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M-pos is a part of Sales ERP Software.

To activate the M-Pos app you have to purchase and setup the Sales ERP Software

App Features

The Simplest Way to Enhance Your Business Profit

erp software Inventory Monitoring

Unprecedented Experience

This app can allow you to manage your business sales anytime and anywhere, and you can operate your entire sales system through this app.

erp software Make Better Decision

Casual Observation

This app generates real-time reports that will help make decisions and understand the overall stock, product-wise sales & purchase report, and total due information.

erp software Remote Access

Tangible Revenue

The maximum sale ensures the maximum profit of any business. So, you can keep up your business sales and enhance profitability through this app.

A tedious list of surprising features

List of Some Exclusive Features That Will Reduce Your Workload

Here you can get some outstanding features that help your workforce to perform their tasks efficiently and smoothly.

Mpos apps customization

Online & Offline System

You can sell any product without any internet connection through this app. So, it allows both online and offline sales.

Mpos apps customization

Multi-language Support

This app is supported in four different languages.

Mpos apps customization

Profile Editing System

You can provide this app to your personnel, and they can modify any information in their profile through this app.

Mpos apps customization

POS Invoice

With this app, you can generate sales invoices automatically. Also, it allows both online and offline POS invoice printing.

Mpos apps customization

Printer Support System

This app can allow two types of printer support systems, such as a small POS printer(58mm) and a standard POS printer(80mm).

Mpos apps features
Mpos apps customization

Accurate Reports

This feature allows you to provide accurate reports that will help you understand your business's state.

Mpos apps customization

Accessible Interface

It has a more convenient interface to operate the entire system effortlessly and perform the sales activities smoothly.

Mpos apps customization

Purchase History

This feature can allow you to purchase any product from the suppliers and provides an entire purchase report instantly.

Mpos apps customization

QR Code Scanning

This app allows you to quickly sell any product and add any product securely through the QR code scanning system.

Mpos apps customization

Data Filtering System

You can filter out any particular data or information in several modules through this feature that will save your time.

Extra Facility

Why Will This App Be More Convenient for Your Business?

The M-POS app will be very beneficial for your business. In this section, we will provide some specific reasons that make this application better than others.

  • Fully responsive for all Android devices
  • Easy to install and login
  • Provides a dynamic management system
  • Ensures business revenue
  • Provides flexibility and availability
  • Generates sales report automatically
  • Permits to purchase any product
  • Keeps the supplier information
  • Allows offline printing
  • Secured and reliable platform
  • Reduced cost and save time

Choose your best one

Extensible Pricing & Packages For Sales ERP App



Yes, it is supported on multiple devices at a time.
Yes, this app is allowed in an offline sales system.
Yes, you can get customization facilities.
Yes, there is a multi-currency system.
Yes, you can get six months of technical support.
Yes, it allowed multiple languages.
No, you can get only the APK file.
Yes, this app can provide sales and purchase reports.
No, you can not purchase only this app.
First, you need to purchase our web application; then, you can buy this app.

A Massive Way of Upheaval Your Business Sale with ERP App

M-POS android app is a complete solution to conduct your business sales. Moreover, you can get a comprehensive approach through this app to manage your sales activities smoothly. With the Sales ERP web application, you can manage the entire activities of your business. Moreover, you can get two solutions in one package and expand your sales with enormous revenue.

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Why Need Mpos app

Constant Technical Support with Our Dedicated Support Team!!!

We believe "Happiness and prosperity lie in customer gratification." Our primary concern is to satisfy customers. We always try to provide better technical support to our customers. So, you can join with us to get the following services.

  • Response within two or 3 hours
  • Support available from 12.00 am to 8.00 pm in US time
  • Resolved purchase key-related problems
  • Code and database related support
  • Fixed software setting related problem
  • Provides installation-related support

Some Enthralling Modules That Will Make Your Task Easier

Sales Management System

This module is an essential criterion in this app. With this module, you can operate your entire selling procedure effortlessly. Only you need to select products, and it will automatically calculate quantity, rate, and total amount. Also, you can understand the discount rate, tax, and due amount through this module.

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Mpos apps Eye catching display
Purchase Management System of Mpos app

Purchase Management System

There is a very user friendly Purchase management system in this app. You can add products in your inventory from this app. You will find all of your purchase invoice in the manage purchase page. You can also edit the purchase invoice form this app.

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Supplier Administration

This one is the most crucial module for any sales management system. Without the supplier management system, you can not ensure the flow of products. So, a supplier module is integrated with this app, which will allow you to add suppliers and perform all operations spontaneously.

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Mpos app Supplier Administration
Product Management of Mpos app

Product Management

With this app, you can add and manage any product. Before adding any product, you need to add the category and unit of this product, and you can do it easily through this app. So, this app can allow you to add multiple categories and units to manage products efficiently.

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Customer Administration

Customers are the main crucial element of any business. Here, you can get a customer management system that will help you add customers and see the list of existing customers. Also, you can easily find out the paid customer and credit customers.

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Mpos app Customer Administration
Mpos app Account Management

Account Management

In this app, you can get another significant module that will help to manage your account activities accurately. With this module, you can provide the suppliers' payment and receive customer payment. Also, you can get the overall report from the general ledger.

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The M-POS app helps to save your time and automates your business by reducing workload. Above all, it ensures business success and makes your business profitable with its incredible features.

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Mpos apps Order Management

Easy to Connect

To connect the M-POS app with your system, you must have to purchase our Sales ERP software. Then, go to app settings and need to paste the base URL. After that, scan the QR code and connect.

Customization System

There are lots of lucrative features available in this app. Also, you can add any features according to your business need. Our proficient developer team will develop these features and integrate them into your system.

Accumulate Solution

The M-POS android app is a fully integrated package that will help you manage a company's sales operations. So, you can perform to complete all steps from product purchase to product selling through this app.