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10 Exclusive Tips to Design Restaurant Food Combo Offers

By Mahmuda Akter Isha Last Updated -- Wednesday, 2024-01-10
Restaurant Food Combo Offers

Curious to offer something new or different? Want to know some attractive restaurant food combo offers? If you have a restaurant, you need to offer various food combos that will help to grab the attention of your customer. In this regard, you have to construct an attractive food combo menu by following the menu engineering. According to a statistical report, 

“Around 65% of customers want to prefer a combo meal and 35% of the restaurant owner offers combo packages to increase their business revenue.” Source

In this article, you will get 10 exclusive restaurant food combo offers that will assist you to offer an attractive and delightful food combo to your customers. Not only will it increase traffic to your restaurant, but it will also renew your offerings. Moreover, it will make targeted menu item sales easier, and be your silent partner in suggestive marketing.    

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10 Tips to Create Food Combo Offers for Your Restaurant

Without creating an attractive food combo menu, you can not achieve maximum satisfaction for your customer. Also, menu combo dishes are your restaurant's best-selling items and the most popular option for your customers, regardless of price. 

Moreover, it is required that you feature them in your restaurant's menu. A variety of combos are available at several eateries, although they are not as tempting to customers. Adding these varied meal combinations to your menu can help you boost your sales.

Here, you can explore 10 delicious restaurant food combo offers to create engaging food combo meals at your restaurant. 

1. Create a Complete 2 through ½ and ½

Create a Complete 2 through ½ and ½

½ and ½ is a popular offer that works for most eateries. If you normally sell a sandwich and a salad for Rs. 100 each, you could sell half a sandwich and a little salad for Rs. 120. 

For example, when you offer 50 for half a sandwich and 50 for a tiny plate of salad, it would be affordable for any customers and they will get 2 different items at a lower price. By offering various half and half combo packages, you can make more money. 

You will be able to sell two half-dishes and make a profit on the whole! Have a variety of combos to appeal to a wide range of customers. You can also let clients choose their own combination!

2. Add Drinks to Make a Delightful Food Combo

Add Drinks to Make a Delightful Food Combo

Another exclusive tip to make an appealing food combo is to add drinks. Moreover, the majority of eateries include drinks in their combos.

Especially if you think about quick food takeaways or QSR restaurants, it will be very profitable to offer drinks with your food combo package. 

However, people are more inclined to purchase a drink anyhow, so you might as well give them the best price possible by including their favorite drink with their combo meal. 

For example, you can add drinks with fried chicken, burger, or sandwich and make a complete combo package that will be satisfying to your customer. That's exactly what McDonald's does. 

3. Make a Food Combo by Combining High & Low Performing Items

Make a Food Combo by Combining High & Low Performing Items

Always strive to structure your combos so that your high-performing and low-performing items are sold together at a reasonable price. This one is one of the profitable tactics to improve your sales. Also, you can minimize your risk by offering a combo package with high and low-performing items. 

Moreover, this can also be accomplished by including a high-priced ingredient in a low-priced meal. So, you will be able to boost sales of your underperforming menu items this way.

For example, you can make a combo package including a burger, french fries, and drinks. Also, it will be very popular if you offer a combo package including pizza, garlic bread, and ice cream. 

4. Offer Combo Food based on the Season

Offer Combo Food based on the Season

Seasonal changes necessitate a variety of culinary pairings. You may boost your sales by introducing fresh combinations each season. Moreover, this will keep your menu fresh and offer you a better grasp of what works in each season. 

For example, you may have hot coffee with a sandwich in the winter. Moreover, you can make a combo package including soup which will be satisfying in the winter. 

On the other hand, whereas in the summer, you could have a cool drink instead of coffee. Also, you can offer ice cream with a set menu platter in the summer. 

5. Categorize Your Food Combo

Categorize Your Food Combo

Customers will find it easier to choose what they want to get if you have separate categories for your food combos, such as breakfast or lunch combos. 

In this regard, you can offer the following combo packages to your customers.

  • Student package  
  • Fast food combo 
  • Special combo 
  • Family packages 
  • Couple package

You don't want to confuse your clients by offering too many options. To please a wide range of customers, have a small number of combos in several categories. From time to time, try a few fresh combinations. 

For example, you can make a combo package including a sandwich, chocolate brownie, and fresh juice. Also, you can offer various couple packages for any special occasion that will attract a vast number of couples.      

6. Promote Your Food Combo Offers

Promote Your Food Combo Offers

You need to promote your food items through advertising your combos in various commercials, social media platforms, and on your restaurant's website. As a result, you can easily inform your customers about them. 

Moreover, you may target one audience on one platform and another audience on another, whichever works best for you. A few marketing initiatives can be performed in addition to these to let people know about the combo offerings. 

Many restaurants and fast-food companies utilize SMS or email marketing to notify customers when a new combo is added to the menu. Also, you can announce various BOGO offers and give discounts on your combo package to enchant the vast number of customers. 

You can conduct the following steps to promote your restaurant food combo offers. 

Influencer Marketing

This one is a very effective approach to promoting your combo deals. There are a myriad number of influencers and food bloggers, who can conduct a food review. Moreover, this process can assist to promote your combo deals, and you can easily reach your customers.   

Social Media Marketing

To promote any food items or combo meals, you can undoubtedly use various social media platforms like Meta ( Facebook), Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and so on. These platforms will assist you in easily promoting your combo deals with a vast number of customers.

