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How to Mine Dogecoin: 6 Easy Steps!  

By Mahmuda Akter Isha Last Updated -- Monday, 2021-08-23
How to Mine Dogecoin

Are you searching out the proper way of mining Dogecoin? Since Dogecoin is the latest invention of the crypto market, the miners are excited to know how to mine Dogecoin. So, it is one of the trendy things all over the Fintech industry. This article assists you to understand a complete direction for mining Dogecoin. So, it will be a lucky charm for all miners because they can earn this trendy coin through the mining process.   

Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer have invented Dogecoin by using the face of Shiba Inu dog in the featured symbol of this coin. According to the featured face, the name of this coin is derived from a viral “Doge” internet meme. This coin is basically created for fun and friendly digital currency and its origins as a joke cryptocurrency. Most Significantly, Tesla CEO Elon Musk promotes Dogecoin relentlessly which helps to hike the price.

Hanker for Earning Dogecoin? 

Curious to Know the Mining Process???  

In the recent crypto market, Dogecoin is one of the popular cryptocurrencies for all crypto traders and investors. Now, it has taken the top ten position in crypto assets through its popularity and earning opportunity.

According to a financial report,

“Dogecoin’s total worth is higher than the Swiss lender Credit Suisse and Barclays because the total revenue is around $23.9 billion for Credit Suisse and $32 billion for Barclays and Dogecoins worth is around $50 billion.” 


For that reason, most crypto traders and investors are excited to earn Dogecoin, and Dogecoin mining will be the easiest and most effective way for earning it. As Dogecoin mining is less competitive than Bitcoin mining, Dogecoin mining will be the best way to earn Dogecoin. Otherwise, there are some ways to earn Dogecoin or other cryptocurrencies. But when it is considered for Dogecoin, mining will be the best decision and this article will explore a complete guide to mine Dogecoin.  

The Miners Can Earn around 10,000 Doge Reward Per Block within Just 1 Minute!!!

Feeling excited??? Yes, it’s really exciting news for all miners because it’s all about the dream of all miners to earn their desired cryptocurrency through the mining process. The goal is for all miners to earn their targeted cryptocurrency at the lowest time and as much as possible at the lowest cost. 

In this regard, Dogecoin can be able to create a great impression with its fastest mining power as well as it consumes low energy and time because it has been implemented by the Scrypt algorithm. Though Bitcoin mining is more demandable and profitable, it will consume more time than Dogecoin mining. So, Dogecoin mining can be able to create a great opportunity for all miners to earn Dogecoin. 


Before Starting to Mine Dogecoin

Know About The Essential Aspects!!!

It will be very effective if you have a clear concept about mining, it’s methods, basic requirements, and working mechanism. These aspects make your mining process so smooth and profitable. So, let’s jump into the mining ocean. 

What is Dogecoin Mining?

Dogecoin is mainly a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and so on which acts as a  payment system on the Blockchain network. Dogecoin mining refers to the process of earning Dogecoin as a reward by checking transactions and solving cryptographic puzzles or complex mathematical equations on the Blockchain network. The miner who solves these blocks first will get the Dogecoin reward. 

Moreover, the Dogecoin mining process allows the miners to earn Dogecoin into their wallet through computing cryptographic equations and these cryptographic puzzles are released as a block. Then, the miners solve these mathematical equations by using their computing power. Most significantly, it helps to check the validation of each transaction and keep secure the entire network.  

What Are the Methods of Mining Dogecoin?

Methods of Dogecoin Mining

The miners can mine Dogecoin through three individual approaches. According to your preference, you can choose any of them and earn a massive amount of Dogecoin. So, these are: 

  • Cloud Mining
  • Personal Mining (Individual or Solo)
  • Pool Mining  

Cloud Mining

Cloud mining is one of the methods of mining Dogecoin as well as, it allows the miners to mine even if they have no required hardware equipment and computing power. So, the cloud mining process allows the miners to mine Dogecoin through renting computer power and other hardware equipment. 

In this process, the miners need to go through the contract paper and have to pay a monthly or annual fee based on the agreement. Thus, the miner can rent their required computing power from a data center for completing the mining operation. After that, you need to choose a cloud mining pool such as Genesis Mining, Eobot, and Nice Hash are the best mining pools for the cloud mining method.  

There are some pros and cons of the cloud mining process, you need to be conscious before choosing it.  


