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Valentines Day Restaurant Promotion Ideas of 2024

By Sumaiya Simran Last Updated -- Tuesday, 2024-02-06

The month of February is considered to be a month to celebrate love. It is the only month when all lovebirds or couples celebrate their love and commitment with each other. February holds the crucial day, which is “Valentine day”. And in this blog, I’m going to share some of the best lovey-dovey valentines day restaurant promotion ideas for 2024.

Valentine day is a Roman originated festival, celebrated on the 14th of February. The day when a couple expresses their love and affection to each other by spending quality time or exchanging gifts and cards.  
At the same time, it is also a lucrative chance for restaurant owners too, “how so??” As almost all couples choose “restaurant” to spend quality time with their beloved ones. Some secondary documents like statistic brain found that on average consumers spend more than $116.21 in the restaurant to celebrate valentine day

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Valentine's Day Restaurant Specials Arrangement Ideas

restaurant specials arrangement ideas

Valentine day is like a festival. One golden opportunity to earn 5X revenue for restaurant owners. One big chance to earn 50% of total year-full revenue with profit, in short, an approximate number for how much do restaurant owners earn

Since valentine day is arriving soon, and if you're an owner of a restaurant, it doesn't matter which size; you can implement these valentines day restaurant promotion ideas below in your restaurant and can enjoy easily earned revenue. 

Keen in mind, Valentine's Day is one of the special days for couples and it’s your duty as a restaurant owner to make that day special with your fast POS Billing service, delicious food and plating presentation, and romantic ambiance with the right amount of music and decoration. 

1. Redesign Valentine Special Menu

Of course, a special day demands a special menu. Therefore, the first thing you can do is to sit with your head chef, plan a valentine special menu and also plan the food plating presentation for the valentine specials’.

And before you plan your valentine special menu, do some market research; that which item consumers prefer the most.

Make a list of items you wanna serve for valentine special and then divide them into 3 different criteria “starter”, “main” and “dessert”. 

For Your Convenience, I Had Gathered Some Ideas:

  • Classy Lobster And Swanky Steak Dinner
  • Heart-Shaped Pizza With Unlimited Drinks
  • Coffee Designed With A Heart-Shaped Symbol Made With Cream
  • Complimentary Romantic Dessert; Such As Heart-Shaped Lava Cake, Romantic
    Chocolate Mousse, Decorate Them Rose Petals Or Ice Cream, Cream Etc.
  • House Special Romantic Chill Alcoholic/Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Moreover, give menu items some unique and romantic names to hold the attraction of the guest. Make sure your every dish holds the symbol of love and romance. Plate it in such a way that it exposes the symbol of affection. Don’t forget to price them, make sure you don’t overprice them, search your competitors' valentine packages.  

2. In-House Photographer Or Photo Booth

Another “valentines day restaurant promotion” strategy can be to build a temporary romantic photo booth for couples or loved ones at the corner of your restaurant. Also, you can arrange an in-house photographer, for capturing the romantic moments of your guests. 

You can also offer an open opportunity to provide all the preparation for beforehand if anyone wants to propose to their dear one on this special day. Capture their special moment or video, and provide them with a special discount if they post those photos or videos to their Facebook wall and tag to the designated website.    

3. Create A Romantic Ambient With Valentine Decoration  

Creating a romantic ambiance in your restaurant is mandatory. But what type of decoration you want is totally up to you. You can hire any decoration team or decorate your restaurant by showcasing your creativity. Below I’m sharing some of the cunning tips to make your work easy: 

Tips To Create A Romantic Environment In Your Restaurant:

Tips 1 # The color “red” and the flower “rose” are considered to be the symbol of love. In addition, you can use a heart-shaped red balloon, red ribbon, “Love You” balloons, rose petals, romantic candles,  I Love You greeting cards, heart-shaped chocolate box, etc. 

Tips 2 # On the job training is also important for this special day, for instance, train your server, billing counter servicer, doorman, and even the head chef. 

