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Surprising Software Deal On Mid-Year Super Sale 2023 | Save Your Money

By Touhidul Islam Last Updated -- Thursday, 2023-06-15

It's the middle of the year, and plenty of surprising software deals are slashing their prices to get you to buy more. It means exciting times ahead for all you shopaholics out there!

This period offers an excellent opportunity to snag some of the best software products at heavily discounted prices.

Do you want to get the finest available deals and the whole lot on your shopping list? Keep reading to know what you can look forward to from the biggest Software Deal On Mid-Year Super Sale 2023.

Because it's time for Mid-Year Super Sale 2023

Both Surprising Software Deals are just around the corner! 

Exclusive one-time Offer starts from

19 Jun to 30 Jun -

This is An exciting time for technology enthusiasts and businesses, as it brings many incredible mid year software deals

The surprising software deal often presents an opportunity to access premium software that may be outside of reach for some individuals or businesses.

So, buckle up and get ready to uncover the secrets of this remarkable event!

What is Super Mid Year Sale?

The mid-year super sale is a highly anticipated event during the middle of the year, typically around June or July

It is a time when numerous software vendors and online marketplaces offer significant product discounts specially on Envato.

This mid-season sale allows individuals and businesses to purchase top-notch software solutions at a fraction of their original prices.

When Do Mid-Year Software Deals Start?

When! When! When! When! When! When! 


The year's biggest shopping event is around the corner and will occur on 

19th to 30th June 2023

Up To 50% - Discount 

So, remember bdtask software deals in advance for this year's best deals. You still have time to grab these fantastic offers before they go.

How To Find The Best Software Deals Of The Month

Finding the best software deals during the mid-year super sale requires effort and research. But we are giving you the jackpot.

Do you want to get an enormous boom for your buck?

Yahoo! We got you some Great News.

Bdtask offers various types of software according to your requirement.

-- Best Deal of the Month --

Check the list down below. As Cheap As Chips

Products List




50% Off

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HR Manager

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45% Off

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Prepare Your Business For a Surprising Software Deal

Software deals hold immense importance in today's digital landscape. They allow individuals and businesses to access high-quality software that might have been out of their budget. But the Mid-year sale, 2023, allows everyone to find out their needy software at a reasonable price.

Introducing the Software Spectacular mid-season sale.

your one-way ticket to ultimate productivity, creativity, and efficiency!

Let's Check the bucket of software list.

1. NFTBOX-NFT Marketplace Script

Current Deal: 50% special discount available NOW

Have you researched starting your own business with NFT? 

Your decision is perfectly correct.

You can get significant benefits by launching the NFT Marketplace.

NFTBOX is the right choice for anyone. Believe it or not, a Surprising Software Deal is happening now with 50% off.

With the fast growth of the NFT market, there is a need for user-friendly platforms that simplify the process of creating, minting, and trading NFTs. NFTBOX fills this void by offering a comprehensive marketplace script that enables individuals and businesses to establish their own NFT marketplaces quickly.

Premium Features of NFTBOX

  • User-friendly Dashboard
  • One-click installation and Easy customisation
  • Minting, selling, buying
  • Single NFT page 
  • Customise for your requirement 
  • Security and privacy policy on point
  • Mobile friendly 
  • Metamask wallet login panel
  • Expert support and lifetime licenses
  • Admin wallet set up from the admin panel with ease.
  • Best Price for sale (we have a bidding option)
  • Summary report for (Yearly-Monthly-Weekly)
  • A chance for reselling
  • Lifetime licenses support 

NFTBOX offers extensive customisation options, allowing artists and collectors to personalise their profiles and storefronts. This flexibility allows for a unique, branded experience that resonates with creators and their audiences. 


Get Deal

Only $199

2. Tradebox-Advanced Cryptocurrency Trading Software

Current Deal: 50% special discount available NOW

Mid-Year Sale 2023

Trading in the cryptocurrency market requires careful analysis, quick decision-making, and constant monitoring of market trends. Tradebox-Advanced Cryptocurrency Trading Software comes into play.

Tradebox is a cutting-edge trading software designed to provide traders with the necessary tools and features to succeed in the cryptocurrency market. If you are new or a professional trader in this field, Tradebox presents a range of advanced functionalities to improve your trading experience and boost profitability.

The cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, and advanced trading software like Tradebox has emerged to simplify the trading process and maximise profits for novice and experienced traders.

Exotic Features to look at

  • Exchange and Trading 
  • Finance and Management system
  • Impressive Admin and User panel 
  • Add your coin 
  • Payment through Payeer, PayPal, GoUrl, mobile money, stripe
  • Transaction setup system
  • Integrate ERC20 token
  • Cryptocurrency coin Exchange system
  • Customers can see history, trade, withdraw or transfer money
  • Project management system
  • Trade with your Trading robot 
  • Email and sms system


Get Deal

Only $99

3. Bhojon- Restaurant Management Software

Current Deal: 50% special discount available NOW

Mid-Year Sale 2023

Managing operations efficiently is essential for success in today's fast-paced restaurant industry.

Running a restaurant involves multiple tasks that require seamless coordination and organisation. Bhojon is an all-in-one restaurant management software that simplifies these tasks, enabling restaurant owners and managers to focus on delivering exceptional dining experiences.

All the extraordinary features you can imagine for a restaurant management software get from our Surprising Software Deal offers.

Tremendous Features of Bhojon-Restaurant Management Software

  • Android and iOS mobile applications 
  • Full responsive Dashboard
  • Online and Offline POS
  • Restaurant billing system
  • Online and offline ordering system
  • Integrated with a Dynamic restaurant website
  • Online Table booking system
  • Sales management solution
  • Accounts management system
  • Waste management system 
  • Kitchen display function
  • Realtime notification system
  • Delivery management system
  • Supply chain management system
  • Role permission system 
  • Purchase management system
  • QR code ordering system
  • Reporting and analytics system
  • Employee management system
  • Inventory management system
  • Unique Addons, etc. 

Implementing Bhojon software offers numerous benefits for restaurant businesses. To find out all the features you need to have, get it 


Get Deal

Only $49

4. Xain-Hotel Management System & Booking Software

Current Deal: 50% special discount available NOW

The hospitality industry is evolving rapidly, and hotel management systems are crucial in streamlining operations, enhancing guest experiences, and driving revenue growth. Xain-Hotel Management System is a cutting-edge software solution designed for the hotel industry.

Xain-Hotel Management System simplifies these complex processes by offering hoteliers a comprehensive suite of tools and features.

Let's explore the feature of the Xain management system and booking software.

Core Features of Xain -Hotel Management System

  • Attractive Dashboard
  • Online and offline booking solution 
  • Responsive website panel
  • Room reservation system
  • Print invoice system
  • Payroll setup
  • Multiple controlling boards etc.
  • Accounts management system
  • Service management system
  • Purchase management system
  • Supplier management system
  • Multiple payment and currencies systems
  • Customer management system
  • Realtime reporting system
  • Human resource management system


Get Deal

Only $99

5. Isshue-Multistore Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software

Current Deal: 40% special discount available NOW

Mid-Year Sale 2023

Handling multiple stores simultaneously can be a challenging task without the right tools and technology in place.

Isshue-Multistore Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software is the best option for you then. Believe it or not, now it's come with Surprising Software Deal.

Multistore e-commerce shopping cart software is a complete solution designed to simplify the management of multiple online stores from a centralised platform. It allows businesses to efficiently handle inventory, process orders, and analyse data, streamlining operations and enhancing the customer experience across all stores.

Tremendous Features of Isshue-Multistore Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software

  • Multiple store management system 
  • Website integration system
  • Control from the admin panel
  • Invoice system
  • Photo management system
  • Quotation management system
  • Purchase management system
  • Unlimited user account
  • POS management system
  • Vendor management system
  • Product management system
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Customer management system
  • Online order management
  • Android app integration
  • Multiple Tax setting
  • Supplier management system
  • Accounts management system
  • Inventory management system 


Get Deal

Only $29


6. Sales ERP-Best ERP Software with Pos App

Current Deal: 50% special discount available NOW

Mid-Year Sale 2023

In the digital age, businesses require robust tools to boost their sales operations and stay competitive.

Sales ERP is a perfect software solution to integrate various sales-related processes within an organisation. 