  • Provides the easiest way to earn your desired cryptocurrency 
  • Does not require a vast technical knowledge
  • Ensure a steady internet connect  
  • Does not arise any overheating issues
  • Cost-effective way    


  • Because of fixed contracts, the miners need to pay for the computing power, even if the price of Dogecoin goes down
  • Most of the time it will be unprofitable 
  • Sometimes the cloud mining service provider does not provide clear information about themselves and their working process
  • Lack of flexibility 

Personal Mining

This one is another method to mine Dogecoin, and it can allow the miners to mine Dogecoin with their own equipment and the miners need to afford all of the expenses. So, personal mining or solo mining, or individual mining is a mining process when the miner can operate all of the mining operations through their own equipment and without joining any mining pool.   

In this process, the miners need to purchase all the required hardware and necessary equipment. After purchasing all required hardware equipment, the miner can create a mining rig. Moreover, this process is free from all types of monthly or yearly fees because the miner can purchase all of these through a one-time payment.    


  • The miners will get enough flexibility
  • More profitable than cloud mining and pool mining 
  • Do not need to pay any fees 
  • Less prone with higher uptime  


  • Time-consuming process
  • Have an uncertainty to get reward
  • Higher risk than pool mining or cloud mining
  • Internet interruption related issues   

Pool Mining

Pool mining is one of the exclusive ways to mine Dogecoin through joining a group. Moreover, this method allows the miners to join a mining group and merge their computing power for completing the mining process. 

Before joining a mining pool, the miners need to pay a certain amount of mining fees which is around 1% to 3%, it will vary based on which mining pool you will choose. When the pool miners win a block, the reward will be distributed among all miners. The most popular Dogecoin mining pools are Aikapool, GHash, Litecoinpool, Prohashing  Multipool, and so on. 


  • Ensure a powerful computing power
  • Provides higher hash rate
  • Ensure a decentralized mining network 
  • Reduces mining cost 


  • Smaller reward than solo mining or cloud mining
  • Need to provide a certain amount of fees 
  • Mining decision interruption

What Are the Requirements for Mining Dogecoin?

First of all, you need a speedy and continuous internet connection because you have to open your PC for a long time. Also, the miners need some specific hardware, software, and a Dogecoin wallet. 

Depending on the mining methods, the miners need to adopt the mining equipment but remember the mining outcome will depend on the PC’s specification. So, let you check and be prepared before starting Dogecoin mining.  


The miners can use mainly three types of hardware equipment to complete the Dogecoin mining process.


The central processing unit can provide the computing power which is required to complete the mining process. But it is not a good practice to use the PC’s CPU for mining because the mining process produces too much heat and your computer can be damaged because of overheating. In that case, if you have a small or old laptop, you can use CPU mining.   


Most of the miners use GPU to mine Dogecoin because it is more powerful than CPU mining. When you have a highly configured PC with a good graphics card, you can use GPU mining. For example, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070, AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT, Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090, and so on. Most specifically, the GPU mining process is comparatively less expensive than ASIC mining.

Scrypt ASIC Miner

Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) is the best mining solution rather than CPU and GPU mining. To mine Dogecoin through ASIC chips, the miners need to build a mining rig that is incorporated with all necessary hardware equipment. It is more expensive but powerful than CPU and GPU mining, and ASIC chips supply more hashing power to mine the desired cryptocurrency.        


The miners also need some specific software to complete the mining operation. There are numerous mining software available such asCGminer, Cudaminer, Guiminer, and so on. But which software the miner will use, will depend on which hardware they have chosen. Thus, you need to decide on the mining hardware first, then you can download the required mining software. 

  • CPU Mining: If the miners choose CPU mining, it is required to download CPU miners
  • GPU Mining: For beginners miner, EasyMiner will be the best. If you have Nvidia GPUs, you can download CudaMiner software. Also, CGminer will be suitable for any type of GPU.
  • ASIC Mining: For the ASIC miners, it will be needed to download MultiMiner software. But it will work with CGminer and EasyMiner software as well.  

Dogecoin Wallet

The miners need to have a Dogecoin wallet to mine Dogecoin because it protects the miner’s private key and public address. Also, it will store the Dogecoin rewards which will be earned through the mining process. You can use your public address for sending and receiving Dogecoin, but you need your private key to access the entire process. So, the miners need to create a Dogecoin wallet to store the rewards and start the mining operation. 

How to Get a Dogecoin Wallet Address?

Here, I will provide a step-by-step direction to get a Dogecoin wallet address. You can follow it to create your Dogecoin wallet because it will be required for Dogecoin mining.

  • At first, you need to go to Dogecoin’s website (

How to get Dogecoin Wallet

  • Then, you need to click on the Wallets option and go to the wallet section. Here, you will see the two types of wallets, Multidoge, and Dogecoin Core. 

