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A Viable Solution on How to Prevent Fires in the Kitchen (Pro Tips)

By Shuvo Roy Last Updated -- Wednesday, 2021-06-23
How to prevent fires in the kitchen

Fire in the kitchen, yes, I am talking about the fire incidents and the consequences of regular affairs. Do you know how many fire injuries occur in the USA every day? 

Based on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) report, every 24 seconds, the US fire department responds to a fire, and every 43 minutes, a home fire incident occurs in the USA.

In this case, the inevitable thing is to create awareness about how to prevent fires in the kitchen, either in restaurants, at home, or in other places.

Here, the kitchen fire safety recommendations will be outlined to avoid the devastating effect of a commercial kitchen fire. 

Why Do You Need to Ensure Kitchen Fire Safety?

Fire protection research foundation evaluated several factors that contributed to the decline of fire occurrence and fire deaths. In a commercial kitchen or home kitchen, fire is not something that you can ban but can prevent unexpected fire explosions.

According to the Fire Department of New York: You have to control the fire between 30 and 45 seconds; otherwise, it will be out of control. 

The sources of fire can be the stovetop, oven, and other outdoor equipment. So you should always be careful and ready to avoid cooking fires as well as kitchen fires.

Just your lack of awareness can turn everyone’s life into great danger. So it is essential to ensure kitchen fire safety at first. 

The fire doesn’t only burn the material things but also burns life.

Kitchen fire safety is an essential task for the commercial kitchen or house kitchen. Without being ready and conscious about the fire occurrence, the damage can be the worst. 

Suppose your home kitchen is not well designed, and you are not aware of the things that can create an unexpected occurrence. Just think about the consequences.

Moreover, you have a restaurant, and the commercial kitchen is busier with the cooking equipment and food ingredients. At a time your customers are taking meal at your restaurant.

Sometimes the burning of something intentionally can turn into a massive fire accident. So let’s explore how to prevent fires in the kitchen.

How to Prevent Fires in the Kitchen Smartly?

The fire in the kitchen can be dangerous if you are not conscious. In this case, the most important thing is to be aware before occurring any accident. How to avoid kitchen fires?

Prevention is better than cure. So you need to know how to prevent fires in the kitchen. But which things you have to consider more significantly.

Here you will get a guideline on how to prevent kitchen fires and burns. The below ten tips can help you to avoid commercial or home kitchen fires. How to prevent kitchen burns?

Awareness is the first and foremost step to prevent fire in the kitchen. Suppose you have all equipment and are prepared to take any action in a firing issue. 

1. Install Responsive Smoke & Fire Alarm System for 24/7

Although the alarm system can’t prevent the fire in the kitchen it creates an awareness that something is going to occur unusually. So it is essential to install an alarming system.

Besides, you should check that the alarm system is working fine to notify you at the right moment. Install Smoke Alarm and Make Sure It Works Properly 

But you are not careful about avoiding the firing. In this regard, all of your arrangement is going to be good for nothing. How to avoid fire in the kitchen?

Besides, the people who are not careful can throw water on a grease fire. The most common fire source in the kitchen is a grease fire. But if the staff is not careful about that, the water is the worst thing while pouring it on a grease fire.

In addition to this, you should keep away the flammable materials from the flames. Generally, these types of materials are present in the kitchen like food, clothing, paper, or commonly, towels, etc.

How to prevent kitchen accidents through awareness

However, you have to be more aware of some activities, including-

  • Install a smoke detector near the kitchen but not in the kitchen.
  • Never use the steel in the microwave.
  • Wipe up and never and adequately cook on an unclear stove
  • Don’t leave cooking food unattended
  • Keep away the potholders, dish towels, and paper towels 
  • Don’t make phone calls, answer or texts while cooking
  • Monitor the cooking temperatures from time to time 

So it is essential to ensure that you are aware of avoiding any kind of burning or unwanted firing occurrences in the kitchen.

2. Provide Adequate Training to the Staff

Proper Training on Fire Prevent

Yes, it can be the first point you need to consider to prevent a kitchen fire. You should provide adequate training to your staff as a restaurant business owner or manager. 

Good training helps them to create an awareness of how to prevent fires in the kitchen. The chefs and other staff spend most of the time in the kitchen. Therefore, they need to follow the first step awareness and follow the guideline on how they can avoid unexpected firing. 

The best way to prevent fire is to develop the knowledge of employees about different types of fire occurrence possibility. Fire protection and prevention training, using extinguisher training, and so on. The professionals provide this type of training.

Besides, if the kitchen staff performs their duty safely, that can be the best and effective way to ensure kitchen fire safety.

Moreover, the vital practice of preventing fire in the kitchen can be learning how to operate the fire safety tools. So your staff should be expert enough to handle any challenging situation patiently. 

