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Importance Of Guest Satisfaction In Hotel Industry

By Riajur Rahman Last Updated -- Sunday, 2023-05-21
importance of guest satisfaction in hotel industry

Guest satisfaction in the hotel industry measures how much you're successful in making your consumer happy and satisfied with your hospitality. In addition, it gives you a unique competitive advantage, directly influencing profitability, retention and growth.

Actually, Customer satisfaction is defined based on 3 Q's: "Quality", "Quantity", and "Quickness". Usually, the hospitality industry's reputation and the demand of the customer depend on the hospitality service you provide to your guest, starting from the front desk, replying to cold calls/emails, handling the hotel website, till customer service to your client. 

The importance of guest satisfaction in the hotel industry is always a top priority for the hotel entrepreneur. Let's picture a scenario; suppose you check in a 5-star hotel with stunning ambience and amenities and pay a big bundle to get the highest level of hospitality service. Instead, you get an uncleaned room, mannerless behavior from staff, and many hidden charges etc. 

Hence, this hotel experience by the guest will not just waste money but also destroy the taste of "staying at the hotel."

 What Is Guest Satisfaction In Hotel Industry

When a Guest arrives at a hotel, he/she expects to get the highest level of service he/she paid for. A psychological measurement battle starts between expectation and reality in the guest's mind.

And when the hotel service and quality successfully match the consumer's expectation, the consumer starts to feel satisfied and happy and somehow builds a mindset to come back or refer to others.    

Moreover, a satisfied customer is kind of an indication that your business is healthy and can do well in future. 

As a hotel owner, you can satisfy your guests by providing an astounding atmosphere, great food, hygienic room quality, helpful room service, accessible booking facilities and many more.    

Remember: ##

A satisfied guest will feel happy and not only become loyal but also will refer to others in future and share positive reviews on social media. Ultimately, hotel goodwill increases. 

But !!

An Unsatisfied guest will get upset and psychologically forced to leave bad reviews on social media and also might never come back after the bad experience. Ultimately, hotel goodwill decreases. 

Why Customer Satisfaction Is Important In Hotel Industry

The hospitality industry is totally based on "service", and when any customer doesn't get "up-to-the mark satisfaction", they complain, give bad reviews, and don't come back. And the only way to satisfy your guest is to provide the service which a consumer expects and has paid for. 

Remember## Making a customer unsatisfied CONVEYS that you're leaving a potential customer for your competitor. 

Suppose you're providing a satisfied service, but still, you're getting dissatisfied customers. In that case, you have to understand that you get the chance to improve your customer's pain point and need improvisation. 

Customer satisfaction is very important because, based on satisfaction, it'll help establish a fruitful relationship with your guest, which might result in becoming your first-time guest into a loyal customer and unconsciously marketing for you (word of mouth). It's up to hotel entrepreneurs how well they're providing their clients with the ambience, food, and room quality.  

Here is the change that will happen if could able to make your customer satisfied with your hospitality service:

1. Increase The Chance To Convert Your Guest Into Loyal Customer 

Many research papers, for instance, marketing charts, have confirmed that people tend to share about their bad experiences more quickly with their close person than about the excellent experience.  

Besides, because of social media access, within a second, a million million get the update of experience he/she faced. Almost 84% of people trust online reviews and make up their minds. BUT, PROVIDING SATISFIED CUSTOMER will not only become your permanent brand ambassador but also spread positive word of mouth. 

percentage of  people trust online reviews

Source: ZenDesk/Dimensional Research

2. Guest Reviews Represents The Team Coordination 

A positive review about your effort encourages, increases self-esteem, and reveals how well your staff team coordinates while serving the guest. 

The below-suggested matrix will help you to measure the customer satisfaction level: 

  1. “Quicker response time,” customers get frustrated waiting for their query answer, in case of both hotel website chatbot or front desk reply.  
  2. “Provide quicker solution,” with a quicker reply’ it’s also necessary to understand and solve the guest problem.
  3. “One agent will handle one customer at a time” guests will get irritated if they have to explain their problem repeatedly to different agents and do not get any solution. 

3. Ensure repeat purchase 

In the hospitality industry, guests feel satisfied only when they get their expected service from that hotel or restaurant. And when a customer repeatedly gets well-service, food quality, and ambiance, he/she not only repeatedly comes back but also suggests it to friends and family. 

5 Types Of Loyal Customers: 

  • Satisfied customer 
  • Convenience loyal
  • Loyalty-program loyal
  • Low-price loyal
  • Biggest fan type loyal 

How Can You Ensure Guest Satisfaction In Hotel Industry?

Yes!! It's sometimes hard to read the mind of the customer, whether they are satisfied or unsatisfied. Understanding and solving them is the only remedy to survive in the hospitality industry. 

"Satisfied customer" uncovered many things about your business; for instance, the growth of the business, service performance, improvement required, and whether or not the service is fulfilling the expectation of the customer.

But, there are some mathematical ways to measure guest satisfaction:

  • CSAT Surveys: It's a sheet that contains 2 to 3 survey questions, especially given after/while checking out. It measures the level of satisfaction they were with the hospitality service. 
  • Net Promoter Score Survey: This survey is especially for loyal customers. This survey is to identify how likely a LOYAL CUSTOMER is to promote your brand to friends and family. 
  • Customer Service Data: Keep a record of customers' data, for instance, support requests, resolution time, and problem handling time. This measurement assists in helping get the alertness that your service needs modification. 
  • Quantitative Customer Satisfaction Metrics: Both quantitative and qualitative surveys are very important to catch the psychology of a customer. Hence, client advisory and open panel discussion, etc. 