Choose Dogecoin Wallet

  • Here, you have to download Dogecoin Core depending on your PC’s specifications. You just need to click here and then, you can download it, and install this application.
  • After completing the installation process, you can see the window and click on the “File” option. Then, go to the “Much receiving addresses” option.

Dogecoin Wallet Setup 

  • Finally, you will get your Dogecoin wallet address, and save it for further processing. 

Dogecoin wallet address

Working Mechanism of Dogecoin Mining

Though Dogecoin was invented as fun, it has been received appreciably in the crypto market as well as crypto traders and investors. In this regard, the price of Dogecoin has been increasing day by day. Within this few times, which is around 7 years, it ranks among the top 10 cryptocurrencies.

Before starting the mining of Dogecoin, it will be effective if you have a clear concept of the working mechanism of Dogecoin mining. For that reason, I will provide the entire working process of Dogecoin mining.

Phase 1: Adding New Blocks

This mining process allows users to add new blocks to the Dogecoin Blockchain network. Moreover, the entire process is performed in a decentralized network so, it is required to meet all agreements to add a new block to the decentralized ledger in the chain.   

Phase 2: Solve Cryptographic Puzzle

Each block contains a lot of cryptographic puzzles or complex mathematical equations. Thus, the miners need to solve these cryptographic puzzles through computing power, and the miner who can solve this first will be rewarded.    

Phase 3: Validate the transactions

The basic activity of the miners is to check the validity of each transaction. After checking the transactions, it will be added to the Blockchain ledger as a block. So, each block of the decentralized Dogecoin network is verified transactions. It is basically known as “Proof-of-Work”.

Phase 4: Compare with the Hashrate

This one is a very crucial phase to earn Dogecoin through the mining process. Hashrate means the total computational power of the miner’s hardware. Depending on the hash rate of the miner’s computer, the miners can mine Dogecoin.

In this phase, the miners can generate a fixed-length alphanumeric code that will represent messages, words, or data, which is known as “hash”. Moreover, the miners can use different Hashing Algorithms to create a hashing code. After generating the hashing code, the miners need to guess the target value, which is known as “target hash”. The main goal of the Dogecoin miners is striving to generate a hash that is equal to or lower than the target hash.

Moreover, this is completely unpredictable and probably depends on the miner’s luck because each hash is created randomly. Thus, it is like a lottery ticket, and each hash would be considered a ticket. 

Phase 5: Get Dogecoin into Your Wallet 

According to the previous phase, the miner can generate a hash code, and the hash will be compared with the target hash. Though the miner’s hash will act as a lottery ticket, the miners can earn a huge amount of Dogecoin through the mining process. 

The miners who can match all the conditions of their hash with the target hash through creating a winning code will earn a Dogecoin as a reward and the blocks will be added in the chain with the decentralized network.   

6 Simple Steps to Mine Dogecoin

Now, you have come to the most awaited section in this article. From this section, you have to understand a complete direction to mine Dogecoin. So, let’s deep dive into the process of mining Dogecoin. 

Step 1: Download the Mineable Software 

In this regard, you can choose the unMineable software because I mined through this software. So, you can go to, and go to the download section for downloading the unMineable software.

Download the Mineable Software  

Step 2: Install the Application 

Then, click on the download option for downloading this application. After downloading, you need to unzip or extract the file to install it. To install this application, you have to turn off Antivirus on your PC. 

Install the Application

  • After completing the installation process, you can see this window and need to click on the “Continue” button. 

Dogecoin Mining step 3

Step 3: Select GPU or CPU Mining 

Now, you need to download PhoenixMiner ( and extract it in the same folder where you put the unMineable software.

Select GPU or CPU Mining

  • After downloading, you need to put the file location in the required field of unMineable software. Here, you can choose your mining hardware. Depending on your PC’s specification, you need to select it. If you have a good graphics card with a high configuration, you can select GPU Mining. Otherwise, if you have an old or small laptop, you can select CPU Mining. Then, click on the “Next” button. 

Select GPU or CPU Mining

Step 4: Enter Your Wallet Address 

Here, you need to select your desired coin or token which you want to mine. In this regard, you have to select Dogecoin. Then, you need to enter your Dogecoin wallet address and click on the “Start” button to start mining.


Enter Your Wallet Address

Step 5: Start Dogecoin Mining

Finally, you can start to mine Dogecoin. After clicking on the “Start” button, you can see this window which will assist you to know your Current Balance, Current Hashrate, and Calculated Hashrate. 