3. Clean Your Kitchen & Check Equipment Regularly

Kitchen Cleaning

Fire always looks for sources of explosive energy. If you are not able to keep away the flammable things, the accidents can be a disaster. A clean kitchen can prevent kitchen oil fire.

So cleaning the kitchen is a significant part of preventing fire. We know grease is a highly flammable thing. It’s essential to use the grease more carefully.

The equipment which contains grease must be cleared regularly. In this case, you can make a schedule to clean up those things.

You need to clean the oven, stove, crumb tray, microwave, and other helpful equipment. If you don’t wipe out the regularly used tools, it can be the source of your fire.

Moreover, in case any equipment like microwave or oven doesn’t work well, you should replace or repair those shortly, and it is a must to stop using the tools or unplug them.

4. Adopt Modern Kitchen Fire Suppression & Sprinkler System

Do you know around 57% of fire accidents occur due to unorganized cooking equipment? Yes, it is an important part of avoiding the fire in the kitchen.

Suppose you don’t arrange or keep your cooking equipment orderly, the possibility of higher incidents. Besides, the cooking equipment should be well fitted with a modern kitchen fire suppression system. How to prevent cooking fires?

The modern fire suppression system shuts down your gas or electrical in case of fire. Moreover, you need to be sure that your fire suppression system is examined properly by the professional. 

In addition to this, the sprinkler system helps you to spray enough water when the fire is at the desired level. Besides, the sprinkler system is activated when the fire in the kitchen is in optimum condition.

However, if you fail to maintain and organize your equipment in the kitchen, the possibility of firing is getting higher. The systematic way always helps the restaurant owners to face the fire in a smooth way as it can’t get so devastating.

5. Install Perfect Ventilation System in the Kitchen

Install Perfect Ventilation System in the Kitchen

A perfect ventilation system is a must to avoid kitchen fire. Without a proper ventilation system, your kitchen will be a trap of grease, smoke, and other particles which are violently combustible.

The flawed ventilation system is reliable to subject to the multiplying effect of the kitchen fire. In this case, you need to clean the hood, fan, and ductwork on a regular basis. 

While cooking in the kitchen, the ventilation system is the only way that you have to consider. But if you don’t build a congenial ventilation system that is not appropriate for any bad situation like firing in the kitchen.

6. Strictly Prohibited Smoking in the Kitchen

Sometimes the chef or other staff can smoke in the kitchen or near the kitchen. It can be a great disaster. The fire of the cigarette can cause a considerable accident in the kitchen.

So smoking should be strictly prohibited in the kitchen or near the kitchen. Within the kitchen, a gas is formed as there is always cooking smoke.

Besides, the spark of a cigarette can destroy your business if it reaches the flammable material in your kitchen.  Although the cigarette itself is not combustible energy, it can be the source of a serious fire incident.

7. Checking Electrical Cords with Professional

A considerable number of fires occur through the kitchen’s electrical issue or in the house kitchen. This is because there are a huge number of electrical appliances being used in the functional kitchen. So you can’t ban that equipment.

When the electrical equipment runs simultaneously, it can create a burden on your restaurant’s electrical system. Besides, the melting of electrical cables can create accidents as you may have to run the equipment for a long time.

Moreover, poor wall outlets can damage the line of electricity. In this regard, any staff should inform the management about repairing it before any unwanted situation occurs. 

However, you need to monitor or check the electrical cords in your restaurant or house from time to time. Besides, the professional can help you to inspect the line frequently. it s your responsibility to ensure a good and well-designed electrical system in your restaurant or kitchen. 

8. Ensure Enough Extinguisher 

Ensure Enough Extinguisher 

Extinguishers are the essential equipment that you must have in the kitchen. In case of any little fire in the kitchen, you can use the extinguisher. So your staff should be trained up properly on how to use the extinguisher.

Sometimes the fire of your kitchen can be more prominent, and it grows faster; in that case, you need a big-size extinguisher to stop the flame.

However, you have to ensure a sufficient number of extinguishers based on the size of your restaurant. Besides, it is a must to inspect the extinguisher that is working well. 

9. Wearing Appropriate Clothes While Cooking

Appropriate Clothing While Cooking

You need to be aware of the dress of the chef or other staff in the kitchen. You should never use the long, large-fitting shirts, ties, scarves, bathrobes, flowing sleeves, and even aprons

These types of clothes can catch fire which may occur in any accident that can destroy a life. So you must consider the below types of dresses in the kitchen, especially while cooking.

  • wear short or close-fitted sleeves 
  • keep your baggy shirts tucked in or tied back with a well-fitted apron

Even you wear those types of dress code, but you must always be careful that you are free to catch fire in your dress. 

Some restaurants fix the dress of the chef and other staff who have to work in the kitchen. But all are not careful about this. So if you want to avoid fire accidents in the kitchen, you should consider the appropriate clothing.

