Core Banking System (CBS)

This one is a central part of any banking solution platform because the entire operation is conducted in this section. The core banking system mainly provides a back-end system to process daily banking transactions and posts updates to accounts and other financial records.

This module can also assist you to conduct customer verification, deposits & withdrawals, and loan management. The core banking system is also included with cash management and denomination list so that you can easily keep a record of all currency notes with a transparent general ledger, and reporting tools.

In this regard, the main mechanism of this module is to make and service loans, and open and handle new accounts. The core banking system (CBS) allows you to process payments and cheques with cash deposits and withdrawals. It can also assist to calculate the interest rate and enhance the overall operation of CRM.

Top Features of Core Banking System (CBS)

The core banking system (CBS) has some significant features and functionalities that will assist to conduct the entire operation. Now, you can explore the in-depth features of the core banking system (CBS).

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The core banking system (CBS) module is incorporated with a transparent dashboard. This feature visualizes the total number of day-wise loan collections and loan disbursement. It will also assist you to observe the total number of day-wise savings deposits and withdrawals as well as a graphical representation of savings vs loan disbursement and loan disbursement vs loan collection.

This banking ERP solution provides an excellent customer onboarding system with KYC features. The customers or users need to sign in to their account with a unique username and appropriate password. In this regard, the KYC feature will assist you to conduct customer verification. So, you can easily verify the identities of prospective customers through this feature.

CRM is one of the crucial features of the core banking system. This feature helps you to identify, segment, communicate and build a long-term relationship with your customers. it can assist you to identify and convert leads into prospective customers by giving approval. So, it will help to improve customer experience and loyalty as well.

Another significant feature of the core banking system is transaction management. This one is the backbone of the core banking system. It can assist you to conduct adding a new transaction through several processes like cash, transfer of funds, clearing or settlement, direct debit, tax payment, and so on. You can conduct transaction verification, inquiry, modification, reporting, and register.

You will get another essential feature namely deposit and withdrawal management. This feature assists you to manage all deposit and withdrawal activities. When any user deposits any currency, this feature assists you to generate a CD (Cash Deposit) ID. So, you can automatically handle the cash deposit and withdrawal process through this feature.

This banking ERP solution provides account management in the core banking system. You can conduct and manage all account-related activities of a person’s account in a bank. For example, account opening, account view, account list view, account activation, account register, and bank statement are all conducted through this feature.

The core banking system provides a cash management feature that will collect and manage the total inflow and outflow of cash on a daily basis. You can easily keep a detailed report of day-opening and day-closing with this feature. So, this feature assists you to maximize liquidity and minimize the cost of funds.

This one is the most exclusive feature of the core banking system. With this feature, you can manage loan applications, and loan application verification from both clerks and managers. This feature also allows you to conduct loan credit division, loan sanction, loan disbursement, loan repayment schedule, loan collateral security, and so on.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Without a complete CRM, you can not conduct any single operation of the CBS system. Considering these circumstances, we will provide an individual CRM module. You can maintain a long-term relationship with your customers through this CRM module.

CRM module can assist you to manage a smooth relationship with your existing clients and the new customers. Moreover, this module can be able to store customer data such as contact information, product usage, and interactions.

Top Features of CRM

The CRM module is incorporated with some significant functions. These functions can help to conduct the overall activities of the CRM module. It’s time to explore the all-inclusive features or functionalities of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module.

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A dashboard can represent the overall aspects of any particular thing. Similarly, you will get a complete dashboard in the CRM module. This dashboard helps you to understand the total pre-enrolled customer application and total CRM customer details based on individual and business leads. Also, you can easily observe the percentage of generating DKYC for prospects.

This banking ERP solution is offered a well-developed contact management system. You can easily keep track of new and existing customers through the contact management system. This feature can allow you to conduct individual and corporate lead enrollment forms. So, you can safely store all required information through this feature.

This one is another significant feature to observe the overall activities of all customers and ensure an accurate service experience. You can perceive customers’ historical data that will assist to analyze the past interaction as well as navigating the customer journeys.

The CRM module is designed with an individual, and business lead. Here, you will get a complete lead management system that will provide a systematic process to analyze, nurture, and convert the customers into your business. So, this feature allows you to specify the type, title, and other information of leads.

Accounting Management System (AMS)

To conduct all transactional activities, you must need an accounting management system with your core banking system. For that reason, we will provide a complete accounting management system (AMS) in this banking ERP solution.

You will get all the essential features in the AMS module such as payment processing, bank reconciliation system, accounts receivable, accounts payable, compliance management, and so on. Thus, this module can be able to collect, manage, store, and retrieve all financial information.

