team”, “Happy birthday of your most loyal customer” or “appreciation post about any merges” etc.
  10.  Always keep yourself up with the trendy topic, for example, you can share any meme about any trendy topic going on, or with any famous movie clips, etc. 
  11. Share some forecasted weather status along with some exclusive weather packages in that Facebook post. Weather packages for example “winter romantic package”, “summer on beach package” etc.
  12. Share a poll or “FAQ” on your Facebook post, through this you can know any type of perception, opinion, or review from the customer's end. As a result, you can bring improvement to that sector.
  13. Main one-post per-day strategy for your hotel's Facebook business page, this can be another best Facebook post idea for the hotel. It helps to increase your online visibility and increase reach.
  14. Share some beautiful views from your hotel room, and make your audience feel how your hotel’s room can be stress relieving for them.
  15. Share some great partnerships with your loyal clients, this opportunity is a great moment for your hotels, hence sharing it on your hotel facebook account will generate belief in your mind.
  16. Share some interesting and historic facts about your hotel location, hence it will create a cognitive reaction among the customers. 
  17. Arrange a buffet dinner for some special and high-follower Facebook influencers, hence would be a great opportunity to reach millions of audiences at once. 
  18. Showcase the small hidden facilities that you provide but not all customers are familiar with such as transportation facilities, special discounts for some specific cardholders.
  19. Share some exclusive video content in your hotel, which helps your customer to understand the inside look of your room, how your hotel structure is? and other things. 
  20. Share all the services, especially the food service you are offering. For example your buffet items, takeaway service, and which food delivery service you use to deliver your food.
  21. Another best Facebook post idea for hotels is raising a contest and giveaway post for your hotel. This kind of post is shared very fast, because who doesn’t want to enjoy free hotel service.
  22. Create a Facebook group page, where your customers can directly share their views, and also you can promote your product and facilities. Having a Facebook group for your hotel creates two-way communication between you and your customers.
  23. Showcase a small glimpse of information and the hotel website link of your hotel website, letting them know that your hotel has its own hotel website and you can do direct booking using the website.  
  24. Share your contact number, hotel brand name, address, etc; on your hotel Facebook page and create a Facebook post, because it brings originality to both your audience and also to google. 
  25. Another best Facebook post idea for hotels is sharing the precious memories on your hotel's Facebook page, it creates a nostalgic feel for your target audience. And invite them “Let’s regenerate your moments with us again”

 General Rule of Thumb to Follow before Generating The Best Facebook Post Ideas for Hotel

The Best Facebook Post Ideas For Hotel

Now, I am going to share some of the effective tips you need to follow before using or posting any of your best Facebook posts for hotels. And maintaining those rules and regulations is mandatory because if you fail to maintain those, you might get blocked because of the violence of the law on Facebook. 

  • Research, pinpoint the core and main audience of the hotel 
  • Whatever happens, stick to your brand standard
  • Interact with your customer, through comments, or text message
  • Try to be genuine and show helpful nature toward your customer 
  • Follow an 80/20 strategy, 80% post regarding customer engagement, and 20% post about inside clients, partners, etc.
  • Test marketing is a must before you post anything on your hotel's Facebook page, or you can observe your competitors, what they are doing and how they’re doing it.  


Facebook is today’s one of the most used social media. A million users are scrolling, commenting, and reacting to different posts. And maintaining a business Facebook post has now become one of the mandatory tasks, no matter what business you’re doing. 

Hence, in this blog, I have shared the 50 best Facebook post ideas for hotels, and if you are a hotel entrepreneur or even a marketing manager of a hotel, this blog can help you to reach a million of your target customers and also better ROI.

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