10. Assure an Escape Plan in Emergency Situation

Well, it’s an advanced step that you have to ensure. Smart business owners always develop a plan considering both positive and negative sides. 

So you have to make a plan to escape if any serious fire occurs. An escape plan means you are sincere more to prevent the fire in the kitchen. 

Suppose the chef or restaurant staff can’t move out from the kitchen because they can get stuck by the fire. In this case, your pre-planned escape plan will be worthwhile. 

So the escape plan should be designed considering the staff, customers, and chefs. Besides, when the fire occurs in a great term, you can’t decide on a plan instantly to save the life. So it is essential to make a plan at first. 

How to Safely Put out Kitchen Fire?

After burning something through the kitchen fire, you have to be ready to put out the fire safely and smartly. In this case, the most important thing is that you need to keep yourself calm.

How to Put Out Oven Fires and Stovetop Fires

Turn of the heat source: At first, you should turn off the oven if you can.

Use a fire extinguisher: You can try the fire extinguisher to put out the fire.

Try baking soda: If the fire is out of the oven, you can also try the baking soda to put out the fire.

Keep the oven closed: Closing the oven’s door as soon as possible helps to limit the fire otherwise, the fire can be out in a dangerous way.

Escaping: If the situation is beyond your control, you can make a call to 911. Besides, you should exit the place as soon as possible because an explosion can occur.

Tips on What to Do When Kitchen Fire is Beyond Control

It’s not always predicted that you could prevent the fire perfectly. Sometimes the source of the kitchen fire can ruin your plan, and you may face a terrible scenario.

Alert Your Guests & Leave the Place

The guests may not be informed about the kitchen occurrence promptly. In this case, you need to notify the customers who are taking the meal or sitting on the chair of your restaurant.

When the dire is out of control, you should leave the place with your staff and other individuals. In this case, better think about other things as when your life is at stake, the materials things are negligible.

Close All Doors 

Yes, when you are busy with your life and run to move out from the kitchen, at that time, patience doesn’t exist practically. But you need to consider one thing before running away in a safe place that you close the door of your kitchen, restaurant, or house. 

Maximum time the kitchen fire or any fire accidents in the house damages a lot because of this reason. If you don’t close the door, the fire spreads out over the surrounding area, creating the worst situation.

Suppose, in the kitchen or storeroom, the fire origins. Then, if you don’t close the door or separate the fire sources, it spread out to other rooms. But after closing the door, you will get more time to escape all pupils from there to a safe place.

Notify Neighbours

The fire in your kitchen or restaurant can damage your neighbors. So if you can realize that the flame of fire is growing incredibly, in that case, you can inform the people of the surrounding to leave the place. 

Safety is the first priority, so you should inform them and immediately take the necessary steps. But, unfortunately, sometimes people think that the fire won’t damage the neighbors’ assets, so they don’t think it’s crucial to be alert.

As a result, the damage of the fire is getting worse and worse. So you ought to inform your neighbors while occurring such types of accidents.

Contact Emergency Service

In addition to this, the emergency service is always open to contact, so if you face any critical situation, you must contact them through 911. However, if you feel that you are now in a safe place, then you can reach 911.

But you should remember that at first, you have to move to a safe place, then you will call the emergency number 911.

Are You Prepared to Be an Advanced & Smart Restaurant Owner?

Well, you may know how to prevent fires in the kitchen. But do you know how to become a successful restaurant manager or restaurant owner?

The question is not how potential you are, but the fact is which strategy you follow to operate your restaurant. How to manage a restaurant?

Let’s take a look at what successful restaurant owners do. At present, around 30% of restaurant owners have already adopted the modern restaurant management system to maintain all essential operations through only a single system.

The scenario describes that the digital restaurant management software helps monitor and organize the restaurant activities perfectly without facing any challenge.

How can the Advanced Restaurant Management Software Ensure Profitability?

When you adopt restaurant management software, all your operations are managed by the automation system. Let’s take a look at the features of the restaurant software. 

The best restaurant management software offers the features mentioned above that help you ease the restaurant’s operation and compete with your rivals.

If you are aware of kitchen fire safety and know how to prevent fires in the kitchen, it is beneficial. But if you are not wise to handle your restaurant to keep pace with the modern world, you can’t sustain it in the long run.

Besides, the cost-effective solution helps you to minimize your additional cost and maximize your profit. So move on and decide which makes your restaurant business successful.

Restaurant Management Software

Finishing Line

How to prevent kitchen fires in the kitchen? Okay, now you have a complete guideline, and you should follow every point that is explored in this blog.

Besides, you got how the modern restaurant management software can be your best companion to your restaurant business journey

Foodservice business always focuses on quality food services, but you have to consider several things which can ensure your long-term success.

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