  • Train your doorman to greet the lovely couples in the warmest and most welcoming way with rose or red heart-shaped balloons. 
  • Instruct your server to always be there for the specific table and provide all the necessary service they ask for. 
  • Coach your head chef to decorate the food plate in such a romantic way, such as house special heart-shaped red velvet cake, or the main dish decorated with rose petals or something which will make the guest's day even more special. remember# A bad dish can ruin your guest's mood. 
  • A billing counter with a fast and efficient restaurant POS billing service can also give your guest a “cherry on the top” feeling, hence will remember your restaurant for a longer time.  

Tips# 3 Re-decorate your restaurant and give them a Valentino theme. You can use heart-shaped red balloons, sparkling ribbons, candles (artificial or real) both can be used, a lot of long-stemmed roses, use red runner, which might be complemented with white or black table cloths. 

Tips To Set Up Calm Music With Romantic Light In Your Restaurant

Tip#1 Make a list of the latest or blockbuster hit romantic song, make sure you don't pick up any sad or disco-type song, which might destroy your guest mood anytime. After all, music not only gives your restaurant interior a relaxing and calm ambiance but also boosts up the mood to spend quality time with your partner. 

Tips#2 Hire a musician to sing some house special romantic songs or hire a violin or piano player to showcase their romantic magical tune. As a result, it creates a romantic ambiance, especially for couples and other guests too. 

Tips#3 Construct a temporary dance stage in the corner of your restaurant. Make sure to build it in the corner and be more private, hence beneficial for the shy couples. Moreover, decorate the dance floor with rose petals, tulips, and many heart-shaped balloons. 

Tips#4 Decorate the dining table with a burning candle in the center of the table, a small vase with a red rose inside it, and a complimentary heart shape chocolate box.

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4. Use Social Media For Promoting The Valentine Offer 

Social media has always been one of the essential and easily reachable media to promote your goods or service. There are different kinds of social media in this industry such as Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora, Tinder, etc.

But, some researchers have suggested that Facebook marketing for restaurants is most effective. Hence you can pin down some strategic restaurant marketing plans for this special festival for lovers. 

  • Plan A Couple Of Valentine Happy Hour 
  • Plan Facebook “test your love” Contest 
  • Share Your Lovey-Dovey Couple Picture And Win A Free Meal 
  • Post The Most Romantic Message For Your Beloved, best message will be “Win A Honeymoon Package Abroad”. 
  • 15% Discount If You Tag And Post A Review About Our Restaurant 
  • Promote Your Restaurant By Showcasing Your Valentine special Menu 
  • Offer a combo package with a complimentary poolside candle light dinner 
  • Valentine special fortune cookie “kiss n break”
  • Invite a couple-Youtube influencer for paid promotion  
  • Start a hashtag trend for instance “Say “YES” with a smile” over Twitter 

5. Redesign Your Floor Plan For Valentine Special 

Temporary restructure the whole restaurant floor, for instance, rearrange the seat and increase the arrangement for “table for 2”. But at the same time keep a few large tables available for “family” or “friends groups”.

 And of course, one of the major changes to make is to “place the “table for 2” in the corner or beside the window with a roadside view”, so that couples can get some privacy and spend a romantic quality full time with their partner.

This arrangement is only for valentine special, make sure to continue all your “valentine special offers”, “valentine special menu”, “valentine special decoration” etc for at least the full month of February. 

Do some pep talk with the “waiters”, instruct them to guide & refer the romantic couple's guest towards the “table for 2”, so that they can enjoy calm romantic time with their beloved ones.

Moreover, make sure you synchronize your table arrangement with your  Restaurant management software, hence can conveniently take the table reservation with absolutely no blunder. 

6. Temporary Built A Separate Gift-Shop

Gifts shops, cake shops, and chocolate businesses stayed equally popular as a restaurant business in February. Check out the years 2020’s & 2021’s statistics of consumer spending on and for the special day. 

forecasted statistic of consumer spending on valentine

Photo courtesy: forecasted statistic of consumer spending due to valentine

Hence, if you temporarily built a gift-shop targeting the valentine couples, there is a high chance you can earn some extra revenue using the purpose of this day. 