Key Features of AMS

The accounting management system (AMS) is developed with all the required features to conduct a successful transaction. Here, you can explore those features which will get in the AMS module.

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This one is one of the most exclusive features of the AMS module. You can easily observe all of the accounting metrics and data which will assist you in keeping an accurate record. Moreover, you can easily observe the current cash balance, current bank balance, day-wise receive, and payments through this dashboard.

Another significant feature of the accounting management system is to conduct an automatic payment process. This feature helps you to safely expedite all credit card or debit card transactions, as well as, payment gateways can be able to transmit data to complete the transaction.

You will get another exclusive feature namely accounts payable. This feature will assist you to ensure all incoming invoices are paid on time. This feature helps you to conduct calculations, transactions, invoice management, and verification of financial data. So, it will save your time to provide an automated service.

To analyze the fundamental aspects of the AMS module, you must require the accounts receivable feature. This feature helps you to understand the current asset to conduct the short-term obligations without additional cash flows. So, you can easily receive all payments and keep a record of all transactions.

For any banking ERP solution, this one is the most crucial feature. You will get a bank reconciliation system in your AMS module. This feature allows you to match the entire bank statement with the transaction which is recorded in the general ledger.

To ensure the safety and security of all the financial records, you must be required a compliance management system. This feature allows you to change the laws, regulations, standards, and internal policies so that you can always keep up to date on all financial rules and policies.

Another exclusive feature of the AMS module is the tax management system. This feature can assist you in channelize taxable income according to the investment plans. Also, it will save your time and reduce your cost by calculating the overall tax of every financial transaction.

Integrated Security System (ISS)

You will get a multi-layered security system in this banking ERP solution. This module provides a centralized control where all of the components have connected. You can configure the administrative functionalities through this module.

To handle the overall administration and security operation, you will get the ISS module which has integrated various exclusive features such as administrative transactions, role information management, user information, utilities, master setup system, and so on.

Key Features of Integrated Security System (ISS)

The integrated security system (ISS) is designed with all essential features to ensure the security of your system. In this section, you can explore all the required features which have been included in this module.

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One of the most significant advantages of our banking ERP solution is that it will provide a dynamic dashboard in all modules. Similarly, you will get an interactive dashboard where you can observe the number of total branches, total users, total active users, and total current users.

The administrative transaction is one of the crucial features of the ISS module. This feature allows you to conduct the branch opening and closing activities smartly but accurately. Most significantly, you will also get a vault management system that will protect your vault from any unauthorized access.

This one is another significant feature that allows the users to operate the various activities. You can specify the role through this feature. According to this, the users can conduct only conduct such kinds of activities where they are assigned. As a result, the entire system will be run in a systematic way.

This feature allows you to store and manage all users' information. You can easily keep a record of all users’ information. This feature also allows you to modify or delete any information about each user. So, you can easily track all information to ensure the automatic workflow of your system.

The ISS module is built with an effective utility management system. You will get a detailed report on CRM prospect info, CRM customer info, CBS customer info, CBS bank account info, and CBS transaction records. So, this feature will assist to verify your transaction records and smooth operation.

This one is one of the most fundamental features of the ISS module. This feature allows you to set up your entire organization, branch, weekend, calender, and holidays according to your information. This feature is also included,

  • Branch-wise user allocation
  • Installment configuration
  • Loan collection interval setup
  • Denomination setup

The bank might be offered various services to the customers which will be considered products. To conduct a smooth banking operation, you have to require a product management system. You can add or manage all products for your banking system through this feature. This feature is also incorporated,

  • Product list management
  • Product-wise interest mapping
Human Resource Management (HRM)

Human Resource Management (HRM)

This banking ERP solution is designed with another crucial feature which is the human resource management (HRM) system. To ensure an automatic workflow, you must require an HRM system. This module can be able to manage your workforce as well. So, you can handle the following activities through this module,

  • Payroll management system
  • HR planning, recruitment, selection
  • Compensation & benefits
  • Training & development
  • Attendance management, and so on.
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Inventory Management System (IMS)

Inventory Management System (IMS)

The inventory management system can be able to maintain the inventory, audit activities, supplies, equipment, and materials. This module assists you to keep track of shared tech devices, gears, software licenses, and supplies. You can also handle the following activities by ensuring smooth and flawless communication.

  • Asset management
  • Real-time information
  • Data accuracy
  • Better productivity
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Crypto Banking

Crypto Banking

This banking ERP software solution allows you to build a centralized banking system within a decentralized network. You will get an advanced crypto banking module that allows the users to deal with various cryptocurrencies. It allows the users to buy, sell, trade, invest, or exchange both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

  • Double encryption security system
  • 3-step identity authentication
  • Two-way QR payment
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