Don’t forget! A large number of customers must research any restaurant on any social platform before going. So, social media marketing can be able to boost your sale and increase your business revenue. 

Local SEO

Another effective way to reach your targeted customers is to conduct local SEO. In this way, you can rank your restaurant’s website in the Google 3-pack. To get this, Google will review your location and online information. According to the searcher’s IP address, it would be shown on the Google 3-pack. 

If you rank on the Google 3-pack, it will build trustworthiness and reliability for your customer. So, this one is a very effective way to drive potential customers to your restaurant.   

Share Food Review in Various Social Media Community

You can share your food reviews in the various social media communities. It can create a better engagement by sharing the food review. Moreover, this process can allow you to promote your combo deal with a large number of food lovers.

Offline Marketing

You can also conduct offline marketing along with online marketing strategies. To execute offline marketing, you can conduct the following approaches. 

  • Postcards
  • Free sample 
  • Menus 
  • Billboard Advertisement
  • Magazine Advertisement

7. Mention Time Limit to Your Food Combo

Mention Time Limit to Your Food Combo

It is commonly noted that creating a sense of urgency when it comes to offers and discounts leads to increased product sales. People tend to order more food when they know their favorite fries or combination meals are about to be discontinued, especially when it comes to food combos. 

In this regard, you can increase your combo sales by highlighting the time limit of your food combo. Let's assume you charge INR 50 for a vegetarian burger and INR 70 for a cheeseburger. 

In the coming week, you want to improve the sales of your vegetarian burger. To do this, you can make a combo out of your veggie burger, fries, and a can of coke for a week or so would net you a lot more money. 

Since customers are more likely to buy these three items in combination, your veggie burgers are more likely to sell during this period. This combination is adaptable to the seasons and circumstances.

8. Design Your Menu with Food Combos

Design Your Menu with Food Combos

Customers that come to your restaurant for a meal have no notion about your innovative cuisine combination. You need to include all combo offers in your menu. Moreover, it will increase your sale by displaying the food combos. 

You may either incorporate it into your menu or invite your restaurant employees to discuss their best-selling combos in order to increase upsell orders. So, it will be effective to include your combo offers in your menu. 

9. Keep an Attractive & Creative Name of Your Food Combo

Keep an Attractive & Creative Name of Your Food Combo

To attract your customers, you need to keep an attractive name for your food combo. In this regard, some appetizing names can be able to make appetite to your customer. Moreover, your customers are drawn to your food combinations because of how they are presented on the menu. 

To ensure that customers see what you want them to see, use a few tactics when designing your menu. At the Golden Triangle of your menu, place your best-selling and most expensive meal combinations. However, these are the areas that a customer usually notices first.

Thus, you need to use imaginative names that complement the atmosphere of your establishment and tell a story. Customers may order a combination because they enjoy the narrative behind it.

10. Allow Customize Combo Depending on Your Customer’s Choice

Allow Customize Combo Depending on Your Customer’s Choice

Another satisfying tip is to make a combo deal depending on your customer’s choice. In this regard, you can offer a customized combo that allows your customers to make a combo package according to their choice.

For example, here you can enlist 3 or 4 categories of food items that allow your customers to make a combo according to their preference.          

Some Exclusive Tactics to Increase the Value of Your Combo Meals 

From the above discussion, you have already understood the ideas and tips to make a food combo offers. Now, you will get some suggestions that assist you to incorporate food pairing into your menu.  

  • Make sure your visitors are aware that they have saved money. To boost your combo sales, you can make a comparison between your food items and combos on your menu.
  • Allow visitors to customize their combo meal, and suggest that they add a drink to their order.
  • Upgraded items from your normal menu should be available on your combo meals menu. For example, you may serve a huge piece of fries with an XXL serving of your favorite juice.
  • Both aesthetically and audibly, your combo meals must be precise and understandable. Customers may hesitate to place an order if they are unclear about the deals you have for them.
  • Use your website and various social media sites to inform guests about the types of deals you have to offer.
  • Customers who do not want to spend more money can order lesser combo meals.
  • If you buy two or more combos, you'll get a bigger discount. When it comes to families, you should offer a substantial combo lunch together with a particular present for the kids. Families adore it. 

How to Create a Restaurant Combo Meals Menu?

To grab your customer's attention and enhance the sale of your combo packages, you need to create a menu with combo packages.

According to a research, 

“In light of the fact that fast food businesses' sales of combination meals dropped by 12% in 2012 compared to the previous five years, considerable adjustments in the way they prepare combo meals have been made.” Source   

Moreover, healthy foods were included in the combo menu. Fries were replaced with salad and low-fat yogurt. This shift has resulted in a resurgence in combo meal sales.

In this regard, my first piece of advice is to pay attention to your visitors' habits. Respect their preferences, stick to a tried-and-true combination of foods, keep up with the latest trends, and you've just finished your combo menu item. 

Wrap Up 

Now you have reached the concluding section of this article. After reading the entire article, you have learned about restaurant food combo offers. Adding numerous meal pairings to your business can help you increase sales. 

Introducing food combos is a terrific idea, especially for establishments that have recently experienced a number of offset days. However, it will increase your sales and boost your business revenue.

So, it’s time to make appetizing combo meals that will grab the customer’s attention.

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