Start Dogecoin Mining  

Step 6: Configure Your Software 

At the initial stage, you may have zero balance but don't be disappointed! After a certain time, you can start to earn Dogecoin through the mining process. From the settings option, you can change your mining intensity. Also, you can set up the GPU mining algorithm, and click on the “Save & Restart” button. 

Configure Your Software  

Most significantly, you can choose low intensity, if you mine in the background. While you are performing another task, you can select low intensity to mine Dogecoin in the background. On the other hand, if you have more hash rate and more resources, you can select high intensity. 

Also, your hash rate fully depends on your PC’s configuration like how much CPU or GPU you have. When you earn at least 30 Dogecoin, it will be automatically sent to your Dogecoin wallet. So, this was the process of Dogecoin mining and you can start to earn Dogecoin by following this process.

Step of Dogecoin Mining    

How Profitable is Dogecoin Mining?

Dogecoin is one of the popular cryptocurrencies in the crypto market. Within a very short time, it has become popular. For that reason, the miners are interested in earning this trendy cryptocurrency through mining. But here the most thousand dollar question will arise!!! Is it profitable??? If Yes, then how profitable is it? Is there any risk??? 

Definitely, all of these questions appear in your mind. Okay! I will make it clear in this section.

How Profitable is Dogecoin Mining


According to the Dogecoin exchange rate chart, If I answer your question in one word, I will undoubtedly say “YES”. Dogecoin mining is comparatively more profitable because of the recent price surge. Though you could not earn a million or billions of dollars, you may earn a standard amount that will make your mining profitable. 

Concern about Mining Risk?

The cryptocurrency market is totally volatile and the price may fluctuate within a few seconds. Suppose, today if you earned Dogecoin which is worth around $100, but tomorrow the worth of the same amount of Dogecoin could be nothing. So, you need to consider all of these things before jumping into the mining ocean. 

Moreover, there are some factors that can create an unfavorable situation during mining that will be risky for the miners. So, you also have to consider the following aspects before starting Dogecoin mining.


After starting crypto mining, you need to keep your laptop or PC turned on for the whole day or a long time. For that reason, you have to supply an uninterrupted electricity connection. Moreover, it will greatly affect your electricity bill. You need to pay a massive amount of electricity bill which may cross your profit.    

Power Consumption

Though Dogecoin mining has been considered less-eco destructive than Bitcoin mining, this process consumes 3,425 watts and the electricity cost will be around $0.10 per kWh per transaction. Though it is comparatively less than Bitcoin mining, you need to consider all of these.  

Hardware Damage

You have to keep your laptop or PC turned on for a long time, it will hamper the longevity of your PC’s hardware equipment. After all, this can naturally damage your computer’s internal parts.      

GPU Shortage & Crackdown

The Dogecoin mining process creates extra pressure on your graphics card and it may damage your GPU’s capacity. Also, the miners hanker for purchasing Nvidia or AMD graphics cards. Sometimes, the complex mining mechanism may crackdown on the miner’s graphics card because of changing the internal infrastructure of designing GPU chips.  

Let’s Turn into Dogecoin Mining!!!

Since Only 21 Million Bitcoins Could Be Mined!

The Dogecoin will act as a twinkle of a star on the upcoming mining sky because all the miners have already known that they can mine only 21 million Bitcoin, and 18.638 million have already mined. Moreover, the alternative cryptocurrency for mining will be Dogecoin. 

From this article, you will get an A to Z guide to mine Dogecoin. So, let you start mining and earn a standard amount of Dogecoin. Also, if you want to purchase Dogecoin, you can check this article that will provide a direction on how you can purchase a Dogecoin, and where you can do it.     

Bitcoin Mining or Dogecoin Mining???

Cryptocurrency Trading Could Change the Scenario!!!

The main reason to mine Dogecoin or other cryptocurrencies is for earning. But this process will be time-consuming and uncertain. Even if you choose Bitcoin mining, you need to face more difficulty than Dogecoin mining. 

So, it would be better if you establish yourself as a Fintech entrepreneur. To do this, you need to build a trading platform that will allow you to buy, sell, or exchange any cryptocurrency. Through this business, you can deal with various cryptocurrencies and earn a remarkable profit. 

In this regard, Tradebox will be the best solution because it is a readymade trading software, you just need to purchase it, and then you can organize it according to your business information. So, grab this opportunity and change your career. 

Cryptocurrency Trading Software

Final Verdict

I would like to appreciate your patience, now you have come to the ending part of this article. Here, you came to know the Dogecoin mining process, and hopefully, you have got all of these. Through this article, I provide a complete direction to mine as well as other relevant aspects that will be essential for mining. Now, you can become a Dogecoin miner and start mining.

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