Because it’s very obvious that if you were too busy or all shops get stock out of roses, gifts, chocolate or dolls, etc; then your shop can be the savior of the day. 

The product of restaurant gift shops can be roses, chocolates, dolls, fancy chocolate, jewelry, gift cards, etc. Besides you can fixate your product price 30% higher than the market price.  

catchy valentines day slogans for restaurants

Catchy Valentines Day Slogans For Restaurants

Valentine day is a great opportunity to do some business and earn extra revenue; especially for the restaurant businesses, gift shops, chocolate business, rose and greeting cards, etc.

Some researchers; for instance, NRF have found that; because of valentine day, America spends about $27.4 Billion in the year 2020 which is 32% higher than the year 2019. Moreover, an average individual American spends more than $200 on purchasing gifts, roses, chocolate, or any kind of souvenir for their loved ones.

Hence catchy valentine slogan is very essential to promote your valentines day restaurant promotion ideas. To make your work less difficult, you can either make it by yourself or hire a creative team to create a valentine special slogan for you. Catchy valentines slogans can help to attract more customers and boost up your restaurant sales and earn some extra sweet profit. 

Money Making Time Of The Year For Restaurant Owners 

Back in 2018, National Retail Federation & Prosper insight & analytics (NRF) had released an annual survey based on them, how many American adults celebrate valentine day & how much they spend to celebrate valentine day. 

And from that survey, NRF has shown some of the significant findings; for instance; about 52% of the total population, celebrates valentine day and spend more than $21.8 billion to purchase rose, chocolate, or spend on an evening out. 

valentine_s day 2018 spending

Photo Courtesy: National Retail Federation 

From the figure above collected from, the NRF survey which was based on 2018’s valentine day spending by the customer, where we can find that an average individual American spends 

$3.7 Billion invested in the restaurant, to spend quality time with beloved ones. The NRF analytics team also mentioned that 35% of the couples chooserestaurant” to propose or pamper their loved ones

forcasted valentine_s day spending (2007-2018) 

Photo courtesy: National Retail Federation 

In the above statistical graph, we can see a result of 12 years (2007-2018) of consumer spending due to valentine day, hence we confidently forecast that in this present year (2024), will increase, for sure. Therefore, valentine day is the perfect time to boost your revenue. 

An Average American Spend $143.56 On Valentine Day 

National Restaurant Association (NRA) has shown some of the notable statistics surrounding the performance of restaurant business on valentine day. The statistics are proof that a little push of all your marketing strategies is constructed to attract potential customers on this busiest and special day for valentine's couples.

In addition, NRA also mentioned that about 42% of Americans give reservations to their favorite restaurant in advance. And out of which, 21% choose those restaurants that provide valentine special interior decorations

Now, I’m going to showcase the forecasted data for valentine day’s consumer spending and celebration plan for the year 2024, collected from the National Retail Federation.

2022 forcasted valentine_s day per person spending on restaurant

Photo  courtesy: National Retail Federation 

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With Bhojon-Restaurant Management Software

Valentine day is considered to be one of the special and busy days for the restaurant business. Especially on 14th February, restaurant entrepreneurs have a very rush day, because a higher percentage of couples chose “restaurant” to spend quality time, have a great meal and enjoy a “red velvet heart-shaped cake” with their partner. 

Hence using such smooth restaurant management software along with fast POS Billing software such as Bhojon-Restaurant Management System can be a true blessing for your reputation. 

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With the help of restaurant management software, you can easily confirm the “table reservation” to your customer, “fast billing service” and also “organized human resource management” etc. 

 And the most amazing thing about Bhojon-Restaurant Management System, is you don’t need to be a technical expert to operate Bhojon-Restaurant Management software; it’s that easy to operate. 


Valentine day is a special one for loved ones. One of the special days, when a couple expresses their love or re-energized their love on this special day. 

And your restaurant ambiance, POS billing service, and organized management system can boost up your mood and help to create a great memory for your life.

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