It provides a centralised platform for managing sales operations, inventory, customer information, and reporting. With Sales ERP, businesses can automate their sales workflows, improve efficiency, enhance customer experience, and gain valuable insights into sales performance.

Premium Features of Sales ERP

  • Attractive Dashboard 
  • Stock report system
  • Purchase management system
  • CRM management system
  • Supply chain and production 
  • Customer support 
  • Online and offline services
  • Android POS App Integration
  • 2 different invoice systems
  • Product management system
  • Build-in HRM management
  • Data backup support 
  • Remote access facilities
  • Impressive sale system 

Efficient sales management is essential for businesses to achieve revenue targets and maintain a competitive edge.

Go for the right software now


Buy Now

Only $22

7. HR Manager-Human Resource Management System

Surprising Software Deal: 50% special discount available NOW

Do you need help keeping track of employee data, payroll, and benefits?

It's time to revolutionise your HR department with our state-of-the-art Human Resource Management System.

The HR Manager holds an important position, overseeing various aspects of employee management, from recruitment to performance evaluation. Many organisations turn to Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) to streamline these processes and enhance efficiency.

Splendid features of Human Resource Management System

  • Asset and equipment management
  • Income and expense report
  • Payroll management system
  • Leave tracking system
  • Employee recruitment system
  • Account management system
  • Shift management system
  • Staff leave management system
  • Communication system
  • Tax setting
  • Role permission system 
  • Information management system
  • Notification system
  • Bank and loan management system
  • Attendance management system
  • Android and iOS app integration system
  • Works both online and offline
  • Department management system
  • Dynamic reporting system
  • Monitoring the activity of the employee

 Don't Wait - Revolutionize Your HR Department NOW


Buy Now

Only $24

8. Bus365-Bus Ticket Reservation System

Surprising Software Deal: 50% special discount available NOW

Bus365 is a revolutionary solution that boosts bus ticket booking, making it easier and more convenient for passengers while providing numerous benefits to bus operators.

But wait, it gets even better! We offer an incredible 50% discount on Bus365 for a limited time! 

Yes, you heard that right. 

An incredible 50% OFF on the ultimate ticket booking experience. Let's check out some of the premium features of Bus365.

Splendid Features of Bus365-A complete solution

  • Online ticket booking system
  • Fleet management system
  • Counter and agent management system
  • Human resource management system
  • Payment, Price & Offer Management System:
  • Financial management system
  • Trip management system
  • Website integration 
  • 24/7 reporting system


Buy Now

Only $99

9. News365 - PHP Newspaper Script

Surprising Software Deal: 45% special discount available NOW

Whether you are a news publisher, a journalist, or a blogger, having a reliable platform to manage and present news content is essential. News365, a powerful PHP newspaper script, offers a complete solution for creating and managing your news website with a click.

Undoubtedly, News365 is a PHP-based newspaper script that is winning users' hearts worldwide. 

Now, your imagination will come to life with the help of the News365-PHP blogging platform.

Key features of News365 - PHP Newspaper Script

  • Responsive and eye catchy panel
  • Massive media library option 
  • Social media sharing option 
  • News/blog posting panel
  • Multiple language support 
  • Menu name and position are customisable.
  • Comment option and modify the comment panel 
  • Breaking news option 
  • Contact Us page 
  • Analytical management system
  • Advertisement management system
  • Report panel and post news option
  • Dynamic subscription system
  • News/blog category view system
  • The theme, Built-in SEO, and website caching system

Some admin panel features to look at 

  • Add new post
  • User setting and edit panel
  • Video news posting system
  • Advisement system 

Want to supercharge your work with cutting-edge productivity tools


Buy Now

Only $21

Get The Best Deals 

The Mid-Year Sale 2023 presents an exciting opportunity to grab surprising software deals. Whether you're looking to boost productivity, unleash your creativity, or strengthen your digital security, this sale has you covered. Take advantage of the chance to acquire premium software at discounted prices. Visit the deal page and supercharge your business.


Affiliate Disclosure: Some are affiliated link in this content. We may earn a commission on sales generated through links to software products on this website. It not effects to your price. We have all rights & reserved for those software and all are our own products.

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