6 Unique Applied Strategies to Satisfying Your Guest In Your Hotel

Satisfying your guest through your hospitality service also refers to you building the primary base of serving them again soon. Crafting an amazing hospitality service for your guests is also a psychological customer retention marketing strategy that applies to customers. 

Therefore, when a guest arrives at a hotel, he/she gets the best experience, and the hotelier gets a loyal customer. Every hotel entrepreneur should put extra effort into making their guest stays the best hotel experience ever, and that starts with providing quick hotel booking, clean rooms, housekeeping room service, satisfying food quality, complementary service, and a secure and comfortable ambiance. 

1. Integrated A Hotel Management Software 

integrated a hotel management software

Integrating with automated hotel management software can solve multiple problems related with the operation, for instance, online booking, quick reservation system, customer management, user billing management, transportation facilities, human resource management, mobile friendly, and many more. 

The most amazing benefit of using this hotel management system is that you get a lucrative hotel website, facilitating customers to book online. Having a hotel website not only creates an exclusive impression to customers because of online booking but also increases online visibility. 

There are a lot of hotel management systems available in the software market, but if you are enthusiastic and want to start a hotel business, you can give the Xain-Hotel Management System a try. 

Best Seller On Envato Market 

2. Training Session For Hotel Staff

training session for hotel staff

Training sessions for hotel staff are one of the necessary things, which need to be done on regular bases, at least once a week or month. Training sessions can be both on and off-the-job training. 

Training sessions can improve the knowledge and skills of the workforce so that hoteliers can ensure a good experience for every guest who enters the hotel. 

Hotel Training Session Is Necessary Because:

  • It Improves The Work Quality Of The Hotel Staff
  • Work As A Motivation
  • Brings Efficiency
  • Enhance Guest Greeting Approaches
  • Upgrade Communication Skills
  • Boost up the team's performance 

3. Quick Solution To The Complaints

quick solution to the complaints

Providing the best hospitality service is one of the core missions of hotel entrepreneurs. Just like a hotel entrepreneur becomes happy and motivated by seeing a “satisfied customer,” similarly, a gets depressed and tensed when receiving any complaints from dissatisfied customers

Consoling an unsatisfied customer is a very challenging task, but it can be solved if it is addressed immediately. The quicker you can solve it, the less damage you will do to your hotel's reputation

Common Complaints A Guest Have In A Hotel:

  • Low standard Customer Service
  • Dirty Bedsheet 
  • Bad Food Quality
  • Bad odor 
  • Unfriendly Staff
  • Damaged Electronics
  • Additionary Change For Any Complimentary Stuff

4. Plan Customer Loyalty Program

plan customer loyalty program

A customer loyalty program is a sort of award for loyal customers. It’s also considered as a customer retention marketing plan. Loyalty award usually gets those who have achieved a milestone, in many ways, for instance, by promoting your hotel on different social media, repeating stays in the same hotel, referring to many friends and family, etc. 

Loyalty programs can include vouchers, discounts, gift hampers, free night stays, free delivery, complimentary candle night dinner, free buffet dinner, weekend package, and many more. 

  • Welcome drink 
  • Free birthday/anniversary cake
  • Complimentary mini-bar
  • Partnered discounts with, museums, and restaurant
  • Free breakfast 
  • Complimentary buffet
  • Discount on Spa 
  • Swimming pool facilities 

5. Plan Exclusive Package Deal  

exclusive package deal

Tourists love exclusive package deals because they can enjoy multiple complementary components at low cost and in one package.   

Hotel entrepreneurs usually plan package deals, targeting various tourists, because it generates more sales than the components sold individually. Moreover, tourists get to enjoy some luxury at a low price. 

  • Honeymoon package
  • Meeting package 
  • 2-day, 1-night stay package 
  • Anniversary package 
  • Member-only offer 
  • Weekend Special 

6. Special Focus On The Review 

focus on the review

All hoteliers need to keep especially focused on the review which has been posted over online, because nowadays, people take online reviews more seriously and start judging without knowing the full story. 

Positive reviews influence quick booking, and negative reviews, influence booking cancellation or no booking. 

Furthermore, a hotelier must be alert on every platform because replying faster is essential than handling (+/-) reviews. 

Remember## Customers can PUT REVIEW IN ANY PLATFORM, for instance, personal social media, OTAs, emails, channel manager, etc. 

It’s wise to reply to all bad or good reviews with a calm, problem-solving approach and understandable nature to tackle clients for a certain time. 

Secret Remedy To Be Keep Your Hotel Guest Satisfied 

secret remedy to be keep your hotel guest satisfied

Xain-Hotel Management System & Booking Software

One of the best hotel management software in the hotel industry. Xain is a complete hotel management software package for hotel entrepreneurs because it comes up with a lucrative hotel website, hotel management, and online booking software. 

With Xain, a hotel entrepreneur can manage online booking, room reservation systems, room management systems, customer management, user billing system, and human resource management system. 


Guest satisfaction in the hotel industry is one of the major factors for all hotel entrepreneurs. A guest experience is enhanced by providing a good hospitality experience such as hotel operation, front desk approach, housekeeping service, easy online booking, and many more. A satisfied guest is also a reason for higher revenue.

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