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Garage24 software is an organized and accumulated solution to maintain your workshop. With this software, you can operate the entire management system in the palm of your hand. Moreover, you can perform every action or activity anytime and anywhere through the GMS software. It can provide a complete solution to enhance productivity and performance. Finally, it can assist in making your workshop business profitable.

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Why Do You Need Garage24 Software?

Garage management software is the most significant asset for operating any workshop business. It can help to achieve and fulfill your business goals by automating processes, tracking vehicle history, database maintenance, and more. So, there are numerous benefits of the garage management system, which will illustrate in the following.

  • Provides an organized infrastructure
  • Allows customization system
  • Easy to interact with your customers
  • Provides multiple communication channels
  • Creates better engagement with customers
  • Fully responsive and user-friendly system
  • Save time and reduce cost
  • Creates a computerized system
  • Allows the role permission system
  • Integrated with car's diagnostic services
  • Provides an effective data management system
  • Effective resource management system
  • Multiple currencies supported
  • Multiple language support system
  • Overall financial management system
  • Automatic invoice and quotation system
  • Generates real-time sales and purchase reports
  • Provides notification for upcoming services

Which Features Make the Garage Management Software Unrivaled and Unique?

GMS software is an essential system for organizing the workspace and scheduling the workflow. The Garage24 software has some outstanding features that can help to operate the entire system quickly and effectively. Those are:

  • Customer management system
  • Vehicle management system
  • Booking system
  • Quotation management system
  • Jobs management system
  • Service management
  • Vehicle inspection system
  • Supplier management system
  • Product management system
  • Purchase management system
  • HR management system
  • Reporting and analytics system
  • Accounts management system
  • Role permission system
  • Multiple communication channels
  • Invoicing system
  • Notification system
  • Stock management system

Some Exclusive Modules of Garage Management System

With the Garage24 software, you can get some exclusive and workable modules. These modules can assist in expressing the features and executing the functionalities of your system. So, let's see.

CRM System

Customer relationship management is the most significant criterion for all businesses. It's challenging to interact with your customer manually. In this circumstance, you need an automated system. With the Garage24 software, you can get a custom module that will help to interact with your customers. Moreover, this module is included in the following aspects.

  • Add customer
  • Manage customer
  • Credit customer
  • Paid customer
  • Custom Email
  • Custom SMS
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CRM system of garage management software
Spirited Dashboard

Spirited Dashboard

This software has a dynamic and energetic dashboard that can graphically represent the overall activities and performance. You can easily understand the total jobs, vehicles, products, sales in this module. Also, this module can provide summarized reports through bar charts and pie charts. The following aspects are represented in this module.

  • Productivity report
  • Monthly job status
  • Upcoming service
  • Product sales information
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Jobs Management

With this module, you can maintain all task orders and manage internal work orders. When any job is placed, it is mandatory to identify the problem and then assign the tasks for any specific one. After that, it is essential to check the quality. Finally, it will be delivered to the customers. So, the entire process is managed through this module. It can allow you to observe the following things.

  • Add job order
  • Manage jobs
  • Order status
  • Schedule datetime
  • Mechanic status
  • Add & manage job type
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Jobs Management
Inspection Management of Garage Management Software

Inspection Management

With this module, you can identify the problems and provide quick services according to the job category. It can allow you to give the checklist based on the job category and job types. So, this module can help to fix the vehicle's problem and save your time and resources.

  • Create a checklist
  • View checklist
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HRM System

Employees are one of the valuable assets for all organizations. Are you worried about maintaining your employee's activities? Here, you can get a complete HRM module that will help to manage efficiently all human resources. The following aspects are executed with this module.

  • Employee designation
  • Employee management
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Garage Management Software HRM System
Garage Management Software Product Management

Product Management

To operate and manage your workshop business, you need some products and equipment. Moreover, it will be challenging to organize your products without an automation system. With this module, you can add and maintain all products according to the category. Also, this module can handle the following aspects easily and smoothly.

  • Add category
  • Manage category
  • Add product
  • Manage product
  • Group pricing
  • Add & manage unit
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Supplier Management System

The supplier management system is mainly an automated process that can conduct all contracts with the suppliers. It can help to track and store all the findings and information of all suppliers. The following factors are included in this module.

  • Add supplier
  • Manage supplier
  • Supplier balance
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Supplier Management System of Garage Management Software
Garage Management Software Account Management

Accounts Management

The account management system is the most crucial part of all businesses. This module can help to control the total inflow and outflow of cash. It can also perform a smooth and accurate calculation and allow you to create several vouchers like Debit voucher, Credit voucher, Contra voucher, and Journal voucher. Moreover, this module can provide real-time reports and a complete chart of accounts (COA).

  • Supplier payment
  • Customer receive
  • Cash book
  • Inventory ledger
  • General ledger
  • Trial balance
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Software Configuration System

With this software, you will get an efficacious module that can allow you to customize your entire system. Here, you can add multiple users to provide role-based access and add any language and currency that will be very convenient to you. This module can also allow you to add your company logo, sales logo, favicon, and more. So, you can fully customize your system without any coding knowledge.

  • Application settings
  • Paypal setting
  • Email setting
  • SMS setting
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Garage Management Software Configuration System

Save Your Time & Effort into a Powerfully Efficient Workshop Management System!!!

The Garage24 software has some excellent features and coherent modules that can help you to operate your business processes. It can ensure to provide actionable information that will aid you to thrive your workshop business. So, why take the time to purchase this software? It's high time to buy the Garage24 software solution to make your business profitable and productive.

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Efficient Workshop Management System of Garage Management Software

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Ans: Garage24 is mainly a complete garage management system that can help to create a digital platform for managing all workshop related activities.
Answer: Yes, you will get six-month free technical support.
Answer: Yes, it has a Quotation module that can provide a complete quotation.
Answer: With the stock module, you can get product-wise and supplier wise stock reports.
Answer: Yes, you will get the full source code.
Answer: No, you can install it in a single domain.

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